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At the dawn of the year 2020, the world began to experience the most unpredicted, unanticipated, and shocking event since World War II. The coronavirus took the entire human race unaware and ushered in a halt to life as we all have known it. Lives were lost, companies downsized to maintain survival, economies shutdown and human activities had to be brought to a halt. For the first time in about a century, the entire human race retreated to find cover in the safety of their homes as physical human contact was reduced to curb the spread of the deadly virus. Governments of different countries across the world followed the rules given by the World Health Organization and asked its citizens to stay at home or, in popular terms, go on a lockdown.

Going to work and holding down a job no longer mattered. All that mattered was survival and to that, everyone had to get holed up at home. This was a first-time experience for our modern world. For about two to three months, human activities were at an all-time low as the pandemic ravaged lives across the world. Boredom became almost a human companion because every known human distraction was taken off. No more weekend games or hanging out with the boys for a bottle of beer or even shopping with the girls. Worst of all, the world of sports also went on a break as the players themselves needed to be on lockdown.

Chatting, watching movies and social media trends were the only possible getaways for people. But for most persons, eating became almost a natural distraction. It has been observed that boredom makes people develop an unhealthy affinity for food and the lockdown proved this to be true.

Within the first few months of the lockdown, studies revealed that over 60% of American adults gained weight. Most health experts attributed these weight gains to unhealthy eating and poor dieting. Most persons ate anything and at any time. With no gym to burn off the unwanted fats, most persons developed health-related issues. The excessive weight gain during the lockdown exceeded that of the holidays. The extra time was largely spent in doing anything pleasurable. Most fitness enthusiasts lost their appetite and motivation to work out at home, and some fell into severe unhealthy habits. It was reported that alcohol consumption shot up by 23% during the pandemic. The lockdown helped curb the spread of the pandemic and the health effect of being in the lockdown for some became a source of concern. It is said that health is wealth; therefore, your health should be prioritized. Unfavourable situations are unpredictable, but despite that, we must know how to stay healthy. Staying healthy is not limited to working out but also eating right and the lockdown revealed that many people do not know how to eat right. Some awful and hilarious food combinations were experimented on by people who just wanted to keep busy, but they didn't know that these trials were hazardous.

History has shown us that we may not always be prepared when these invisible human enemies come, but we can best prepare ourselves to stay healthy. There are lots of advantages of being healthy, as will be discussed in this book and it is important that health tops your budget list. The bulk of this book focuses on how to stay healthy during a lockdown. As earlier stated, any disease or situation can take the world unaware, but the best that can be done is to be prepared. Should a lockdown happen and you are unable to go to the gym or go to work or have fun on the beach or something, you should be able to stay healthy. Different chapters address different matters. One chapter talks about the effect of the pandemic on our health, while another chapter discusses the challenge posed to our health by weight gain. The take-home package of this book is the chapter that deals with a healthy diet and how to make them.

See this book as your go-to manual in time of a pandemic, not that we want one to happen, but you know that this is life and certain realities might be inevitable, so we can't be too prepared. The next few pages of this book are lifesavers. Stay glued to them!