Takers Economy : An Inquiry into Illegal File Sharing


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Book Description

File sharing has become a widespread phenomenon. If it can be a blessing in terms of communication and progress, it obviously opens the door to far less angelic pursuits. Given the significant number of users participate in such ill-famed activities, could they be positive for the collectivity ? There is clearly more to the issue than its pecuniary dimension. Takers Economy proposes an alternative look at illegal file sharing in light of the role of art in society, and in the context of the oneness of all things. The inquiry also explores the global picture from which the circumstances emerge, and tries to characterize the culture that gives rise to them. Finally, the essay introduces a philosophy of endosymbiotism that aims to accord with the ethics of the inherent oneness of being.

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Christopher Stewart

Christopher Stewart loves to try his hand at various artistic endeavours, but if there's one discipline he's perfecting, it must be the art of blooming late. He has studied for a long time, played football even longer, spent a significant part of his adult life developing software on a full-time basis and invested what remained in the pursuit of his ideal of creating meaningful music in the context of a rock ensemble. He has founded the prolific yet still album-less Quebec-based progressive rock outfit Poligraf in 1998 and has never been quite the same since. He has been practising Buddhism dead-seriously since the mid 90s, until he finally awakened to the fact that it teaches living happiness. His interests range from psychology, physics, and philosophy, to mysticism, divination, the arts and the creative process, and, obviously, multitasking and cliches. Pick any task, tag it with the word impossible, assign it to him, and he'll be hard at work for years before the first suspicion finally pops in his mind.

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