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Low Female Libido

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3 0 D a y s t o a S e x i e r Y o u !

Low Libido?

One Woman’s



My name is Linda Lee Ryan and I am the CEO and Founder of The Sense of Smell Lab, a world leader in pioneering products that use our sense of smell for enhancing moods and influencing behavior.

So what does our sense of smell have to do with our sexuality? More than you may think!

Our sense of smell contributes enormously to the quality and enjoyment of our lives and well being. The use of aromas and fragrances at feasts and celebrations, in temples and churches, for religious ceremonies and for the promotion of love, health and wellness goes back as far as recorded history.

Recent medical research into the power of our olfactory sense to trigger memories, enhance moods and improve health and wellness is giving our sense of smell a whole new attitude.

Aromatherapy, deemed a fringe therapy 30 years ago, is now a mainstream healing technique that focuses on the application and inhalation of essential oils for the purpose of affecting a person’s mood and health.

For the past seven years, The SOS Lab been developing technologies that change the way people experience the power and pleasures of aromas, scents and fragrances. Using our innovative non transdermal aroma patch and the sleek, personalized aromapod, we deliver aromas directly to the nose of the user without dispersing them into the environment. This allows for the discreet enjoyment of 1


3 0 D a y s t o a S e x i e r Y o u !

aromas that is personal, convenient and non-intrusive.

One area of our research that I find particularly exciting is how aromas can assist with female sexual health, and especially women suffering from low libido.

Did you know that your sense of smell plays a key role in our sexual function?

It’s true. The sense of smell is the only part of our brain that is directly exposed to the outside world. Your nose, in other words, is a direct pathway into the brain. Since the moment of birth, your olfactory organ has been the seat of your emotions, your creativity and your memory.

We know that odors and subliminal scents influence how animals mate, bond and nurture their offspring. Humans are no exception. Our sense of smell plays a key role in mating as well as the cycles controlled by the sexual hormones, such as puberty, menstruation, our fluctuating moods and menopause.

The powerful effect of smell on our emotions has until recently been largely ignored by the medical community. However, recent studies confirm that certain smells have a powerful effect on our moods and can be used to influence behavior. It’s no wonder that aromas, fragrances and scents have been used for thousands of years in the art of seduction and love making.

All women know that sexual desire starts with our emotions. Isn’t that where the attention should be?

Contrary to popular belief, our most important sex organ is not what’s engaged between the sheets, it’s our brain. The brain programs our sexual function, our reproductive behavior and our sex drive.

Most articles and advice columns dwell on the mechanics 2


3 0 D a y s t o a S e x i e r Y o u !

of physical sex. Seldom is there attention paid to the most important aspect of female response—sexual desire. It’s about your mood. If you’re not in the mood, getting your body to respond sexual is not an easy task.

Our most powerful feelings are triggered when the emotional centers of the brain are activated by the stimulation of hundreds of different types of smell receptors.

Most importantly, since the sense of smell directly influences the brain without having to go through the bloodstream, it provides a healthy alternative for women who are increasingly concerned about the devastating side effects of drugs.

A loss of sexual desire is becoming an increasing concern for many women especially as they age.

The intimacy and pleasure that comes from a healthy, satisfying sex life are essential feelings of a loving relationship. The desire to express your unique sexuality into your relationship builds the comfort, security and satisfaction inherent in a healthy sex life.

So when your desire for sexual closeness wanes—or disappeared completely—it can become very distressing and even unhealthy.

Every one’s sex drive changes over time, it’s only natural. A change in your libido is completely normal and is triggered by many factors including relationship issues, social factors, religious beliefs, work and family stress and your lifestyle choices.

Physical conditions, such pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, medical conditions and the use of prescription drugs also play a role in your level of sexual response.

Our celebrity-obsessed media has us believing that it’s all about how you look and what you wear. We know that not true but insecurities about our self image starts the destructive self talk and the inevitable comparisons. Unfortunately, we tend judge ourselves harshly and compromise our feelings, letting our most intimate part slip away.



3 0 D a y s t o a S e x i e r Y o u !

If you’re dealing with the problem associated with low libido, you are not alone. Many women are frustrated with the lack of intimacy in their relationship. What they long for is a return to the days when the feelings were unbridled and there was a thrill in holding hands, caressing warm skin and there was always time to make love.

Low libido may be a problem but it’s NOT a disease. Most often, it’s a state of mind.

Studies on female sexuality suggest that over 40% of women suffer from some form of female sexual dysfunction disorder (FSDD). However, I caution you not to give such statistics too much of your attention.

The basis for FSDD is based on shaky criteria since no one has been able to define what the benchmark of sexual desire in women actually is.

Sexual desire is a personal experience which cannot be quantified by scientific measuring.

Unless you have a physical reason for a low libido, the important thing to remember is that low libido is often a temporary situation, not your future experience. Don’t be fooled into believing you have a disease or a disorder and that swallowing ‘instant fix’ pills will provide you with the solution.

All women know that our sexual response is a delicate interplay of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Quite often a slight adjustment is all that needed for balance to be restored.

The loss of sexual intimacy in a relationship can have a devastating effect on your health, well being and happiness.

Expressing your unique sexual current in the context of a safe and trusting relationship is the foundation of sexual fulfillment. So when that current is no longer finding expression, it has an effect on your overall well being.

