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want to ask you what if you wake up in the morning, jump out of bed, take your breakfast, go to work and your boss tells you “I’m sorry, you are fired”. You talk me about your mood state after that notice. Well, that’s the power of an affirmation when it is credible, it has the power to ruin your day, your self confidence or even your entire life. Believe me, you can destroy a woman’s life by telling her how ugly she looks today. Or if you tell a boy how stupid he is. You can argue that you said that single statement just once and you can think that’s not enough to hurt the boy, but the fact is that your affirmation will be beating the boy’s head again and again growing in intensity and force until it will take root, and then it will rule his life wether the boy is consciously aware or not. The good news are that instead of destroy you can build self confidence, you can create a winner state of mind, you can train your mind to drive you right to success. You can force your mind to drive you to happiness. You can do these and many more things for you or other people.

Now, suppose that the most beautiful woman, who had never notice you before, tells you “Hi, you look great today” or imagine your boss telling you that “you are too valuable for the company”. What mood state would you have? So, think twice the next time you say something to somebody. And, think thousand times the way you talk about yourself.
Do something nice today. Please tell a woman, the first one you’ll see, how pretty she looks today.

Now I want to share with you a piece of my reading of Joseph Murphy’s book “The POWER of Your Subconscious Mind” to illustrate you the amazing power behind affirmations:
A seventy-five years old widow woman with a grown family living alone and on a pension heard the lectures on the powers of the subconscious mind of Joseph Murphy, Ph.D. The following is what she wrote to Joseph Murphy : “I began to repeat frequently with feeling, ‘I am wanted. I am happily married to a kind, loving, and spiritual-minded man. I am secure!’
“I kept on doing this many times a day for about two weeks, and one day at the corner drugstore, I was introduced to a retired pharmacist. I found him to be kind, understanding, and very religious. He was a perfect answer to my prayer. Within a week he proposed to me, and now we are on our honeymoon in Europe. I know that the intelligence within my subconscious mind brought both of us together in divine order.”(1)

The above is just one example of affirmation’s power, I can write in here many more examples, enough to create a new entire book, but that’s not the purpose of this mini-ebook so, lets continue.

(1) Extracted from The POWER of Your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy, Ph.D.

How And How-Not An Affirmation Should Looks Like

Wrong Affirmations List
• I will not be on scratch again.
• I will be healthy.

• I want to live in peace with everybody.
• I would like to have a new car.
• I have suffered enough, I don’t want to suffer anymore.
• Women want me.
• I would like to have a lot of women, sex, and money.
• If I get a promotion I will buy a new house.

Right Affirmations List :

• Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
• I am a successful and prosperous man.
• I am a prosperous man day and night.
• I am at peace with the Universe.
• I have now abundance of love, health, and money.
• I am a beautiful person with solid, unbreakable self-esteem.
• I find joy, love, peace and harmony in every second of my life.
• I make friends easily.
• I find love, and friendship everywhere I go.
• Money comes to me easily and continuously from multiple

• I have a wonderful job with a huge salary, doing what I like
most to do.
• I am wanted. I am happily married to a kind, loving, and
spiritual-minded man. I am secure!
• I am wonderfully blessed in my finances, in my health, and
happiness. It is my right to be wealthy, happy, and loved.

What An Affirmation Is And How You Can Write Yours