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Table of Content


1.Withdrawal Symptoms Quitters often Experience

2. Why Smoking is Bad for You

3. What to do if You Fail to Quit Smoking the First Time

4. What Happens when a Smoker Stops Smoking?

5. Using Nicotine Patches to Quit Smoking

6. Trying Acupuncture or Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking

7. How to Quit Smoking - Top Reasons for Quitting Smoking

8. Tips to Make Quitting Easier

9. Tips to Help a Friend Quit Smoking

10. The Use of Relaxation Techniques to Quit Smoking

11. Techniques to Cope with Tobacco Cravings

12. Rewards for Motivation to Quit Smoking

13. Removing Smoking Triggers from Your Home and Office

14. Medication Therapy to Quit Smoking

15. Making a Plan to Quit Smoking

16. Is Smoking Really Addictive?

17. Important Dos and Don'ts to Quit Smoking

18. Realizing the Health Risks

19. Original Methods that Are Known to Work

20. Major Mistakes to Avoid

21. Getting the Support You Need

22. Cold Turkey or Progressive Quitting

23. Prevent Weight Gain when You Quit Smoking

24. Deal with Social Smoking Triggers

25. How a Healthy Lifestyle will Help You to Quit Smoking

26. Helping Your Child to Quit Smoking

27. Getting the Right Mindset to Quit Smoking

28. Exercise to Successfully Quit Smoking

29. Diseases Caused by Smoking

30. Can Lung Cancer be cured?

31. Are There any Benefits to Smoking?

32. Alternative Therapies for Smoking Cessation

33. Advice for Pregnant Women to Quit Smoking

34. Smokeless Cigarettes Gaining Popularity

35. Use Chantix To Overcome The Side Effects Of Quit Smoking

36. Effects And Side Effects of Chantix and Zyban

37. Smoking Cigarettes Causes Conflict

38. Relationship Between Skin Problems and Smoking

39. Why do Women Smoke and what Cost Women do pay for Smoking?

40. Cigar Smoke and How Dangerous It is Being Exposed to It

41. How Does Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Really Work?

42. Vaporizers: doing the trick for smokers

43. Quit Smoking By Using Herbs

44. Quit Smoking Laser

45. Quit Smoking Using Subliminal Audio

46. 15 Exciting and Crazy Things To Do After You Quit Smoking

47. Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction

48. Information on the antidepressant drug Wellbutrin

49. Effects of Smoking – Did you Know that you CAN go Blind from Smoking?


Resources: My Quit Smoking Program (recommendation)