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Design Your Destiny

Say Goodbye to Depression

veerachai junhunkit

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This book is dedicated to my wife who passed away in a fatal car accident in 1986.

Where my endless pain started and the beginning of trying to do Life Editing

Since our body can work on its own regardless of its state, whether we are awake or asleep, conscious or unconscious, our body never stops working. Life goes on non-stop through any condition to the end.

In this case, no one can refute the truth that there are some systems that control its works beside us! And it is this elusive system that let us live well, it also tries to devour our freedom all the time through different unwanted evil emotions that is so tough for us to strike back. These emotions express themselves as sufferings, pain, fear, sadness, grieve, greed, rage depression or even lovesick.

Our most desirable moments are when we manage to release all of these unwanted evil emotions that affect our happy life.

This book is intended to unveil this elusive system with the most profound guide on how to edit it.





Before we can edit our life, the first question is ‘Does our body and mind belong to us?’. If it does, ‘Do we know how it works? ’

Without the perusal of Anatomical or Physiological texts, can someone that is not medically inclined instantly describe how many parts or functions inside our body and how it works? If our body is a car, we can relate it as to a normal driver who only knows how to drive but don’t know how it works or how to maintain it in a perfect condition. Though some Scientists or medic may have little knowledge on it, but there are still lots of mystery surrounding our body and mind including fate and destiny of every being, and a lot are still in ignorance. Some great physiologists said that they know everything after graduation, but know less after postgraduate, then lesser after Ph.D. and know nothing after being a Prof.

We may explain how our body works through Anatomy and Physiology, but how it behaves and the effect of behavior on one’s life or destiny may still be in oblivion. Some try to explain it through Psychology but it’s still intangible and ethereal. However, if we look in the way as to how behavior is processed by some sort of self-enhanced software inside our body, even at that it’s still intangible and ethereal, however, we can vaguely see some logic and physic, like DNA coding, Amino, and Protein Programming. And if this is true, we may explain many phenomena in a more logical way.

In view of programming, basic software of everyone should be more or less the same on a basic factory setting but eventually gets enhanced or evolved according to our environment and lifestyle, like our computer that’s more or less the same on ex-factory which have only BIOS (Basic In/Out System) which is the most profound idea of Biology, but later enhanced by Operating System like Windows on PC, IOS for Apple and Android on Mobile,and then with every other necessary software with specified requirements, regardless of Microsoft Office, Adobe or Macromedia.

According to life programming system, some persons develop to fight for everything, doing whatsoever they desire, some could develop in godliness with many morals and principles to follow, while some may develop to abscond from every problem.

To support each others behavior, the physical effect may follow as a chain. One may have good muscle build and functionality if they are farmers, soldiers or labor workers, but one may have better brain functionality, if they are scientists, doctors or even office worker. Skilled work or behavior is being enhanced for more specific functionality on every single moment as its being used or expressed, as the guitar is played consistently it forms bumper on the finger with more sensitivity on sensing the stringed cord that makes us place our finger exactly on the spot without looking.

And this enhancement or evolution is where all kinds problem came from, this evolution develops wrongly when we lose control of its direction, as it is with Cancer, Stroke, Heart attack, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Obesity, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s including all Mental Illnesses like Depression or any evil emotions.

Now, if the above hypothesis of behavior generated by software is true, the question is “what program it is, who wrote it, how is it being written up, who did the enhancement, can we control its direction, or can we edit it”?

The most potential answer from what we know on today’s science should be the ‘Subconscious’ since it also elusive and complex as a behavioral substance, even in self-developing in term of learning and response on survival instinct that mostly deal with autonomic nervous system through DNA coding, Amino and Protein programming, which is involuntary, and beyond our control, it tends to do everything on its own will, if we have no background on how it works to guide or edit it on a correct path.

Subconscious or Instinct is one of the three systems in our body which consists of Primal System, Subconscious, and Conscious. If Primal System is the operator, then Subconscious can be compared to a Supervisor or Manager whose functionality is direct control over operators.

Subconscious’s duty is to conduct operations to work and fit for all situations or circumstances on the purpose of ‘Survival’ or ‘Homeostasis’ in term of physiology. The bump that forms on the guitar also started from pains on a fingertip and since this pain is under caution of survival, eventually the subconscious triggers dead cell from its disposal so as to keep it in, for being bumped instead. And this is one sample of enhancement.

Besides the subconscious, we still have ‘Conscious’ as Managing Director who is being affected regardless of happiness or pain. Conscious functionality is about learning, analysis, laying down policy and managing from the top. If this Managing Director which is the conscience doesn’t do its job well, one will rely more on the subconscious to make a decision which relies mostly on emotion or instinct, instead of logical reasoning, and all disasters may come as the consequence and becomes its Fate.

Fate and Destiny could be in a dull state or foggy, no one exactly knows why someone gets HIV by chance, why someone gets involved in an accident by coincidence or why some do less and get big and some put all efforts, but luck never comes close.

If there is no logic behind through life’s long journey, how can we be certain that we can evade all the dangers of fate?

