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A New Therapy for Health and Energy

Richard Clark


Copyright©2014 by Richard Clark

Revised 2020



Please Note:

I am not a Doctor or Physician, Scientist or medically trained in any way.

I am not a therapist or trained in any therapies, complementary or alternative.

Nothing here in this eBook is meant to be a replacement for proper medical diagnosis and care by your Doctor, Physician or Health Care Professional.

If you are on any medication please stay on it and follow professional medical advice regarding your health.

If you have any concerns about your health please see your Doctor or Physician.

If you are unhappy about using The Therapy in this eBook then please don’t.

The Therapy may be used as well as any other medication, not in place of it.

If you start using The Therapy and feel unhappy about it for any reason then please stop.

Some of the materials used can be toxic and should always be used in plastic bags.

The materials must not be consumed - ever.

Please wash your hands after using or use gloves.

Work in a well ventilated room.


Dedication: To Mum & Dad, sadly no longer here, and Jake. Best. Son. Ever. xxx

Cover and internal photos by Jake.

A massive thank you to everyone who has tried The Therapy over the years allowing it to develop and to all supporters, subscribers, face bookers and everybody who has taken an interest.

If anybody would like to translate this book into another language please go ahead, the same with Audio books.

As this is a how to do guide please be as accurate as possible and upload it to appropriate sites where it can be downloaded or read online. Many thanks...



An Introduction video is here


Hello and welcome to The Therapy shown in this book.

The Therapy is energy based in the following easy to use Parts:

1 – Getting Started

Involves clearing out harmful energy in the processes and systems closer to the surface of the body and filling them with beneficial energy. This will help conditions such as some types of asthma, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, hyperactivity and so on. Conditions caused by living in a polluted environment.

2 – Beginning Deeper Therapy

These methods will help strengthen the deeper functions and the emotional and mental state.

3 – Going Deeper

Help for pain relief and mental functions.

4 – Cells

Cells contain energies that give rise to inherited conditions and this energy takes time to get out and time to supply the cells with energy to restore health so perseverance is important.

The method for all conditions is basically the same: drawn out harmful energy and supply beneficial energy the body and immune system can use to restore health, only the materials used change.

It's new and different, but hopefully you will give it a try and receive substantial benefit.

Nothing can be promised but relief should start a few days after using The Therapy Part 1...

Good luck,

Richard Clark, May 2020,

Bedford, UK.

Following The Therapy a lot has been written about the underlying conditions of a condition or illness which is followed by some Q & A's.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, which may be added to this book if relevant, please:



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Thank you x


The Therapy Key Features:

* Is complementary, not alternative so it can be used alongside any medication safely.

* Effective.

* Nothing taken.

* Safe.

* For any condition.

*Developed over 25 years.

*No special skill needed.

*No side effects.

*Simple step-by-step guide.

* Inexpensive, easily obtained items used.

* Not for use by people under 18 years old or pregnant women as a precaution.

* Only plastic bags come into skin contact.

* Everything's reusable except the batteries - unless rechargeable are used which is recommended.

* Use in your own time.

* It works!



The Therapy

1 – Getting Started

1.1 – Removing Harmful Energy

1.2 – Introducing Beneficial Energy

Supplemental Methods to Part 1:

1.13 – Silica Gel

1.4 – Serotonin

1.5 – Sterilising Tablets

1.6 – Injury & Accident


2 – Beginning Deeper Therapy

2.1 – Sea Salt

2.2 – Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

2.3 – Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts)

2.4 – Potato Starch

2.5 –Yeast

2.5 – Vinegar

2.6 – Wheat Bran

2.7 – Corn or Maize

2.8 – Rice

2.9 – Millet

2.11 – Oats

2.12 – Soya or Soybeans

2.13 – Sugar


3 – Going Deeper


3.1 – Honey & Batteries

3.2 – Batteries & Walnut Oil


4 – Cells

4.1 – Clearing & Energising the Cell Membranes

4.2 – Stimulants to Recalibrate the Immune System to the New Body Condition

4.3 – Clearing the genes of harmful inherited energy and protecting them


5 – Afterword


The Problem of Illness

A – The Burning of Fossil Fuels

B – Insect Life, Material, Energy & Bites

C – Clear Fluid

D – Insect Material and Energy

E – Insect Life

F – The Used Energy Residue of Artificial Heat and Cold

G – Conditions that Start in the Womb

H – Cell Division

I – Energy Packets

J – Cancer

K – Bacteria

L – The Energy of Fungal Infections

M – Conditions Involving Fossil Fuel Energy and Insect Bites



N – More on Clear Fluid

O – Vital Energy

P – Harmful Electrical Energy

Q – The Bodies Electrical Energy

R – Water in the Body

S – Skin Conditions

T – Other Conditions

U – Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections

V – Life Supporting Energy

W – The Problem of Health

X – How The Therapy works

Y – The Therapy, Its Principles

Z – Development and History

AA – Perception and Insight

BB – The Immune System

CC – Q & A's


The Therapy

The Therapy is in 4 main parts followed by more information and Q & A's.

Vegetarians, Vegans, Greens and people with ethical concerns, please use materials in accordance with your views.


1 – Getting Started


1.1 – Removing Harmful Energy

A Demonstration video of Part 1.1 is here

Part 1.1 materials used:

Part 1 Materials.jpg

Picture above shows...

1) Antiseptic (left) with some in a plastic bag (red). A small amount of a powerful antiseptic will be needed.

2) Detergent. Any detergent powder or liquid placed in plastic bags can be used and the biological (with enzymes) ones are best. Powder is shown in yellow box, liquid shown in a green box in pouches which are less messy and easier to use. Either is fine.

3) Putty. A 1lb tub or half a kilo (right) with a putty filter in a plastic bag in front. Please use real putty made from chalk and linseed oil not a synthetic version.

4) Batteries. 8 will be needed to start. Double AA extra, more power or long lasting are good as they last longer and should supply enough energy for 1 person using parts 1.1 & 1.2 of The Therapy.

If you plan on doing all parts of The Therapy rechargeable batteries, shown at the front of the picture, are worth getting as the total number used will increase up to 24 later on and the batteries are used a lot and their energy is very important and The Therapy won’t work if the batteries are left out or have no energy.

5) A bandage or something similar to hold the materials in place (centre).

6) Some thin, clear plastic bags to place the materials in (centre). Clear means they can be seen through and also test for allergies before use and don't use or stop if problems arise.

All materials can be bought either in a local shop or online.

You may even have some of the materials already in your home. No particular brand or product is best or recommended; just use good quality materials if possible.

Warning: Some of these materials, such as the detergent and antiseptic, are toxic. Do not consume and please wash your hands after use or wear gloves.



1) Putty. Take some putty about the size of a hen’s egg, roll it flat a few millimetres, about 1/8inch, thick and place it in a plastic bag. Repeat so you have 4 bags. These are your putty filters and all energy passing in and out of a person will pass through and be filtered by these.

2) Detergent. Pour a small amount, about the size of a hen’s egg, of your detergent into a plastic bag and tie it. Work the air out of the bag before tying so it will lie flat. If you're using the liquid tabs use 2 or 3 per bag. Repeat so you have 4 bags. These are used by the immune system to pass harmful energy out of a person as the detergent has a powerful drawing effect on the harmful energy of fossil fuels, insect bites, contaminated bacteria and consumed insect material.

3) Antiseptic. Pour a small amount of the antiseptic, about the half the size of a hen’s egg, into a plastic bag and tie it. Again work the air out before tying so it will lie flat. Repeat so you have 4 bags. Antiseptic energy is used by the immune system to break down and pass harmful energy out of a person.

4) Place 1 bag of detergent and 1 bag of antiseptic in a plastic bag and place 2 AA batteries in as well. Repeat so you have 4 bags each 1 containing 1 bag of detergent, 1 bag of antiseptic and 2 AA batteries.

These are your Part 1.1 materials.


Using Part 1.1:


Please note nothing is consumed.

Only harmful environmental energy by-products, mainly from insects and the burning of fossil fuels, that's not life supporting is drawn out of a person by The Therapy. The Therapy is helped in this drawing out process by a person’s immune system which helps release the harmful energy by-products, ensuring that no life supporting energy is released.

The energy by-products from fossil fuels not only does harm when in people it also takes up space blocking life supporting energy from getting in, so the first step towards health is to remove it which is what Part 1.1 of The Therapy does. It also draws out harmful insect energy trapped in the energy system of a person.

The 2 main underlying acquired energy problems damaging health are: energy by-products from fossil fuels and the energy of insect bites and consumed insect material. These are the main supporting factors in many chronic conditions which The Therapy aims to remove and they inhabit the body’s functions and process not the cells.

Other factors such as contaminated bacteria and mains electrical energy play a part, but the main factors are harmful energy by-products from fossil fuels, insect bites, consumed insect material and petrochemicals.

These harmful energies are acquired during life and not inherited and so are easier to get at being low hanging fruit. The deeper things such as strengthen the fabric and constitution of a person and the inherited conditions are dealt with further on.

Part 1.1 is used on the ankles and forearms first, and then the next day or few days later the same materials are placed on the neck, throat and stomach, above and below the belly button.

The materials stay on a person for about 2 hours each time used.

This being a general guide for The Therapy the number of times it’s used can be increased if it’s felt more are needed. Some people need a lot of cleaning out with Part 1.1, a lot of energising with Part 1.2, or both.

So if you feel more sessions are right for you then do them. The whole process is regulated by your own immune system so it will switch off when it's done so The Therapy can't be overused.

Start by placing 1 putty filter and 1 bag of materials on the outside edge of each ankle joint and 1 putty filter and 1 bag of materials on the inside surface of each forearm. The putty filter is always next to the skin with a bag of materials on top of it. Leave on for up to 2 hours.

Remove and store safely away from children and pets and recharge the batteries if using rechargeable ones. The bags may warm up and cool down when on, don't worry it means they're working. When they go cold they may be removed as that sessions over.

Store the materials safely and recharge the batteries if needed.

That’s 1 session complete - covering the outside edge of the ankles and the inside surface of the forearms.

Part 1.1 will need to be used at least 3 times or 3 sessions in total. Use it more if you feel it’s needed. Some heavily congested conditions, such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, allergies, hyperactivity and so on, will require more deep cleaning.

The pictures show the materials on the ankles and forearms. Bandages have been left off as much as possible to give a better view.



1) Place a putty filter on the outside edge of each ankle joint and the inside of the forearms.

2) Place one bag of materials on top of each putty filter.

3) Bandage to hold in place being careful not to cut off the circulation.

Part 1 Materials on Ankles.jpg

Above: Materials on ankle joint held in place by a support bandage.

Part 1 Materials on Ankles side view.jpg

Above: Side view of materials on side of ankle joint.

It's easier to bandage the materials to the ankles first then rest the forearms on the putty filters and materials while resting on a bed or reclining chair.

Arms Resting on Part 1 Materials.jpg

Above: Forearms resting on putty filter with materials underneath.

After 2 hours remove and store safely, then next day or a few days later repeat placing the materials on the ankles and inside of the forearms for 2 hours then remove and store safely away from children and pets.

This is 1 session completed. At least 3 sessions in total will be needed, but do more if you wish.

Use again the next day or a few days later again for 2 hours on the ankles and forearms. Remove the materials and store safely.

This would complete the 2nd session then repeat again a few days later so you complete 3 sessions in total. Do more sessions if you feel you need it.

Sometimes when the bags are drawing out harmful energy they feel locked to the body and warm up which may well be a person’s immune system using heat to transfer harmful energy. When the drawing out ends the bags feel like they slacken off while cooling down.

It's unlikely you will feel anything while harmful energy is being removed so have patience and stick with it. You will notice a surprising amount of difference in a day or 2 giving you the confidence to continue.


