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Prostitution involves the act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for monetary, article, or other gain. The ‘seller’ is the prostitute the buyer is the ‘client’ or ‘john’.

Prostitutes are overwhelmingly non-willing, most of which are females many are minors. Many male prostitutes are unwilling participants too, children who are prostituted are always unwilling, for the fact that they do not have the intellectual capacity to truly understand what they’re doing, irrespective of the circumstances. Depending on the particular jurisdiction and the client, full penetration need not occur to be classified as prostitution. Many prostitutes must pay their pimps or brothel keepers a certain percentage of their earning, yet there are many cases wherein prostitutes receive no payment whatsoever. More women are seeking the services of men, or other women under the context of prostitution. Male prostitution entails servicing women, other men, or both. The most bizarre form of prostitution involves animals. Animal brothels or ‘erotic zoos’ are legal in a few countries, but thankfully, strong protests by caring people are forcing authorities to enact stronger laws to fight this atrocity.

The relationship between client and prostitutes almost always involves no legal, moral, ethical, or emotional ties; this is overwhelmingly a business transaction. In rare cases, a psychopath will imprison one or more women and use them as sex slaves (free prostitutes). Rarely, husbands will prostitute their wives, and in very poor countries some families prostitute their children.

In some countries, brothel or licensed prostitution is legal, but street or underground prostitution is usually deemed illegal. Punishments for prostitution range from a fine, jail term, a beating or lashing, or a death penalty. In many countries law enforcement and society in general ignore this practice in spite of it being against the law.

A woman who undertakes sexual acts with only one man is usually labelled a mistress, not a prostitute. But depending on the particular context of the relationship, she may be a concubine, a disposable or temporary girlfriend or wife, sweat-heart, or a kept woman.

Prostitution has often been described as the world’s oldest profession. One thing is for certain, it has existed since ancient times. ‘Sacred prostitution’ was practiced by the Sumerians, Babylon, and Canaan. The latter contained a noticeable number of male prostitutes.

In a number of Phoenician cultures, prostitution existed in honour of Ashtar (‘the Star’ or ‘She Womb’), whom they believed to be the Goddess of Love and War. Ishtar’s Priestesses helped men who gave money to her temples through the ‘hallowed’ powers of their bodies, thereby initiating perhaps the beginning of organized prostitution. Ishatar’s Priestesses were caretakers and spiritual sex therapists.

Regarding the Sumerian sexual practices amongst Babylonians, the Greek historian Herodotus (484 BC –425 BC) noted that prostitution was the ‘ugliest custom’ in Babylon. He believed that a greater part of young women lost their virginity in the temples of Ishtar, to unknown men.

Some female researchers staunchly disagree with the idea of ‘holy prostitution’ having ever occurred. They believe these stories to be lies. One such woman, Julia Asante, an American scholar on the subject of the ancient orient and the ‘chieftain’ of the movement, is convinced that sacred whores are simply products of ‘male fantasy’. I don’t think so.

In ancient Greece, prostitution was practiced by both boys and women. Most of the boys in this enterprise were adolescents.

The Greek word for prostitute is porne evolving from the verb pernemi (to sell). Although a minority of female prostitutes were somewhat ‘autonomous’, even during the hay-day of Athenian democracy, only free adult males could be full citizens. Sexual schools emerged in the Greek city states, wherein girls could be purchased from slave markets and schooled in the art of selling their bodies. Slaves sold their bodies to acquire money. Both local and visiting patrons were always available. Many Greek male citizens didn’t get married until about 30 years of age. In their own way, they needed some kind of sexual outlet.

As a beautiful seaside city and nerve center of the Ancient Greek world, Athens was commonly frequented by sailors and merchants who anchored their ships for commerce, respite, and entertainment. For centuries-on-end, brothels and the business of prostitution flourished; customers were readily available, many came from afar. This brought in much money helping Athens to become a ‘cultured’ city.

The Aztec political and religious elite permitted prostitution in establishments they called cihuacalli (house of women). Focused on the Goddess of filth these houses were enclosed structures and areas. The general pattern has persisted; red light districts and other areas designated for prostitution tend to be contained and/or ghettoized.

Not surprisingly, considering there was no high-tech contraception available at the time, many prostitutes were impregnated, giving birth to non-citizens. It wasn’t uncommon for a prostitute to have several children. Unfortunately, the prostitutes were on their own when it came to raising their illegitimate children. Infanticide was a common practice.

In 1912, the Yewden Villa excavations at Hambledon, Buckingham led to the discovery of 97 infants believed to have been the victims of infanticide, murdered by their prostitute mothers. The find further proved that Roman Britain was not immune to infanticide, a practice that was practices elsewhere in the empire. Considering that under Roman law, a child less than 2 years old was the undisputed property of its father with no rights whatsoever. For a prostitute of the day, having babies would have seriously affected her ability to prostitute herself, earn money, and would become a burden unto society. Hence, there was little or no stigma attached to infanticide. Add to this, contraception methods were crude and not very effective.

"Re-finding the remains gave me nightmares for three nights ... It made me feel dreadful. I kept thinking about how the poor little things died. The human part of the tale is awful ... There were equal numbers of girls and boys. Some of the babies were related as they showed a congenital bone defect on their knee bones, which is a very rare gene ... It would account for the same woman or sisters giving birth to the children as a result of the brothel," said Archaeologist Dr Jill Eyers. (Posted September 1, 2011; Roman prostitutes were forced to kill their own children and bury them in mass graves at English ‘brothel’).

Many of the prostitutes in ancient Rome were foreign slaves, captured and appropriated, bought, or were raised by colossal prostitute breeders who acquired orphaned or discarded children. Occasionally, prostitution was a meted punishment for free women who broke the law. Prospective clients were permitted to scrutinize nude men and women for sale behind the scenes. There was no dishonour in a nobleman who purchased a male prostitute. The city of Pompeii, known for having been drowned in molten lava and volcanic ash, was full of brothels.

"Blessed be they as virtuous, who when they feel their virile members swollen with lust, visit a brothel rather than grind at some husband’s private mill - Cato the Younger. (February 20, 2012, Guest Post, by Maggy McNeill via The Many Types of Prostitutes in Rome).

In Ancient Pompeii, the phallus was a natural, common decoration used for good luck, and so were erotic frescoes and graffiti bedecking walls of buildings containing many rooms with stone beds used for prostitution. The Lupanare (wolf's den), one of the renowned brothels of Ancient Pompeii, was a 2-story building that contained 10 rooms and a restroom under the stairs. Each of the rooms had a stone bed with a mattress used by prostitutes and clients. Within the Lupanare were walls displaying erotic images of various positions of sexual intercourse. These images were likely the 'menu' for prospective clients. Furthermore, it got them in the mood for some fun.

But a closer examination of life of Lupanare's prostitutes paints a dreary and gloomy occupation. The workrooms contained no windows the rooms were small and somewhat restrictive, and quite uncomfortable by today's standards. Furthermore, it’s probably that many of the working girls were slaves who were either forced into prostitution, or had no other options for survival. With this in mind, violence was likely commonplace, either by the clients or the brothel keepers.


  •  Aelicariea: (baker's girls): Female prostitutes who did their work outside of the temple. They acquired money through sex and small pastries configured in the form of male or female genitalia.
  •  Amasiae: Females who prostituted themselves part-time as an act of worship of Venus (the mythical Roman Goddess of love, beauty and fertility).
  •  Ambubiae: Female professional singers, most of whom were prostitutes.
  •  Amica: Female prostitutes who serviced both genders.
  •  Ancillae Ornatrices: Domestic cleaners who aided brothel prostitutes to clean themselves, and to polish their looks, and to appear presentable to patrons.
  •  Aquarii (‘water boys’): Male child servants who worked in brothels. Their duties included serving wine and other snacks and tidbits. They also fetched water for washing.
  •  Blitidae (blitum girls): Prostitutes named for the blitum (cheap wine) that they sold.
  •  Bustuariae: Prostitutes that were trained mourners that worked in cemeteries between funeral services.
  •  Camp Followers: Slaves, comfort women who prostituted themselves for the pleasures of the Roman legions.
  •  Casuaria: A clubhouse that contained a brothel.
  •  Citharistriae: Trained harpists, many of whom did some prostitution work.
  •  Copae: Slave or servant girls who did part-time prostitution work.
  •  Cymbalistriae: Prostitutes who were also part-time cymbal players.
  •  Delicatae: Middle-class prostitutes.
  •  Diobolares: Cheap-priced streetwalkers.
  •  Diversorium: A boarding house that sublet some of its rooms to working prostitutes.
  •  Dorides: Prostitutes who displayed their nude bodies in the doorway of their homes.
  •  Famosae: Single or married upper-class women who were prostitutes or had sex for the pleasure of it.
  •  Fellatrix: A prostitute specializing in giving fellatio.
  •  Forariae: Country girls who prostituted themselves on rural roads.
  •  Fornices: The arches beneath large Roman buildings wherein streetwalkers and their clients did their thing.
  •  Gallinae (a group of female birds or hens): Thief prostitutes.
  •  Leno: A male pimp or brothel keeper.
  •  Lena: A female pimp or brothel keeper.
  •  Lupae (she-wolves): Wandering streetwalkers who captivated clients by making wolf-cries.
  •  Lupanar: The Roman word for brothel.
  •  Mimae: Mimes who also worked as part-time prostitutes.
  •  Noctiluae (night prostitutes): Prostitutes who worked in the late hours of the night.
  •  Nonariae: Prostitutes who were permitted to work from 9:00 P.M. until daybreak.
  •  Quadrantariae: Slave girls, those belonging to the lowest class. The cheapest priced prostitutes.
  •  Scorta Erratica: Streetwalkers.
  •  Scortum: (strumpet): A commonplace term used for a low-class prostitute.
  •  Stabula: A large, one-room brothel. All sexual activities were visible to everyone in the room, paving the way for groupsex and orgies.
  •  Tabernae: Bakeries that rented out a secluded area to streetwalkers.
  •  Tugurium: A temporary, low-rent bungalow used by prostitutes and patrons who wanted to do their thing in seclusion.
  •  Turturilla (pigeon house): Large pigeon enclosures wherein some streetwalkers entertained clients. Transvestite prostitutes were common in turturillas.
  •  Venerii: Harlot-priestesses of Venus who instructed and coached prostitutes’ sexual techniques.
  •  Vestal Virgins: Six specially designated sacred virgins. They resided in the Temple of Vesta. Their virgin status lasted for 30 years. However, some vestal virgins did fornicate, the discovery of which resulted in a severe penalty, even death. Following the death of or the ending of tenure of one virgin, she was promptly replaced with another one, usually between 6 and 10 years of age.
  •  Villicus: The cashier at a brothel. He had to be knowledgeable of the business, answering patrons' questions.

Prostitution was a common and rewarding enterprise in the Middle-Ages. Many towns and cities contained a brothel of sorts. Prostitutes worked in designated areas on specific streets in particular neighbourhoods). Furthermore, prostitutes were required to wear distinguished clothing for them to stand out from normal woman. Women’s primary reason for prostituting themselves was for money; she had no other means of making a living or this line of work was an addendum to her other earnings. Nevertheless, prostitution was considered a heinous, sinful act.


Also, the brothel keeper, man and woman, must provide the women living in their house with chambers, bed linens, and decent food, and they must feed them two meals a day and at every meal two decent dishes; and for such expenses each common woman living in the brothel must give the brothel keeper separately the sum of forty-two pence weekly, whether she uses the food or not. In addition the brothel keeper must make and hold a bath at least once a week in the house for the women living in the house, and this at his expense, not the women's. (February 14, 2013; Sex in the Middle-Ages).

Prostitution has been an ever-present part of American history. Starting in the mid-18th century, when American cities began to grow and city life became more impersonal, prostitution and related trades multiplied. There were more men to service, and in the port cities 'sex-starved' sailors were more than willing clients.

In 1753, a Bostonian named Hannah Dilley pled guilty to permitting men to enter her husband's house to service the whores therein. Dilley pled guilty, and was sentenced to stand on a stool located outside of the courthouse holding a sign detailing her offense.

Philadelphia's 'Hell-Town' was notorious for its omnipresent brothels. It was the precursor for the other red light districts that were to crop up throughout America. Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America and it 6th President, admitted that had frequented ‘low women’.

Colonial-era brothels generally did not hang out signs, symbols, or advertisements indicating what their enterprise was involved in. Clients discovered the locations of brothels by frequenting taverns or hearsay from brothel or prostitute clients. Raids weren’t common, but police corruption in the form of money, food, or other ‘gifts’ were ever-present.

The largest American 'red light district' is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s the closest thing to a counterpart of the Red Light District in Amsterdam, or the other notorious Red Light Districts in Europe. In the early 1720s there were only several hundred free white men in the entire colony of Louisiana. The Government of France delivered dozens of women to the colony in the hope that men would marry them, and to help prevent them from fornicating with Native American women. A sizeable portion of these 'delivered women' had served time in French prison, for the crime of prostitution. Upon their arrival to the new colony, they realized that working as prostitutes ensured them more freedom, and quite likely more money than getting married.

Mary Ann Hall serviced America’s elite in Washington by providing the best brothel in the capitol during the American Civil War (May 1861 - April 1865). The brothel, 3 stories high and almost the size of a block, was located a few blocks from the capitol on Maryland Avenue. The working girls therein had the reputation of being particularly attractive.

Large numbers of troops often drew in droves of ‘camp followers’ who were available for a certain fee. Prostitutes servicing men of high rank posed as nurses. Today, one of the slang words for prostitutes is ‘Hooker’, believed by many to have originated from hearsay concerning Union General Fighting Joe Hooker. He was believed to have had lustful relationships.

The first wave of Chinese immigrants in the mid-nineteenth century contained a scant number (believed to be a handful or slightly more) of women. Compare this with the more than 4000 Chinese men in San Francisco. Chinese immigrants were discriminated against, worked in dangerous or menial jobs, and were forbidden from marrying or having a romantic relationship with a white woman.

Later, as the population of Chinese immigrant women grew, so did the number of prostitutes. They worked in mining settlements, railroad camps, in Chinatowns, and wherever else their services were needed. The high proportion of perceived or actual number of Chinese women prostitutes further ignited the pre-existing racism of the dominant society. Later, Chinese prostitutes included white men in their services. Unfortunately, during this period cruelty towards Chinese prostitutes was commonplace. There are stories of Chinese prostitutes being forced to have sex with men who had visible signs of sexually transmittable diseases (STDs).


  •  Autonomous Self-Reliant Call Girl: Self-employed (no pimp or agency fees), work in hotels, private establishments, homes, or other locations. Their services are expensive, and these women are in-conspicuous.
  •  Escort Agency Call Girl: Work for an agency, are in-conspicuous, their services are expensive, but must give a percentage to the agency. The level of exploitation amongst these agencies is variable.
  •  Brothel Worker: Works in a designated location (a whore house). Aside from sex, other services may include massages, saunas, and other forms of entertainment. The prostitute must give a percentage of earnings to the brothel-keeper. She’s more likely to be taken advantage of or abused than the 2 aforementioned prostitute types. Abuse may be moderate, or in cases of covert brothels or sex slaves, severe. The country and neighbourhood wherein the brothel is located can also have a bearing on the level of exploitation and abuse. Fees are usually reasonable.
  •  Window Prostitute: Most often located in countries, cities, or neighbourhoods wherein prostitution is legal or wherein the authorities turn a blind eye. The most renowned red light district for window prostitutes is the Red Light District in Amsterdam, Holland. “Almost all of Amsterdam's window rooms are single occupancy, separating workers from each other. Some rooms are connected to a bathroom and kitchen shared by several workers, but the women spend most of their time by themselves in front of the windows. The situation contrasts sharply with brothels, where workers can enjoy a party atmosphere and regular social contact with other providers, staff, and customers.” (November 6, 2013, By Erin Fuchs; The 6 Types of Prostitutes and Where They Work).
  •  Bar, Casino, or Party Prostitute: The introductory connection is made at designated place. The prostitutes have experience eyeing potential clients. The sexual act is committed elsewhere. Depending on the establishment, the prostitute may have to pay the keeper a commission. This kind of work is potentially dangerous. As is the case, the prostitute leaves the establishment with the client (often-times a stranger), usually to locations unknown. Fees are relatively low to reasonable.
  •  Streetwalker: The prostitute may stand on a street corner or walk the streets, dressed in flashy clothing and/or in a seductive manner. The neighbourhood is usually lower-class and crime ridden. This line of work is one notch above being a sex slave. Danger and physical violence by the pimp or client is always an ever-present possibility. Furthermore, streetwalkers are harassed by the police more than any other kind of prostitute.
  •  Child Prostitution: An anathema that is present throughout much of the world. Estimates of the number of prostitutes range between a few million to 10 million; it’s probably closer to the latter number. Child prostitution uses children for sexual activities for money or other kind of payment. Note that pre-teen child prostitutes are so small an entrance into any of their orifices can result in severe, possibly lifelong injury, and in some cases even death, not to mention the incredible psychological trauma involved. Children aren’t ready to have sex they’re too innocent and immature. The victimized children may work in brothels, on the streets, in pimp homes, bars, hotels, restaurants, shady, hidden areas within red light districts, or in the case of a poor Third World country in a high tourism area.

"In Pattaya [Thailand], if there were fewer foreign people coming in to buy sex, then the problem would be easier to manage ... They [pedophiles] have an entire worldwide network of people looking for children through human trafficking. And sex tourism makes it harder to stop,” said Palissorn Noja, who runs Pattaya's Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Centre, told the Huffington Post.(February 6, 2014, By Ludovica Iaccino; Top Five Countries With Highest Rates of Child Prostitution).

  •  Animal Prostitution: Zoophilia is the sexual attraction to animals, while bestiality is the sexual act with an animal. All bestiality is rape, for the simple reason that the animal doesn’t have the mental or emotional maturity or know-how to understand what’s really happening. Animals don’t understand what’s right or wrong at the same level as do humans.
  •  Web Prostitute: These prostitutes wish to meet patrons online in order to evade unnecessary expenses and to ensure a coordinated initial rendezvous. Some are former brothel or agency workers who were fed up with handing over a percentage of their earnings to the agency and/or pimp, and/or to escape abuse in these places. There’s a potential danger to either the prostitute or the client on the first meeting. One or both may be dangerous. Furthermore, a prostitute who receives clients from her website may bypass medical exams screening for STDs. The fees are quite variable.
  •  Male Prostitute: Can be straight, homosexual, or bisexual.
  •  Transgender Prostitute: A prostitute who in the process of getting a full gender transformation, or a fully changed one.
  •  Transvestite Prostitute: A prostitute that chooses to dress in the clothing of the opposite gender, most commonly a male dressed as a woman.

Even where brothels are legal, the abuse of prostitutes still occurs. Nevada’s brothels began to pop up during the 19 century, wherein many male prospectors needed some female comfort. Most customers who visit brothels have surplus money on hand to satisfy their desires. But when the economy dips, business at many of these legal brothels goes down. Less surplus money and the emergence of web prostitutes can have a direct bearing on brothel business. Web prostitutes usually work alone.

