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In this era of hyper ultra information and communication, where all the feelings and resentments, as all the stories and lives, pours in the literature spread in public places, where everything and nothing give rise to debate and controversy, it seems that all necessary resources are available to the judiciary works best, in the letter if not the spirit, of republican laws and impartially.

Yet, as in other times, the old one could believe it can happen .... The folders are increasing, take on the appearance of suspicious complexity, trail .... 

As chance would have it, the documents are lost between stealing faces, the facts are considered by the small end of the telescope, the angle most suitable to the interests of some ....

Tired of knocking on the doors of courts with blindness, deafness and other amnesia, the characters in this novel are now choosing to expose their tribulations.

No doubt, they are not alone in living this kind of mishap, and maybe some will have a feeling of already seen ...



The places mentioned, the characters, known by name as those who hide behind an initial, facts are inspired by a real story, which might suggest that "Something is rotten in our good kingdom (sorry, republic) of France. "