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The Love Spirits

The Little Girls who came from the Stars Marcos Aragao Correia

© 2012 Marcos Aragao Correia

All Rights Reserved.

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First published by Dog Ear Publishing

4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H

Indianapolis, IN 46268

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1162-2

This book is printed on acid-free paper.

Printed in the United States of America

Note from the Author

_ ove is the most beautiful and powerful force in the entire world!

These very true words were pronounced by Kami to the satanic witch defeated moments before by a large group of wonderful Love Spirits. The marvelous union between all the Love Spirits, based on their affinity with values of absolute Love, brought their much needed victory into effect, once again proving that, even at the last minute, Love will always prevail. All Love Spirits are wonderfully replete with Love, and their consequent spiritual beauty gives them immense pleasure and extra motivation to protect each other fiercely. An enormous difference indeed from the sprits that chose to reject Love! But it is in the hands of the malevolent spirits, and their hands alone, to choose the other way, the way of true and eternal happiness and bliss. Anyone can become Love; it’s just a matter of the individual wishing it truly and intensely with all his or her heart, regretting all the evil done by action and omission. Becoming Love is thus an exclusively individual choice, based on the Spirit beginning to really love Love. It must be an eternal decision, otherwise it’s not true love for Love, since true Love is eternal.

Love Spirits do not retrograde; the decision to become Love is done only once. This decision, to be valid, must be not only free and informed, but also absolute and eternal, using individual free will. The Spirit must want to be Love forever, otherwise it will not be accepted; if a spirit is not sure about wanting to be Love forever, this means that the spirit does not truly love Love. If a Spirit really loves Love, he/she loves Love truly, permanently, absolutely, always and forever. Only this is true Love. Of course, after that initial decision, there is also a continuous decision to continue to be Love, but this happens naturally due to the initial decision, due to the true love for Love, and also due to the immense pleasure that constitutes loving Love and identifying with Love. It’s really very reassuring to know that it’s totally impossible for a Love Spirit to become evil! And only because the Spirit does not want to!

This book is based on facts. Extra attention was given to the Love Spirits incarnated as children, and specifically as girls simply because children and women are still among the main targets of the destructive actions of the malevolent spirits, and labeled by them as “inferior” just because of their age or sex. Let’s remember that Spirits do not have gender, though their bodies do. The same Spirit can reincarnate alternately as a man or as woman, and even, with highly developed paranormal powers, change sex during the same reincarnation. Let’s also remember that the age of the physical body of a person is not neces-sarily the same age as the consciousness (Spirit). A young child can be a very old Spirit, with thousands of previous past lives. Also true, what really makes a person superior or inferior is only his/her Spirit of Love, or the absence of Love. No one is inferior or superior because of their place of birth, nationality, money, age, sex, or color of skin, hair or eyes.

Superior Spirits are simply the Spirits that are truly Love. Inferior spirits are all spirits that rejected Love. This is the only criteria for inferior-ity or superiority. Simply because the true God is Love, or, in other words, Love is the true God. Love is the origin of the Universe and the only way for absolute happiness for all Spirits, since Love also means life and bliss. And because of the Love of God, no one is forced to be Love.

There is free will for every Spirit. And the cause of all the evil in the world is, exactly, the free will of those who reject Love, since they, and only they, do not respect the other way (our way). They are the only cause for all the unhappiness in the Universe, the only cause for all the world’s tears of emotional pain in the world. They are entitled not to be Love, but they are not entitled to harm Love.

Francesca Orofino, Joana Cipriano and Madeleine McCann are only three of the numerous wonderful Love Spirits who have been murdered, directly or indirectly, by the monsters devastating planet Earth. Here in this book they are remembered with immense tenderness for all they have done for Love, and for all the pain they suffered because of their Love. Thus, their earthly names also symbolize all the other Love Spirits who have perished in this unfriendly planet known as Earth, a planet where the majority of its inhabitants do not love Love.

This book is part of the work to counterattack the horrible dissemi-nation of lies, hypocrisies, and other varieties of disinformation intentionally propagated by evil spirits, who have two main objectives: to maintain all the alike spirits in their inferior state, and to induce confusion and suffering in general among the Love Spirits.

Apart from that, this book is dedicated to all of the Love Spirits (every single one!) and was written to help maintain the hope and joy of the Love Spirits laboring on planet Earth, so often under so difficult and adverse circumstances, millions and millions of miles away from the absolute happiness that their home would offer them. You are not alone! We Love you!

March 2012,

Marcos Aragao Correia

Dedicated to all the Love Spirits,

that they might never stop believing in and desiring a better world.

In special and loving memory of

Francesca Orofino,

Joana Cipriano,

Madeleine McCann,

and all the other Love Spirits

murdered by the monsters devastating planet Earth.