Nevada brothel services are expensive. They’re permitted to operate in counties containing less than 400,000 people. The typical Nevada brothel worker may earn $3000 a week some earn less and some a lot more, minus a 50 percent cut to the brothel, and other expenses. Brothels, like other businesses have overhead costs. Nevertheless, the money always comes from the clients. Some of Nevada’s brothels require a minimum charge of $150, others $300. When business goes bad, those girls who can go elsewhere do, others that can’t are stuck where they are. Prostitutes are commonly forced to work long shifts, sometimes 12 -14 hours.

"As business has fallen off, many of the girls have moved from the brothels to illegal prostitution ... They don't always do that in an attempt to be illegal, but in the high-tech world we live in, a lot of girls have their own website, or ads on Craigslist, and a lot of girls are taking some pretty big chances right now,” said George Flint, a lobbyist for the Nevada Brothel Owners Association. (August 28, 2013, By Chris Morris, Special to; Brothel or bust: Hard times at Nevada's bordellos).

Behind the artificial facade of the happy and cheerful Nevada brothel workers is an upsetting truth, the fact that the women are selling their bodies and for the most part, are working for pimps-of-the-trade. Legal or not, abuse still goes on. Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada (2007), a book written by Melissa Farley, sheds light on the plight of many Nevada brothel workers.

Farley’s book  was  largely derived from a 2-year investigation, wherein she visited 8 Nevada brothels, interviewing 45 female prostitutes and an undesignated number of brothel owners. The prostitutes she interviewed described working conditions that were slave-like. What can we expect? These women are selling their bodies to, often-times strangers who are there for one purpose only.

One interviewee described the brothels as ‘pussy penitentiaries’, another said that it was like signing a contract to be raped, former prostitute Chong Kim claimed that some brothel owners are terrible, and that they harm the women in their care and are completely protected by the State of Nevada. Furthermore, the prostitutes must present themselves immediately and stand in a line or semi-circle as soon as a client comes, wherein, he will choose the woman that he wants. Keep this in mind rejection of a client by a prostitute is a loss of a customer, which is bad for business. Never mind, the prostitute may be repulsed by the client, or she may have a bad feeling about him. In spite of panic buttons being present in many brothel rooms, prostitutes still claim to have been physically and sexually abused by clients and brothel keepers.

"The physical appearance of these buildings is shocking ... They look like wide trailers with barbed wire around them – little jails ... I saw a grated iron door in one brothel ... The women's food was shoved through the door's steel bars between the kitchen and the brothel area. One pimp starved a woman he considered too fat. She made a friend outside the brothel who would throw food over the fence for her ... Another pimp told Farley matter-of-factly that many of the women working for him had histories of sexual abuse and mental ill-health. ‘Most have been sexually abused as kids. Some are bipolar, some are schizophrenic’." (Original Source: US news; September 7, 2007, By Julie Bindel; 'It's like you sign a contract to be raped').

Nevada’s brothel prostitutes are required to be tested for STDs weekly, and for HIV monthly. Clients can be disease-free or not, there are no medical examination requirements for them. Regarding the test results, prostitutes must present medical authorization to the local police station, and will be fingerprinted. Many medical insurance providers refuse to cover known prostitutes, former prostitutes may be discriminated against while searching for a job, and they may be shunned by a significant section of society.

Asian prostitutes in Sydney, Australia are coerced into performing fellatio (oral sex) to remain working in the industry, due to a progressively more competitive prostitution industry. Naturally, medical experts fear that this could result in a marked increase in STDs extending into mainstream society. Sydney brothels that have Asian workers offer oral sex without protection as a natural service.

New South Wales (NSW) Health has declared that rates of STDs among the general population are increasing, although at the time there was no proof that rates were increasing among sex workers. However, the Sun-Herald discovered that any increase in STDs among Sydney's Asian prostitutes will be hidden, because self-treatment using medicines brought in from Hong Kong is commonplace. Commonly, the prostitutes’ English isn’t very good, some or many are illegally in Australia, legal-criminal repercussions, loss of employment, and possible retaliatory measures by the brothel keepers are ever-present fears. What’s more, unprotected sex (no condom use) in NSW brothels isn’t against the law. The health and safety guidelines for NSW brothels only require a safe working environment.

Brothel workers believe that 4 out of 5 men who use their services are either married or have a girlfriend. Hence, these men return home and place their oblivious mates in potential harm from STDs.

“It's highly dangerous ... If the girls don't have proper health check-ups, they can give [an infection] to the client and the client can go home and give it to his wife. Men don't realise what they're getting into ... I feel sorry for the unsuspecting wives and girlfriends," warned Lee Cameron, who owns high-end Chats-wood brothel La Petite Aroma, which {supposedly} does not offer unprotected sex. (July 31, 2011, By Cosima Merriner; The Sydney Morning Herald: The threat to health from cheap brothels).

Some experts believe that an outbreak among men who frequent NSW brothels with Asian prostitutes has already occurred. As is indicated in web forums, a man who uses the pseudonym An-Unlucky-Punter claimed to have contracted Chlamydia or gonorrhoea after having unprotected oral sex with Asian prostitutes from 4 different brothels in Sydney in the last month.

Chlamydia is a common STD that can infect both men and women. Although it’s easy to cure, left untreated, it can cause permanent damage on a woman’s reproductive system, and can have serious adverse effects on pregnancy.

Gonorrhoea is another common STD that can infect both men and women. It can cause infections in the genitals, rectum, and throat. It can be treated with the right medicine, but left untreated it can result in very serious health problems.

“If you have received BBBJ [bareback blowjob] or any unprotected sexual activities from the [listed] girls, it is highly advisable that you get yourself checked up by your {family physician} or at any medical centre/clinic, An-Unlucky-Punter warned on the Aus99 forum. (ibid)

In the opinion of another punter, These STDs are very active in Sydney at the moment.” (ibid)

The legality of prostitution and the ability to casually walk into some shops and purchase soft drugs in the City of Amsterdam draws in large numbers of tourists to Holland every single year. Although the Netherlands also has a red light district in the City of Hague, it’s smaller than its Amsterdam counterpart.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District is world renown, incorrectly believed by many patrons to be safe, clean, and free of crime. Most of the women are between 20 and 30 years of age. They stand at their doorstep or behind a large window, displaying their merchandise to passersby, onlookers, and potential clients. The prostitutes know how to smile and get the attention of the ‘hungry men’. After all, this is their specialty.

The truth of the matter is many of the prostitutes come from poor countries. When they’re too old or are unable to prostitute themselves as ‘legal whores’ many of these girls realize that they have nothing else to offer. As is commonly known in the prostitution business, money fast-earned is money fast-spent. Prostitution is not something a person wants to write on her or his CV (Resume’), unless, perhaps she or he can find a job in a related field. The typical long-time ex-prostitute has no real work experience, no degree, and may have no money too. A former window prostitute may opt for working the Streets, a potentially unhealthy and dangerous arena. Most clients desire young, beautiful women. As is the case, neither the client nor the prostitute wants a long-term loving relationship. It’s a sex-oriented business transaction. Many of the male clients are married, have girlfriends, or are on vacation.

Although many of the Lucky working girls don’t work for pimps, others do, sometimes it’s covert in manner. Amsterdam’s Red Light District prostitutes are required to have a medical exam weekly. But this does not guarantee that all of them do, the ‘legitimate ones’ are licensed. Some window prostitutes ‘sub-let’ their rented rooms to friends or others for money. Wherever prostitution is present, organized crime is there, in one form or another.

The Prostitution Information Centre, in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, asserts that illegal organizations in other countries make money by trafficking women to the Netherlands, under a false veneer or coercion to work as prostitutes. These women likely don’t speak Dutch, are unfamiliar with the city’s landscape are terrified of going to the police or of disobeying their pimps. The prostitute’s family may also be put in danger; this sector of organized crime can be extremely ruthless.

For tourists, clients, and passersby of Amsterdam’s Red Light District it is on the whole a relatively safe place. The government and businesses in the area appreciate the good business. But visitors need to be aware of the presence of pickpockets. They should keep an eye and a firm hold on their valuables, especially expensive articles that can be easily snatched by a fast runner who knows the alleyways and crevices of the district. For newcomers the district looks like a maze; it’s easy to get lost in. Furthermore, clients of prostitutes must not forget any valuable articles in the sex rooms because it’s easy forget exactly where the articles were forgotten. More so, it’s the patron’s word versus the prostitute.

As for the physical safety of the prostitutes, they normally have discretion regarding accepting or rejecting a prospective client. Nevertheless, almost always, she’s alone with him, thankfully, fatal attacks are rare. Minor physical assaults or verbal abuse may not be reported, especially by illegal prostitutes.

On February 19, 2009, a 19 year-old prostitute was found dead in her workroom, at the Oudzijds Achterburgwal 38, in the city’s Red Light District {of Amsterdam}; she’d been stabbed to death. Her neighbours and the owner of the cafe’ located next door claimed that they didn’t know the woman or the country of her origin {really?}.

“I’ve seen her twice and we talked a bit. I know she has a 4-month old baby, and she was a cheerful young girl,” said Metje Blaak, press adviser of “De Rode Draad” (The Red Thread) — a support and advocacy association for prostitutes. (February 20, 2009; Prostitute stabbed to death in Amsterdam).

Sadly, there are countless horrible brothel tales from around the world. This nemesis must be tackled by an international, non-biased, benevolent, and objective world body. These horror stories are more prevalent in Third World Countries. Thankfully, there are many good people out there who really care about the prostituted victims. The problem is they need more help from the men and women who control this world, the media, and of course, their resources.

Young girls in Asian brothels can be found servicing older male patrons, in an assembly-like fashion, up to a dozen per night (sometimes more), or in the case of higher paying customers, longer sessions. These Young girls may dress as older women, or where there is a demand, like little, innocent virgin girls.

In many cheap Third World Brothels, condoms are often not used, paving the way for STDs. The pimps don’t care they just want the money to keep coming in. As for the prostitutes, some are sold by their parents, others work for their parents; some may be kidnapped, others are tricked into moving onto far off places (First World Countries) wherein a ‘nice job’ is waiting for them, but that’s not the case.

"In Poipet, Cambodia, I purchased this teenage girl, Srey Mom, in the white blouse, for just over $200 and got a written receipt from her brothel-owner, as if I were taking title to a car,” Nicholas Kristof, a NY times reporter. (Posted by Manaal; 7 Agonizing Stories From Within The Brothels That Will Literally Shake You). (NOTE: Nicholas Kristof bought the freedom of 2 Cambodian girls for $353 U.S. from a brothel in Svay Pak, Cambodia).

In Svay Pak brothels it was the norm to lock the young prostitute, forcing them to satisfy up to 10 patrons a night, without the use of protection, and as expected the brothel owner considered them his property, to do with them whatever he pleased. An escape attempt by any prostitute resulted in being locked up in isolation, a brutal beating and starvation for days-on-end. The beatings were done on the prostitutes’ bodies; beating them on the faces would make them uglier, bad for business. Kristof noted that most of the patrons were Asians (in particular Japanese), Australians, and Americans.

Young girls are thought to be innocent and free of STDs. Virgins sold at the highest price; the more used a prostitute the cheaper she was to have. Some, as cheap as 2 or 3 dollars, attracting a multitude of weird men from other countries.

In another case, Aisha Parveen, a Pakistani prostitute was finally able to escape a terrible brothel. Shockingly, the courts were discussing whether to send her back to her tormentors or not. Initially, she strongly resisted sleeping with the clients. She’d been kidnapped by Mian Sher, the monster, brothel owner. He brutalized and sexually tortured her. In order to negate her resistance he regularly drugged her. When she fell unconscious the clients were permitted to do as they pleased with her.

Aisha endured 6 years of this horror she and the other prostitutes were forced to sleep in the nude at night, to help prevent an escape attempt. Aisha believes that 2 prostitutes were murdered because they refused to sleep with clients. Condoms were never issued to any of the prostitutes.

Kristof conveys a story involving an Indian woman named Meena (11 or 12 at the time; she remembers it was before her first menstrual cycle), who was kidnapped from her village in Northern India by a sex trafficker, was locked up, and then raped every single day. She later gave birth to a daughter, a year later she gave birth to a son. Both of her children were taken from her. Vivek, her son, was forced to do the brothel's laundry (an unpaid slave), while Naina was primed for prostitution. The brothel contained 13 girls.

The patron who broke her virginity was a white-haired man. He had literally purchased her innocence and virginity. Not surprisingly, Meena cried and tried to fight back. She soon realized that her natural, instinctive response was a big mistake. The mother and 2 sons who owned the brothel beat her ferociously, using a belt, sticks, and an iron rod. Nevertheless, Meena continued to resist subsequent clients even though the beatings continued and her tormenters threatened to cut her into pieces. The brothel owners also forced her to drink alcohol to the point of passing out. Following this, they allowed a client to do as he pleased with her. This is when Meena's defences broke down, no one came to her rescue and it was apparent that additional resistance would get her nowhere. Thankfully, Meena was freed from the clutches of the brothel by an organization named Apne Aap. As of the writing of the article, the brothel was threatening Meena, and the mother and her 2 sons were still free. I can't understand how some people can be that evil. Furthermore, they blame the victims too. And let's not forget, the brothel was owned by a mother and her 2 sons. What a way to raise your kids?

Kristof conveys a story about a brothel prostitute closer to home (North America) involving Yumi Li, college-educated woman of South Korean origin enslaved as a prostitute near Kristof’s office located in Manhattan, New York. “Americans tend to associate ‘modern slavery’ with illiterate girls in India or Cambodia."(ibid)

Li was bamboozled into being smuggled and prostituted by a bogus job offer. As is often the case, it was simply too good to be true, offering $5000. She came to America carrying a counterfeit passport which was later confiscated by the cunning pimps, resulting in Li being forced to prostitute herself. Not surprisingly, she tried to resist, but was beaten with fists, her face was left unscathed not out of mercy but because it would reduce her monetary value. They used assault and intimidation to control her.

Worse yet, the pimps made an abhorrent movie of her in embarrassing poses, and they told her that if she resisted, the movie would be sent to her relatives in South Korea. She capitulated, becoming one of the 2 dozen prostitutes working in that particular Midtown Manhattan brothel. Li was arrested by police on several occasions but stayed quiet about her predicament.

It wasn’t until one of her closest friends was handcuffed and brutally beaten by a client that she decided to turn in the identities of the pimps. The pimps changed their office venue evading apprehension.

The final story pertaining to Kristof’s findings and investigations involves Sheila Faye Simpkins, a former Nashville prostitute. Simpkin’s problems began when she was 6 years-old. I can honestly say she had one of the worst mothers of all time. At the time her teenage mother was an alcoholic and drug addict. She taught Sheila how to perform oral sex on men. Her mother used the word ‘lollipop’. Simpkins ran away from home at the age of 14, straight to a pimp ... “I thought he was my boyfriend ... I didn’t realize I was being pimped,” said Simpkins. (ibid)

Following the shooting-to-death of her first pimp, she was recruited by another pimp, Kenny, who had 4 prostitutes working for him, each of which had to earn $1000 a day, or else a beating would likely to occur. On several occasions Simpkins ran away from Kenny, but he found her every single time. As punishment he beat her with sticks or an iron rod.

Simpkins finally freed herself from the clutches of her pimp thanks to the exceptional drive of Rev. Becca Stevens, the Episcopal priest at Vanderbilt University helping women escape trafficking and prostitution. Simpkins presently has 2 healthy children. She wants to be the world’s best mom. The best of luck to her and her children: “I haven’t done a lot of things right in my life, but this is one thing I’m going to do right ... I’m going to be the world’s best mom.” (ibid)

In 2000 the Dutch government decided to make it easier for pimps, sex traffickers, and other in this enterprise, by legalizing the already massive sex trade. The government deduced that by making it legal it’ll become safer; a normal everyday job like other legitimate jobs. The shady characters were supposed to slither away and then disappear.

But years later it became evident that the working women weren't better protected, the law enlarged the market. The sex market has spread throughout the city of Amsterdam, including its streets. Many of the pimps are quite brutal prostitutes are too terrified to complain to the government-funded union. Pimps are now bosses and legitimate businessmen. Abuse in the sex trade is considered an occupational hazard. Sex tourism, always a major attraction in the country, has grown enormously, making Holland a popular brothel destination. The red light district smells of vaginal fluid, every-so-often a passerby will notice a used up condom on the side of the street.

Almost certainly, the Dutch Government was hoping to increase its tax revenues from the legal sex trade, but by all estimates only a small fraction of prostitutes registered for tax. Pimping and unlicensed brothels have become more common. The police can't do anything if no laws are broken. Furthermore, legalization of brothels on a national level has resulted in their spreading to other cities and towns, irrespective of what the citizens therein want. Organized crime and drug dealers have happily infiltrated the sex industry, and no wonder sex trafficking of women from other countries into Holland has significantly increased. Whether in plain sight or in secret, too much prostitution is hazardous to society.

“Legalisation has not been emancipation. It has instead resulted in the appalling, inhuman, degrading treatment of women, because it declares the buying and selling of human flesh acceptable. And as the Dutch government reforms itself from pimp to protector, it will have time to reflect on the damage done to the women caught in this calamitous social experiment.” (By Julie Bindel; Why even Amsterdam doesn’t want legal brothels).

Brothels in Belgium also have their horror tales. A 41 year-old prostitute known by the alias Carol was drugged, and then filmed being raped by 3 men. She was forced to endure 3 long years of torturous prostitution, the first 2 months of which she was forced to work a 24-hour shift. As an additional weapon against Carol, her tormentors made sure that she saw the video. Eventually she was able to flee them. Carol wasn’t always in a downtrodden situation, in fact, she’d previously been a business owner. When her business went bankrupt, someone offered her a job serving champagne to small business owners in bars in Belgium.

According to Carol, most prostitutes working in ‘champagne bars’ and brothels were prisoners. Carol claimed that she serviced 16 clients a day, brothels contained up to 16 prostitutes, a majority of which were French women. Alcohol and drug abuse amongst them is prevalent. Some of the prostitutes encountered had previously been physicians or lawyers (something very evil is going on here!). Naturally, some of the clients were quite violent. Nevertheless, Carol and the women she knew were forbidden from refusing a client. If the prostitute had consumed too much alcohol she was forced to vomit, continue to work, or be punished.

"In most champagne bars and brothels, we're locked up ... It's modern-day slavery. To go out or have a weekend free, you ask for permission. It can be refused if a client has complained ... Every day, I thought I was going to die ... It was tough for him {the man whom Carol later fell in love with} to live with a person who had just seen hell. I had nightmares. And I was an alcoholic,” said Carol. (February 9, 2015, By Cecile Azzaro, AFP; Ex-prostitute recalls the hell of Belgian brothels).

