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3. Meschino Health Comprehensive Guide to Minerals

4. Meschino Health Comprehensive Guide to Accessory Nutrients and Essential Oils

All four books were written to both educate and provide an easy to use quick reference to answer important questions

regarding nutrients. Users of the guide can quickly find which health conditions the nutrient can impact, proper

dosage, possible ef ects of a deficiency or the ef ect any potential toxicity associated with the nutrient. Finally any

drug-nutrient Interactions associated with the nutrient.

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Meschino Health Comprehensive Guide to Minerals

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Meschino Health Comprehensive Guide to Minerals


General Features

Boron is a trace mineral that is essential for the growth of plants. In recent years it has received much at ention for its

role as a supplement that may help maintain bone mineral density in postmenopausal women, preventing

osteoporosis. Whether Boron is an essential nutrient for humans is still under debate. Hence, there is no

recommended daily allowance (RDA) for Boron at this time.1

Some recent evidence suggests that Boron may act as a cofactor to convert Vitamin D to its most active form (1,25

dihydroxy vitamin D3) in the kidneys. Preliminary evidence suggests that 3 mg of Boron supplementation reduces

magnesium and calcium loss and may double the production of estrogen in postmenopausal women. It may also

increase testosterone in these women.2

Supplementation Studies and Clinical Applications

1. Osteoporosis (Postmenopausal Women)

In twelve postmenopausal women a Boron supplementation of 3 mg reduced loss of calcium and magnesium, and

significantly increased serum estrogen and testosterone within eight days of beginning Boron supplementation.3

In this study urinary calcium loss was reduced by 44 percent and blood levels of 17 beta-estradiol, the most

biologically active estrogen, doubled.2

Subsequent studies indicate that Boron itself can enhance and mimic some of the ef ects of estrogen on calcium

metabolism in postmenopausal women.4