Please see your Doctor, Physician or medical professional first before anything else.

With infections, such as in the ear or leg ulcers, an extra bag of materials can be placed on putty filters near the infection to release harmful energy. Avoid using on broken skin and use Part 1.1 of The Therapy first.

Using Part 1.1 for an Ear Infection, below:

Ear Infection

Apply 3 times as in the Therapy Part 1.1, or as often as desired.


Supplement Methods to Part 1.1

Silica gel may be used after Part 1.1 to receive more benefit and for more specialist conditions.

1.13 – Silica Gel

A recent development is the use of Silica Gel which is sometimes found in small packets in new electrical equipment and it's also used in dehumidifiers, amongst other things, but the bags used here are larger 4oz or 100grams sold online.

Caution: silica gel must not be thrown away or eaten, so please be careful with young children.

It helps draw out the energy of petrochemicals from a person.

Silica gel also helps different conditions, mostly bones, fluid and overall body conditions. Placing the bags on the back of the neck may help sharpen the eyesight.

It draws out artificial cold, explained later, from a person and it's good enough to be added to The Therapy as a supplement, used as follows:

Below: Large bags of silica gel are the ones used here. Smaller bags are often found in new appliances. The pen is for scale.

Silica gel 013

After using Part 1.1 of The Therapy make up 2 bags of materials with 2 or 3 large bags of silica gel and batteries, 4 to each bag, with the batteries behind and on top of the silica gel bags. Oils, such as linseed oil, can also be added to the bags for more energy if desired.

Place 2 putty filters on the lower back then place the bags with the silica gel and batteries on top and leave on for up to 2 hours. Take off and repeat twice more over a few days, again for up to 2 hours, making sure the materials are stored safely when not in use.

This will help the body in a general way.

With bone conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis use the bags first on the lower back as just described, and then place 1 bag on top of a putty filter on top of each foot just below the toes and on, or near any painful area. With foot pain the instep is another good place for the bags.

Below: Silica gel resting on top of both feet with putty filters and batteries. Bandages have been left off for a clearer view.

Silica gel 008

With bandages:

Silica gel 005

Resting the insteps on the bags:

Silica gel 009



1.3 – Introducing Beneficial Energy

Now the harmful energy by-products from burning the dead material of fossil fuels has been drawn out it's time for the body to absorb beneficial, life supporting energy which comes from, oil, batteries and vitamins and minerals,

Part 1.3 Materials used:

Part 2 Materials V2

1) Putty filter (right on tub). You will need 2 from Part 1.1.

2) Batteries (centre) - the 8 from Part 1.1 Renew them, if they're not rechargeable, if you have doubts about the amount of energy they have left.

3) Oil. Any oil - olive, fish, flax, linseed liquid or capsules (back row and centre left) - is fine so long as whatever is used comes from a fish or plant, not a petroleum product. Using more than 1 oil is ok and may be more beneficial as they are all slightly different, but don’t mix them up, please use separate bags.

4) Vitamins and Minerals (centre, red pills mixed in with oil capsules). A tub of 60 to 90 good quality pills will be needed containing as many different vitamins and minerals as possible.

5) Thin, clear plastic bags from before (left).

6) Bandages to hold the materials in place (left).

Rice & Earth are shown but these are no longer used here.



1) Putty filters, 2 from before.

2) Batteries. Place 4 batteries in 1 bag and 4 in another.

3) Oil. If using liquid pour a small amount into a bag about the size of half a hen’s egg, squeeze out the air and tie. Repeat so you have 2 bags in total. If you're using capsules divide what you have into the 2 bags.

4) Vitamins and minerals and any other supplements you wish to add. Divide your supply in 2 and place in bags.



The putty filters and Part 1.2 materials are used on the lower back doing 3 to 5 sessions.

Each session should last for about 2 hours.

Place the bags with vitamins, minerals, oils in with the 2 bags containing 4 batteries in each. More batteries may be used if desired.

The pictures below show Part 1.2 being used.



1) Place the putty filters on the lower back each side of the spine so the lower back is covered.

Place the 2 bags on top of the putty filters. Each bag contains 4 batteries, 1 bag of vitamins & minerals and 1 bag of oils. So it can be seen the picture shows face down, but lying on a bed face up with the materials under your back is probably easier and more comfortable.

Picture Below...

Back V2

2) Leave on for up to 2 hours.

3) Please be careful not to cut off the circulation.

4) Remove, store safely away from children and pets.

5) Repeat the next day or later when convenient. Leave the materials on for 2 hours, remove and repeat a day or 2 later, 3 times in total.

Store the materials safely when not in use and charge the batteries in using re-chargeable.

Do extra sessions if you feel they’re needed.


1.4 – Serotonin

Serotonin should now be used.

Its energy regulates the stomach metabolism and regulates the body weight so a person may gain or lose weight depending on what a person’s appropriate body weight is, but the real importance of serotonin is it prepares and helps clean out harmful insect life and energy from the blood, where it stores between the blood cells restricting their cohesion, and between the brain cells, restricting their communication (dementia), and also helps deal with the energy of petrochemicals along with The Therapy Part 1.1

Insect life and energy is a major factor in blood disorders when it's in the blood, and dementia when the space between the brain cells fill with it. This energy is transported to the brain by the blood.

Using serotonin cleans out the blood and space between the brain cell membranes which surround each cell and is preparation for the next step, which starts with the use of sea salt.

The areas of the body to use serotonin are the lower back and the stomach above and below the belly button.

1) Place the 2 putty filters on the lower back then place the materials on top so the putty filters are between the skin and the materials. Laying face up on a bed might be best for this.

2) Leave on for 2 hours and remove. Store safely and repeat the next day or a few days later for 2 hours.

3) Remove and repeat a few days later for the 3rd time.

Do more sessions if you feel they are needed and store all materials safely when not on use.

Using serotonin in this way, along with regulating the stomach metabolism, regulates the metabolism of the entire body especially the brain cells producing a smoother functioning between the cell membranes.

Credit: Sylvia for suggesting serotonin. Thank you :)


1.5 – Sterilising Tablets

A lot of illnesses tend to fall into one of two energy groups.

The two groups are: Illnesses caused by environmental pollution, insect bites and material and bacterial contaminated by environmental pollution and...

Illnesses caused by moulds and fungi.

The environmental pollution group which was looked at in The Therapy 1.1 includes asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, hyperactivity, allergies, cancer, autoimmune diseases and others although most of these illnesses have a main component causing them in the cells and cell membranes.

The moulds and fungi group include illnesses such as osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis, multiple scoliosis, brittle bones (MS in the UK), possibly MND and other bone or nerve conditions and it’s the energy of moulds and/or fungi coating the bones or nerves that is causing the problem. So this energy has to come out and it’s sterilising tables that are used, the tablets used to sterilise babies bottles and other stuff.

Other antifungal tablets or liquid may work as well, but haven’t been tried. See below...

Sterilising Tablets

One box will be enough along with all the batteries you have up to 24, 2 putty filters and some clear plastic bags.


Take 1 box of tablets (28) and empty them into 1 clear plastic bag and knot it, removing any air if possible.

Place all your batteries in 1 plastic bag and pace the bag of sterilising tables in with the batteries.

Take the 2 putty filters and lay them on your lower back with the batteries and sterilising tables on top.

Leave on for 2 hours remove charge the batteries and store safely.

Repeat again the next day placing the materials on your lower back for 2 hours. Remove, charge the batteries and store safely.

Repeat the next day and do 3 to 5 times in total. If you are suffering from a bone or nerve condition do more sessions.

Even a condition such as athlete’s foot can indicate a fungal infection being present in the system.

Experience has shown most of us have fungal or mould present in out body so its recommended doing even if there’s no sign of it and if you do have a bone condition use the calcium next.

Having done that, well done you are ready to proceed.


1.6 – Injury and Accident:

Part 1.6 may also be used on any damaged part of the body, such as broken bones, knee/cartilage/disc injury, by placing the putty filters and materials on or near where they are needed. Extra material, that is a handful, may be added to the bags such as calcium, glucosamine, silicone, collagen, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and so on to aid repair.

Remember when materials are referred to as helping it’s the energy of those materials that’s referred to.

It’s a good idea to use The Therapy: Part 1.1 first if possible as its probably high energy pollutants in a person that’s hindering recovery and weakened the body in the first place.

Using Part 1.6 usually lessens pain and speeds up recovery time.

Part 1.6 materials being used on Wrist or Arm Injury, below:

Injury V2

Extra batteries used will speed things up.

Where there's more widespread damage to the whole body the same materials used locally and any others you feel may help, can be used. Amino acids (strengthens the underlying or constitutional energy condition), creatine, horsetail, sea kelp and charcoal capsules (another energy cleaner), have been used at different times.

When a substance in the body loses its energy that substance can thicken up, become brittle and start to break up, like perished rubber. This can be a factor with bones, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and nerves, soft tissues, MS and Parkinson's disease.

Using large amounts of materials in Part 1.6 is then needed, calcium, magnesium and zinc for the bones and copper and iron for the nerves. Batteries and oils will still have to be used to energise the materials used.

Small amounts of different metals such as lead (a cleaner of energy, acts like finings in wine), silver (restricts harmful energy processes), copper (energises the nerves and blood), iron (an energy stimulant) and zinc (for immune system processes), have also been used placing them in plastic bags like the other materials, but keep them separate from the batteries to avoid shock. Oils will also have to be used for energy.

The main point here is to use controlling substances or precursors which govern how other substances in the body are used. Examples of this would be the energy of amino acids strengthening the DNA and silicon & collagen energy overseeing protein use.

The main place to use Part 1.6 materials is the lower back with some supplemental use by any injury.

The Therapy has been used for injury to the hips and lower back damaged due to a car accident and other injuries such as broken bones when calcium was used. A lot of batteries were used, about 24 so now would be a good time to increase the batteries used.

The putty filters will also be used along with amino acids, calcium, zinc and magnesium.

Clear plastic bags, as before, will also be needed.


Take your part 2 bags and place in them bags of extra materials containing the amino acids, calcium, zinc and magnesium along with any other materials you wish to use.

A small handful is enough and only 1 bag of each is needed so spread them out between the Part 1.6 bags.

For this the bags are placed on the lower back for 2 hours and the next day or later on, or near the problem for 2 hours without causing pain or making things worse.

If it’s not possible to do this just use the bags on the lower back.

For the lower back lay face down on the floor or bed and place 2 putty filters on your lower back with the 2 bags of materials placed on top of the putty filters.

Or if it’s more comfortable lay the materials on a bed or something soft, place the putty filters on top and lay back so your lower back makes contact with the putty and you’re face up.

Leave on for about 2 hours.

Take off and store safely, replace of recharge the batteries as needed, and repeat the next day near any injury or problem. Leave on for about 2 hours.

Take off; repeat using the same materials, the next day back on the lower back and leave on for about 2 hours.

Take off and repeat the next day, or after a few days near the injury or problem with the putty filters on the skin with no clothing between them with the materials on top of the putty filter.

Leave on for about 2 hours then remove and store safely.

When working and the body is absorbing the filtered energy essence of the materials used, the area may become warm, but that’s ok it just means its working.

So if there is heat it can be a guide, to continue placing the bags on until no more energy is absorbed and the body stops getting warm.

In any case 3 sessions on the lower back and 3 elsewhere will probably be enough.

It will take time for the energies to work through the body helping recovery, 1 to 2 months, but the effect will go on for years as the body will always use the energy available to it to improve health, the general body condition, fight illness and so on.

Using The Therapy like this, with lots of batteries, is also useful for any bone condition, for which use calcium as well and the body will learn, from the putty filters how to filter energy itself to produce energy essence.