Let’s not forget that although Carol’s captors were ruthless men, some elements of society (males and females) find it logical to blame the victims. Carol said that one police woman said that it was “because of me (Carol) that husbands cheated on their wives.” (ibid)

(NOTE: The following story occurred in 2006, before the Syrian Civil War; Syria’s civil war prostitution problem will be discussed later in the book). Syria has a flourishing prostitution enterprise. Many of Syria’s prostitutes are between the ages of 12 and 14. In places posing as nightclubs young dancers, all made up and ready to dance or service the clients, are available. The girls will give a price up-front. As is the usual case, the prostitutes are not permitted to leave their creepy hotels during daytime. A brothel owner or worker will pick them up then drive them to work.

Many of Syria’s clients in Syrian clubs are Saudis. They’re often drunk and have one thing on their mind. Almost always, young and white or Caucasian girls are the most sought after. Brothels using underage Palestinian and Iraqi refugees are located in a suburb of Damascus.

“He {the club’s manager} said that I {the person who conducted an undercover investigation} was a bit old ... many prostitutes in Syria are 12 to 14 years old (in other clubs they’re 10 to 12 years-old, ready for prostitution}. He suggested that I would be suitable for ‘rich and demanding Saudis with elevated desires’ ... In each club we found young girls - children {pole dancers} ...” (November 1, 2007, Text by Vice Staff; I Went Undercover in the World of Syrian Whorehouses).

Male prostitutes can also be raped, abused, become victims of sadism, and be cheated out of their money. Every single male prostitute that Tuoi Tre contacted admitted that they’d been abused at least once by a client. Furthermore, some of their clients had weird sexual habits.

Many of the female clients who use the services of male prostitutes are in early middle age, are well-to-do, and have had cosmetic surgery on their face, breasts, hips, or buttocks. These women tend to need more sex time, need more work, and some think they’re entitled to have their way with the prostitute because they’re paying for services rendered. What’s more, every-so-often the prostitute may have to service an older woman, wrinkly, sagging, and quite unattractive.

“So, serving them {women} requires a lot of care time and labour. If you are accidentally heavy-handed with them and leave the silicon-stuffed organs misshapen, you will not be paid for the session and may be forced to compensate them for the damage ... Damaging a breast may cost at least VND 15 million [US$721],” said Nguyen Van Y, who works in Binh Tan District in Ho Chi Minh City. (July 1, 2013; Occupational hazards’ of male prostitutes).

A horrifying story involves a male prostitute from Vietnam. He was promised to be taken on a tour to Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a very frequently visited tourist attraction in Vietnam. As is the case in many of these stories, the victim was contacted through the internet, a red flag indeed. The male prostitute was told that he was going to service one man. After entering the patron's house, lo-and-behold, he saw 3 men. The offenders in most of these cases are well-prepared, have a game plan, and are at a major physical advantage over the victim.

“A client contacted me on the Internet and offered to take me on a tour to Ha Long Bay. A while after entering his house, I realized that I had to receive three clients, even though I had been informed of only one ... The door was locked and I couldn’t resist. I was forced to please them... After that, I was bleeding a lot and paid for nothing. I felt like I was being raped,” said the victim. (ibid)

Other male prostitutes appear to like their job, at least on the outside. Friends of 44 year-old German, Ralf Winkes’ think he’s lucky because he gets paid to have what men pay to have. Winkes is a straight male prostitute servicing relatively wealthy women, going out to dinner with them, having fun, and of course, sex too.

Initially, Winkes was trained to be a baker, but also worked as a waiter, house painter, floor layer, cab driver, manicured nails, and a butcher. As a male prostitute he can make a lot more money, in 4 hours of ‘work’ he can make a staggering 600 Euros. Escort4Ladies, the agency he works for gets their cut. Winkes is single, but is in a relationship, has no children, and drives a BMW 3-series.

Winkes claims that he has 60 women on his client list, ranging in age from early 30s to mid-50s, some are wrinkled. He gives them what they want, a feeling of being loved, and sex. They drink, converse, try to enjoy themselves, and then get down to business.

“I’m booked for a specific time frame to fulfill a woman’s fantasies ... The fantasy, for example, of being desired. When the job is done, he gets his cash-stuffed envelope. Thirty percent goes to the agency ... You have to be able to sell yourself ... It’s that way with any job: The customer isn’t buying the product, they’re buying the show ... So far, I {have} never had any trouble. Sometimes you do get a client who’s difficult to arouse, and I say to myself, ‘Okay, step one isn’t working, let’s give it step two, step three’. Logically, I guess if it still didn’t work you’d bring in some kind of sexual aids. Up to now I’ve never needed anything like that,” said Winkes. (By Andreas Glas; SZ International: Confessions of a Modern Male Prostitute).

Following the decriminalizing of homosexual intercourse by the Indian High Commission in 2009, the homosexuals in the country took advantage of the new circumstances. In India, the topic of sex is seldom spoken about publicly, homosexuality will be no different. Like elsewhere, homosexuality has existed in India for eons. The Rigveda, one of the 4 sacred texts of Hinduism, makes an indirect reference to the practice of unnatural sex.

The legality of homosexuality in India must meet the 3 following preconditions:

  • Both parties must be adults and consent to the act.
  • None of the participants can be a minor (younger than 18 years of age).
  • The act must be in private, at least 200 meters away from places of worship or its institutions thereof.

Male prostitution is not a new phenomenon in India. But following the legalization of homosexual sex in cities like Kolkata (previously known as Calcutta) are witnessing a frightening expansion of gay prostitution enterprises. Formerly illegal gay brothels that were closed down by the police are now opening up, thereby resulting in a boom in business for the fay, bisexual, and transgender sex trade.

In the past, this enterprise was limited to more-or-less private, underground massage parlours, escort services, newspapers and magazines, the internet and social networking arenas. This form of sex trade has now entered the street level. Important hubs in large cities likely contain homosexual prostitutes, a sizeable portion of which are transvestites, aiming to attract potential clients. Unfortunately, drug dealing, violence, STDs, public lewdness, and organized crime have become ever-present. As is the case with the Dutch prostitution experiment, this law has already proven to be a failure.

“According to a survey conducted by PLUS, an organization for the welfare of gay prostitutes around 1000 homosexual sex workers are now operative in Kolkata {although the actual figure may be much more, compared to 100 – 150 in the last two years}. 70% of these gay prostitutes are from the suburban areas of Kolkata coming here in search of some fast buck.” (June 24, 2013, By Joy-deep; Homosexual Prostitution).

Beirut, Lebanon has seen a marked increase in the number of male prostitutes, many of whom are refugees from Iraq and illegal migrants. The sheer desperation of these men, the inability to find a job, and their illegal status force them to take extraordinary measures to acquire money.

"There have always been male sex workers in Lebanon. It was common knowledge ... But since the US invasion of Iraq and even more so, with the Syrian civil war, there are more {male prostitutes} than ever before."(February 14, 2014, By Paul Du Verdie; Male Prostitution on the Rise in Lebanon).

Hassan, a homosexual refugee from Iraq, is, like many other prostitutes, a chain smoker. If apprehended by the police he’ll face likely arrest, a beating, jail time, and thereafter a prompt deportation. Lebanon is engulfed in refugees, has many political problems, and is surrounded by danger. In addition to this, it’s a small country with a weak military.

As of early 2014, Hassan had been selling his services for a year. He makes it quite clear in no uncertain terms that this is not the line of work that he had intended to do, but wasn’t given another option. He was impelled to leave his country following the discovery of his homosexuality by his family. They threatened to kill him, terrified, he fled Iraq. He and 5 other refugees were smuggled into Lebanon by a non-governmental organization (NGO) that he refuses to name. It was likely part of a deal made with them.

Luckily, he was able to find a place to live. But later on, he was thrown out because he was entangled in a fight. Unemployed and with little or no money, he got news of classy bars in Beirut wherein men pay top dollars for the services of young male prostitutes.

Hassan jumped on the deal. A few days later, a wealthy businessman from Turkey picked him up at a gay bar, leaving together after having a drink and negotiating the price for services to be rendered. The following morning, Hassan was given $400. He would continue on this path, servicing many clients, thereby making him a male escort.

Fouad, a 20 year-old Christian student refugee from Syria fled his country in 2013, evading forced inscription into the military. Refusing to do so incurs a very harsh penalty, long prison term with beatings and torture, or the death penalty.

Fouad works in a Hammam (a men’s bath-house) close to a tourist area of Hamra in west Beirut. Fouad’s job is to give special massages to clients. His co-workers are Syrian, and do the same work. They’re not paid by the owner of the Hammam. They rent their place for a fee. The ‘massage fee’ is discussed with each client. Fouad says he’s saving money so he can return to his studies.

"It's a temporary situation ... As soon as I have saved enough money I will go back to Syria to finish my studies.” (ibid)

A hub for up to 120 male prostitutes is located alongside a major stretch of Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City, encompassing around 5 blocks. The male prostitutes therein almost exclusively cater to other men. Alexander (likely Alejandro) works the streets of Mexico City, posting photos of his lean body and handsome face on the internet. Alexander is a male prostitute that is in high demand, servicing drug dealers, one of which rented him out for an entire week, taking him to Durango, the fourth largest state in Mexico, or the Columbian who rented him for platonic fun, paying him $2500 for the weekend, plus all expenses. Alexander was his tour guide.

As conveyed to VICE News by Alexander, "I have had some customers, last weekend with a Columbian who came {to Mexico City} for {business}. There was no sexual contact, it was just company, and he paid me $2500, plus expenses, for the weekend. I was his tour guide.

The area wherein Mexico City's hub of male prostitutes is monitored by surveillance cameras, and police patrols are common, nevertheless, their work is in full public view. Prostitutes range in age from their mid-teens to mid-thirties, standing on the curb, cell phones ready to hear from their next client. They converse with each other, and of course, cigarette smoking is very common. Each worker is in charge of himself and they know each other. $40 dollars is the average rate for sex, more time or service requested means a higher charge.

19 year-old Michel has worked these streets for 2 years. As conveyed to VICE News, “They pay for my drugs and everything. They like that you are getting high with them." (June 1, 2014, By Norma Ponce; Mexico City’s Male Hustlers: Inside the Rough Lives of the ‘Good Vibe Guys’).

The typical client is an outward appearing heterosexual male, economically stable, married, some have children, and are over 30 years-old. Irrespective of the client, prostitutes have sex in discrete places, hidden from public view, and the police.

It’s a matter of staying in business, and of hiding the homosexual behaviour of many of their clients.

"I think that loneliness motivates them to come. They don’t feel capable of attracting someone, they want to be listened to, or there are some who are just very horny, and it is literally less expensive for them to come here than to flirt in a nightclub,” said Alexander. (ibid)

The Midnight Cowboys of Tel Aviv (male prostitutes) converge upon that city from the surrounding areas. Many of them are teens and young men, unceremoniously tossed out of their homes for being gay. Most work in the area neighbouring and encompassing the old central bus station. Many of the clients are married men others are single but are outwardly straight, closet homosexuals and are ashamed of their sexual orientation.

Nevertheless, some of the clients are violent, physically attacking prostitutes.

As a whole, these attacks aren't reported, the client simply drives away following the rendezvous, and prostitutes don't want to talk to the police too much.

Ruru, a 23 year-old prostitute is considered a veteran amongst his co-worker male prostitutes. Ruru is an Arab from a small village who started selling himself at the age of 12. His homosexual feelings began during childhood. Although he didn't talk about it, his parents were suspicious. One day his parents asked him about his sexual orientation. He told them the truth, resulting in him being thrown out of the house the same day.

Initially, when Ruru came to Tel Aviv he thought he'd find a stable job and get by. Then he met another Arab, who also couldn't go back home, having been labelled a collaborator. Ruru told him his story, and also that he was hungry and had nothing to eat. Shortly thereafter, his newfound friend entered a vehicle, following his exit of the vehicle he told Ruru to look around, this was his meal ticket.

"With the money I buy food, cigarettes, vodka ... {at 14 Ruru briefly used hard drugs but stopped} now I smoke hashish and drink all day ..." (June 10, 2011, By Vered Lee; The Midnight Cowboys of Tel Aviv).

Ruru continued on a downward spiral, at 18 he was sent to Ofek Prison. He was high, and in a club speaking Arabic when someone pushed him and then told him that he was a stinking Arab. Unable to control his impulses, he stabbed the person with a knife a total of 26 times. While serving time in prison he harmed another inmate, thereby lengthening his sentence.

“It’s either stab or be stabbed ... Everyone I knew since I started to work in prostitution either killed themselves, went insane, went to prison or became a drug addict ... I’ve yet to see anyone manage to live well from this and become a rich and happy man," said Ruru. (ibid)

There is some help available, every second Thursday the Levinsky Clinic a mobile unit that patrols male prostitute hubs. It’s staffed by Erik, a social worker, a physician, and a team of volunteers. They converse with the male prostitutes, giving them beneficial advice and try to form a closer bond with them. In addition, they offer free STD testing, hand out information brochures about STD prevention, and free condoms.

Many of the male prostitutes want to stop working.

Unfortunately, it's almost always very difficult to leave the profession. As conveyed by Yotam, “I want to stop working in prostitution. I can’t do this anymore ... This has to be my last month ... {my} father is a drug addict who has spent his whole life in and out of rehab centers and prison ..." (ibid)

Often-times, gay prostitution rackets operate under the guise of a legal agency. As such, they're taking a big chance, unless there's major corruption in the particular jurisdiction. Not so in Manhattan. In August of 2015, the world's largest gay prostitution Web site was taken down in Manhattan by federal agents and the NYPD. Seven persons, including CEO Jeffrey Hurant, and alleged escorts and staff members were arrested during the raid. In addition, $1.4 million was seized from bank accounts linked with the enterprise.

“ attempted to present a veneer of legality, when in fact this Internet brothel made millions of dollars from the promotion of illegal prostitution,” said acting Brooklyn US Attorney Kelly T. Currie. (August 25, 2015, By Selim Algar, Additional reporting by Amber Sutherland and Bob Fredericks; Feds Raid World's Largest Gay Prostitution Outfit on Fifth Ave.). admits that it has 10,500 escorts in more than 2000 cities worldwide, providing its 2500 subscribers connections to men willing to provide an assortment of sexual services, in the opinion of the feds. The enterprise had been operating for over a year from inside an undistinguished building at 6 West 14th Street.

Prosecutors in the case believe that made $10 million between 2010 and 2015 by charging escorts to publicize on the site and then requesting more money from clients to acquire access to the escorts. Nevertheless, standing outside of the court, Hurant was defiant.

“For 20 years we’ve been doing this and I don’t think we’re doing anything criminal or to promote prostitution ... I think we do good things for good people and I hope justice will be done.” (ibid)

There are many lesbian prostitutes in the Czech Republic. For many of these women, it’s easier to have a ‘sex-only’ relationship with a man. Many lesbian prostitutes have had horrible relationships with men, including but not limited to physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse, a sex-only relationship with little or no love, they were unable to make it with a man.

Betka, a lesbian Czech prostitute, claims that she learned more being a street prostitute than 3 years of nursing school. She learned how to defend herself, to be ‘honest’ and to fight for the ‘truth’. More so, working the streets has taught her to abhor men, hence, she became a die-hard lesbian.

Betka’s last boyfriend was abusive, and coerced her into prostitution at Prague’s main train station following her running away from home at the age of 16. In 2011, Betka was a 30 year-old prostitute in an 8-year romantic relationship with 33 a year-old prostitute named Helena. Both admit that they’re lesbians in the true sense.

“I gave him [my ex boyfriend] two years and then I told myself, no more men ... emotion is for women, sex is for men,” said Betka. (June 3, 2011, By Iva Skoch; Wanderlust: Lesbian prostitutes in Prague).

According to Ivo Prochazka, a sexologist at Charles University at Prague, the higher percentage of lesbian prostitutes is made easier by the fact that their contact with men is exclusively professional. Many of the Czech Republic’s street-level lesbian prostitutes grew up in orphanages.

Presently, there are an estimated 8000 children living in the republic’s orphanages. At 18, they’re unceremoniously released out into the real world many have limited education and commercial life experience. They can’t endure the pressures of the real world and will likely have a difficult time developing healthy interpersonal skills.

“I would estimate that 90 percent of the girls who come to us from the street are lesbians ... Typically these girls have tried to live with men before but the only positive relationships they’ve had have been with women,” said Hana Malinova, head of Bliss Without Risk, an non-governmental organization that works to improve the rights and safety of sex workers in the Czech Republic. (ibid)

Prostitution can occur on a large scale during times of war, civil war, major conflicts, or during large-scale catastrophic events. As horrible and bloody as the Syrian war has been, the forced prostitution of countless Syrian women and children is yet an added catastrophe. Unfortunately, much of the international media attention is on other issues related to the civil war. The people who control the world, the U.N., and the media are in a general sense, not interested in the plight of Syrian women and child prostitutes. But thankfully, there are people and organizations that sincerely care and want to help.

The Zaatari refugee camp located in Jordan has for the most part become a permanent home for many Syrian refugees. It opened in July 2012, taking in the terrified, fleeing Syrian refugees. It’s a harsh desert camp, packed with desperate people, some of which have found themselves forced to resort to prostitution in order to survive and/or be able to send money back home to desperate relatives. Others have been forced into this trade by their own husbands or families. In any case, the women and children are defenceless. Many enter prostitution as virgins, not having kissed or held the hand of an unrelated male. Others may be widowed, or left their husbands. Women with children have yet additional burdens to conquer. Some women are sold into forced marriages by their own families, the common result of which is abuse or an unceremonious divorce as soon as the ‘husband’ is done with her.

Nada, a Syrian prostitute routinely invites men into her makeshift home. She’s not shy to tell prospective clients that they’ll have a good time. She sells her services for $7, wherein on a typical day she makes $70. Nada fled Daraa, an extremely dangerous border-town. Her father sits nearby, quietly. He has likely caved in to the pressures of extreme desperation and anguish. More so, Syrian women speak a soft-beautiful Arabic dialect, and many are white or fair-skinned, something that is in high demand.

Nearby, a young, clean-cut Syrian man from Idlib who claims to have been a barber back home has been compelled to prostitute his own wife, all day for $70. Naturally, he admits that before the civil war it was unimaginable to have been so open with his wife.

"Men have been asking for Syrian women because they like the blond and light-skinned among them, and the chances that they may create problems, like blackmailing married Jordanian men, are almost non-existent ... My policy has been, you either befriend them so that they'd work with you, or get rid of them by tipping police about them,” said a 37 year-old woman who runs at least 7 brothels. (May 8, 2013, By Jamal Halaby; Syria Refugees Turn to Prostitution out Of Desperation).

By custom and the general culture of the region, the typical ‘decent man’ will never marry a prostituted, non-virgin woman, regardless of the circumstances. Some (men and women alike) in the region will blame the victim. A case in point is Ghassan, a spokesman for the resistance Free Syrian Army in northern Jordan.

"I insist that the Syrian women in Zaatari {Refugee Camp} and elsewhere are practicing prostitution because they like it or got used to it, not for money, or for the sake of their poor families.” (ibid)

24 year-old Sammar, from Damascus conveys a strikingly different version. She lost her job at a clothing shop because of declining business. She came to Jordan seeking decent work. Unable to find a decent job and very desperate, she works the streets as a prostitute in Irbid, Jordan. The clients vary from walking teenagers to well-to-do men driving fashionable cars’; Saudi and other Gulf States are commonly seen.