By the way, there is some clue in there, that fate should be related to the subconscious since fate or destiny is the direct causes of our behavior and behavior is generated by the subconscious.

A Fighter will not easily be turned to a peacemaker, their fate is being orchestrated to fight and they may have a high risk of brain cancer, hypertension or heart attack. But for the weak who always are in fear will hardly be turned to fight, however, the rate of depression would be high with them.

In this book, we shall not talk much about ‘Primal System’ which can find out easily on any anatomy or physiology texts, but we shall focus only on the elusive Subconscious that’s fascinating, ambiguous in the relationship with our Consciousness over the control of our body and mind on every single moment.

Cardinally Let me show you some samples of the mysterious operation done by this elusive subconscious which consisting of Ignorance and awareness, so we can have more profound knowledge of how it works and affects our lives.

Chapter 1


One fresh morning in July, Kate was jogging as usual. Though, today was different! she was dead - shocked by just a small millipede slowly crawling on a lower pavement by the road. Her reaction to this incident was quite terrible. Her Heart rate reading on her Garmin device worn around the wrist jumped up to the max of Zone 6! No blood shade could be found on her face. Faint and a fall could have happened at that moment.

“Let’s take a rest first”, I said. This state of shock always happened to Kate all the way around from her age of 10 to now, which I kept on talking with her that the problem is not real. “How can a millipede hurt you with its very low speed. Also, millipede cannot jump or fly or bite you on any occasion. What are the real reasons for being scared to death like this every time you see a millipede”. At every time she was asked such questions her feedback was always “I don’t know”.

Now let’s come together and see the reason behind the scene on what Kate was oblivious of, Talking about this scene, back to her age of 10, our family has one deserted building left unoccupied for a while, till one day there was someone interested to rent it, Kate and I went to that house for clean - up. As the door opened, a frightening shocking scene presented itself before Kate’s eyes. Myriad of millipedes swarmed all over the wall that displayed a terrifying crimson luster flickering scenario like shocking nightmare scene in Alien’s famous film. On that moment Kate stiffened and was dead-shock, her consciousness being taken over by the subconscious which suddenly became in charge once “conscious” can no longer function in its work properly according to the body surviving system, even as we are asleep or unconscious, the body keeps on their non-stop profound work to maintain self-survival e.g. breathing, digesting, data processing etc.

In Kate’s case, her consciousness seized as a result of the shock which triggered the subconscious to rise to its work, that made any incidents carried on from that point till her recovery unaccountable to her conscious. The only memory remained was long-term memory that being imprinted on her subconscious, which is the reason that Millipede equals Death! We can comfortably say the Millipede was the trigger point to flip up her deep shocking memory to live beyond her conscious transcendence. And this is the reason why she cannot explain why millipede means death for her.

Since this is the case, how can a physiologist or a scientist know how to diagnose and cure this effects on her reactions towards millipedes. By the way, it’s not like we have no way to tamed or control these feelings. Memory is not only created on an instant but through life’s critical moments by taking charge of the subconscious over consciousness for security purpose, but can also create through long-term repetitive effect. For example, if we once saw the very scary movie that’s haunting to the heart, we might not be willing to keep in touch with it further. But if we take a few more rounds on the film, may be up to 20 rounds, you will find out that the scary scenes indistinctly takes its effect on us. Furthermore, since we have begun to develop memory on it already, then the terror will have no further effect on us, thus confidently knowing it’s not real that it’s just a film. Such as the case, if we put a bottle made of transparent glass with millipede inside, then placed on our hand from time to time, we will find it’s shocking effect becomes of no effect through the hands of time, usually our experience comes from repetitive learnings and memory until it overflows the previous memory/frightening effects that were created from the subconscious.

This kind of solution can also be applied to other cases of phobia created from deep memory, beside Millipede e.g. Lizard, worm or arachnid phobia or even the one who suffers from aerophobia

Chapter 2


One Friday night, Harry prepared to take his family to see his mum usually after a protracted period, so the kids were so excited to have this long weekend trip. While Mary was in the kitchen, climbed up halfway on the ladder to put washed dishes on the upper cupboard, kids rushed in, running around and mad everywhere rowdy and noisy. Harry entered the kitchen, screamed at them as to get them out. At that moment, Mary happened to have fallen sick. She became unhappy, her face was pale, so white as paper. Mary suddenly lost her composition.

A few minutes ago, she looked healthy and strong with no signs of illness, what suddenly happened to her? This is not the first likely incident. Harry has taken her to many Hospitals on the area nearby, but all doctors informed the same that Mary is healthy, no illness could be found even to the slightest of them. Nevertheless, by Harry final effort on Dianetics Treatment, through hundreds of repeated questions and answers on what had happened in the kitchen before she got sick, Mary started to get mad on the questioner and unconsciously shouted at him, anyways with some clues added up, Mary referred that the pain was just like her head hitting on the floor, and this clues triggered up Harry long time memory on accident that once happened in the kitchen when Mary had fallen from a ladder and was knocked down on the floor in the midst of kids, as they were playing around and Harry scolded at them . By these final words, we eventually knew that Mary’s illness was flipped up by her deep memory that was created from the subconscious because in that state of unconsciousness she went through severe pain.