2 – Beginning Deeper Therapy

Please note, as with The Therapy Parts 1.1 & 1.2, nothing in Part 2 is consumed - ever.

The materials are used in the same way as in The Therapy Parts 1.1 & 1.2

Going deeper intends to bring to an end all distortion and damage in a person so development can restart and progress along a beneficial path according to the direction given by the immune system.

Beneficial in this book means the ending of pain, stress and disorder, or taking a path that leads away from them.

Harmful in this book means that which creates pain, stress and disorder, or taking a path that leads to them.

Nothing used in The Therapy is forced on a person.

Your own body will absorb the energies of the different materials used taking only the amount needed.

Change won't be forced upon you. If you wish to change it will happen in your own time with you in control.

The Therapy supplies the energy for change which you can use as and when you're ready.

It can be done gradually by slowly letting go, or you can do it all at once, or somewhere in between - the choice will be yours probably made at a very deep level.

Powerful emotions such as rage, anger, fear, hatred, violence, greed, jealousy and other unpleasant emotions are helped at the deeper, cellular level with Part 4.1 using graphite powder.

Part 2 here deals with them nearer the surface of human existence.

A person’s emotional state can change by consuming powerful chemicals such as petrochemicals.

Problems start when powerful petrochemicals get into a person distorting, energising and amplifying harmful emotional responses further, so anger leads to violence, uncertainty becomes hatred, sudden change becomes fear, comparison becomes jealously; love, lust and so on.

Harmful emotions which originated from the contamination of the cell membranes are magnified and distorted by petrochemicals in a person.

The Therapy Part 2 takes the view that everything beneficial a person develops into, after birth, comes mostly from food, and wholesome food contributes the energies that become beneficial human feelings, thoughts and a whole range of internal conditions.

Petrochemicals in a person have no effect on beneficial emotions, feelings, thoughts and so on, but the magnified harmful emotions, feelings, thoughts and so on override them, cover them over or try to bury them so they are no longer expressed allowing the harmful emotions to be.

Adverse, distorting energies come from contaminated cell membranes and will be dealt with later in Part 4, but for now those harmful emotions from the cell membranes that are nearer the surface being expressed need to be dealt with.

Food energy isn't changed into beneficial things as feelings, emotions and mental conditions once inside a person.

Food energy already contains that content as a potential, the body and brain provides the means for those energies to be utilised and expressed.

Problems arise as we have no idea what the true emotional and mental condition of human beings is, as what we are experiencing is a mixture of the harmful, magnified by petrochemicals in the diet, trying to overwhelm and bury the beneficial.

The Therapy Part 2 makes a start in dealing with these problems.

Parts 1.1 & 1.2 of The Therapy, broadly speaking, dealt with the physical body and processes, health and strength, which are more basic and need to be dealt with first, like a foundation to be built upon.

Also the relief of pain and suffering is always the priority.

The energy for the physical foundation, including health and strength, is acquired before birth in the womb through the placenta.

The energy for mental, emotional, behavioural and character development is acquired after birth from food during life.

As said this is distorted by the energy arising from contaminated cell membranes made stronger by petrochemicals in a person.

Food, here, is anything taken in or consumed by a person, so would include inhaling.

The energy of wholesome food contributes towards creating beneficial emotions and emotional states, feelings, thoughts, mental states and so on. Wholesome means it doesn't have an adverse or damaging effect on internal processes or provide energies with adverse effects.

This means that if a certain food is eaten it will lead to certain thoughts and life will be seen in a certain way. The same is true with feelings, mental states, the type of character developed, behaviour, etc.

It all comes from the food eaten and the combined energies of different food.

The main energy for all basic human feelings, mental and emotional states comes from carbohydrate, which is why carbohydrate foods are used mostly in The Therapy Part 3 to repair and restore feelings, emotions and mental states.

Carbohydrate energy creates the basic human being, defining that person. It forms the backbone, reality, backdrop, basis, the foundation of what the person is especially the primary, basic carbohydrate energy of an area.

If potatoes are the basic food, its energy will imprint people who eat it so their prevailing characteristics will derive from potato energy.

It's the same for the other carbohydrate energy - the prevailing 1 shape, forms and creates the people who eat it. Other energies from other food sources contribute a great deal, but carbohydrate energy supplies the foundation which everything else hangs on.

This is the way it is, the only way to stop being imprinted by and expressing the energy of food is not to eat it.

Changing the food consumed to purer, more basic food will help change the internal mental and emotional state, so long as it's uncontaminated with the energy of petrochemicals and the energy of petrochemicals isn't already in a person.

Problems arise when unwholesome food is consumed, contaminated mainly with petrochemicals and their associated products manufactured from fossil fuels.

The energy of petrochemicals is also used by the body's internal processes preventing the energy of wholesome food from being utilised by the body into beneficial feelings and mental and emotion states.

The energy of petrochemicals can also contribute to magnify adverse mental conditions, feelings, behavioural problems and emotions such as hate, fear, anger, violence, obsession and so on which originate from the contamination in the cell membranes.

Humans can also absorb the hatred, anger, fear, desire etc from others, which is then stored and acted upon. Young people and children are especially prone to this as their internal state is more open.

The transference of powerful feelings and emotions is stronger when done by groups or crowds rather than individuals and powerful music played very loud can also do this.

This imprinting is pushed on people from outside by others and is a different from empathy which flows from a feeling of sympathy for another's situation.

Sometimes others transfer in these energies, or pass them on to others, in an attempt to lessen or get rid of them, or as a vicious act to inflict hurt and pain on others. Sometimes it's done to initiate somebody, or draw them into a group.

Genuine feelings can also be passed on in an empathic way.

Sexual attraction is also an exchange of energy becoming a driver of development in humans making our choices self select our development.

The filtered energy from basic food staples, such as potatoes, wheat, corn, rice, oats, millet, soybean or whatever's local to your area is essential to supplying the energy for feelings and emotions and mental states, and will be used further on in The Therapy Part 2.

The energy of petrochemicals is withdrawn from a person using The Therapy Part 1.1, followed by silica gel and serotonin later - removing its ability to do harm, like removing the fuel from a car.

Better though is not to consume petrochemicals in the first place as once in the body they have a very powerful, adverse effect which can continue even when the consumption of petrochemicals has stopped.

Petrochemicals also damage and block internal processes preventing internal personal development and destroy the energy of salt and the energies it carries, causing more problems.

The absorption of energies by a person, mostly from food, during their life combine and contribute to the expression and quality of the life of that person and, except for the energy of salt, isn't passed on to offspring.

It's for the individual only, although the developed energies within a person may connect and join with similar developed energies in another person, to form trust, co-operation, society even civilisation and will be looked at further on.

Further development isn't evolution. Further development is where certain energies from outside the body, such as the drawing in of pure, clean environmental energy through the joints of the human body, combine with the energy of food, air, water and sunshine, to energise internal processes compounding energies from simple forms to more complex ones.

This is done at a deeper, more basic energy level in the body.

Interestingly cells are also impervious to the effects of evolution as the cell membrane acts as an arbiter of what passes through it, in or out.

Internal development involves the adaption and interfacing of the individual to their environment and can be passed on to descendents, becoming the individual’s contribution to the flow of humanity.

Further development may be seen as using energies, supplied from food, building upon the work done by The Therapy Parts 1.1 & 1.2 which is for the body, its physical structure, health and processes such as the immune system.

The Therapy Part 2 energises, restores and repairs internal emotional, mental and behavioural processes and energies.

Also once the power of petrochemicals to magnify harmful mental and emotional conditions has gone, the beneficial processes can start to recover and made stronger through Part 2.

As said, all the energies required for personal development are acquired after birth mostly from food, the exception being the energy of salt which is passed on from females in the womb.

It can't be passed on by males, but it's used by males during their lifetime.

Salt energy, being fundamental and basic to the working of energy at this level, has to be passed on in the womb, filtered by the placenta, so it's there right at the beginning of life as its also essential for many other processes in the body described in The Therapy Part 2. They use it as a carrier.

All other energies required for personal development are acquired after birth. This allows the individual to have a choice, or a say, in the energies acquired through the selection of food, as these energies shape the individual and what that individual expresses during life, so the individuals choice is important.

With a more personal development a person acquires energy from food, but it's absorbed through the tongue, not the stomach, in small amounts, which has a filtering action similar to the placenta, other membranes in the body, such as in the brain and stomach, and putty as generally used in The Therapy.

The reason for all this absorption and storage of energy from a person's environment is so that a person can function in that environment, and is relevant to it.

Until that energy is absorbed and used a person is a potential. Absorbed energy from outside fuses with that potential launching it into life.

Energy from food is selected, absorbed and filtered through the tongue, and stored in the stomach as a kind of memory. The memory of inhaled smells is stored in the brain.

The taste of a particular food is a guide to its energy content, with the 5 tastes, perhaps more, indicating the different types of energy being absorbed through the taste buds in the tongue.

These energies supply much to the mental processes and emotions. They also are also self regulating and one of the problems with petrochemicals is they stimulate food energies so they're no longer self-regulating, becoming out of control.

Humans are born with capacities which are dormant until they combine with the absorbed energies of the physical world to form abilities. Humans are born with the capacity to think, but the outside energy of language is required to infuse with that capacity for it to become ability.

In the same way humans have many capacities which become abilities when combined with the energy of food, so in order to function, there has to be a joining with the energies of the physical world.

As said, food here means anything consumed or taken into the body including such things as the products of smoking, inhaled vapours, fumes, gasses, waxes, sprays, various chemicals and mineral oils and so on.

Undistorted abilities in humans combined with the energy of wholesome food would form the basis of human society and civilisation, but we have no idea what an undistorted human is due to contamination accumulated in living cell membranes over millions of years of development, and recently, the damage and distortion brought about by consumed petrochemicals.

Strangely enough this contamination from the joining of cells with viruses and bacteria was needed for humans to get where they are, but in order to progress the energy of that contamination in the cells needs to be removed.

The energy of petrochemicals, their by-products, tobacco, sugar, tea and coffee are all powerful stimulants driving people in adverse ways contributing to obsession, paranoia, fear and other adverse mental conditions.

One of the points of The Therapy Part 2 is to restore, repair and calm down food energies in a person returning them to a time before they were affected by petrochemicals and powerful stimulants.

Once the energy of petrochemicals has been withdrawn from the body using The Therapy Part 1.1, plus silica gel and serotonin, neutralising and stopping them from hurting a person, you're now ready to proceed with The Therapy Part 2.

Part 2, starts with salt because that is a carrier for other energies needed. Sea salt is best because that energy combined with the first life in the oceans and has stayed with us ever since, until that is, it was destroyed by chemical additives in food.

Once the salt energy is damaged and lost all the energies that it transports are damaged or lost as well and people change.

A person can have adequate levels of salt in their bodies or diet, but that's not the problem, it's the non-functioning of the salt energy that's the problem. This none functioning leads to an over consumption of salt to try and restore its functioning but it doesn't help.


2.1 – Sea Salt

Shown in Wikipedia here

The Therapy Parts 1.1 & 1.2 plus serotonin and silica gel needs to be used first to empty and prepare the body and to rid the body of the energies of petrochemicals, their by-products, tobacco and any other stimulants.

Filtered salt energy is a great protector of the body and an essential first step towards recovery.

The materials used are 2 - 350g tubs of sea salt, 2 putty filters, or 1 large one which is a bit easier to use, all the batteries you have, 24 are shown in the picture and used here, and some clear plastic bags.

All materials used in Part 2 are reusable. The carbohydrate and chemicals can be used many times over on different people, they don't run out of energy, but regenerate between uses. If non rechargeable batteries are used they will need replacing, of course.