"It's a dangerous business. I'm risking my life, but what can I do?" laments Sammar, a green-eyed brunette in tight leather pants, a slim white shirt and fake silver jewellery. “My parents are sick and can't work. I'm the oldest among their seven children and I have to work to send them money back in Syria.” (ibid)

Another victim is an anonymous 18 year-old girl from Homs whose father married her off to a 22 year-old man. Her so-called husband gave her to a brothel that had 20 prostitutes. The owner calls himself Faroun (Pharaoh in Arabic, and rightfully so). Her husband, Ali, doesn’t give a damn about her.

{Carrying a smile on his face} Ali said, "I've got nothing to lose ... I will eventually divorce her and she'll end up going home." (ibid)

Sadly, many women who are lucky enough to not be forced into prostitution are also sexually victimized. Rape of women, children, and men is a common occurrence in Syria. The main culprit is the Syrian military and the Shabiha, a paramilitary organization linked to the military. ISIS and Hezbollah, the latter supported by Iran, have also committed atrocious rapes on a large scale. The weapon of rape committed by the Assad regime is more organized and well-orchestrated accountability can be traced back to the brutal dictator and the monsters surrounding him. Other rapes occur by some factions or individuals taking advantage of the chaos and confusion.

"With every war and major conflict, as an international community we say 'never again' to mass rape ... Yet, in Syria, as countless women are again finding the war waged on their bodies--we are again standing by and wringing our hands,” said Nobel Laureate Jody Williams, who is co-chair of the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict. (April 3, 2013, By Lauren Wolfe; Syria Has a Massive Rape Crisis).

The truth is that every single country in the region that is hosting Syrian refugees is exploiting Syrian girls and women for prostitution, purchased marriages, and other forms of sexual abuse. Some of the people who are directly or indirectly involved in these heinous war crimes, are the same people who are supposed to be helping them. There are so many Syrian women selling their bodies in Lebanon, they have ‘overthrown’ other foreign prostitutes. These prostitutes are not citizens of the hosting countries and are terrified of the prospect of deportation or of being arrested.

In Lebanon, as in the other host countries, the price of services rendered varies considerably, depending on where the prostitute works, her level of desperation, and what the client wants. One hundred dollars is the usual price for an all-night service. Girls who work for a brothel or a pimp usually get none of the money. Like their counterparts abroad, Syrian prostitutes can be seen standing on street corners in designated areas, pretending to be hitch-hiking, or strolling through the area. Criminal gangs and enterprises are deeply involved in this enterprise.

There were refugee prostitutes in Syria before the civil war. These women fled Iraq out of a sense of incredible desperation. In spite of Syria being a brutal police state literally overflowing with secret police, they still presumed it would be safer and more secure than a war and civil war torn Iraq. It appears that the brotherhood and sisterhood of the peoples in the region has withered away considerably. These desperate Iraqi women were forbidden to work, therefore, from their own perspective they have no services to offer and nothing to sell except their own bodies. Some of the women are able to prostitute themselves discreetly, out of dilapidated apartments or elsewhere in the Iraqi refugee ghettos of Damascus.

In Syrian clubs waiters act as intermediaries between the Arab (often-times Saudi and other Gulf States) and the mostly Iraqi prostitutes. In Islam, a woman’s honour is supposed to be protected, this is very important. Furthermore, in the traditional Arab culture Muslims, Christians, and other minority religions had in the past traditionally protected (at the very least cared about) the honour and dignity of women. The enormous sex drive and the availability of women have made its mark on the entire region. These women are usually completely defenceless, the sole breadwinners for themselves, and if they have children, for them too. Husbands have been killed, detained, are missing, were unable to leave, or left the marriage, others leave for perceived opportunity elsewhere every prostitute has her own unique story.

Fuad managed to flee the carnage in Iraq, ending up in Damascus. He’s blunt and honest about what the women and girls feel in their hearts; "For me, it is like being raped. There is no desire. It's something I have to do for the money.” (February 7, 2007, By Melissa McNamara, CBS; Iraqi Refugees Turn to Prostitution).

Farah left her family in Baghdad and fears that they’ll somehow discover what she does. For her, it would be like death. "For me, it is like being raped. There is no desire. It's something I have to do for the money {referring to the teen prostitutes} ... This isn't any life for a 15-year old. She should be playing. I'm sure she feels dead inside. There is no one to help these girls.” (ibid)  Prior to the Syrian civil war, there were a significant number of Iraqi teens and young women flaunting their bodies in shady nightclubs. The makeup can’t camouflage their youth. Managers in these nightclubs are pimps in the literal sense. One Saudi client said he’d pay $500 for one particular girl, but was able to bargain it down to $300. The girls come in groups, walking past the hungry men’ trying to walk and behave in a sexy manner.

Most of the girls are too terrified to openly convey their feelings, however, Zahra, a 16 year-old did. She began to work in the nightclub as soon as she fled her native Iraq. She doesn’t like selling her body, but admits that there are no other viable options. Zahra pointed her finger at a 13 year-old, with long black hair, dancing. The 13 year-old had been working in the nightclub for 2 months.

Many prostitutes in times of war and major conflicts are manifested as wives, concubines, and/or items of trade. The rapists who force these women to become spouses or targets of sexual desires are pimps in hiding. The evil ISIS cult is one group among other that is guilty of horrific crimes against humanity. Because the topic of this book is prostitution I will not delve deep into other crimes. The people who control ISIS and many of its military followers believe that it’s okay to force women into marriage and other forms of sexual servitude, and in many cases it’s quite apparent that the victim is being raped. The woman cries, sometimes tries to resist but to no avail, and even pleads with her rapist, sometimes there are more than one rapist.

One such victim is 15 year-old Hind, a Yezidi Kurd from Shingal. She was brutally kidnapped by ISIS fighters following their over-running of her village. As is often the case, Hind did not trust some of the local Arabs in the area; the truth is, many people in the area can’t be trusted. According to Hind, a significant number of families who were unable to escape the ISIS nemesis were captured on the Syrian border and then taken to a camp in Khansor.

Hind and 2 of her sisters were taken to Baaj, and then later to a school in Tal Afar. Thereafter, they were taken to Badoosh Prison, spending 25 days there. Finally, they were taken to a school in Tal Afar. While residing in a 3-story house in Mosul, the matter became significantly more horrifying.

“At 3am he {a tall bearded ISIS fighter originally from Syria} raped me. That ugly monster ... For more than three months, I cried myself from the morning until the night ... {later} My friend and I were taken to a basement and stayed there for one week with no water and food ... I still live in fear and have nightmares every night.” (October 28, 2015, By Simaz Mazher; EXCLUSIVE: Freed Yezidi teen tells of life as ISIS sex slave).

Hind was repeatedly raped by 3 ISIS fighters; on several occasions she made eye contact with them and asked why they were raping her, why they were beating her, and she told them that she was the same age as their daughters and that they had no mercy in their hearts. Hind observed that most ISIS members she came across were foreigners from various nationalities, some spoke English.

“I was raped by three different ISIS members with different nationalities. I had no idea I was pregnant. I felt sick all the time and one day I started to bleed. I was taken to the doctor and they told me I was pregnant. I lost the child because the child was threatening my life ... I am just happy that I did not carry an ISIS child into this world,” said Hind. (ibid)

Before this horrible ordeal Hind was in love with a local. Following her return home she received additional bad news; her former lover was no longer interested in her because she had been raped. Hind said that she had no desire to get married.

Many girls have committed suicide following their rapes and brutal treatment by ISIS fighters. Among the Yazidis alone, at least dozens have committed suicide. Thankfully, there are people in the region who make a strong effort to help these victims, and the countless others. The caring helpers are risking their own lives in the process. They are unsung heroes.

36 year-old Ameena Saeed Hasan, a Yazidi mother, and her husband Khaleel operate an underground rescue operation; her targets are sex slaves, the culprits are ISIS members. Ameena works out of her apartment. Thankfully, they’re not alone businessman Abu Shujaa, nicknamed ‘father of courage’ has thus far helped nearly 400 victims to escape. Many of the smugglers are Arabs they steal the sex slaves from ISIS, but there are always many more to be saved. Ameena receives many calls from desperate sex slaves wanting to know when they’ll be saved.

Victims who are lucky enough to escape tell similar stories; ISIS members they encountered were cold-blooded, cruel, pass their sex slaves out amongst other fighters and to local leaders as gifts. In some cases, an ISIS fighter will kill a family member in front of his sex slave; one of the victims said that her daughter was only 17 months old. Many victims who are smuggled back are pregnant. They opt for an abortion rather than have a child resulting from a rape by an ISIS fighter.

Even when sex slaves and their families are miraculously able to return home, additional problems ensue. Many of the homes and establishments are destroyed. Being homeless is difficult enough to deal with, but doing so under the current circumstances becomes an unbearable task, indeed.

“Why after one year ... we have girls, everyday being raped and killing themselves? Why are our girls sold in the market like animals ... The international community must help us. Maybe if they don't help us, we will be finished in ten years,” said Ameena. (October 13, 2015, By Owen Holdaway in Dohu, Iraq for Mailonline; Dozens of ISIS sex slaves have killed themselves to escape rape and torture, reveals 'smuggler' who's devoted her life to rescuing girls 'sold like animals').

One of the most horrific large-scale cases of the sex enslavement of women occurred during the Second World War. 200 thousand or more Asian women were forced to prostitute themselves for the Japanese military; these women were called 'comfort women' (juugun ianfu). Hence, their primary duties were to comfort Japanese soldiers, satisfying their sexual desires, as free prostitutes. It was common practice to rape and brutally beat the comfort women.

The women were from Korea, Indonesia, Burma, Papua New Guinea, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, elsewhere in Asia, and the Netherlands. The brothels were called 'comfort stations' supported and recognized by the Japanese Military; they were state-operated. Early in the Second World War comfort stations were present wherever there were Japanese troops, military outposts, and even near battlefields.

This large-scale tragedy and crime against humanity was for the most part kept secret until the 1980s, wherein, some brave Korean women conveyed their harrowing stories to those who would listen. Although it had been decades since the war had ended, they were still suffering, many until their last breath.

Decades following the defeat of Japan, the government was forced to admit that comfort stations did exist, however, they claimed that the comfort women were there on their own free will and were paid. The truth is, many comfort women were beaten, raped, gang-raped, verbally abused; many died of disease, injuries, or were victims of battles. Blaming the victims of rape is an ever-so-present phenomenon, even from government officials.

In 2013, Toru Hashimoto, the young, handsome mayor of Osaka who is also co-leader of the Japan Restoration Party, a rising conservative political party, said of the comfort women of the Second World War, "To maintain discipline in the military, it must have been necessary at that time ... For soldiers who risked their lives in circumstances where bullets are flying around like rain and wind, if you want them to get some rest, a comfort women system was necessary. That's clear to anyone." (May 14, 2013, Edited by Steve Wilson; Forced prostitution of women for use by Japanese soldiers during World War II was 'necessary' claims mayor of Osaka).

Irrespective of what Mayor Hashimoto or other deniers say, there are good people out there who are taking it upon themselves to remind the world of the plight of the comfort women. One such method is the recent opening of a museum in Seoul, South Korea devoted to the many women who were forced into sexual slavery by Japan's imperial army during the Second World War. Wise Architecture, a South Korean studio has recently finished work on an office building with a cage-type structure, successfully transforming a house in Seongsan-Dong, a neighbourhood in Seoul, into The Museum of War and Women's Human Rights, containing exhibitions and archives regarding the war crimes against comfort women. Note that the victimization of comfort women began before the Second World War. Korea was occupied by Japan between 1910 and 1945.

"This museum doesn't have a nice entrance, a lobby, a kind information desk or a large exhibition space ... There is no big signboard telling us about the museum. Instead, a guide walks with visitors inside and outside of the museum and tells us the story of the place," said the architects. (March 20, 2015, Seoul House Becomes Museum Highlighting the Plight of Second World War 'Comfort Women').

On April 28, 2015, during a press conference with President Barak Obama Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo was asked if he was willing to apologize for Japan's forced sex-slave crimes. Prime Minister Abe evaded a direct apology for Japan's comfort women crimes.

“I am deeply pained to think about the comfort women who experienced immeasurable pain and suffering as a result of victimization due to human trafficking ... This is a feeling that I share equally with my predecessors.” (April 28, 2015, By Nahal Toosi, Japanese leader sidesteps apology for WWII 'comfort women').


  • To preserve records of the Women’s International Tribunal on Japan’s Military Sexual Slavery (thereafter, the Women’s Tribunal), which was held in Tokyo in December 2000 with judges from five continents who specialize in international law.
  • To honour the women of Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Burma, Papua New Guinea, Guam, and Japan who dealt with trauma, psychological suffering, and physical torment not only during the war, but also in the postwar period, as a result of their abuse.
  • To establish a base for peace and human rights activism in order to wipe out wartime violence against women and to promote a more trusting relationship between Japan and its neighbours in Asia. (By The Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace: Its Role in Public Education).


  • Focus on wartime sexual violence and support justice, without gender bias.
  • Gather and exhibit data on individual victims, but also to try to articulate who is responsible for the victimization.
  • Create an action base that will promote a non-violent future.
  • Operate the museum without financial support from any government.
  • Promote a popular international movement across national boundaries. (ibid)

In 1991, Kim Haksoon, a comfort woman of the Second World War, spoke out publicly about the suffering she was forced to endure. Her actions convinced other victims across Asia to do likewise. One of the primary reasons why these women dared not speak about their suffering beforehand is because their societies, like many others around the world, give priority and respect to chastity. Furthermore, they’ll likely be blamed for their own rapes. Hence, they were fearful of being labelled ‘sinful’ or ‘dirty’.

Following the end of the Second World War, many Japanese war criminals weren’t brought to justice, and this includes Emperor Hirohito. In fact, many of their war crimes were camouflaged from the world. The Women’s Tribunal of 2000 was established to acquire justice for the brave victims who spoke out following 50 years of silence. It was an international tribunal aided by people across the globe. The underlying objective was to bring to trial the guilty parties who were responsible for Japan’s wartime sex crimes. 64 victims were able to take part in the tribunal.

On December 4, 2001, the judgement delivered at The Hague found the 10 accused men, including Emperor Hirohito (as the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Army and Navy) guilty of crimes against humanity. Furthermore, it called on the Japanese Government to administer corrective measures to fulfill its responsibility.

The trafficking of women and children for profiteering in sexual services is a fast-growing enterprise. International laws and the national laws of more than 130 countries make it illegal to traffic any person for sexual purposes. Nevertheless, millions of women and children are trafficked every year, roughly 10 percent of which are children. Although people can also be trafficked for slave-like labour and other forms of exploitation, sex trafficking is by far the number one nemesis. Almost every sex trafficked person is a female.

Sex trafficking is always extremely painful and tormenting for the victims. Even the basic right to be treated as a human being, freedom and happiness are seriously violated. Furthermore, victims are forced to surrender their bodies, health, and security, to people who treat them like animals. Sex trafficking is a part of a larger problem called Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking can be defined as, "The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation." (UNODC, 2000, ‘United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the Protocols Thereto’ via Sex Workers and HIV/AIDS).


  •  Kidnapping.
  •  Rape, gang-rape, and other sexual violations (constantly servicing customers, many of which are violent, stinky and dirty).
  •  Physical and verbal abuse, as a general rule a trafficked woman is 'broken-in' when she arrives at the designated destination. The 'breaking-in' process involves rape or gang-rape, and beatings. Virtually all sex-trafficked victims become prostitutes.
  •  Loss of previous life.
  •  Many of the women who are trafficked to other, sometimes far-reaching countries are Slavic or Asian. They come from countries that are enduring economic hardship and suffer from rampant corruption. Human rights are usually not a priority.
  •  Victims may be citizens of the country, legal residents, or illegal undocumented aliens. It’s easier to control and manipulate illegal aliens, their passport, money, and identification cards are confiscated. Undocumented aliens fear the authorities and of being deported.
  •  Immigration Officers may be able to detect forged passports of their own country with foreign passports it’s more difficult.
  •  Being taken to a far-off country, not knowing the language or the terrain.
  •  This enterprise if often one aspect of a multi-crime organization; drugs and narcotics, violent crime, fraud, etc.
  •  Some victims work in legal enterprises like escort agencies, massage parlours, or strip clubs.
  •  Bondage (may be prolonged); debt bondage.
  •  Hunger and dehydration; low quality food.
  •  Prolonged fear and apprehension.
  •  Health problems, little or no medical care.
  •  STDs, sex without protection.
  •  Having to deal with semen discharges from countless men.
  •  Possibly being killed.
  •  Feeling like the world doesn’t care.
  •  Missing out on having a normal childhood.
  •  PTSD
  •  Relationship problems.
  •  Unwanted pregnancy, unsafe forced abortions.

“They forced me to sleep with as many as 50 customers a day. I had to give [the pimp] all my money. If I did not [earn a set amount] they punished me by removing my clothes and beating me with a stick until I fainted, electrocuting me, cutting me,” said Kolab, a sex trafficking victim from Cambodia. ( Global Sex Trafficking Fact Sheet).

Sex trafficking is a worldwide phenomenon. It can happen in any major city of the world, in small towns, or elsewhere. A girl using the alias Sacharay was 14 years-old (now 19) when her terrible ordeal began. At the time, she was in a Florida middle school, more shocking but not very surprising, in the hallway of the school.

Picked on often because of her dark complexion, she was a relatively easy target for the pimp in disguise. Later, she began to wear eye glasses; that made matters worse her tormentors began to call her ‘four-eyes’, they knew they were hurting her feelings. She desperately needed a ‘good friend’ a ‘saviour’ of sorts. Then, it happened, an older student came to her ‘rescue’ offering to be her friend.

The friend wasn’t a male it was another girl, thereby making it easier for Shacharay to lower her guard. Sacharay believed that this newfound friend was her best friend. She opened up, telling her all. In hind sight, it appeared that the first red flag (warning sign) occurred when her friend convinced her to skip school. They went to the barber shop. She was introduced to several guys, one of which appeared to be in his 30s.

This older man took notice of Sacharay, giving her gifts, flattering her, and giving her advice about life and about being an adolescent, going so far as advising her to not arguing with family members. He became a father figure, but somewhere along the line they started to have sex (an adult male was having a sexual Relationship with a minor). Under U.S. Federal Law, a person Under 18 years of age convinced into commercial sex is a victim of sex trafficking; no force or coercion needs to be made.

As is the case with this kind of smooth-talking pimps who gain the companionship and trust of their victims, much more was needed, and it was to be at the expense of the victim. He began to ask Sacharay for assistance; he needed her help to make money. Initially, he convinced her to have sex with one other man. Thereafter, he told her that he loved her for that. Then, it was 2 and 3, and yet more men. Sacharay now understood what she was doing, but continued because he made her feel like she was exceptional.