The physical, mental and emotional



3 0 D a y s t o a S e x i e r Y o u !

issues associated with low libido are too numerous to ignore. They impact your health, wreak havoc with your thoughts and complicate your feelings. Not expressing your sexuality robs you of your womanhood.

However it doesn’t have to be that way. There are things you can do to help your libido bounce back. Most important is making your sexuality a priority. Talking to your partner—the first step to dealing with most issues relating to sexual health—is essential. After all, he/she is part of the problem and also part of the solution.

And there are the obvious things, like diet and exercise, addressing physical issues, paying attention to your sexual health, learning about your libido and being alert to the subtle messages of your body.

You should know that the drug companies are also eyeing women with low libido.

Drug companies are raking in millions from the ‘little blue pill’, the pharmaceutical solution for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Unfortunately it has also put women under greater pressure to perform and to satisfy ‘his needs’.

Pharmaceutical companies look for solutions based on drugs which alter the body’s chemical composition. Viagra, for example, was developed to help men with erectile dysfunction and works on the physical mechanics of sexual function—keeping the penis erect. But it has nothing to do with sexual desire.

Ads for these products portray wives and lovers eagerly waiting to please their partners, and in doing so revel in their own sexually satisfaction. But that is just marketing hype.

Whether it’s Viagra, Cialis or whatever, male enhancement products contribute very little to satisfying a woman’s need for intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

Male enhancement products have put added pressure on women to

‘be in the mood’now that he is. Adding stress to an already stressful situation hardly sets an atmosphere for enjoyable, satisfying sex.



3 0 D a y s t o a S e x i e r Y o u !

But beware! Drug companies are also busy seeking a ‘pink version’ of the blue pill. In their quest for profits, they have distilled women down to little more than a chemical factory, seeking a way to manipulate the delicate balance of the female body to activate a sexual response.

Female sexual response is intricately more than a mechanical reflex that can be triggered at a whim. You can’t manufacture sexual desire but you can help re-ignite the passion and feelings that were once part of your sexual expression.

That’s why I’m so excited about the potential of the Scentuelle aroma patch.

Scentuelle is a major breakthrough in sexual health technology that uses the olfactory system—our sense of smell— to help re-kindle sexual interest.

Scentuelle was developed by Dr. George Dodd, a leading expert in aroma molecular chemistry, who spent over 18 months combining thousands of scent molecules before he discovered the perfect blend that activates the part of the brain that deals with happiness and pleasure—

including sexual desire.

Scentuelle’s unique formulation is infused in a non transdermal (nothing enters the bloodstream) patch that’s about the size of a thumbnail and thinner than Scotch tape. It is worn on the inside of the wrist where it is discreet and easily accessible. Smelling the patch frequently throughout the day helps to trigger those feelings associated with sexual desire. A fresh patch is worn daily.

The most exciting part of the aroma patch technology is that it is drug free.

The non transdermal patches are designed with a hypo-allergenic barrier layer so that the aromas do not touch the skin or enter the bloodstream. They work entirely through inhalation. This insures they are safe, free from side effects and they do not interfere with any medication 6


3 0 D a y s t o a S e x i e r Y o u !

the user may be taking. Best of all, they are discreet and non intrusive—

no one will know you are wearing one. It is your ‘little secret’.

When you consider that smelling the patch frequently throughout the day is all that’s required—and the aroma is pleasingly addictive!—

could it get any easier?

Scentuelle is not a quick-fix drug but a natural approach to restoring balance to the female body. It requires the conscious participation of the woman who is seeking the change and accepting responsibility for one’s personal situation. How could you give that power to someone elseor some pilland expect a meaningful change?

Scentuelle and the non transdermal patch are exciting new technologies that are designed for women who are making the intelligent choice to work with their body’s natural rhythms. After all, who knows your body better than you?

Deciding on a lifestyle change is easy. What’s difficult is the follow through.

We live in a world of instant gratification—24-hour diets, instant messaging, fast food, a pill for this and a potion for that. We’re addicted to the idea that we can undo problems that have been years in the making.

But we both know that whether you’re want to lose weight, stop smoking or switch to healthier eating habits, reprogramming our mindset takes deliberate action and support.

That’s why I created the 30 Day to a Sexier You! A self help guide for women with low libido program. It was originally designed for the thousands of women who were using the Scentuelle patch, but I decided to make the program available to any woman who is suffering from a diminished sex drive. Of course, the program is much more effective if used with Scentuelle. (See the back page of this ebook to receive your 30 day supply.)

30 Day to a Sexier You! is a daily reminder to make your sexual health a priority. It’s easy to read, easy to understand, and most importantly, easy to 7



3 0 D a y s t o a S e x i e r Y o u !

relate to. It provides daily insights, tips and simple, actions you can take to help re-ignite your passion. I want you to have a positive, life changing experience with this program.

I believe that changing habit patterns that do not serve us is best approached by implementing small, doable actions on a daily basis. We have enough things to do in our lives, so making unrealistic commitments or resolution will only add undue stress and eventually lead to failure.

30 Days to a Sexier You! will help you feel better about yourself, your sexuality, and your relationship. I would never ask of you what I did not do myself… so I know this program is gentle enough for all women.

And I promise you, you will feel different, be more confident and feel much sexier as you move through the program. I can’t wait for your comments and feedback.

Enjoy being a sexier you!