Materials shown in picture below:

2 - 350g tubs of sea salt emptied into 1 bag.

1 large putty filter. Using 2 smaller 1’s is ok.

All the batteries you have - 24 are shown here, new or recharged.

Clear plastic bags - the roll between the batteries.


Sea Salt


Empty 1 tub of sea salt into 1 clear plastic bag and knot it. Empty the other tub of salt into a clear, plastic bag and knot it so you have 2 bags.

Place the batteries into 2 clear plastic bags, half of your supply in each.

The place used is the lower back.

As always please store the materials used safely away from children and pets after use.

The method used is the same as before: place the putty filters on the lower back with the batteries and sea salt on top and leave on for about 2 hours for each session.

Use this method 3 to 5 times.

The body will stop absorbing salt energy when it has enough, like when full we stop eating. This is true of any materials used in The Therapy, and the bags will feel like they have stopped working. If you feel this move on to the next material used.


Salt has a very unique energy and, if its true life on Earth started in the seas, sea salt, and its energy, is essential to life.

All energy is connected. The energy of salt in humans is connected to all salt energy, everywhere. This is true of all energies they're all one, connected.

The energy of salt links humans to the oceans which transfers and absorbs certain types of energy such as stress, agitation, anxiety etc, which are all products of stimulation, from humans to the oceans when the link's in place and strong.

These energies, left in humans, produce unbalanced behaviour, and the transfer of these energies to the oceans acts to balance people, maintaining equilibrium.

At least it does when the salt energy is present.

This flow acts like a siphon drawing conflicting, stressful energy from humans into the oceans, and when the link is broken, these energies remain in place in humans. Large bodies of water absorb energy.

Once the link is restored through using The Therapy Part 2: sea salt the flow of conflicting, stressed energy out to the oceans resumes, where it will unwind and return to a simpler state and with it going a calmness and relaxation comes to a person along with a slowing of the perception of the passage of time.

People in a stimulated state perceive time to be passing quickly and the less stimulation the slower the perceived passage of time.

When there's no stimulation in humans, which is mainly desire, there's no perception of time passing. This state could be described as happiness.

Stimulated people are adrenalin addicts, an addiction which falls away as stimulation reduces.

The connection with the oceans energy is a 2-way street with benefits flowing from the oceans into humans such as, depth, clarity, fluidness, security through unity and a sense of wholeness and purpose, to name a few. The flow out and in reduces the desire to be stimulated.

In the womb the developing child floating in amniotic fluid reflects this relationship, and our connection with the oceans, through the energy of salt, continues this. The brain needs this feeling of security to function in a sane, rational, ordered way.

In humans salt energy supplies the underlying link or pathway which other processes, both energy and physical, need to work.

For instance a major factor in both motor neuron disease (MND) and dementia is a lack of energy from salt in the body regulating, conducting and controlling electrical energy.

Electrical energy in the human body can only function correctly when the underlying filtered energy of salt is present.

Filtered salt energy will also release, and help push out, the life energy of insects from a person and it's the dissipation and absence of salt energy by the energy of petrochemicals which gives the life energy of insects its chance to get in.

This salt energy has to be filtered salt energy as it was originally received in the womb through the placenta.

Simply eating salt in food will not replace depleted filtered salt energy, at least it might over 10 or 20 years, but then only if the petrochemical energy that dissipated it in the first place has gone, but using sea salt with The Therapy Part 2.1, will replace the lost salt energy in a few weeks as its more direct, transferred in vast amounts and is boosted by the batteries.

Salt energy in humans can be depleted or dissolved by the energy of refrigerated dairy products containing antifreeze, which is a petrochemical, such as ice cream and as ice cream is often given to young children, the process of beneficial personal development is halted early on, being replaced by a mental, emotional and behavioural structure created from the energy of petrochemicals and the damage done to the system.

This structure, however, will dissolve when the energy of petrochemicals is removed from a person by using The Therapy.

Small amounts of petrochemicals in food are very powerful due to their high energy content - they come from petroleum after all, and even if the physical part is filtered out from food before consumption their energy can remain.

Filtered salt energy also takes up space in the human body so other invaders such as air borne infection find it harder to get in. Air born infection finds it easier to get into a person when the bodies filtered salt energy is depleted, leaving space for them, and the salt connection to the oceans, which will also help to filter out harmful energies from things such as bacteria and viruses, is broken.

Removing the energy from infections is the same as removing their vitality making them weaker and more venerable to the human immune system.

Once The Therapy Part 2.1 has resupplied a person with filtered salt energy, the salt energy will engage and help push the energy of invading viruses out of the human body. This is because an invading virus, and its energy, takes up space in the human body reserved for the energy of sea salt, there being an order to such things - salt energy has priority

Salt energy will also help shield a person from being detected by air borne infections.

Please note in all cases of infection a Doctor or Physician must be seen first.

In the blood the life energy from insects can combine with iron energy in the blood, making it less useable to the body, becoming a factor in conditions such as anaemia, fatigue (CFS or ME).

Some blood disorders arise where white blood cells attack red ones as the life energy of insects can join with the red cells marking them as hostile, or invasive, to the body. So the white cells attack them.

The filtered energy of salt will fill the blood, again helping to push out any insect energy which has no place there, from which it circulates around the body helping to push out all invading energies that have been occupying its space.

Once in the brain the energy of sea salt fills the brain cell membranes, protecting them from the life energy of insects, which is a major factor of dementia and corresponding poor eyesight, and then individual cells can begin to function properly, as well as being able to link together, which is another function of filtered salt energy.

The energy of filtered salt energy flows around the body carrying much other energy such as those of sodium bicarbonate and magnesium sulphate, both salts, which are looked at next. This system using salt energy is an energy supply system to the various parts of the body.

Once The Therapy Part 2.1 has re-established the flow of salt energy in the body the next step is to introduce into that salt energy other basic beneficial energies, which would normally come from wholesome food.

Once these basic filtered energies have been put in place, the individual can take control and proceed with their personal development, through their choice of food, which will provide the energies for their progress.

An individual's choice of the food that creates their emotional, behavioural and mental state may be based on knowledge or instinct, but, free of the influence and damage of petrochemicals, it will be their choice. So their personal development and their life's journey will be based on their choice.

Once the power of filtered energies has established itself in a human body, regulating, protecting, controlling and connecting, they can then overflow into creativity, expression, personality, compassion, enthusiasm and other expressions; giving rise to a true human experience unique to the individual.

The dissolving of the body’s salt energy though, means that these energies no longer flow around the body and their benefits are lost.

The tongue selects filters and absorbs energies that contribute to a person's internal content from food through the taste buds. Foods have different tastes: bitter, salty, sour and sweet and the new one umami.

Each one has its own energy delivering its own content in humans. Animals don’t appear to have this ability and it helps set us apart. Fish remain in their own environment, seemingly for life to develop from in the future if needed.

Absorbing energies just through the tongue on its own takes many years to build up from birth, and an equal amount of time would be needed to resupply the energy, from food, after the damaging energies of petrochemicals have been removed, as the tongue can only supply small amounts of filtered energy.

This is why humans don't reach maturity until 10 or 20 years after birth as, along with physical development of the brain, it takes that long to acquire and assimilate the energies.

In an ideal world we would be drawn to food that had the physical and energy content beneficial for the individual, but in the real world the body is so distorted internally adverse choices are made regarding food based on desire rather than need and, as has been said, the filtering, selecting action of the tongue has been compromised by chemicals from toothpaste, tea, coffee, sugar, tobacco etc.

With the dissolving of the salt energy in people, salty food will be eaten to compensate and to try and restart the flow of salt energy internally. Salt energy can’t be replenished quickly through the tongue and not at all while the chemical energy that destroyed the salt energy in the first place, from petrochemical products like antifreeze, is still present.

It does go some way to explain though, why excessively salty food is eaten.

Lack of salt energy leads to all forms of desire becoming very powerful as petrochemical energy in a person is an unchecked stimulant. The two together can produce some very compulsive, excessive, driven behaviour.

The tongue selects filtered food energy by probing the food and acquiring its energy content through the taste buds passing the energy sometimes directly into the stomach, sometimes into salt energy to flow around the body. Basic, primary food energies go directly into the stomach.

In the stomach filtered food energy from basic, primary, carbohydrate foods, grown in the earth, such as potatoes and crops join to form the basis of the body’s energy.

Sea salt is the best salt to use and as it’s cheap and easily available there’s no reason not to use it.


The Therapy Part 2 will continue with sodium bicarbonate next, then other foods.

The list of foods to use is nearly endless so all that can be done here is to outline the method and use the main foods, and explain a bit about them, and perhaps return to study other foods later or leave it to others and future generations.

Some energies combine with salt energy where they flow around the body and will require more sessions, on more places on the body to fill the body up.

Main carbohydrate energies, such as from potatoes, wheat, corn, oats, millet and rice, will by-pass the salt energy and flow directly into the energy of a person, so will need less sessions, done on the lower back and stomach.

The next two materials used sodium bicarbonate and magnesium sulphate work to strengthen and promote main, prime carbohydrate energies.

It all comes from basic food and chemicals, the different combinations of which are endless. This means that human life can be tremendously complex and can explore just about any possibility, and when such action comes from wholesome food and ingredients no harm will be done to others or the planet.

Problems start, as has been said before, when this process is damaged, destroyed or added to by the action of consumed petrochemicals from additives, fertilisers, sprays, waxes, mineral oils, gasses and so on which introduce damaging energies into the bodies energy and general condition, which change or damage how other energies work, in this case changing a person's feelings, emotions and mental states.


Using salt is an essential part of the health process protecting the body so strictly speaking it could be classed in with Part 1.1 & 1.2, which is to end pain and suffering and return a person to health, where possible, but it forms the beginning of Part 2.

The Therapy Part 2 endeavours to eliminate internal distortion, suffering and harmful mental, behavioural and emotional conditions in a person, so its goals are an extension of Parts 1.1 & 1.2.

More explanations will be given during Part 2 as we proceed.


2.2 – Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

Please note if baking soda is used please use the soda and not powder which is a diluted form. A Wikipedia link is here.

Sodium bicarbonate has been added to human diet for the last 200 years in bread making. It has been consumed before then, but adding it to bread made it more widespread, taking entire populations over the threshold where its energy is acted upon.

It's a chemical which appears to stimulate the analytical parts of the brain giving rise to a more technological society. Its action in humans has been accelerated in recent years by the addition of petrochemicals in the diet and environment, through inhaling, for instance.

The difference between fossil fuels that damage the body on a more surface energy level and petrochemicals is that fossil fuels damage body processes after burning, when it's in a more gaseous state, whereas petrochemicals distort body processes without being burnt, as food additives and even powerful smells, for instance through inhaling at petrol stations, road works etc.

Burning fossil fuels releases their energy into the environment allowing them to cause damage on the a more surface level of human physical existence becoming a factor in many illnesses and other conditions.

Consuming petrochemicals is on a more physical level causing damage on a deeper level of human existence giving rise to mental conditions and emotional and behavioural problems.

Petrochemicals have a distorting effect on the action of sodium bicarbonate in people stimulating it to the point where it's out of control, producing a society with unbalanced technology which is the same - out of control with no restraint.

Once the damaging energy of petrochemicals has been removed from a person sodium bicarbonate can be used to strengthen, regulate or restrain sodium bicarbonate's action in humans so a balance is found whereby technology has a more appropriate place in life and where more rational choices can be made concerning it.

Sodium carbonate also acts like an accelerant for the energies of carbohydrates which come next.

Bicarb of Soda

Above shows:

Bicarbonate of soda at the back with the contents placed in 2 clear, thin plastic bags shown on top of the putty filters. 2 tubs of 180gms, or about 6ozs, each are used.