Sacharay’s predicament became much worse she was forced to sell herself to many men, dozens a day. The rendezvous would occur in motel rooms near a freeway (for a quick exit and disappearance). Occasionally they’d meet behind the barber shop. The breaking point came when Sacharay was in extreme pain, having had sex with nearly 40 men in a single day. She told her pimp how she felt, but as is the usual case he was callous, going so far as threatening her while he was holding a gun in his hand. It was now apparent to Sacharay that this so-called Romeo was really a devil in disguise.

"What we know about sex crimes is that it's not about sexual pleasure. It's about control ... What is similar to some of those girls that I work with is their self-esteem or lack thereof. You either become vulnerable to a man on the street or a man you meet in school. You become vulnerable because you're looking for attention,” said Anique Whitmore, a forensic psychologist based in Atlanta. (July 21, 2015, By Leif Coorlim and Dana Ford; Sex trafficking: The new American slavery).

The Republic of Moldova, located in Eastern Europe, gained its independence on August 27, 1991, is a hotbed for sex trafficking, with up to 25,000 victims, some as young as 12 years of age, every year. Sadly, these victims lose the very independence that the people of Moldova so preciously love. Many of Moldova’s sex trafficked victims are tricked into believing that there are good job opportunities available for them in another country, sometimes thousands of miles away. Most Moldovan victims are poor and come from the countryside.

Victoria was told by a childhood friend that she’d worked in a woman’s boutique in Dubai and could help her find a similar job. Her friend organized a rendezvous with a man who arranged her trip to Odessa, Ukraine, onto Kiev, and then to Dubai. Upon her arrival in Dubai, she was approached by Oxana, a Russian-speaking woman. Oxana took Victoria to an apartment wherein there were 6 other Eastern European girls. Oxana told Victoria that she’d been sold and then took her passport. Initially, Victoria resisted seeing clients, resulting in food deprivation. Her cries and appeals resulted in blows and kicks. Furthermore, her captors told her that they’d paid a lot of money for her, and that she was obligated to pay them back.

Victoria was locked up and was always under the watchful eyes of her captors. No doubt, they were trying to prevent an escape. Weakness and in a state of famish, Victoria finally broke, she started servicing clients without any resistance. Later, she was forced to work on the Streets and nightclubs every single day, servicing up to a dozen men, sometimes more, in hotels and houses. Later, she had to have an abortion. By being allowed to use a client’s phone, she was able to receive help from a women resulting in her escape. She worked in Istanbul for a year before being arrested by police during a raid. She was deported to Moldova and Ukraine, without any money.

“My captors took all the money on the pretext I owed them for flights and accommodation. The security guy who drove me everywhere raped me every time I refused his advances, which was almost daily. My bruises and cuts were habitually covered with cheap make-up. After a few weeks I managed to use the phone of one of my clients and called a friend I knew in Dubai.” (April 17, 2014, By Stella Brinzeanu; Beaten, raped, tortured and starved: The shocking fate of Eastern European sex trafficking victims revealed).

Irina, another Moldovan, had been suffering since childhood; she had an abnormal, painful upbringing. She was beaten and impregnated by her father before being trafficked to Turkey. Irina’s family was very poor they fed their dog dried corn. Irina’s mother died of breast cancer, thereafter, her father was sent to prison for raping Irina. She was now by herself, poor, and pregnant.

Irina’s godmother aided her in getting an abortion and arranged for her departure to Turkey. At the airport in Istanbul, Irina was approached by 2 men who drove her to her new home and working place, wherein, there were 3 other girls, Moldovan and Ukrainian. She was told that she had to service clients. She was punished for telling the men that she was pregnant. “I told them I was pregnant but the men raped me in the next room that same day.” (ibid)

Cambodia is another major hot-bed for sex slavery, with virtually no limits on the minimum age of girl victims. Srey Pov was forced to grow up really fast and to endure some of the most horrific torment and brutality a human can endure. She broke down during her interview with Nicholas Kristof regarding her years as a child prostitute.

Shockingly, it was Srey Pov's family who sold her to a brothel when she was no more than 6 years of age; she should've been in school with her friends. Naturally, she had no idea what sex was, but was forced to understand and endure rape, many times over, without mercy. A Western pedophile purchased her virginity. She had no idea what virginity was or that hers was for sale. The brothel keepers stripped her naked, and then strapped her down, star-shaped (spread-eagled) and readied her for rape. Even if she wasn't strapped, a 6 year-old would've been unable to fight back against her rapist. The brothel keepers wanted to ensure that she would be an easy virgin, no trouble.

During the rape, Srey Pov cried a lot and asked the rapist why he was committing this act against her. Following this episode, she became a 'prized star’, she recalls around 20 clients raped her every night. Worse yet, the brothel workers sutured her vagina on 2 occasions. This wasn't done for her health or benefit, but to resell her as a full-fledged virgin. Virgins, especially very young ones bring in the most money. It hurt her a lot unfortunately this is a frequent occurrence in Asian brothels. The clients can't notice the difference; her vagina is very tight, it will bleed, and the victim will scream in agony.

Virtually every sex trafficked and sex enslaved victim capitulates, in other words she or he surrenders. The pimps, brothel workers and tormentors have an incredible advantage.

They're ruthless, likely have the victim locked up or hidden somewhere, and her or his cries of despair either land on deaf ears or are met with additional brutal beatings. Many victims have been sent to far off places, their passports and money are taken, they don't know the terrain of the new country, or speak its language. The traffickers will do whatever it takes to break their prostitutes.

Srey Pov tried to escape the brothel on numerous occasions, resulting in a brutal beating, and she was forced to endure electric shock. More so, every time she rebelled, they reserved a special punishment for her. She was stripped naked, locked in darkness, in a filthy barrel half-full of excrement and urine, full of insects and fleas, and scorpions that routinely stung her. She was placed therein for an hour or 2. But, as she recalls, the longest period was about a week. Even the worst of brutal dictatorships couldn’t come up with something so wickedly weird. Much of the blame has to fall on the head of the clients, without them, these child and sex-trafficked brothels wouldn’t exist.

Miraculously (I say this word with enthusiasm and without exaggeration), Srey Pov was able to escape. At the age of 9 she managed to outrun the guard, zooming away from that hell-hole of a brothel. She discovered a shelter run by Somaly Mam, a hard-working anti-trafficking activist who knows what it feels like to be forced to prostitute yourself; she’d previously been in that predicament. The Somaly Mam Foundation combats human trafficking in Southeast Asia. She has led several brothel raids, leading to more closures for fear of the law. As of 2011, Srey Pov was 19 years-old. Although she won't be able to forget her terrifying ordeals, she's a very brave soul, having improved significantly.

"Before I didn’t like men because they hit me and raped me ... But now I think that not all men are bad. If I find a good man, I can marry him.” (November 16, 2011, By Nicholas Kristof; The Face of Modern Slavery).

Not surprisingly, 25 year-old Megan Stephens suffers from PTSD. 11 years ago, at the age of 14, she was forced to endure 6 years as a prostitute, working the Streets, in brothels, and in dilapidated motel rooms having to endure incredible physical and sexual abuse. Being trafficked in the sex industry can happen under a variety of circumstances, even like Megan’s.

Megan’s ordeal began while she and her mother were on vacation in Greece. Megan admits that during her ordeal her identity was completely robbed. She had a troubled childhood her parents divorced when she was 4, both of her parents abused alcohol.

While in Greece Megan felt a powerful urge to be loved. It didn’t take long for ‘Mr. Wrong’ to approach her, knowing that she was a young tourist, alone, and conveying signs of loneliness; hence, her guard was down. On her first vacation night a dark-haired, dark-complexioned Albanian man named Jak took notice of Megan, she responded. She didn’t know it at the time but her response was likely the costliest mistake of her life. Within days, she thought she was in love. Within weeks Megan persuaded her mother not to return to England. She moved in with her newfound love, her mother moved in with a local bar owner. Using hindsight, Megan admits that she was naive.

Although there was a communication barrier, initially Jak treated Megan well and was quite alluring. But as time passed Jak became more controlling. His mood altered without warning. Jak moved on to the next phase, telling Megan that his mother had cancer and that his family needed money for treatment. He told Megan that he wanted to have a family with her and live in a beautiful home. But for that to happen, both would have to move to Athens, his cousins would set them up with cafe’ jobs. Megan complied this meant leaving her mother behind.

In reality there was no cafe’ work. This was the beginning of her prostitution work. She was now under the control of ruthless pimps and sex traffickers. Jak gave her a cardboard box, dropping her off in front of a building. He ordered Megan to deliver the cardboard box to a man on the top floor. Not only did the man rape her, but he filmed the act too. It’s almost certain the video was sold on the porn market.

Megan was raped so badly her blood was on the bed-sheets. The man handed her 50 British Pounds. Looking into the cardboard box she noticed it contained a large number of condoms. Megan’s virginity was lost through rape. More so, she was forced to have sex with strangers for money, up to 8 a day. Nevertheless, she was still in love with Jak, and believed that the money was for his mother’s treatment; she was willing to do anything for him.

Megan endured much physical and mental abuse at the hands of Jak. Whenever she told him she’d had enough prostituting herself he threatened to kill her mother. Soon, she needed Jak and his criminal friends for everything (food, shelter, transport, etc.), she was now firmly under their control. Later, she was forced to work in different brothels, and also as a streetwalker in Italy. Megan had become a transportable prostitute. She was terrified of the men and women in this enterprise. Her worst night involved having sex with 110 men (according to her) before becoming very sick.

“That was horrible ... I was scared of the other women as well as the clients. They were very, very tough characters ... They [the men] were queuing up outside. There were 10 to 15 rooms in the same place and it’s just ... literally, you don’t stop ... If I did 40 to 50 people that would be nothing. It wasn’t enough,” said Megan. (January 18, 2015, By Elizabeth Day; I Was Sold into Sexual Slavery).

Later on Jak gave Megan to another pimp named Christoph. It was almost certainly a paid transaction, she was a valuable commodity. Under Christoph Megan was moved around frequently, working in brothels, hotels, and apartments. The tormentors were experienced, forcing Megan to send postcards to her mother informing her that she was still doing cafe’ work and was happy in Athens.

“These traffickers are really ... clever ... I want people to understand it’s not as easy as getting up and leaving. I should have got up and gone, but I didn’t because of the mental power they had over me. It is really powerful. It’s actually like they’ve taken over what identity you have and turned you into their property, a thing to be controlled. Robotic is the right word,” said Megan. (ibid)

Following a psychotic breakdown, Megan was sent to a Greek hospital wherein she spent 3 months. Finally, she felt a semblance of safety. A good thing because she opened up about what’d happened to her. Hospital staff contacted Megan’s mother. They were re-united. Eventually, they returned to the UK. A physician put her on Prozac. Megan suffered from PTSD, causing her to jump at loud noises and to be fearful of large crowds. More so, she used alcohol as an aid, and underwent a series of failed relationships. The good news is, she was able to find and hold a job, and appears to be getting better as time passes. Nevertheless, the 6 years of hell are too painful and intrusive to be forgotten.

Remy is a survivor of the sex trade. At the age of 12 she was sold to a brothel for $73. Remy grew up in a city in the Philippines. The atmosphere at home was quite turbulent. Arguments and fights occurred on a regular basis. Remy didn’t feel secure. Her father had no concern for the other family members. He was sent to jail often, he was a terrible role model. Furthermore, Remy's mother was verbally abusive to her.

She regularly told Remy that she was like her father - worthless and useless; she believed her mother. What Remy didn't know at the time, was that she would later be forced to endure an even more horrible fate.

One day, when Remy was 12, something terrible happened to her, she was betrayed by a close relative. Her uncle brandished a knife on her and then raped her. Following the rape Remy realized that there would be no one in her family to turn to. She felt obliged to run away; maybe, she thought, that perhaps love and care could be found elsewhere.

At 12 years of age a sex trafficker sold Remy to a brothel for $12. There, she was introduced to the other prostitutes. "I felt no hope at all. I felt like a bird trapped inside a cage. I felt like I was inside a cage and no one could help me ... In your whole life, the happiest moment is to feel free from the darkness ... I thought GOD didn't care about me. Now, I feel so important to Him. Whatever is broken in me, GOD has found the people to complete me again." ( She was sold as a Sex Slave for $73).

Remy never stopped hoping for a better and more comfortable life. One day, the sex trafficker took Remy aboard a ship. They docked at Cebu City, Philippines. The police were waiting for them resulting in arrests. This was the best thing that happened to Remy. She soon discovered that it was a rescue. She was sent to Love146, a rescue organization.

Following an 8 day fact-finding investigation in Japan, Maud de Boer-Buquicchio a UN investigator condemned the country's inability to address the sexual exploitation of children. According to de Boer Buquicchio some of the forms aren't truly criminalized, including the prevalent JK business (joshi kousei-female high school student), which includes photos of school girls in sexually alluring attire, and JK o-sampo (honourable walks with high school girls) to sexual services.

During an October 2015 press conference at the Japan National Press Club in Tokyo De Boer-Buquicchio said that she had visited local governments, interviewed victims and businesses, and visited shelters for sexually abused children. She indicated that 13 percent of Japanese schoolgirls are entangled in some form of enjo kossai (compensated dating). In addition, very young children are entangled in the production of erotica and the commercialization of 'junior idols' is unacceptable, in spite of it being nominally legal in the country.

There are JK businesses that are fronts for teenage prostitution and sex trafficking. According to Lighthouse Japan, an NGO that combats human trafficking, it’s common for girls in JK o-sampo walks to end up in what are erroneously called love hotels with their older clients. De Boer-Buquicchio believes this is a very lucrative business that appears to be socially accepted and permitted.

In 2014, Japan amended the child prostitution and pornography law, criminalizing the private ownership of child pornography. However, there was a 1 year grace period (penalty free) for persons who already own child pornography.

"Even if the criminals are convicted the sentences are extremely low ... the whole atmosphere of impunity needs to change," said De Boer-Buquicchio. (October 27, 2015, By Jake Adelstein; The Sexual Exploitation of Children in Japan is condemned by UN after Investigation).

On a positive note there are voices of protest coming from within Japan. Conveying an important message at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Tokyo, 25 year-old activist Yumeno Nito, founder of Colabo, a Tokyo-based aid group for marginalized teen girls, made clear that the current problem engulfing the part-time work industry and sexual exploitation of JK girls has worsened.

Although Japanese Police have made some headway in tackling this problem, traffickers are out-witting them by using legal loopholes to alter the facade of their businesses. Nito claims that the central government isn't interested in eliminating this particular commercial enterprise. A large number of JK girls come from less privileged families, may suffer from learning disabilities, or are victims of abuse. Furthermore, the supposed 'non-sexual' nature of these enterprises is a facade, Nito claims to have spoken to many JK girls in fact they were pressured into having sex by their male clients.

“Japan significantly lags behind other industrialized nations in cracking down on child prostitution. Instead, the government downright ignores what is happening to those girls ... But this thinking does not solve the problem. The society instead must think how to change the background or environment of the girls by providing them with care and support so they don’t find themselves in these businesses," said Nito. (By Tomohiro Osaki, Staff Writer; Activist slams indifference to sexual exploitation of girls in ‘JK’ industry).

Cambodian child prostitutes are even cheaper than those of Thailand, selling for as little as $5 U.S. In the past few years, the number of tourists in Cambodia has doubled, to more than 4 million in 2014. Famous attractions include temples, splendid beaches, and cheap and easily accessible prostitutes, many of which are children.

The most recent target has been Cambodia's orphanages. Men posing as tourists or volunteers are able to have easy access to the targeted children.

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) released a report in February of 2015 conveying its concern regarding 'orphanage tourism', a growing problem wherein child sexual abuse occurs. What's more, many child prostitutes are street children.

Minister Thon Khon was quoted by the newspaper Cambodia Daily saying, "there are 659 adult entertainment venues across the country employing more than 11,000 workers. Not all of them are sex workers, of course. More than one in four establishments is unlicensed, according to the report, so the government does not regulate them. The statistics do not inspire confidence." (March 20, 2015, By Katja Dombrovski; Dubious Reputation).

Sex tourists and local patrons commonly require underage girls and boys. Cambodian men are the most significant source of demand for child prostitution. The problem is further aggravated by the numerous foreign men entering the country for the purpose of seeking child prostitutes. Street-level child prostitutes tend to be boys; many pedophile tourists know this. Most Cambodians want this problem to be eradicated.

Brazil has been plagued by child prostitution (10 years and older), some estimates place the number at half a million. Money-starving pimps know the routine quite well. Commonly, they lock up the child prostitutes, coerce them into using drugs, and once addiction ensues they use it as a weapon to keep them working and dependent. Prostitution is legal in Brazil. However, pimps dress their child prostitutes like adults. The clients know this, and so do the authorities.

There was a noticeable rise in prostitution right before the 2014 World Cup, more foreign tourists (hundreds of thousands), amongst them clients who have a desire for children. Nevertheless, in Brazil paying for sex with a girl 17 years of age or younger is against the law. But far-reaching, prevalent poverty, hunger, homelessness, broken homes (many of which were sexually abused therein) desperation, and naivety, has compelled children to fall under the domain of monstrous pimps.

“We know there are significant risks to children before, during, and after major sporting events. The majority of fans and tourists traveling to Brazil for the World Cup would be horrified at the thought of causing harm to the nation’s children. But unfortunately, some will take advantage,” said Sarah de Carvalho, founder and CEO of British charity, Happy Child International. (June 18, 2014, By Carol Kuruvilla, New York Daily News; Brazil battling uptick in child prostitution during World Cup 2014).

Erica a 14 year-old from Recife, has an all-too-common story, “I spent two hours with two men in a room taking my virginity ... After that, I ran away. I went to live on the streets I slept in square under bridges.” (ibid)  Erica is now pregnant, but thankfully was able to escape her life as a child prostitute. She lives in one of Happy Child International’s homes for abused women.

Juba, South Sudan is enduring a terrifying rise in child prostitution. Many unattended minors who roam the streets are at increased risk of being victimized by sex traffickers and pimps, later, they’ll be victimized on a daily basis by adult male clients. The recent regional civil war followed by internal conflict has been instrumental in causing this problem, in addition extreme poverty, desperation, destruction of family units and homelessness.

“When the children grow up a bit, they start looking after themselves or even their parents. They start selling plastic bottles or polishing shoes. As the girls get older, 12 and upwards, many enter commercial sex work,” (June 29, 2-14, By Simona Foltyn; South Sudan child prostitution on the rise).

Many of the adult prostitutes in South Sudan are from bordering or nearby countries, including Uganda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Expectedly, HIV/AIDS and STDs are ever-present problems. NGOs are handing out condoms, but funding is a big problem.

"We handed out 9,000 condoms in November 2013, but then there was no more funding for 7 months, until we finally got new materials this week,” said Alex Wani, Director of South Sudan's Youth United against Aids, a community based organisation that works with sex workers. (ibid)

Susan, a 14 year-old orphan who works in Seirkat market, says that she’s unable to live off prostitution due to her young age. Three customers a day is her limit, thereafter she needs to rest for a few days. 14 year-old Mary (HIV/AIDS positive), a Dinka from Bor, also works in Seirkat market, says that she’s alone in Juba, as such she was forced to work in a brothel to make some money. Mary, like many other girls was introduced to prostitution by friends.