Technically, once the subconscious takes charge, they are more direct than the consciousness, memory created by them is signal-wise, not event-provoking. In this case, the subconscious noted down that “frequency of kid’s noise with Harry’s scolded-sound plus the visual of the kitchen scenario” equals to “severe pain”. Once those 3 factors happened to be matched, it simulated severe pain as pre-warning of danger to our conscious to act as if we are extremely in a serious situation of life or death.

For a solution, since this happened by ignorance, the symptom will trend to reduce through this transcendence of the root cause, thus it will cease to exist sometimes after a series of repeated actual incidents.

Chapter 3


Alice is a benevolent person, many foundations recognized her as a good supporter. She always paid big fund for charity including a few monthly supports for orphans. However, her fairy appearance does not lasts long all the times, especially when she bought something overpriced, and happened to know afterward. She will get mad at the one who takes chance on her then turn to be a witch at that certain moment. Her rages sored high, blood pressure rushed up to Zone 6 with the risk of faint or instant shock. This problem of hers happens intermittently, and efforts made to analyze the reactions towards the incidents that usually affects her body or mind. always being picked up from time to time to analyses on what functions of her body or mind.

Alice can donate big fund for charity without giving a sigh, but why would this little-overpriced matter hurt her to this extent. The reasons also fall back to the mysterious phase of ‘ignorance’.

In this case, after several interviews on peoples who also was subjected to this syndrome, we found that the problem is not the value of money itself, it’s the problem of pride and prestige as against mockery. ‘Giving’ feeds her pride while ‘Being Cheated’ or undue advantage attacks her ego. Value of loss in term of money may be humongous but the loss of face or mockery is infuriating as high to the sky. Hence this crazy attitude of Alice came from a profound command of the subconscious on the rule of pride or to be seen as a giver, perhaps to gain respect and power that feeds our ego, while being a victim of derision or loss on self-protection is a big caution on our survival potential.

 Through down to the root cause of her usual crazy response to this peculiar incidents, if Alice can take this cheating as one of her giving transaction or charity works, there should be no further grudge on her mind, then the subconscious may release its constriction and put her heart free from constraints.

Chapter 4


Susan is a car lover, her car is being kept in a good appearance and good condition all the time, no dirt is allowed even to a slight. She always keeps her car clear and clean to the tit even the engine chamber. Nobody can touch her car without her being anxious with her eyes fixated on the car. One day she got an accident on her way back home, her car had a little dent on the left front door, she kept on looking at it for a few hours with severe pain on her mind and tried every effort to rub it away but to no avail.

On the next day she couldn’t endure this pain further, so she decided to sell it out.

On the car transfer day, after she got the money on hand and planned to get a new car, a big tree branch accidentally drops on the car after the buyer drove off from her house. The incident frightened Susan a lot, but no sign of mental pain as it used to be, the only sign of sympathy left in her eyes instead. This is the question of ownership and how it affects the body with pain or mental illness.

Firstly, we should understand how ownership works, Once we possess some properties, our memory will register on survival data tool marked as protected for the sake of survival. In this case, Susan’s car being registered on her memory as a precious survival tool, it gave her convenience on energy saving in terms of traveling and represented her wealth and honor which lead to respect and power that directly connects to her self-worth and existence hence this car must be protected with utmost care.

Once it is sold off, the car is being disposed from her survival-tool database and would no longer trigger any sense of protection on her self-worth, after repeated incidents with the car, since the car’s image that she saw this time cannot match with any assets data on hand,then Susan may not have such mental rage or illness.

In term of this, we may conclude that it’s is only what is being identified as a survival tool can trigger our fight for protection or feel heartache once it gets lost or damaged, while no much feeling on others since it triggers nothing except we find that there will be some sort of benefit to show off a feeling of sadness or if we put ourselves in their shoes, this is the matter of Ownership.

Queuing is also another good sample of Ownership. Today’s traffic was extremely in chaos, Sharon was in a gloomy and boring state owing to the fact that she has been held for more than 2 hours in the traffic, just 3-4 meters move per flow. Her icy cold eyes now glanced at one car in the left corner of her car, that was about to rush out once there is a flow. After a few minutes as the cars ahead moved, Sharon immediately moved over the car to head on just only 3-4 meters off with a ferocious acceleration. What is the benefit of this action? Why take such reckless action for just a 3-4 meters advantage over the car?.

The reason is due to the matter of ownership. Queuing is also an asset, even its ethereal but also registered on survival tools database since it can save time and energy while traveling which may affect another’s benefit of some deal or prevent late Arrival which could have consequences.

From this, we can see that it’s indeed not the matter of time or distance, but just the matter of ownership

Repeated transcendence of these root causes from time to time may trigger our consciousness and see the real deal that went on through our subconscious operation.

Chapter 5


Jeff still remembered the last time he had a squabble with his wife, the family was in a troubling state for nearly a month. He vowed from that time that there

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