Batteries: AA 1.2v front and centre and bagged each side of the bicarbonate of soda tubs. A lot will be needed. 24 rechargeable are shown and used here.

Clear, thin plastic bags, centre in a roll.

Putty filters. 2 in front left and right of the bag of batteries.


Use the same putty filters, clear, thin plastic bags and batteries used before in The Therapy, Parts 1 & 2. The batteries need to be new or fully charged if rechargeable.

Divide the batteries in half and place each half in a clear, thin plastic bag.

Empty 1 tub of bicarbonate of soda into a plastic bag and knot it. Repeat the same with the other tub.


Please remember: nothing is consumed, ever.

Sodium bicarbonate energy flows and joins with the energy of sea salt used earlier, so the whole body has to be covered.

The area of the body used for the bags is the lower back.

Place the materials each side of the spine on the lower back being careful not to cut off the circulation or cause any kind of damage. The putty filters are placed against the skin with the bicarbonate of soda bags and the battery bags placed on top.

Leave on for 2 hours and repeat once or twice more with a day apart...

When in place the bags sometimes warm up which means they're working. The heat will peak and start to cool down which means they’ve finished working and can be removed, so the amount of time they are used may be adjusted accordingly.

Having worked through The Therapy Parts 1.1 & 1.2 some experience in using it, and how your own body works will have been gained, so using Part 2 should be easier and quicker.

Well done, you’ve reached the end of using sodium carbonate, so when ready, after a day or 2, move on to:


2.3 –Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts)

A Wikipedia link is here.

This is the same as the method just used except the sodium carbonate bags are replaced with magnesium sulphate, otherwise known as Epsom salts.

Magnesium sulphate is used in agriculture for crops such as potatoes and tomatoes and from which it enters humans where its action gives rise to a type of human behaviour or character.

This character may be seen as straightforward and honourable without malice or spite.

Its action in humans has been changed by the action of consumed, and/or inhaled, petrochemicals which, like sodium bicarbonate, over stimulate the action of magnesium sulphate in people leading to extremes in behaviour turning humans more excessive.

With human behaviour there has to be just the right amount of appropriate energies acting as a regulator.

Use of magnesium sulphate also acts as a supporting energy for carbohydrate energy giving them a boost.

The introduction of certain foods such as potatoes, wheat, oats, cane & beet sugar, tobacco, corn, rice, millet, tea, coffee etc into new parts of the world introduces new elements into human behaviour, emotions and ways of thinking.

Physical changes also come about as well, for instance, potatoes tend to create people the same shape as the potato root.

There's nothing inherently wrong in any of this so long as the changes are healthy and lead to a beneficial way of life. It's all human interaction with the environment.


Picture below shows...

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts at the back with the contents placed in 2 clear, thin plastic bags shown on top of the putty filters. 2 tubs of 200gms, or about 7ozs, each are used.

Batteries: AA 1.2v front and centre and bagged each side of the bicarbonate of soda tubs. Part 3 requires a lot. 24 rechargeable are shown and used here.

Clear, thin plastic bags, centre in a roll.

Putty filters. 2 in front, to the left and right of the bag of batteries.


Use the same putty filters, clear, thin plastic bags and batteries used before in The Therapy, Parts 1.1 & 1.2. The batteries need to be new or fully charged if rechargeable.

Divide your supply of batteries in half and place each half in a clear, thin plastic bag.

Empty 1 tub, or about 200gms, of Epsom salts into a plastic bag and knot it. Repeat the same with the other tub.


Epsom salt energy flows and joins with the energy of sea salt used earlier, so the whole body has to be done.

The area of the body used is the lower back with each session should last up to 2 hours.

This is going to be the procedure from now on 3 – 5 sessions on the lower back each 1 lasting 2 hours.

Place a bag of Epsom salts in a bag of batteries with a putty filter placed on top.

Then repeat with the other material then rest them on the putty filters on the lower back for up to 2 hours.

Repeat 2 or 3 times a day apart. After each session store the materials safely away from children and pets and recharge or change the batteries if needed.

Again lying on a bed with your lower back resting on the materials is probably the best and easiest way to do this.

Leave on for 2 hours and repeat once or twice more with a day apart.

When in place the bags will sometimes warm up which means its working. When they cool down it means they’ve finished working, so the amount of time they are used may be adjusted accordingly.

The warming and cooling of the bags is the same for all the methods used in The Therapy.

So long as the materials are kept clean and hygienic they can be used repeatedly on different people.

The carbohydrate energies form the basic, background energy of a person's life, usually the staple one being at the forefront. If you have never eaten potatoes, rice, millet or any of the others then they aren't needed to repair and energise their energy in you, as it's not there and using them may be missed out, but you may wish to use them to gain the characteristics they offer.

Next, when you're ready, move on to...


2.4 – Potato Starch

A Wikipedia link is here

Below are the materials used:

Potato Starch

Everything is the same as before with the Epsom salt bags being replaced with 500grams of potato starch divided into half, shown in the 2 bags sitting on the putty filters in the picture.

Only the lower back is used.

Place the putty filters on the lower back with the bags of potato starch on top.

Use all the batteries you have, 24 are used here, the usual rechargeable double AA's.

Do 3 to 5 sessions a day or two apart for 2 hours each session.

Store everything safely when not in use and keep the batteries charged.

Potato starch is much better to use than potato flour or whole potatoes as their bulk contains ingredients which will block the method used here from working as well. In this form the energy of the material is also more easily released.

If potato starch is unavailable try potato flour or anything similar.

Potato starch, like the carbohydrates that follow, can be used repeatedly on different people. just make sure everything used is kept dry, clean and hygienic.

When potatoes supply the main carbohydrate energy in an area it rounds the character producing a person generous, tolerant, self-reliant but lacking in confidence, inquisitive, curious, emotionally solid, ponderous, slow to change, cautious, having a desire to be rooted in the ground with good social support. They're also helpful, reserved and somewhat sanguine, amongst other things.

Too many potatoes can also round the body and make a person mentally and physically sluggish.

Carbohydrate energies fix a person's basic state, the backdrop to their life, and define that person's approach to life, their framework, foundation and their basic attitude, amongst other things.

Energy from food is what makes humans work. It is what it is, producing people as they are, and adverse effects are only introduced when this process is damaged or distorted by the action of petrochemicals, or that energy gets into people.

Next is yeast, when you're ready to continue...


2.5 – Yeast

Another energy to prepare the body for the energy of carbohydrate.

A wikipedia link to yeast is here

The filtered energy of yeast in the human body acts as a regulator, especially for the energy of sugar and it reduces the desire to consume sweet things.

Yeast also releases much stored energy near the surface that's in a person such as energy in contradiction, the most powerful being anger which leads to violence, but also includes such things as resentment and frustration.

It's too late to use these energies constructively once it's been stored, as storing it changes it.

Also released are the energies of pain, suffering and hurt acquired from others and stored in us simply because we are damaged internally through the action of consumed petrochemicals. This acquired hurt and pain from others is more vicious and goes deeper than hurt and pain generated within, simply because it's inflicted from outside, driven by another's pain, or even a group, to go deeper, from outside in.

Pain and hurt from others needs to be released and let go of. It can't be used to motivate thought and action the way emotions naturally occurring can, again as it's been stored.

This energy from others needs to be released as it's acquired, rather that stored and accumulated, otherwise it will constantly express itself adversely with aggressive, abrasive, disruptive, adversarial behaviour followed by anger, rage and violence.

Yeast helps this energy to be released rather than expressed.

The materials used are shown in the picture below...


Any good quality, inexpensive materials will do. No particular brand is recommended.

Everything is the same as before with the potato starch being replaced with bread yeast.

The box contained 6 x 7gram sachets which were opened and poured into 2 clear plastic bags, 3 sachets in each, and the bags knotted.

The rest of the materials are the same: 2 putty filters each in a plastic bag, 24 AA batteries placed in 2 plastic bags, half in each and a roll of clear, thin plastic bags.

Only the lower back will be used for this. 1 or 2 sessions each of up to 2 hours will be enough.

Baker's yeast is shown and used here, and together with brewer's yeast, has been used in baking and fermenting for many centuries adding its energies to individuals bringing about local change, but it's only since it's widespread use in the last few centuries that cultures and societies have changed due to its influence.

Place the putty filters on the lower back with the bags of potato starch and batteries placed on top. Use all the batteries you have, 24 are used here, the usual rechargeable double AA's.

Leave on for 2 hours and repeat the next day.


As said, a lot of powerful stored emotions, from resentment and frustration through to anger, will start to leave the system after a few days. This will be the residual energy of unpleasant experience stored over many years, probably from an early age, so there will be a lot of it.

These feelings and emotions may be from understandable sources, such as viewing mistreatment or injustice, but they all need to go, and what turns them into problems is storing them where they have a ongoing powerful effect making them self-reinforcing, like being in a loop, dominating a person's emotional state.

Allow this energy, if possible, to release and dissipate without it having an angry, violent or adverse expression. It needs to be released not expressed and it will happen at its own pace.

Realise what's happening, that these feelings are going and will soon be gone, stand back and try not to interfere with the process the yeast has set in motion.

It's a good time for understanding friends and to learn by watching what's coming out and being released. These powerful energies have shaped your life, and now, through observation, insight and understanding, that life will now start to change and emotional energies, as they arise, will be used to help a person into appropriate action.

Try not to judge yourself as things come out; rather be glad it's happening. If you have worked through The Therapy Parts 1.1, 1.2 and now 2 it shows good character and a desire to change.

Next, when you are ready, move on to using vinegar...


2.6 – Vinegar

Fruit vinegar is used here, and along with the energy of baker's yeast, prepares the body for the energy of wheat which are used in bread making. The energies of wheat and yeast work well together.

Baking soda is also used in bread making, but it was more appropriate to use it earlier to prepare the way for the energy of potato starch.

Bread is one of the main foods that have helped form humans over the centuries, contributing to what we are which has lead to a type of society and civilisation. The braking of these energies, through the use of petrochemicals, has damaged and distorted the human character and psyche which has lead to changes in society and civilisation.

The aim of The Therapy Part 2 is to restore the functioning of those energies.

Filtered vinegar energy works as a stimulant and is an invigorator for other energies...


The picture above shows the materials used:

A fruit vinegar, plum, has been used here and is much better than the commercial alternatives used in chip shops and shouldn't be used. Plum vinegar was used as it was to hand. Any fruit vinegar will do and different ones may have slightly different actions.

The other materials are all as usual:

2 putty filters in plastic bags.

An amount of vinegar, about the size of a small hen's egg, is poured into a clear, thin plastic bag and knotted. Repeat so you have 2 plastic bags, shown on top of the putty filters.

AA batteries, 24 rechargeable ones are used here divided into 2 thin, clear plastic bags. A roll of which can be seen in the picture.


The same as before placing materials on the lower back for up to 2 hours at a time.

Repeat once or twice.

As you gain experience with the method, and your own body, you may wish to lengthen or shorten the times or increase or decrease the number of sessions.

This is another material like yeast only needing to be applied to the lower back, from which, due to its fluid nature, its energy will flow around the body to where it's needed.

The putty filters are placed on the body with the batteries and bags of vinegar placed on top. As always nothing is consumed and be careful you don't cut off the circulation and the bags of vinegar don't leak.

After each session store the materials used safely away from children and pets.

Filtered vinegar energy, along with that of yeast, prepares the body for the energy of carbohydrate by invigorating the internal energy condition. Filtered vinegar energy, coming from fruit, has a natural affinity for the body's energy condition, as it will disperse and permeate the energy, just as fruit does on the ground.