According to information acquired by Aljazeera interviews of 15 working girls in Gumbo and Jebel markets, girls are required to pay brothel owners $5-10 for a room. Many such girls may only earn as little as $10 a day, barely enough to eke out a living. In effect they’re trapped in a vicious cycle, the authorities lack the resources to help, and in many instances simply don’t care. Abuse at the hands of clients and police occur regularly.

On the books, prostitution is illegal in South Sudan, with brothel owners facing up to 2 years behind bars, persons employing, aiding, or safekeeping minors for the explicit purpose of engaging in sexual activities (prostitution) can face 7 - 12 years behind bars. In fact, however, the prostitutes are the ones who are arrested, brothels and their owners appear to be off limits, at least for the time being. A brothel owner need only say the establishment or house is used for rental purposes, or that he or she didn’t know it was being used as a brothel.

As conveyed to Aljazeera by a woman who understandably wished to remain anonymous, “They {the police} come with force, in uniforms and use the ladies ... If they find a condom in the house you get arrested, taken to the police ... and charged with {fined} 500 pounds ($125).” (ibid)

37 year-old Bridgett Perrier, an Anishinabe woman, says that she worked as a child prostitute in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She mustered up the courage to convey her story following reports by Christine Stark, an American researcher claiming that indigenous women are being sold on ships in Lake Superior. Her research consisted of interviews with First Nations women who said that they were trafficked on ships between Thunder Bay and Duluth, Minnesota.

"I'm sure if these ships were bringing in big amounts of drugs [the authorities] would be on it ... But what about the girls that disappear ... First Nations girls are targeted and that's my biggest concern is that there are bull's eyes put on them and no one is doing anything,” said Perrier. (September 6, 2013, By Jody Porter; Child prostitution victim warns of sex trade on ships).

By her own admission, Perrier worked as a prostitute on more than 20 ships at Thunder Bay's port, her initiation was at the age of 12. Sailors are usually hurried, with limited time they get down to business, frequenting bars to pick up clusters of girls to bring back to their dwellings. Perrier highlights one incident wherein she boarded a ship with a man who showed her the jail cells therein. Worse yet, he spoke about Lake Superior being very deep and cold a person therein would never be discovered. Perrier thought that she was in a major predicament. Thankfully, she made it to Minnesota, some of the others don’t.

"The fact that you have murdered and missing women in this country and a real lack of response from the police, what kind of indirect message does that send to Canadians ... That they're [First Nations women} not worthy, they're not worthy of protection," said Perrier. (ibid)

Perrier dyed her hair blonde and is fair-skinned, allowing her to hide her First Nations status, if discovered she almost certainly would've endured more violence and disrespect or perhaps killed. Currently, Perrier works as a counsellor and advocate, claiming that she's been told by victims that the 'sex parties' on board ships haven't abated. However, detractors, including law enforcement on both sides of the border say that this isn't so. Thunder Bay police say that they have no knowledge of any prostitution in the city's port. Duluth police are dubious about smuggling women off ships in America, citing increased security at ports following the 911 attacks.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) has a serious prostitution problem. The United Nations believes that in PNG as many as 2 out of 3 females 15-24 years of age prostitute themselves for money. This occurs, in spite of the fact that prostitution and brothels are illegal in the country. Sex workers in PNG are desperate, having no other viable options for survival they sell their own bodies for food, shelter, and some do so to pay for school tuition. Society as a whole and families of prostitutes convey little or no sympathy for these girls and young women, in fact they’re persecuted, shunned, and often-times endure physical violence. Sexual assault and rape is very common. More so, an estimated 13 percent of PNG prostitutes are HIV/AIDS positive. Many of the prostitutes want to use condoms, but the clients want 'skin-on-skin' sex. It’s common for girls who insist on using condoms to be physically assaulted by a client. Nevertheless, the government is in denial.

Port Moresby, the capital of PNG, is a major hub of prostitution. Bertha is a pimp who works in the city; she claims to be in her 40s but looks considerably older. She casually negotiates the prices clients are willing to pay for the services of her prostitutes. Furthermore, she hands out condoms and safe-sex word-of-mouth. Bertha claims that her working girls are like daughters to her, and that she likes being around them, but at the same time, she readily admits that she’s their pimp. When not pimping, she does volunteer work at a children's charity. She believes that without her, no one else would help her prostitutes. What's more, she believes that they love her, and by some twisted form of thinking, that she's doing them much good.

'I'm {Bertha} like a mother to them. The girls here, I know about them – and I am counselling them and I talk to them to check themselves up, otherwise they might kill themselves ... I tell them, 'always use condoms, don't drink alcohol with the men, don't get in cars and go far away’ ... If any of the girls get in trouble they know they can phone Bertha for help ... What they do isn't really important but their life is really important ... I try my best to save their lives." (October 27, 2015, By Brian Cassey for Daily Mail Australia; The hidden shame of prostitution in Papua New Guinea, where TWO THIRDS of young women sell sex for money).

The child prostitution problem in PNG is getting worse, and at a staggering level too. More so, a citation in the Post Courier Newspaper indicates there has been a 30 percent rise in the number of minors prostituting themselves in nightclubs. To make matters worse, there has been a rise in poverty in the country, urban drift, and lack of affordable living in the country's major cities. Breakup of families is very common and lack of parental controls of children help open the door to crime and other disastrous behaviours. When children end up on the streets, because of homelessness or they aren't in school what can we expect? They'll be easy pickings for predators. Many PNG prostitutes didn’t intend on getting into this line of work, but were somehow convinced by friends, were in a state of abject poverty, or were coerced into doing so. The saddest cases of all involve one or both parents actively or indirectly inducing their children into prostitution.

"Sarah, a mother of two, normally brought her two daughters, aged 16 and 12, into town to a pre-determined collection point where a pimp picked them up to be taken to their client, whilst she waited around for her daughters to return. Sarah informed the research assistant that she had to allow her daughters to be involved in sex work, to be able to get food for her family and feed the younger children." (Source: ILO Report on Child Labour in Papua New Guinea via Exploring the Dark World of Female Child Prostitution in Papua New Guinea; November 9, 2014, By Alicia Lynch).

Some victims are prostituted not for money or material goods, but to satisfy the cruel desires and fantasies of a psychopathic sadistic rapist. He turns his victims into ‘free prostitutes’.

Ariel Castro was born on July 10 1960 in San Juan Puerto Rico to Pedro Castro and Lillian Rodriguez he died on September 2, 2013 at the Correctional Reception Center in the Pickaway Correctional Institution in Orient, Ohio. Castro is not your typical sadistic serial rapist. Throughout his reign of terror inflicted upon his 3 (known) victims, he was geographically stable. Castro, a Cleveland school bus driver, who had been accused of kidnapping and imprisoning, raping and beating 3 women, escaped the death penalty by pleading guilty on July 26, 2013 to 937 charges, carrying a life sentence without parole plus another 1000 years.

“They {the victims} are satisfied by this resolution to the case, and are looking forward to having these legal proceedings draw to a final close in the near future,” based on a statement released on the victims’ behalf. (By Associated Press, July 27, 2013; US Man Pleads Guilty in Kidnap, Rape Case).

Castro apologized to his victims, but also tried to downplay his level of responsibility for his heinous crimes by placing blame on his addiction to pornography and childhood abuse. Furthermore, he denied that his victims were raped; in reality it appeared that he had little or no empathy for them, and lacked any remorse.

“I {Ariel Castro} am not a monster ... If you asked my daughter, she would say, ‘My dad is the best dad in the world’ ... All the sex was consensual ... The girls were not virgins. They had multiple sex partners before me.”(By Associated Press, Reuters, and Jessica Wright; September 4, 2013, The Sydney Morning Herald: Ariel Castro Found Dead in Jail Cell).

Castro’s victims included Gina De-Jesus, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight. Each had disappeared separately between 2002 and 2004; they were 14, 16, and 20 years-old at the time of their kidnapping. Castro had lured each of the victims into his fold by offering them a ride. Thereafter, Castro went so far as to attend vigils with the family of one of his victims, knowing very well that he was the cause of her disappearance and of her family’s grieving.

Castro had no mercy on any of his 3 known victims, frequently raping, beating, and restraining them. Worse yet Castro fathered a child with Amanda Berry. The child was born on December 25, 2006. One of the other victims helped in the delivery of the baby. She was rewarded by being raped on the same day. Gena De-Jesus was impregnated 5 times, but miscarried each time due to Castro’s starving and frequently punching her. The victims were able to escape Castro’s boarded up house, which was ringed by a tall chain link fence, by kicking part of the door.

On the evening of September 3, 2013 Castro was discovered hanging near a bed-sheet in his cell at the Correctional Reception Center in the Pickaway Correctional Institution in Orient, Ohio. "These {Castro and his likes} degenerate molesters are cowards ... This man couldn't take, for even a month, a small portion of what he had dished out for more than a decade," said Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty. (Lateef Mungin and Dave Alsup; CNN Justice: Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Dead: Commits Suicide in Prison, September 4, 2013).

Some husbands are so atrocious they’ll prostitute their own wives for free, for the sexual pleasure of it. On case in point involves a 71 year-old Hamilton, Ontario man who forced his new 54 year-old wife (identity protected) to be a ‘sex slave’ shared with his friends in threesomes was sentenced to prison, a term of 5 years. The presiding judge was Ontario Superior Court Justice Kim Carpenter-Gunn. In January of 2011, the husband pleaded guilty to one count each to sexual assault and extortion. The husband threatened to have his wife deported back to the Philippines if she did not comply with his sexual demands.

In November of 2008, the husband was arrested and spent 8 months in jail for brutally assaulting his wife, punching her so hard he fractured 22 bones in her face. It was during this period that the victim mustered up the courage to convey her story to the police. The couple married in 2004, over a year later the threesomes began, lasting for 2 years.

“He betrayed her for his own sexual gratification. He forced her to participate and held her sponsorship over her head that he threatened to revoke if she did not comply. He essentially turned her into a sex slave for his own distorted sexual pleasure ... It is the emotional scars and trauma — the embarrassment, the shame she has endured for a long period of her life, the loss of confidence and self-esteem,” said Assistant Crown attorney Janet Booy. (March 29, 2011, Hamilton Spectator, By Ken Peters; Husband who made wife a ‘sex slave’ off to penitentiary).

The victim chose to read her victim impact statement to the court. In it she stated that her victimization has caused her to suffer from low self-esteem and ashamed about the incidents, causing her to feel worthless. She cries much of the time when she ponders about what’d happened to her. She’s terrified about what will happen to her when her husband is released from prison. She says that she knows that her husband’s anger and hatred of her are increasing during the period of incarceration. Also, she regrets that her love and feelings for her ex-husband had to end in this manner.

In October of 2015, a 54 year-old French man (name not mentioned for legal purposes) was formally accused of forcing his wife to become a prostitute, wherein, she had sex with 2,700 men. The husband began his wicked enterprise in 2011, earning a whopping 160,000 Euros.

According to Le Parisien the husband listed his wife as a prostitute in 4 separate websites, contacting customers by text messaging and emails. The brothel (family home) received up to 3 visits a day, during which time the husband apparently took the couple’s 5 year-old son and waited in the family car. The husband wielded intense psychological pressure in order to control his wife. Furthermore, he barred her from refusing to surrender herself to the sexual interests of clients, some of whom were grim and quite unpleasant. The wife hasn’t been charged with any crimes.


  •  Hollywood Madam: Born Heidi Fleiss on December 30, 1965, in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of a prominent Los Angeles paediatrician. She did some work as a columnist and was a television personality.

Fleiss began operating a prostitution ring at the age of 22 under the tutelage of ‘Madam Alex’. Fleiss was strongly influenced by her new mentor. She chose to be a prostitute for a limited period of time, enabling her to understand the ins-and-outs of the prostitution business.

In 1990, Fleiss went her own way, creating a prostitution enterprise, wherein, she claims to have made her first million dollars within a few months as the Madam of the enterprise. Fleiss became so successful it was only a matter of time before she would have to go head-to-head against the authorities. In 1994, the U.S. Government filed charges against her, forcing Fleiss to post a whopping $1 million bail. Fleiss has had other problems to deal with including alcohol and drug addiction. In addition, she’s had multiple plastic surgeries.

Fleiss also had problems with California State authorities however her conviction was overturned in 1996. Nevertheless, she was sentence to 7 years of prison time by the government. She spent 20 months at the Federal Correctional Institute at Dublin, California. She was then sent to a halfway house and ordered to perform community service. During her hay-day as the ‘Hollywood Madam’ her clients included men who were wealthy, influential, famous, married, sports figures, artists, and politicians.

More recently in the Fall of 2015 Fleiss’ notorious ‘Black Book’ containing the names of her numerous clients will be put up for auction, the opening bid will be $100,000, on eBay. The only person brazen enough to admit that he was one of Fleiss’ clients is Charlie Sheen. The rest of the names were kept ‘classified’. At least on this point, she was trustworthy. According to Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ), sellers will be removing one name every day for 10 days.

In 2002, Fleiss who was on the Larry King Show said, “These are the richest people on earth that I'm dealing with ... They'll pay $3 million on a hand of blackjack and have five hands going.” (September 20, 2015, By Heidi Parker for; Famed Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss will see her infamous Black Book go up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $100,000).

  •  Manhattan Madam: Born Kristen M. Davis on July 7, 1977. Ran 3 prominent prostitution rings including Wicked Models, New York Body Miracle, and Maison de l'Amour, all were based in New York City. She became a millionaire, with some clients paying more than $1000 per hour. She served 4 months in Riker’s Island for promoting prostitution. She's had other run-ins with the law including possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance. Davis currently represents the Anti-Prohibition Party.
  •  Fillmore Sims: Born Clarence Sims on October 5, 1934, began a career as a small-time blues musician. During a performance in Dallas, he met his first prostitute. Sims was so enticed by the pimp lifestyle he moved to San Francisco and shortly thereafter became known as ‘The West Coast Godfather of the Game’ and ‘The Pope of Pimping’. By his own admission he employed thousands of prostitutes. Later, he had a streak of bad luck, causing him to revert back to being a blues musician.
  •  The Happy Hooker: Born Xaviera Hollander was born on June 15, 1943. She acquired the name ‘The Happy Hooker’ from her best memoir. She began her career as a secretary to the Dutch and Belgian consuls. The need for more money drove her to become a call girl, amassing high earnings and a reputation in the process.
  •  Self-Proclaimed ‘King of all Pimps’: Born Jason Itzler on February 23, 1967, is currently a businessman, a former pimp, and convicted felon who’s had several major run-ins with the law. During his hay-day, Itzler was making $25,000 a night at his New York brothel, until it was closed down by the authorities.
  •  Sally Stanford: Born Mabel Busby (May 5, 1903 – February 1, 1982), was a notorious madam, restaurateur, and in the 1970s became the mayor of Sausalito, California. Busby began her criminal career as a bootlegger, later entering the prostitution enterprise. Initially, she was small-time, but later opened some of San Francisco’s most exclusive bordellos. Busby had 11 heart attacks and 5 marriages. A die-hard sinner and rebel, her famous quote sums it up, ‘us sinners never give up’.
  •  America’s Pimp-master General: Born Dennis Hoff on October 14, 1946, runs Nevada’s world-renown Moonlite Bunny Ranch (he owns 7 brothels in Nevada) businessman, restaurateur and star of the HBO series Cathouse. Hoff chooses to be a high profile figure, publicly proclaiming his desire for Nevada brothels to be legalized throughout more areas in of the state, including Las Vegas and Reno.

In 2008, Natalie Dylan declared that she would auction off her own virginity, the winner would be celebrated at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch; it didn’t materialize.

  •  Miss Jessie: Born Jessie Williams, started a brothel from a single house in 1905, later known as Texas' Chicken Ranch, running it until the early 1950s. She passed on the ownership of the ranch to a former prostitute named Edna Milton who died in 2012, at the age of 84. Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe closed down the Chicken Ranch in 1973, making it one of the longest continually operating brothel in America. Williams permitted politicians and 'law men' into the brothel but forbade criminals.
  •  D.C. Madam: Born Deborah Jean Palfrey in North Charleroi, Pennsylvania (March 18, 1956 – May 1, 2008) ran the Pamela Martin and Associates escort agency in Washington, D.C. from 1993 to 2006. The company was worth $2 million and had more than 100 employees.

Amusingly, Palfrey studied criminal justice in college. Her first escort business didn’t do well, resulting from her being arrested. During her 18 months in jail she had plenty of time to think about her mistakes and to coordinate a better effort. Following her release she managed to open and operate a lucrative escort agency, employing $300/hour prostitutes. Two of her clients included Senator David Vitter and Washington Times columnist Harlan Ullman.

Palfrey had another run-in with the law. In April of 2008, she was convicted of racketeering, using the mail for unlawful purposes, and money laundering. Facing years behind bars, she hanged herself. Palfrey was adamant about not returning to prison.

Overall, the pimp lifestyle is engulfed in crime and violence. The vast majority of pimps are wicked persons who deserve to be behind bars. They’re a serious threat to society, more so to their victims. Profits from the sexual services of their prostitutes can be as high as 100 percent.

An all-too-typical victim was 17 year-old Alisha. She was expelled from school and lost a basketball scholarship. Pimps like Raymond Sharpe know how to search and find desperate and vulnerable girls. Alisha was promptly recruited by Sharpe. Sharpe was already a hardcore pimp, recruiting and trafficking prostitutes throughout the U.S. He kept his prostitutes in line using a combination of physical force and mental intimidation, it was his expertise. He was a recidivist criminal, with a stockpile of arrests, only a small number of which lead to convictions.

“We shouldn’t judge the institution based on some glamorized info we get from media ... The levels of violence and the nature of this subculture is not what we’ve been presented in the media,” said Alexis Kennedy, a UNLV professor of criminal justice who studies sex trafficking. (March 11, 2013, By Tovin Lapan; Pimp subculture filled with money, manipulation, violence).

Alisha was able to free herself from the grip of Sharpe a year into her servitude, briefly though. But Sharpe was a determined pimp he tracked down Alisha’s sister and then called Alisha. At the time of the call Sharpe and Alisha’s sister were at an ice-cream parlour; it was obvious what was going on. She had to return to her pimp or else. It was a sad story Alisha prostituted herself for Sharpe from 1996 until 2011. It wasn’t until Sharpe beat her (how many previous times he’d done so is unknown), threatened to kill her, and she was able to flee her ‘home’ in the nude except for her thongs. Sharpe was sent to prison for a very long time. How many other innocent girls he destroyed is unknown.

Pimps use utter brutality with the possibility of murder to keep their prostitutes in line. Furthermore, even while incarcerated many manage to continue their criminal enterprise and networks. They’re often wealthy, able to hire the best defence attorneys, making it difficult to bring them to justice. Furthermore, witnesses, including prostitutes are almost always too terrified to speak up; we can’t blame them.

