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The Prisoner in Hell - A True Story


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Published: 5 years ago

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Book Description

I moved to the USA in 1991/92 from the UK in 1997 I was sentenced to nine years in the Texas Penitentiary. This book contains facts concerning corruption and deception within the system & beyond. Although much will be hard to believe the factual reality only takes common sense and could only reach the conclusion that I was incarcerated illegally, but no-one will dare take my case because they fear the power of the system. I have been suppressed and so I present the true facts and let you the people be the Jury, I am sure that you will find the system Guilty. This book is deep but I have tried to make is as easy for you as I can, but I am not a writer and so there are many mistakes, please bear with me I have done my best. Love, Peter


Peter Evans

I am not a writer but people need to know the facts. Regardless of how it is written the important things are the true facts contained inside and what is proven in modern day society.

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