The filtered bran energy from wheat, which comes next, needs the preparation of the vinegar which, amongst other things, acts as a stimulant to other food energies.

When you're ready continue on to wheat bran...


2.6 – Wheat Bran

Wheat bran in flake form is the best way to use wheat with The Therapy, and that's true of all the carbohydrate foods used, as in grain form their energies are more compact and retained in the grain, whereas as flakes their energy is already radiating and easier to draw out.

If wheat bran is unavailable, try wheat flour, brown if possible.

The picture below shows the materials used...

Bran Flakes

No particular product is recommended, the 1's shown happened to be on offer when bought. Use any that are readily and cheaply obtainable.

The picture shows:

A 750 gram box of wheat bran flakes, centre, with about 2 handfuls of bran in 2 clear, plastic bags, left and right, close to the box.

Place about 2 handfuls of bran flakes into a plastic bag and knot it, or pour in about that amount, it doesn't have to be exact. Repeat so you have 2 bags with bran flakes in.

A roll of clear, thin plastic bags, centre.

24 rechargeable AA batteries, as before, divided into 2 clear plastic bags.

2 putty filters shown under the batteries. The putty filters are in plastic bags, so the only material ever to touch the skin is the plastic.

Wheat bran is used on the lower back and stomach.


Place 2 putty filters either side of the spine on the lower back with 1 bag of bran and 1 bag of batteries on each. Leave on for up to 2 hours and repeat once or twice more over the next few days. Store the materials safely when not in use.

It's easier to lay the materials on a bed with the putty filters on top of the bags of bran and batteries, then to lie on the bed so you're lower back rests on top of the putty. Make sure no clothing's between you and the putty and be careful not to cut off circulation in any way.

Wheat is a comforter and the type of food people turn to for comfort eating.

Filtered wheat energy has a relaxing, satisfying, releasing quality similar to that of yeast, except it goes much deeper in a person. It contributes a certain coldness to outsiders in people, aloof, holding them at arm's length. It creates the desire for a large, strong family that's very clannish.

Used with oats, shown later, it can help with physical pain especially that caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Wheat has an energy with a feeling of autumn that turns people inward, preparing for change.

Filtered wheat energy isn't a strong energy so it tends to create people who change easily as their not particularly rooted in ways or beliefs. Such people are usually smaller that average and as wheat energy isn't so dominating, other energies tend to take over, especially from oil.


2.7 – Corn or Maize

The picture below shows the materials used...

Corn Flakes

Above shows a 375gram box of corn flakes, 2 bags of corn flakes, a roll of clear, thin plastic bags and 24 AA batteries divided into 2 bags resting on 2 putty filters.

Only 1 bag of corn is needed not 2 as shown.

The method and materials are the same as wheat bran except now corn flakes are being used.

Corn is used for carbohydrate. If corn flakes are unavailable try something similar such as corn starch.


The place use is the lower back.

Place a handful of corn flakes into a plastic bag and knot it, or pour in about that amount, it doesn't have to be exact.

Place the materials for up to 2 hours on the lower back for up to 2 hours.

As always the putty filters are placed on the body with the batteries and materials placed on top.

Laying face up on a bed while doing this may be the easiest way.

After a few days repeat again on the lower back doing 2 sessions in total.

Make sure the batteries are fully charged and safely away from pets and children when not in use.

Corn is an energiser.

Corn has stored a great deal of the sun's energy as shown by its colour. When consumed as the predominate carbohydrate food in a society the sun's energy in corn gives rise to energetic, enthusiastic, driven people interested in many things.

This energy is very much a surface energy so people study broadly rather than deeply, more for the eyes than the soul. Societies created by such people tend to be scientific and materialistic - what the eyes can see by reflected light.

Filtered corn energy gives rise to open, warm, optimistic, positive, friendly people who heat up quickly and cool down slowly. Like the sun rising and setting, so too in people, creating a society that will be both young and immature: rising, and older and more mature: setting. People, and society, will have characteristics of both.

Filtered corn energy is light, creating people who are without roots, tending to live on the surface of their lives, spreading their activities around. They can be very competitive. Sometimes they can give hurt and not know it, but it's not deliberate, it's part of corn energies immaturity.

Used in The Therapy, as well as helping to restore the above, filtered corn energy contributes to stability, openness and a feeling of completeness and mixing with the other carbohydrate energies in a person tempers it allowing it to become a great source of strength and fortitude.

With corn energy what you see is what you get, it don't do subtlety, and please note, carbohydrate supplies base energy, or a base coat, which can be covered over and concealed by other more vibrant energies, so what a person has deep down, isn't always obvious.


2.8 – Rice

The picture below shows the materials used, all that's been changed from the last one is the corn has been replaced with brown rice flakes. If rice flakes are unavailable try the nearest to it such as rice flour or cereal.

Rice is used for its carbohydrate and was removed from part 1.1 as its being used here...

Brown Rice

Above shows a 500gram box of brown rice flakes, 2 bags of rice flakes resting on 2 putty filters, a roll of clear, thin plastic bags and 24 AA batteries divided into 2 bags.

Only 1 bag of rice is used for this not 2 as shown.

The method and materials used are the same as for corn except now rice flakes are being used.

Rice flakes are used as in flake form the rice releases its energy which, in grain form would be a lot harder to draw out.


Place a handful of rice flakes into a plastic bag and knot it, or pour in about that amount, it doesn't need to be exact.

Place the materials for up to 2 hours on the lower back.

Take off and after a few days repeat on the lower back, again for up to 2 hours.

As always the putty filters are placed on the body with the batteries and materials placed on top.

Laying face up on a bed while doing this may be the easiest way.

Do 2 sessions with the rice in total.

Make sure the batteries are always fully charged and safely away from pets and children when not in use.

Having got this far using the different materials of Part 2 things should start to change.

The individual energies of different carbohydrates will strengthen and repair those energies in a person, and introducing new energies from food not eaten before will introduce new characteristics from that food, but the biggest change comes about when all the different energies mix and combine bringing about a transformation in a person giving rise to new abilities and perceptions, insights and skills at all levels.

Slowly the burden of the past will recede and a new person will emerge.

You are being upgraded and while those changes may be deep, meaningful, complex even profound, they are never wrong, as it's part of the full human experience. Things can only go wrong when people are damaged or distorted by the action of powerful chemicals unnatural to us.

Filtered rice energy goes deep into a person blending with the water in their bodies. In the bodies water the energy expands reaching its potential, just the same as when the paddy gets flooded.

Filtered rice energy is essentially for the mind. It spreads through the body’s water entering the mind where qualities of depth, clarity, penetration and insight are imparted. Rice energy is subtle, stubborn and likes to keep itself to itself, preferring to stay pure rather that mix with the other energies of carbohydrate which it feels are for the body not the mind.

Filtered rice energy is an isolator creating people who like to be alone even in groups. They have a private part inside that nothing touches which they preserve even when part of big families. It's how they create and protect their identities.

Rice is a compact grain, like wheat, producing people with a secret self that nobody ever sees. They tend to form hidden, secret groups and they build societies where the spiritual and other worldly things flourish over the mechanical and material.

On its own in a person, without the other energies of carbohydrate, rice energy can lead to a person and society being isolated with a sense of self-importance, however in a body with other carbohydrate energies, even if it avoids mixing or compounding with them, balance will be achieved and the energy of rice will contribute much to a person and their development.

When ready, after a day or 2, move on to...


2.9 – Millet

The picture below shows the materials used, all that's been changed from the last one is the rice has been replaced with millet flakes. If millet flakes are unavailable try the nearest you can get such as millet flour or cereal. Millet is used for carbohydrate...

Millet Flakes

Above shows a 500gram box of millet and 2 bags of millet resting upon 2 putty filters.

The picture shows 2 bags of millet but only 1 bag was used. The materials were reduced when experience found a second bag wasn’t needed.

24 AA batteries are used divided in half into 2 bags.

The roll of bags are the usual clear, thin plastic ones.

As millet is used for its carbohydrate energy its use the same as the others - twice on the lower back with sessions lasting up to 2 hours each.


Same as before with 1 putty filter placed on the lower back with 1 bas of millet with the batteries placed on top. Leave on for up to 2 hours, remove and store safely, and recharge or renew the batteries if needed.

After a day or 2 repeat on the lower back for 2 hours.

Filtered millet energy is a facilitator; it prepares the way or the ground for other energies allowing them to pass through the body smoothly. It's a base energy, cooling down the energy content of a person, turning down the heat in their thoughts and emotions. It reduces desire, passion and the need for hurried change without thought.

Filtered millet energy calms everything down, taking off the pressure, so people have time to think, consider and reflect allowing real character to come forth from them, and develop. It takes the heat out of people and situations.

It adds little to a person, like the other carbohydrate energies do, but its presence allows everything else to flourish. It's a very kind energy promoting the coming together and movement of internal energy. It has a timeless quality, the same as the deep forest, and it passes that on to humans.

This energy promotes expression, self honesty and a willingness to look at the past.

The filtered energy of millet is truly a friend to humanity imparting, not so much virtues and characteristics like the other carbohydrates, but a means to get there, a helping, or smoothing, of the way.

Next, when ready, move on to...


2.11 – Oats

The picture below shows the materials used with the millet from last time being replaced by a 750gram bag of oat porridge. Also shown are 2 clear plastic bags filled with about 2 handfuls of oats which are then knotted. About half the bag of oats were used. The oats are resting on 2 putty filters with a roll of clear plastic bags and 2 plastic bags filled with 24 AA batteries, half in each bag.

All as before and the methods the same...

Oat Flakes


Only 1 bag of oats is needed for this not 2.

Oats are used for their carbohydrate energy and the flake or porridge form is best. If this is unavailable try oat cereal or whatever you can find that's close.

The lower back are the areas of the body the materials are placed, in 2 sessions of up to 2 hours each.

Start on the lower back placing the putty filters each side of the spine, then place the bag of oats and batteries on top of the putty filters and leave on for up to 2 hours.

After 2 hours, or when you feel they have finished, remove, store safely and recharge or change the batteries if they need it.

After a day or 2 repeat on the lower back for 2 hours then remove and store safely.

Oats give strength to the mind, body, character and emotions giving people qualities of endurance without becoming indifferent to the suffering of others.

Filtered oat energy imparts constitutional strength and stoicism in the face of adversary. The strength of oats can also be used, in the same way as above, on pain in the body, especially that caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Using it with the wheat bran used earlier is even better with the materials used placed, or wrapped directly on or as near to the pain, as possible.

Oat strength loves preserving and maintaining giving rise to people who are direct, straightforward, rational, inventive, clannish, adversarial, supportive, stubborn, solid, humble, truthful with a feeling for fairness, if this is the main carbohydrate being consumed.

As the worlds foods are becoming more accessible new qualities and characteristics will start to appear in people producing humans of outstanding quality, if they are uncontaminated and undistorted.


2.12 – Soya or Soybeans


The picture above shows 2 100g boxes of soya mince. Each box contained 2 50g sachets.

In front of the boxes of soya are 2 clear, plastic bags each filled with 100g of soya and tied.

Under the soya bags are 2 putty filters.

24 AA batteries are shown in 2 plastic bags at the front with a roll of bags between.

Everything is the same as before except now soya is being used for its carbohydrate energy.


Only 1 bag of soya is needed for this not 2.

As before start on the lower back by placing the a putty filter on first with the bags of soya and batteries placed on top. Leave on for up to 2 hours, or until you judge the session's over.

Remove and store safely then in a day or 2 place the materials on lower back again and leave on for up to 2 hours.

Remove and store safely.

Soya is a soother reducing what may be seen as emotional and mental inflammation.