“Typically {pimps} are going to have networking abilities already established in any city before they arrive ... A lot of times the pimps don’t just come to Vegas and live here; they come to Vegas and they work their girls out of Las Vegas, but it might not be their resident state. Las Vegas is a destination for many, many, many pimps,” said Lt. Karen Hughes of the Las Vegas Metro Police vice squad. (ibid)

Pimps are deceitful, recruiting girls and women into the prostitution subculture by presenting a facade of money-making and an attractive, exciting lifestyle; nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately, when the prostitute realizes that she was lied to it’s almost always too late. Physically abusive clients are commonly out of reach of pimps; and often-times the really don't care. As long as the money and more clients are available, it's considered an occupational hazard. But pimps take it personally when another pimp tries to encroach into their territory or snatch one or more of their prostitutes. This kind of a scenario often leads to violence, even cold-blooded murder. Worse yet, gangs have a hand in prostitution, in particular street prostitution. The poor prostitute is a commodity to be sold over-and-over again. The pimp can have any of his prostitutes for sex anytime he wants he literally 'owns' them.

Pimping is a lucrative business for gangs, on par with narcotic sales or any other large-scale criminal enterprise. Gangs love money and power, prostitution will earn them both. Narcotics law violations carry very harsh penalties, and law enforcement is usually more concerned with other serious.

Narcotics spread to areas outside of the ghettos and red light districts. Prostitutes and pimps, on the other hand, are marginalized. Prostitution allows for increased gang members, and with the money 'earned' from this enterprise members can purchase many material goods, flash their money around, and know what it feels like to be rich.

Most prostitutes are not gang members. Their initial indoctrination is that of girlfriend of a gangster. There are 3 varying law enforcement opinions regarding street prostitution, first is that prostitutes pose a threat to the community, the second is that it’s the clients who are the main problem. The third view entails blaming both the prostitutes and the clients for the predicament. Irrespective of which view a particular police agency subscribes to, overall, the control of street prostitution is done by outlawing soliciting, patronizing, or public loitering for the engagement in prostitution.

The social media network is being used as a tool by pimps to ensnare unsuspecting girls and women into the subculture of prostitution. Nina was 18 years-old when she began to communicate with what she thought was a true Romeo, when she clicked ‘ACCEPT’ on her Face-book friends it was a horrendous mistake.

Many unsuspecting people are lured by sweet-sounding messages. Nina’s acceptance of her newfound ‘friend’ cost her dearly, a 4 year stint as a prostitute. Nina had previously been a middle-class college-bound girl. But her big plans were thwarted by her mother’s 2-year prison sentence for financial crimes. She was lonely and very open to new friends on Face-book, in particular, male companionship. She thought that she found a man, no, in reality, he had found her. The messages to-and-fro began. He gave the usual line, claiming that he was falling in love with her, even though they hadn’t met in person. The conversations included taking vacations together, getting married, and having kids. It was way too good to be true. The messaging continued for about a month.

"He sold me the biggest dream in the world ... I thought he really did like me and we were going to live this fairy-tale life together,” said Nina. (February 27, 2013, By Erica Fink and Laurie Segall; CNN Money: Pimps hit social networks to recruit underage sex workers).

The initial meeting took place in the month of September while Nina’s friends were off to college. She travelled 2.5 hours to Seattle, Washington to meet her real-life Romeo in person. The fantasy dissolved almost immediately. Her newfound friend dropped her off on a street where streetwalkers stroll through the area waiting for clients.

Nina could’ve run away, but she chose not to. It was a catastrophic mistake. Her pimp made it clear that she was there to work the Streets. But Nina’s family life was in shambles and she was in dire straits. She still believed that the man loved her so she did what she had to, to please him.

"Pimps are professional exploiters ... Often they're just spamming a whole bunch of girls with messages like, 'Hey, you look cute. I could be your boyfriend’,” says Andrea Powell, executive director of Fair Girls, an organization that helps victims of sex trafficking. (ibid)  Victimization by pimps isn’t limited to poor or desperate girls and women, these hardcore criminals also recruit potential prostitutes from well-to-do families living in upscale neighbourhoods. Justin Strom, a pimp known as ‘J-Dirt’ recruited high school girls from an upscale suburb on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. for 6 years. Strom and other Underground Crips Gang members ran a prostitution ring that entrapped at least 8 16 and 17 year-olds, as stated in court documents.

Each of the prostitutes had to service between 5 and 10 clients every night, priced at $30 for 15 minutes. This particular gang combed through Face-book for good-looking young girls, sending them flattering messages, and asking them if they wanted to make some money, as conveyed to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) by a witness in the case.

Strom had a plethora of fake Face-book accounts, one of which contained more than 800 messages to potential targets. If a girl showed interest, a gang member would arrange a rendezvous. This is the point wherein participation was no longer voluntary.

One 17 year-old victim of Strom’s indicated that she would have nothing to do with prostituting herself. Impulsively, Strom acted violently, he "slammed her head against the window of the vehicle ... forced her to ingest cocaine, and slashed her arm with a knife,” according to court documents. (ibid)

Strom didn’t let her get away. That night he prostituted her to 14 men. Strom made $1000. The victim was physically and emotionally scarred. It’s safe to assume that from the victim’s perspective, that night alone cost her 14 separate rapes, and very likely lifelong emotional trauma.

Another victim of Strom who testified at his sentencing said, "He's a con artist, a monster and a manipulator ... and another victim ... I was brainwashed into believing that having sex with men for money was normal, an everyday thing." (ibid)

Although pimps as a whole have more or less a free hand, with limited prosecutions, sometimes justice does prevail. 47 year-old Alex 'Cowboy' Campbell was an extremely violent pimp.

He physically abused, terrorized, humiliated, and raped the young women he forced into prostitution or to work in his massage parlours. More so, Campbell treated his victims like animals, branding them with quite intrusive tattoos. He ensured that the tattoos were visible, containing words and statements that were flattering to him. Although Campbell finally had his day in court, the tattoos on his victims were a daily reminder to them of their horrific ordeals. Some of his victims had horseshoes tattooed on their necks; one particular young woman had a 13-line 60 word tribute to Campbell.

In court, Campbell claimed that he was specifically targeted for prosecution because he was black, and rejected outright, the testimony of a 26 year-old victim named Nicole. Meanwhile, Campbell referred to her as 'Trinity'. Nicole testified that Campbell used the name 'Trinity' to indoctrinate her into his 'family'.

"I think the worst thing you did to these girls, frankly, is branding them the way you did ... They can't get rid of those tattoos. ... They have a life sentence, all of them. Every time they look in the mirror ... And it's {going to} hurt. Their life sentences compel a life sentence for you," said U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman. (November 26, 2012, By Annie Sweeney, Chicago Tribune; Convicted pimp sentenced to life in prison).

Campbell lived in Glenview, Illinois, running a spa in Mount Prospect. He was convicted in federal jury of numerous counts of forced labour, harbouring illegal immigrants, sex trafficking by force and extortion. Amongst his victims were three from the Ukraine and one from Belarus. They were given little or no pay. According to prosecutors, the women were in the U.S. illegally, tricked into thinking that they were going to get legal work in massage parlours and to have a place to live. Campbell's vehement denials in court were to no avail, he was handed a life sentence.

"Sentences are starting to reflect the severity of the conduct that has been used against {victims} as well as the important message that needs to be sent out so as not to further glorify people who style themselves as pimps," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Diane MacArthur, who prosecuted the case. (ibid)


  •  Is your pimp involved in or is part of a gang?
  •  Are you certain; what makes you think so?
  •  What nicknames, aliases and gang emblems/designs, and tattoos does your pimp wear?
  •  Does your pimp ask you to call him by a special name or designation?
  •  Have you ever worked with other prostitutes belonging to other gang members?
  •  Has your pimp ever communicated with other gang members wherein the topic was about pimping and prostitution?
  •  Has your pimp ever used his membership in a gang as a tool of intimidation against you?
  •  Has your pimp ever allowed other gang members into his pimping domain?
  •  Has your pimp ever used money to help another gang member?
  •  Have you ever been presented to other gang members for sexual favours?
  •  Has your pimp ever had a run-in with a pimp from another gang?
  •  Has your pimp ever ordered you to give your earnings to another gang member?
  •  Has your pimp or other gang members ever boasted about committing a heinous crime, or have you witnessed anything of the sort?
  •  Are you presently terrified of your pimp and his gang?
  •  Is there anything else you can tell us about your pimp's gang membership?
  •  Do you understand that the more you help the authorities the easier it will be to put these hardcore criminals away for a long time, or for life?
  •  Do you believe that the police can protect you, and that they do care about your safety and well-being?


The overwhelmingly male clients of prostitutes are stereotyped by society. There are a multitude of scenarios and reasons why people decide to visit a prostitute. Furthermore, there are many ways a person can contact a prostitute for sex or other interests.

There are different names used to identify persons who buy sex including John, Punter, Hobbyist, Customer, and Client. In the western world the most frequently used word is ‘John’ however, those in the business who want to legitimize or sanitize their work may use the words ‘Customer’ or ‘Client’.

Fred, a retiree, first met a prostitute named Laura online. Unlike most other client-prostitute relationships they spend much time with together, taking walks, have good times, go out to eat, watch television, and of course they have their ups and downs. They’ve been together for 6 years, and they have sex, but Fred has to pay for it. More so, Fred pays Laura to spend time with him, and by his own admission, it’s not only about sex, he needs a woman’s company. He spent many years caring for his mother, and the fact that he lives in a far-off rural area makes it really difficult to meet people. Laura is in this for the money, there’s almost no doubt about that. Worse yet, it looks like she’s taking advantage of a desperate and lonely old man. We must never think that the only victims of prostitution are only the prostitutes, some clients are victims.

"Now we know each other so well that Fred just transfers the money to my bank online before I come to meet him,” said Laura. (August 22, 2014, By Charlotte McDonald; What are the main reasons men pay for sex?).

Robert is married and admits that he’s over-sexed. But his wife doesn’t enjoy sex, leaving him frustrated. Robert claims that all other aspects of his marriage are fine he loves his wife very much and wants to stay married. Robert chose to save as much money as he can for the explicit purpose of buying sex from a prostitute.

I wanted to hang on to my marriage," he says, "I wanted to do right as much as I could by my wife, so the obvious thing was to pay for it." (ibid)

Brian, whose in his 50s and by his account is happily married, began to see prostitutes before meeting his current wife. He claims that the sex in his marriage was dull, so, he decided to pay for sex outside of his marriage. It sounds to me that even if the sex in his marriage was incredible he’d still be using the services of a prostitute. Remember the saying, ‘old habits die hard’.

Many clients don’t know how to form a bond with a woman. For them, the only way to have real sex and perhaps some semblance of a very short rapport is with a prostitute. Under normal circumstances, the client is under no illusion that the prostitute really cares about him.

“I want my ideal prostitute not to behave like one ... to role-play to be a pretend girlfriend, a casual date, not business-like or mechanical. To a third person it looks like we're in love,” said Alex. (January 15, 2010, By Julie Bindel; Why Men Use Prostitution).

Teela Sanders, a UK researcher has written a book discussing the aspect of paying for sex. In it she describes ‘Pull’ Factors’ and ‘Push Factors’. Push factors include things like boredom, loneliness, and unsatisfying sex life. ‘Pull Factors’ include availability and opportunity that men’s (and sometimes women’s) decisions to purchase sex.

Also in her book, Sanders notes that attitudes regarding paying for sex are changing (when there’s no coercion or pedophilia), “We have moved away from the sexist idea that bad women force innocent men to buy their sexual services, but the opposite view that clients are evil, violent, woman-hating brutes who victimise defenceless women is also overstated." (March 20, 2014, By Dr. Brooke Magnanti, formerly known as Belle de Jour, a former call girl; Who exactly are the men who pay for sex?).

In the western world, devoted clients who identify themselves as 'Hobbyists' and seek more expensive or 'classier prostitutes' via call girls, expensive brothels, message boards, or referrals, are likely to be white, earn high income, are professionals and are married. Men who surf the internet in search of prostitutes rather than on foot are more likely to support legality of prostitution, and they believe that prostitutes enjoy their work.

Regarding American male clients of prostitutes one study found that, "While it is noteworthy to recognize that the 1 percent of adult men who paid for sex in 2010 still result in a large number of customers, there is no credible evidence to support the idea that hiring sex workers is a common or conventional aspect of masculine sexual behaviour among men in the United States," study researcher Christine Milrod, of the University of Portland, said in a statement. (March 25, 2013, By Megan Gannon; What Kind of Men Go to Prostitutes?).

Today, more women than ever before are paying for sex because they’re too buried into their work and other matters to have a traditional relationship. Some of these women pay extra for additional non-sexual services related to companionship.

A new UK based academic study whose key figure is Dr. Sarah Kingston, of Lancaster University, and co-led by Dr. Natalie Hammond at Manchester Metropolitan University, involving the interviewing of men, women, and transgender people who pay for sexual services, has in its early stages has shown that women who pay for sex come from all backgrounds and all ages, in particular the 30s and 40s age cohorts.

Escorts revealed that some of their female clients are not interested in or are too pre-occupied to have traditional relationships. Yet other female clients are in an active relationship while they pursue paid sexual services. They do so to add excitement and brighten their relationships with existing partners.

The large-scale advertising of sexual services online has helped busy, working women find a prostitute. A simple call or online message is often all it takes, especially for repeat clients. The UK based study revealed that that there were more than 5200 male escort profiles and over 11,000 female escort profiles in 2010, compared to more than 15,700 male profiles and over 28,600 female now.

Commenting on the study, Dr. Kingston said, “We are seeking to explore the motivations and experiences of women who buy escorts; who and where they buy sex from and how physical and sexual safety is ensured ... paying an escort is a way of ensuring discretion ... some female clients also seem to not want or have the time for a ‘conventional’ relationship.” (May 31, 2015, By Sam Rkaina; More Women than Ever are paying for Sex because they are Too Busy for Conventional Relationships Research Claims).

Streetwalker are almost always on edge whenever they meet a new client, even regulars can become savages in a blink of any eye. There are countless cases of streetwalkers being killed, disappearing, and being beaten, especially the latter.

On August 26, 2012 a prostitute named Celeste Fronsman was discovered by a passerby on the side of a remote road in the Zanesville area of Muskingum County, Ohio.

“I have a woman right here, she's burned severely, she's been raped and she's been beat up,” said the male passerby to the 911 operator. (August 28, 2012, By Megan Keneally; ‘Prostitute’ Found Naked, Raped, and Burned before Being Left for Dead on the Side of the Road).

Fronsman, a prostitute with a long criminal history had been arrested 25 times (ranging from prostitution, drug possession, and 5 counts of domestic violence) in the past 9 years. When she was discovered, Fronsman was naked and burned with a rope wrapped around her neck, and left for dead. She was rushed to the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, where she later died. Law enforcement personnel don’t believe that this was a random killing.

“This was not a random act ... This is one of the most gruesome things I have ever seen in 23 and a half years in law enforcement ... I can't imagine the pain that this lady went through ... There was a vehicle that we were looking for that interested us. We found that last night in the Canton area. There are some people of interest to us that we are currently looking for,” said County Sheriff Matt Lutz. (ibid)

Some psychopaths specifically target prostitutes, in particular streetwalkers, they’re usually easy prey and will get into the car with almost any client.

A prostitute who miraculously survived a horrible attack by the ‘Italian crucifixion killer’ of Florence has come forward with her story. Details of this horrific attack and attempted murder are virtually identical to an attack on 26-year-old Andrea Cristina Zamfir, a Romanian immigrant, whose body was found under a bridge in Ungano, near Florence, in May of 2014. Zamfir was bound with tape with an iron bar in a crucifixion like pose. The police believe that the man who calls himself Alessandro is a serial killer. Judging from the modus operandi he may in fact be ‘the monster of Florence’ killing at least 16 people between 1968 and 1985. Accounts by other prostitutes indicate the grave insanity of the perpetrator.

A Romanian prostitute using the name Martina conveyed her terrifying story which occurred 2 years ago in Florence.

“I was tortured by that maniac. He was like a beast. But not even a beast would be capable of such brutality ... He used a small, light-coloured vehicle to drive Martina to a field ... He didn’t ask for any special requests, but once we arrived he transformed. He had seemed {too quiet}... But as soon as he got out of the car he became a monster. I ran off but he chased me and caught me. At that point I said to him, ‘I’ll do what you want’.” (May 9, 2014, By Hannah Roberts in Rome; Prostitute who survived attack by the Italian 'beast' who murdered a sex worker and left her naked body crucified reveals how the sadist tied her up and tortured her).

He ordered Martina to take off her clothes. He had a wooden pole, electric cables, and tape in his vehicle. He tied her to a pole forcing her into a continuous standing position, her arms crossed in front of her face. He attacked her, then took hold of a pair of pliers and approached her. She admits that she was horrified.

Thankfully, Martina was able to fight him off. Miraculously, her adrenaline level increased profoundly, allowing her to kick him in a very sensitive area. The perpetrator was successfully repulsed he entered his car and then drove off.

Martina described the assailant as a short, chubby, balding man in his 50s, who spoke Italian. Martina was left bound. He took her clothes, money, bag, phone, and everything else that she had on her person. It took Martina several gruelling hours, using her teeth pulling on the tape. Finally, she was able to run to a nearby house and beg for help.

This attacker, who uses the name Allesandro is very likely ‘the monster of Florence’. Aside from his modus operandi and age, a person who commits these kinds of heinous acts usually can’t stop. Death, incarceration, or old age and profound illness are usually the only guarantees.

On a positive note, prostitutes in the affected area are helping police in their investigation. Sooner or later, if he acts again, a devastating mistake will be made.

The most notorious prostitute-killing psychopath in UK history is none other than Jack the Ripper. A total of 11 murders occurred from April 3, 1888 to February 13, 1891. This man is believed to have committed at least 5 of the prostitute murders, all of which were quite gruesome. These murders occurred on the East End of London, and are commonly known as the 'Whitechapel Murders'. Proving the true identity of Jack the Ripper has not been accomplished, contrary to what some people may think.

One suspect was Aaron Kosminsky (September 11, 1865 - March 24, 1919), was an immigrant from Russian Poland to England. He was employed as a hairdresser in Whitechapel, East End of London during the time of the prostitute murders. He was later sent to an insane asylum. In September 2014, armchair detective and author Russell Edwards claimed to have proof of Kaminski's guilt based on DNA evidence. Apparently, a shawl was left at the scene of one of the murders. The fact is, the 'evidence' has been over-polluted, too many people have touched it, and too much time has elapsed. The claim would not hold up in a court of law, any defence attorney would demolish the validity of this find. In addition, Aaron Kosminsky isn't here to defend himself, nor can he be interrogated, therefore, nothing short of legitimate, undeniable proof is necessary to make a post-mortem conviction.


  •  Mary Ann 'Polly' Nichols: Her body was discovered early in the morning of August 31, 1888 by 2 car-men going to work. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist. Initially, the 2 men were hesitant, thinking perhaps that she'd passed out from drunkenness, but upon closer examination they ascertained that she was in fact dead. True citizens, they dashed away in search of a constable. Shortly thereafter, she was discovered by Constable John Neil, during his beat.