Emotions, feelings, behaviour and mental conditions can all be subject to becoming swollen, enlarged or inflamed such as anger becoming rage or fury; powerful desires dominating peoples' lives; behaviour becoming obsessive, mechanical and machine like and the sense of self swelling to the point where a person becomes delusional, to name a few.

The filtered energy of soya also helps reduce physical inflammation in the body, but should only be used after a Doctors or Physicians advice has been sought.

All these are soothed and the inflammation reduced by the filtered energy of soya allowing people to have a clearer, unpressured, undistorted view of life and situations.


2.13 – Sugar

A picture of the materials used is below...


The last material used has been replaced with a 500g bag of sugar.

Also shown are 2 putty filters with 2 bags of white sugar, about 200g in each, sitting on top, a roll of plastic bags and 24 AA batteries divided into 2 plastic bags, all as before.

There's no particular reason for using white sugar. If you feel brown sugar would be better to use for yourself, please do so.

As before only 1 bag of sugar is needed not 2.


Place the materials on the lower back for up to 2 hours and then repeat next day or when ready.

Sugar is used for its carbohydrate energy. It connects and joins all the other sugar and carbohydrate energies used up to now. Joining them in this way acts to balance and keep them all in relationship to each other.

The filtered energy of sugar draws together all the different carbohydrate energies to form an overall energy which becomes a person's reality that is the feeling of their existence, and penetrates that reality with meaning.

Meaning gives reality, or the feeling of existence, its content from which purpose flows. This meaning will also infuse thought.


If you wish to try any carbohydrate that's hasn't been shown in Part 2, please go ahead. Use the method the same as in Part 2 with batteries, putty filters and plastic bags placed on the lower back twice for up to 2 hours.

Thank you, Richard.


3 – Going Deeper



Much internal damage to the body’s energy, energy systems and processes has to be dealt with before a person can proceed with deeper development which is the aim of Part 3.

We don't start from a neutral position, rather having to repair so much just to walk up to the starting line.

Due to this internal damage holding people back, the view has grown that people lack something in order to develop and progress, which opens the door to all the beliefs, systems, practices, methods and so on.

This is to misunderstand the situation and then apply inappropriate methods to resolve it.

The Therapy Part 3 holds the view that an individual is held back partly because the internal mechanisms and processes that promote energy development and therefore health, have been damaged or distorted by the consumption of petrochemicals in recent decades.

This has been going on long enough so everyone's affected, meaning we have nobody to compare the present human condition with to see the difference.

Once the internal mechanisms and processes have been restored, repaired and energised through the use of The Therapy, especially Part 3 which has this as a goal, and filtered food energy is absorbed by a body freed of contaminates, the flow of energy that promotes internal personal development and progress will resume and health will return.

The premise is simple: the energies of a cultures food will develop a person so long as those energies aren't interfered with, distorted or damaged and the energy processes and systems in a person function properly.

A lot of what creates us as a person is absorbed from food after birth, it's possible to repair and restore these energies from outside using The Therapy.

Carbohydrate supplies humans with basic, underlying attributes and characteristics, other foods supply the energies that go on top of these, supplying other human qualities.

Running parallel to this is the way blended energy develops life, especially human life looked at in Life and Sentience available from this site.


3.1 – Honey & Batteries


Once the energy from the batteries and honey has been absorbed into the body by the immune system using the method described below, the brain will use that energy to fashion filters to help protect itself from inescapable, debilitating, pain that's the product of modern life.

This would be a more modern type of pain experienced from such sources as chronic illness, injury, grief and loss in general to give a few examples. This is a modern, fairly recent, new type of pain brought about by such things as...

Pollution of the air, food and water as well as exposure to new chemicals causing new types of pain.

Injuries caused by machinery, devices, instruments, tools, mechanical energies, operations and so on. Even falling down the stairs is a recent hazard as we have only been living in houses with stairs for a few hundred years, all creating their own, unique, modern type of pain also being cut by metal.

Our bodies living longer with the problems of extended life again causing new types of pain and...

New pains caused by the interaction of the individual with others such as depression, grief, failure, bankruptcy, redundancy, divorce and so on. The pain arising from failed expectations.

The pain from such things is a fairly modern phenomenon. It tends to be mind numbing, with the constant struggle with them draining and debilitating and our bodies and brains have not developed a mechanism to deal with them or a defence.

These modern pains have become a serious problem. Their existence in a person drives out all joy and energy, forming a virtual prison, inescapable.

Originally pain started off as a warning mechanism that something was wrong, that the body was in danger and some kind of action was needed such as moving a hand being burnt on a hot plate, which is a more physical pain, but in recent years, this other kind of new pain - severe, inescapable, prolonged and chronic which no action by the person or society can remove - has developed leading to much suffering. This is modern pain.

The brain is unable to deal with modern pain which may have a purpose initially, but it's hard to see the point of it when it drags on for years causing endless suffering and there's a clear difference between the pain of toothache, for example, for which a trip to the dentist will relieve, and the inescapable pain of terminal illness or the pains inflicted by a modern society.

We have developed with certain types of pain. These are old pains we, as a race, have grown up with and learned how to deal with. They are mostly to do with death and loss, but with the arrival of modern pain, numbing the mind, sapping the energy and strength and overlaying the body, it's now becoming difficult to deal with the old pains as well.

As said this method of using the energy from honey and batteries gives the brain what it needs to fashion filters to screen out certain types of pain and stop them from reaching the brain, protecting it. The screened out pains would be the modern ones which no defence has developed against, but the arbiter of which pain in the body needs to go is the brain.

It's up to the brain, not the self or the individual, to decide which pain is necessary and is fulfilling its function and stays, and which pain, such as the modern ones get screened out protecting the brain from debilitation and energy loss allowing it to deal with the old pain in its own way and time as it has developed to do.

Some of the old pains are relevant and are a necessary part of human development, learning and psyche, so the next method can be given to a person for the brain to use for appropriate pain relief as decided by the brain, not the individual, and which can't be overridden by the individual.

This means that The Therapy 3.1 – Honey & Batteries can't be used like morphine to produce a blissful, euphoric state removing personal responsibility and feeling for life. The method can be a panacea, making people feel better, but not a drug, one the brain will use wisely to free itself of the burden of constant struggle with unwanted pain so it can function more efficiently and a person can flower.

Unwanted pain will be screened out, feelings will be let through.

Perhaps that's a better way of describing the pain: useful pain the brain uses in some way, and unwanted pain that can't be used. The brain decides which is which.

Also, if a person is still experiencing pain after the method has been used it means the brain has a reason for letting it through and experiencing it.

The method, Honey & Batteries, gives the brain the special, unique, energy it needs to fashion filters to protect itself from this new, modern type of pain arising out of modern life and lifestyle.

The brain has the ability to fashion energy filters, having learned how to do it through watching and learning how the putty filters work in earlier methods of The Therapy, so the earlier methods have to be used first for the brain to gain the understanding of how to fashion energy filters.

The filters created by the brain are under the brains control allowing it to screen out persistent, very severe and pointless modern pain such as the pain of loss, divorce, redundancy, perceived failure and grief, if it chooses to do so, which can lock into a cycle of unending suffering which adds to the pain.

At this time the brain is defenceless to such meaningless, inescapable pain, the product of modern life. The pain has flagged up a warning; the brain is aware of it but can do nothing about it so the pain continues, endlessly.

The energy filter the brain creates isn't just under the control of the brain, but the original brain, see CC – The Original Brain for more on this, which controls the immune system and is independent of the mind and self, so it will not only decide the type of pain that needs to be screened out, but will do it creatively and have solid reasons for not removing the pain that's left in.

After using this method a person will simply feel better, have more energy, and look forward and open up to life.

Materials Used:

24 rechargeable AA batteries, the same ones that have been used throughout The Therapy.

2 small, or 1 large, putty filter in clear plastic bags, as used before.

1 bottle of honey. A liquid one has been used here for easy pouring. The one shown is 680grams, but 500grams, or about 1lb should be fine.

Please Note: Only bees honey should be used. This method has been developed using bees honey and it's not known if honey from other insects will work the same. Bees honey supplies the needed energy.

Clear plastic bags, again the ones that have been used throughout.

The honey is nothing special, any easily and cheaply obtained will be fine.


Divide the batteries in half into 2 clear plastic bags. Make sure the batteries are fully charged.

Pour the honey into 1 plastic bag. Two are shown but only 1 is used.

See the picture below...


The bags are placed on the lower back and any painful areas.

Palace the putty filters on the lower back with the bags of batteries and honey placed on top.

It may be easier and more comfortable to place the materials on a bed and rest the lower back on them.

Leave on for up to 2 hours, remove, recharge the batteries and store the materials safely away from children and pets.

After a few days or sooner use the putty filters, batteries and honey near any pain in the same way as on the lower back for 2 hours.

Leave on for up to 2 hours, remove, recharge the batteries and store the materials safely away from children and pets.

Repeat after a few days on the lower back for 2 hours, and then repeat again after a few days on any painful areas.

The times are for guidance. Extra sessions may be done on any painful areas being careful not to cut off the circulation or make the pain worse.

The filtered energy from the honey and batteries will be drawn into the body by the immune system starting after about 20 minutes once the immune system has perceived the energy of the honey and batteries and worked out what that energy can be used for and the best way to do it.

We are given much filtered energy from conception through the placenta, so the body is used to dealing with this kind of energy. What's new is that the body has now learnt, through watching how the putty filters work and how to fashion filters with this new energy itself.

The brain will now use this filter to screen out pain and painful feelings and memories as it sees fit. It will be interesting for the individual to see what is screened out and what's retained and also note, after a few months, how much you have changed in yourself.


3.2 – Batteries & Walnut Oil


This part is about helping the ordering of the functioning of the mind by the brain. The mind takes a snapshot, or image, of its surroundings which it uses as a kind of operating system.

This snapshot is acquired early in life, soon after the mind is formed by the brain, and without this snapshot the mind can't connect, interpret, make sense of or relate to the outside world.

The brain uses mind as a means of connecting to the world and the mind uses this snapshot, or image, to make the connection and make sense of it all using the snapshot to refer to.

For the brain to work it needs the mind to function in order, like clockwork, and for that to happen the minds snapshot has to be clear, undistorted and orderly. This means the subject of the snapshot is clear, undistorted and orderly.

The brain needs the mind's snapshot to be orderly as this leads to mental security which the brain needs in order to function smoothly.

The brain takes a snapshot of its environment, like a photograph, and places it in the mind so the mind can reference it and relate to its external conditions and later to relate to the contents of the mind which build up through experience as life progresses.

This snapshot may also be seen as a clone image of its surroundings. It's taken through a combination of eyesight, to capture the physical form, and the perception of the brain, to capture the energy content.

This is all done by the brain as this is the process of creating and preparing the mind so it's too soon for the mind to join in.

Although the mind can relate to its external environment through the snapshot that's in the mind, the snapshot isn't directly linked or connected to the external environment and therefore the snapshot can't be distorted or changed by the external environment. Once it’s fixed that it.

The external environment referred to is the area a person lives in - town, city, and countryside and so on.

Towns, cities, communities, organisations, societies and so on are all artificial human made and organised constructs containing much energy in conflict between people and created by such things as high voltage electricity cables, mobile or cell phone masts and mechanical devices such as machines, alarms, engines, power tools, devices and so on.

Open spaces filled with living things are of the countryside and any natural open areas. These are natural environments with the energy in harmony, not in conflict.

A mental snapshot, or image, taken of a town, city etc. would contain any conflicted energy contained in that area.

Likewise a mental snapshot, or image, taken of the open countryside would contain the harmonious energy of it.

The mental snapshot, or image, taken would be of the surroundings of the place a person grew up.

The problem is the brain has no developed mechanism to deal, understand or work with the artificial environments of towns, cities and societies in general.

Humans have developed to be born into a clear, ordered environment, at peace and in harmony with itself, such as the countryside or open spaces in general, and we haven't had time for the mechanism, or the brain, to adapt to towns and cities.

And as this snapshot of the outside environment is taken very early on in life, as it's a survival mechanism, it done before the brain is mature or experienced enough to delay the image taking and be more selective - that is to take a more appropriate image that isn't conflicted energy wise.

To the brain towns and cities are in total chaos or disorder, which forms the snapshot or image in the mind which the brain can't work through and can't change.

This means the brain is trapped in confusion and can't function efficiently.

This confusion in the brain and the conflict in the snapshot image lead to mental conditions such as phobias, irrational fears, instability, confusion, frustration, anger and a feeling of being disconnected from society leading to extreme anti social behaviour such as self harm, depression, addiction and suicide.

The Therapy aims to restore the situation by supplying the brain with the filtered energy needed to change or repair the snapshot in the mind with enough energy left over to continue the process ongoing, so allowing the mind's operating system to adapt to circumstances and be more flexible.

A top up of filtered walnut energy may be required every so often, say every 5 to 10 years.

More explanation on this will be given in CC) Ordering the Mind.

Walnut oil was used and touched upon in The Therapy Part 2 briefly, here its being used in a more powerful way.

You will need:

The materials used are more or less the same as has been used before with the addition of walnut oil.

Batteries and Walnut Oil

The picture above shows:

1 - 250ml bottle of walnut oil divided into 2 clear plastic bags and knotted.

1 bag of walnut oil is enough for this so just use 125ml or thereabouts.

24 - AA rechargeable batteries.

2 putty filters in plastic bags.

Clear, thin plastic bags.


The point here is to provide the body with walnut oil energy which the brain can access for the mind to use.

The bags will be placed on the lower back for up to 2 hours for 3 to 5 sessions in total.

Recharge the batteries after each session.

Start on the lower back placing the putty filters with a bag of walnut oil and batteries on top of each.

Leave on for up to 2 hours, remove, store safely away from pets and children and recharge the batteries.

Repeat twice more or do more sessions if you wish.

The energy will be held and stored in the body where the brain can access and use it as required.

The brain will probably erase the damaged snapshot of the external environment held in the mind as the existing one is probably beyond saving, replacing it with a more flexible version and a more up to date one based on the brains knowledge and experience of the external environment at that time.


4 – Cells

4.1 – Clearing & Energising Cell Membranes.

This method is to help a certain type of an illness which all fall into the same energy group and include some types of epilepsy, learning difficulties, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, migraine and cancer and originate primarily from the cell membrane.

This method also helps, or allows the body to release the energy of viruses and bacteria which are part of cells which joined with them millions of years ago, when cells were developing.

While these viruses and bacteria were needed then, they now are a road block to change and produce some very adverse mental and emotional conditions in people.

Whatever the problem though proper medical help must be sought first.

All the processes that create and control the cell are in the cell membrane that surrounds a cell. All the energy the cell needs to control changes in the cell is held in the membrane and the membrane allows through into the cell what it considers the cell needs to grow, change and develop.

This method also allows the cell membrane to be more selective as to what it allows to pass through it into the cell, harmful viruses for instance.

The membrane creates the cell it surrounds and decides when it's time for cell division.

All the cell membranes in a living thing are connected to work in a unified way to form a connected whole. The membrane contains the program for the cell.

When the cell membranes are empty of any contaminating energy they fill up with the suns energy starting from the energy received by the skin and moving through all the cell membranes of the body filling them up.

Energy received through the skin may be seen as a general purpose, non-specific energy capable of being used by the unified cell membranes, that is all of them working together, to program the whole body.

The suns energy entering the body through the eyes is patterned by the pattern of the eye, a different pattern for everybody, becoming specific for that bodies needs. Its absorbed by the cell membranes, mainly those of the brain cells, and used to bring about changes in the cell itself.

When only the suns energy, uncontaminated by anything else, is the only energy filling up cell membranes then the person may be seen as being pure.

Energy contamination in the cell membrane comes from the viruses and bacteria which formed part of the cells development and has always been there. Energy contamination also comes from our polluted environment.

The cell membrane can also acquire harmful viruses and bacteria during life not just inherited and as said this part and following parts of The Therapy, the battery energy will help protect the cell membrane and help it to protect itself.

Harmful energy packets also contribute to the contamination of the cells.

We probably have never seen anybody human appropriate to this time in our history due to all this contamination of the cells and cell membranes although the contamination of the cells is something that will disappear once development restarts.

Harmful energy packets penetrate the cell membrane. This is dangerous because the DNA delivered in the energy packets can bring about radical change in the way the cell membrane works leading to serious illness, such as those listed above, stress and abnormal behaviour.

While the cell membrane is fairly resistant to most energy forcing their way into it, energy packets get in through a drilling effect of the DNA and the energy of flying insects that sting can also get into the membrane by focusing its power on one spot, as if it were stinging.

This part of The Therapy uses graphite powder and the power of batteries which cell membranes can use to clear themselves of harmful energy, then filtered energy from oils and vitamins is offered to those cell membranes which the membrane can draw in if it so wishes.

Cell membranes can use the energy from oils and vitamins to improve the nature of the cell. The oil and vitamins are the suns energy energising the materials used which will be drawn into the cell membrane which it can use to develop or progress the cell further and to allow blended energies to flow in.

Once introduced into the body the filtered energy of graphite powder can be used by the immune system to create energy pathways and act as an energy lubricant for new and existing pathways.

The new energy pathways allow trapped, harmful, hostile energy, not compatible with humans, in the cell membranes to be moved out and leave the body.

Graphite powder is ground very finely to become micro-fine and is easily purchased from on-line sites or hardware stores. In this form it’s used as a dry lubricant for things such as locks.

The difference between using graphite powder to release harmful energy and the washing liquid used in The Therapy: Part 1 is that the liquid actually draws harmful, contaminated energy towards it out from the energy conduits in the surface of the body where it’s absorbed by the putty filters. The liquid contains chemicals which act as dirt magnets which draw the dirty, harmful energy to itself removing it from the body.

This method works on large amounts of dirty, polluted, harmful energy blocking the energy conduits near the surface of the body. This is fairly easy to get at and draw out, but the liquid has too broad a nature or surface to draw out, or release, harmful, polluted energy embedded in the cell membrane, which has perhaps been passed down over many generations.

Contamination in the cell itself from viruses and bacteria which happened millions of years ago when cells were forming has also contaminated the cell membrane with their energy from which harmful emotions such as fear, anger, grief, hatred, and violence and so on originate.

The immune system will use the energy of graphite powder to clear the cells of the contaminated energy from viruses and bacteria allowing the cell membranes to fill up with the suns energy received by the skin allowing development to continue.

This energy is called contaminated because it's not human even though it has helped make us what we are. What we are isn't strictly human as the energy in the cell membrane isn't pure sun energy, which is life.

With the infusing of the cell membranes with the suns energy life becomes alive. All the suns energy unified is life. When joined with matter so it can express itself it becomes alive.

Pure sun energy equals being fully human.

There exists no pathway from the cell membrane to outside the body to release this harmful energy, but the graphite powder can be used by the immune system to create new pathways.

The energy pathways created with the energy of graphite powder will pass energy in 2 directions allowing the cell membrane to empty outwards and to receive new filtered energy from oils & vitamins inwards.

As graphite powder is also an energy lubricant energy will slide along these new conduits without needing to be pushed or pulled like water running down a slide.

The power of graphite energy, in its fine powder form, can also be used by the body to lubricate existing energy pathways and, in the case of electrical energy, helping to act as a conductor as graphite, or carbon, is a conductor of electrical energy and it smoothes and supports the movement of all energy around the body.

The nerves and the electrical activity of the brain should especially benefit from it as will nerves damaged through illness.

Everything though, is up to the individuals own immune system and cell membranes as to how the energy from this part of The Therapy is used.

Materials needed:

Rechargeable AA Batteries.

24 - 1.2V/2450mAh is used here. Non-rechargeable can be used but it will be expensive over time. It's ok to use AA batteries that have slightly different values if that's what's available, it doesn't have to be exact.

150 grams of graphite powder. This was bought in 3 x 50 gram containers and placed into 3 separate bags shown below in the picture.

1 - large putty filter which is just glazing putty, made from chalk and linseed oil, rolled flat and placed in a thin, clear plastic bag. The size is about 300mm x 300mm or 1 ft x 1 ft.

Except for the graphite powder you will have these materials from previous uses of The Therapy.

See the picture below:

Graphite Powder.jpg


As before charge the batteries and place 8 in 1 clear plastic bag, 8 in another and the last 8 in a third bag.

Pour 1 - 50gram container of graphite powder into 1 clear plastic bag. Do this for all 3 so you have 3 bags containing 50grams of graphite powder each. Knot the bag.


The putty filter is always placed next to the skin with the graphite powder and batteries placed on top so the power of these materials always has to pass through the putty filter before entering the body. Each session lasts for up to 2 hours.

The materials are placed on the lower back and the inside the forearms.

Place putty filters on the lower back and the inside of each forearm the same as The Therapy Part 1.1 and place 1 bag of batteries and graphite powder on each putty filter.

Leave on for 2 hours, remove recharge the batteries and store safely.

When ready repeat on the lower back and forearms a second time for 2 hours then when ready repeat again for a 3rd time so each area of the body is covered 3 times.

This should be enough but do more if you feel it's needed.

Having worked through all the other methods previously it should be fairly straight forward by now.

This puts in place the energy pathways for harmful energy from the cell membranes to pass along leading to the surface of the body and out which will begin once the new pathways are in place.

The membranes around the brain cells can also be holding painful memories which will start to move along the new pathways. These memories are another expression of the harmful energy stored in cell membranes.

This movement could lead to sudden flashes of bad memories or reliving painful situations from the past, but don't worry, it's just painful memories, feelings and experiences leaving and it will soon pass.

The action of the graphite powder clearing the cell membranes will help them return to a more natural state.

The natural energy state of living cells is to store the suns energy, pure and uncontaminated giving the body a robust condition.


Once the cell membranes have been cleared the next step is to offer energy to the cell membranes mainly from oils strengthened by batteries. The vitamins support the energy of the oils and batteries and make them more acceptable to the cell membranes.

Boosting the energy content in the cell membrane in this way will help restart human development directing it in a way appropriate for humans and help remove certain diseases and disorders.

Also with the energy content of the cell membrane becoming full they will be more robust and able to withstand becoming infected or contaminated by harmful energies again.

These processes in the cells and cell membranes are development, not evolution which is a different process.

Changing the energy content of the cell membrane is beneficial for the individual during their lifetime and over generations and the change and direction it takes is entirely down to the cell membrane.

Materials needed:

Oils - about 90 omega 3 & 6 in capsule form are good, or olive oil, again in capsules if possible as its less messy if the bags leak. Use in liquid form if capsules are too expensive or not available. These have been used before in The Therapy.

Another good oil option is linseed oil especially if you have some left over from before, or use different oils at once it’s your choice.

Vitamins - a pot of 90 good quality vitamins, used before as well. If you have vitamins & minerals there ok to use.

Batteries - the same 24 rechargeable ones used before.

Clear, plastic bags - the type used before.

Putty filters - as used before.


The picture above shows...

2 bags of oils & vitamins. Half your supply in each bag.

2 bags of rechargeable batteries 12 in each bag.

1 large putty filter.

1 roll of clear, thin plastic bags.


Start to use this about a week or 2 after the last session using the graphite powder to give it time to clear the cell membranes.

This method is identical as for using the graphite powder.