Nichols' throat had been deeply severed in 2 locations, practically decapitating her. Part of her abdomen was partially ripped open. More so, the killer made several horrific lacerations therein. It was believed that the weapon used was a knife.

  •  Annie Chapman: A witness saw Annie Chapman talking to a man outside 29 Hanbury Street, Spitalfiends, early in the morning of her killing. Another witness, Albert Cadosch, who lived on Hanbury Street claimed to have heard a woman saying 'No', then hearing what sounded like a body falling on the fence. Shortly thereafter, Chapman's horribly mutilated body was discovered by carter John Davis. Her throat had been slit similar to that of Mary Ann Nichols, and her abdomen had been completely ripped open.
  •  Elizabeth Stride: As is known, September 30, 1888 was Jack the Ripper's most bloody day claiming the lives of 2 prostitutes. Stride's body was found Dutfield's Yard at around 1:00 A.M. Her throat had been slit, severing her left artery. This appeared to be a very fast killing, perhaps he had been interrupted.
  •  Catherine Eddowes: Was the second victim of the morning of September 30, 1888. Eddowe's body was found 45 minutes following the discovery of Stride. Eddowe's body was in Mitre Square, amidst the City of London. Her throat had been severed and her abdomen had been ripped open. Her left kidney had been dislodged, along with much of her uterus. These 2 consecutive murders have been dubbed the 'Double Event'.
  •  Mary Jane Kelly: The cruellest and most horrific of the Whitechapel murders. Thomas Boyer, an assistant to the landlord was collecting rent. While doing so he discovered Kelly’s body terribly mutilated, lying on the bed in the single room flat wherein she resided, located at 13 Miller’s Court, off Dorset Street, Spitalfields.

Kelly owed several weeks of rent money. With no answer following knocks on the door, Boyer extended his hand through a gap in the window, pushing aside a coat that was used as drapery, thereby seeing Kelly’s terribly mutilated body; it was beyond recognition. All the organs of her abdominal cavity had been removed, placed purposely under her head and on the bedside table. Her face had been brutally hacked at, and her heart had been removed.


  •  The Green River Killer: Born Gary Ridgway, on February 18, 1949, in Salt Lake City, Utah, is one of America’s most notorious lust killers. As a child he was a bed-wetter, had a low IQ, and later convicted of 48 separate counts of murder, later confessing to more than twice that number. Ridgway targeted girls and women most of whom were streetwalkers who worked the Seattle area. He discarded their bodies on the banks of the Green River. Ridgway married 3 times, and had a son by his second wife. He’s currently serving a life without parole sentence in Washington State Penitentiary.
  •  Genovese River Killer: Born Arthur John Shawcross (June 6, 1945 – November 10, 2008) in Kittery, Maine, was an American serial killer. In 1972, Shawcross raped and murdered 2 children in Watertown, New York. Following 14 years of prison time for his heinous crime, he began to kill streetwalkers in Rochester, discarding their bodies in the Genevese River. He had a low IQ, served in the U.S. Army. Expectedly, his early release and what ensued thereafter led to criticism of the justice system. Shawcross confessed to his murders in 2008, shortly before dying.
  •  Robert Lee Yates: An American serial killer, born on May 27, 1952, in Spokane, Washington. Shockingly, Yates had once worked as a correctional officer, thereafter he served 19 years in the U.S. Army. From 1996 to 1998 he murdered no less than 13 women, all of whom were prostitutes who worked on East Sprague Avenue, a cheapened-ghetto district. In addition, Yates confessed to having committed 2 murders in 1975, in Walla Walla, Washington. Yates is currently on death row in Washington State Penitentiary.

It's sad, but prostitutes, in particular streetwalkers, are killed on a regular basis. A streetwalker is usually standing on the sidewalk, the curb, or strolling through a skid-row or red light district of town. She or he likely dresses in flashy clothing, the intent of which is to be noticed and to attract clients. Street walkers almost always get into a vehicle with a stranger, but even if he is a long-time client, anything can happen after they drive off. Beatings or killings tend to occur away from the hustle and bustle. With no witnesses in sight a killer or rapist can have his way at his own home or in a dark, secluded place. The victim is tossed out of sight, and then it’s all over.

Streetwalker deaths are as a whole not taken as seriously by police nor are their disappearances. They're vulnerable and hardly anyone will miss them. Their pimp has other workers, and can replace the lost one. Even the pimp considers the workers to be nothing more than money-making commodities, never equal to him or her. Beatings and other forms of violence perpetrated by clients almost always go unreported. Reporting the crime means talking to the police, bringing attention onto oneself, and admitting to unlawful activity, pimps don’t want this. Many streetwalkers are runaways or semi-homeless, they’re near to the bottom rung of society.

Prostitutes and their pimps can be extremely dangerous to clients too. Remember, this industry is engulfed in violence and criminal activity many of the players, especially the pimps have criminal records. 40 year-old loan officer Francis Zarzycki, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was a frequent client of prostitutes, in particular 2 that he thought he knew well. On August 26, 2013, the two prostitutes, 21 year-old Angel Weston, 22 year-old Stephanie Foule, Keith Tolbers their 34 year-old pimp became extremely violent during a robbery attempt, using a tasering Zarzycki, then suffocating him to death. Worse yet, the pimp allegedly dragged his victim to the bathroom wherein he used an axe to chop off the victim's head, arms, and legs before dumping him into a nearby river. The horrid act occurred following Zarzycki's death. His armless, legless, and headless torso was discovered floating in the river. All 3 of the accused are believed to have been involved in the deadly assault.

Zarzycki's parents were crushed by their son's disappearance, going so far as handing out missing posters and offering a reward, and they searched diligently for their son. They reported him missing as soon as they noticed that something was wrong; this is a characteristic of loving parents. Allegedly, there was video surveillance of their son entering the building wherein he was brutally murdered.

As conveyed by Captain James Clark of the Philadelphia Police during a press conference, "He {Francis Zarzycki} frequents there. He's been there before and I think they came up with the plan knowing he was coming there ... He comes there, he starts to deal with the two young ladies and then the male, Tolbert, comes back from another room and a struggle ensues ... At some point, they have a taser, he’s beaten, and he’s suffocated." (September 10, 2013, By Ryan Gorman; Two Hookers and their Pimp Kill Client then Chopped off His Head, Arms and Legs Before Dumping His Body in a River).

33 year-old Chupikai Luwanda, a Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe prostitute and 33 year-old Byron Mujongondi, her boyfriend, were arrested for allegedly conspiring to kill one of her clients. She allegedly attacked and killed Freeman Muyambo.

It has been reported that Muyambo was drunk and had had a serious altercation with Luwanda, resulting from the victim's returning to the scene of the sex act and accusing Luwanda of stealing his cell-phone. The victim was shouting, in front of witnesses. There was a line of 'customers' waiting for their turn to have sex with Luwanda. The victim then became violent, aggressively banging on the door and smashing windows.

Luwanda refused to open the door immediately because she was servicing another client. She shouted at the victim, making it clear that he was disrupting business. The victim didn't end his raucous behaviour, resulting in Luwanda opening the door and apparently striking him with a hoe, her boyfriend joined her, allegedly attacking the victim.

According to a neighbour, Luwanda was known to be violent in her place of work, once she allegedly attacked a client with a knife. Furthermore, the neighbour claims that other clients have returned, angry, and accusing Luwanda of stealing something from them, during the sex act. She lives with 4 men who are believed to do her dirty work.

"He {Freeman Muyambo} was hit on the head with the hoe and he attempted to escape from the assault. He managed to stagger away from the house and he fell a few metres away where he lay still until a passerby assisted him and took him to the clinic in his push cart. He was still conscious when he was taken to hospital but he was bleeding profusely from the head. As you can see there is blood all over the road. I think he died at the hospital from the excessive loss of blood," said one of the witnesses. (July 29, 2015, By Staff Reporter; Chitungwiza Well-Known Prostitute Kills Client after Sex).

In August of 2014, jurors in a criminal court found 40 year-old Tamieka Gamble, a former prostitute, guilty of murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, criminal attempt to commit armed robbery, burglary and weapons crimes. Following the conviction, a Fulton County Superior Court Judge sentenced Gamble to life without any possibility of parole plus 15 years. Co-defendant Mike Ross received a life sentence without any possibility of parole.

Gamble and Ross were arrested in 2014 for a cold case that occurred in August of 2009. 64 year-old Edward Jowers was found on August 9, bound and gagged on a bathroom floor in his home at the Magnolia Park Apartments in Atlanta, Georgia. According to prosecutors, Gamble and her pimp boyfriend duped Jowers into thinking that she was offering her services. Shortly thereafter, they tied the victim's arms and legs and covered his head with linens.

Worse yet, Gamble and Ross slashed Jowers' back over-and-over again while demanding money. They later exited the apartment, leaving Jowers as he was, an elderly man, slashed, terrorized, and bound and gagged. The property manager came upon Jowers' dead body while conducting a welfare check after not hearing from him in a week. According to the Fulton County Medical Examiner, Jowers died of asphyxiation.

No one knew who had killed Jowers until DNA evidence found from a cigarette butt at the crime scene matched Ross's. Gamble and Ross confessed to killing Gamble for money, however, each one tried to place the blame on the other. Investigators later discovered that in 2006, Gamble pled guilty to robbery and aggravated assault for tying up and robbing an elderly man at knife point.

Clients of prostitutes beware, even expensive working women or men can be dangerous, or can create serious problems. 26 year-old Alix Catherine Tichelman, who was employed as a model and expensive prostitute, was scheduled to be arraigned on July 16, 2014, on charges of murder, manslaughter, prostitution, and destroying evidence. Because of her high-paid work and the severity of the charges Tichelman’s bail was set at $1.5 million, and she was appointed a public defender. She was paid $1000 by clients for rendering her services.

Tichelman was charged with murdering her client, 51-year-old Forrest Timothy Hayes of Santa Cruz, California. Hayes was married and had 5 children, a real ‘family man’. He was a successful engineer employed at Silicon Valley tech companies that included Apple, Google and Sun Microsystems. Hayes’ family asked the media not to get too close to the front door of their gated $4.2 million mansion.

On Nov. 23, 2013, Hayes’ dead body was discovered on his anchored yacht. A police investigation was conducted due to the suspicious nature of the death. Tichelman became a suspect due to her ongoing prostitution relationship with Hayes. Tichelman met her clients through a website, leading the police to acquire emails and texts between her and her numerous clients.

Hayes met Tichelman on his Santa Cruz yacht. Police believe that she injected Hayes with too much heroin, causing his death a short while later. Police believe she knowingly gave him a lethal dose. While Hayes was losing consciousness video surveillance showed Tichelman stepping on him while sipping a glass of wine, a truly shameless, cold-blooded attitude, which will almost certainly work against her in a court of law barring a plea bargain agreement. Before leaving the scene of the crime, Tichelman lowered a blind to camouflage Hayes.

"The video shows the victim suffering medical complications and going unconscious. Rather than provide first aid or call 9-1-1, Ms. Tichelman proceeds to gather her belongings including the heroin and needles. The video also shows Ms. Tichelman stepping over the victim’s body several times as she is gathering her belongings. At one point, she steps over the body to finish a glass of wine ... Finally, she leaves the boat and reaches back in to lower a blind and conceal the victim’s body from outside view," said Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark. (July 15, 2014, By Amy Larson; High-end Prostitute Murdered Man on Yacht in Santa Cruz Harbour, Police Say).

Sex workers who work on the streets, are trafficked, are forbidden to, or choose not to wear protection are at a very high risk of acquiring and thereafter transmitting STDs and HIV/AIDS. The number of clients prostitutes encounter can be quite high. Thankfully, the vast majority of cases involving prostitutes and clients do not result in an STD or HIV/AIDS transmission, nevertheless, prostitutes and clients alike beware.

UNAIDS defines a sex worker as, Female, male and transgender adults and young people who receive money or goods in exchange for sexual services, either regularly or occasionally. Sex work varies between and within countries and communities. Sex work may vary in the degree to which it is more or less ‘formal’ or organized, and in the degree to which it is distinct from other social and sexual relationships and types of sexual economic exchange. (UNAIDS (2012) ‘UNAIDS Guidance Note on HIV and Sex Work via Sex workers and HIV/AIDS’).


  •  Multiple partners, some sex workers may encounter thousands of clients in their lifetimes.
  •  No condom use; customers may demand this or offer to pay more money, rape, the sex worker may not have any, or the pimp forbids his or her sex workers from using condoms; unwillingness to use protection.
  •  Heavy drug use by many sex workers.
  •  In particular, street walkers and sex trafficked victims are forced to endure extreme stress, violence, lack of proper rest, rape, and other painful difficulties which commonly lead to a weakened immune system.
  •  Clients who are infected by a prostitute act as a bridge or passage for infecting others (ex. spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, casual acquaintances, one-night stands, and so forth).
  •  Sex workers are criminalized, disgraced, and marginalized, increasing their vulnerability to STDs.
  •  Sex workers may unknowingly infect clients with STDs.
  •  Sex workers may knowingly infect clients with STDs; a prostitute who admits that she or he is infected with an STD will with all likelihood lose virtually all clients, and may run afoul with authorities.


“Sex workers have told us that when they ask a client to use a condom, he offers double the price to have sex without the condom. These women are trying to provide for their children and families, so they take the offer, “said Ndeye Astou Diop, Aboya, who belongs to an organisation that works with HIV positive women in Senegal. VOA News (February 13, 2007) ‘Africa Sex Workers Have Hard Time Leaving Streets’ via Sex Workers and HIV/Aids).


  •  Bestiality: A sexual act between a human and an animal. Although penetration is not necessary, the behaviour and the intent are of a sexual nature.
  •  Zoophilia: Sexual arousal and attraction to animals.

Shockingly, animal brothels also known as 'erotic zoos' have been increasing throughout Germany at a faster rate than at any other time, thanks to an unusual law that makes porn illegal, but sex with animals is permitted. Madeleine Martin, a livestock officer informed the Frankfurter Rundschau that present laws didn’t protect animals from people who practice bestiality.

"There are now animal brothels in Germany ... people were playing down the issue by describing it as a 'lifestyle choice'.” (July 1, 2013, By Matt Blake; Bestiality brothels are 'spreading through Germany' warns campaigner as abusers turn to sex with animals as 'lifestyle choice').

Speaking about one particular case, a livestock owner in the Gross-Gerau region of southwest Germany, observed his once human-friendly flock of sheep pull away from human contact. Strong suspicion caused the farmer to place hidden video cameras in his barn. Horrifyingly, he farmer discovered that different men were sneaking into his barn late at night to have their way with the livestock; no wonder, they became weary of human contact.

Thankfully, pressure has been mounting on German officials to reverse this horrible legal bestiality trend. In November of 2012, German authorities announced that they intended to reinstate a previous law forbidding bestiality following the incredible rise in this behaviour and websites promoting it.

Hans-Michael Goldmann, chairman of the agriculture committee, said the government aimed to forbid using an animal "for individual sexual acts and to outlaw people 'pimping' creatures to others for sexual use." (ibid)

Nevertheless, all's not well. The German pro-animal bestiality group, ZETA, made it clear that if the ban went into effect they’d follow it with a legal challenge, and that’s exactly what they did. As Germany toughened its laws against bestiality, pro-bestiality advocates amassed in Berlin's Potsdamer Platz in late January of 2013, to stand up for their right to choose whomever or whatever they want to love, and of course this includes animals. In late 2012, Germany’s lower house of parliament made bestiality a criminal offense resulting in a stiff fine of up to 25,000 Euros.

Michael Kiok, a renowned and ardent supporter of ‘consensual bestiality’ without harm, took this ban personally. Kiok is in a ‘caring relationship’ with Cissy, his dog.

As conveyed to the Local by Kiok, “I found her advertised in a newspaper after my old dog passed away ... We feel like criminals. This is all because of fanatical animal rights demonstrators who think we hurt the animals ... We are going to appeal to the highest court.” (February 1, 2013, By Jessica Ware, The Local; Zoophiles protest against German bestiality ban).

Kiok believes that he isn’t committing any crime with his beloved dog Cassy, saying that she’s a big dog that can easily repulse any sexual advances by a human, but she submits freely. , Oliver Bodinski, another protester, believes that it’s all inflated propaganda, citing unfounded statistics that indicate 500,000 animals die each year from sexual abuse. Kiok believes that the severe backlash is caused by sexual hysteria.

Until quite recently, Denmark was the most notorious animal sex tourism country in Europe, and nearly so the world over. It was disgraceful many bestiality clients from other countries frequented the legal animal brothels. Thankfully, international and domestic pressure made significant inroads, Denmark got the message. In April of 2015, Denmark passed a law criminalizing bestiality. Keep in mind that currently Hungary, Finland, and Romani are the remaining EU countries wherein bestiality is legal.


The Danish government has decided that a ban on sexual relations between humans and animals shall be implemented in the Danish legislation ... Animals must be treated with respect and care and have the right to a high level of protection. When it comes to sexual relations between humans and animals there is a special concern to be taken into account, as the animals cannot consent to enter into a sexual relation with a human being. Another concern is that it can be difficult to identify and document possible physical or mental damage to the animal as a result of the sexual relation with a human being. (Posted by Anne in April of 2015; At Last! Denmark Bans Bestiality)

Sadly, some animals are used as prostitutes. In Indonesia the most favoured animals are orangutans. There are orangutan brothels in some Indonesian villages. An orangutan named Pony has become the living symbol of victimization in this enterprise. Used as a sex-slave in a village, secured by her ankle to a bed or mattress, her body shaved every day to make her look and feel soft, easy, and beautiful for the male clients. Worse yet, armed villagers threaten protestors and caring people, using poison-tipped sticks, cleavers, and other weapons to repulse them.

Pony was eventually released but it took a lot of time, hard work, money, mercenaries, and protests. Why? Local villagers considered Pony a valuable asset that brought in a lot of money. No wonder, the villagers, in their warped thinking, were quite reluctant to release Pony. This is pimping at its worst. Pony was finally rescued in 2003 by the Central Kalimantan Conservation and Natural Resources Authority (BKSDA), working as a team with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOF) and local military security forces. The animal brothel was located in Kareng Pangi village, Central Kalimantan. No one knows exactly how long Pony had been used as a prostitute, but at the time of her rescue she was 12 years-old, suffering from numerous mosquito bites and couldn’t stop scratching herself.

Although Pony’s rehabilitation process was long and took much hard work and dedication from a team of caring individuals, she was initially sent to the BOS Nyaru Menteng Rescue Center, founded in 1999 by Lone Droscher Nielsen. As of 2013, Pony was trans-located to Kaja Island, a pre-release island. Hopefully, the primate prostitution nemesis will be completely eradicated once and for all. In the meantime, please don’t forget the other victimized animals.

In the overwhelming number of cases, living a life as a prostitute is not a whole-hearted choice. Those who are forced into this line of work want to get out, irrespective of the smiles and happy-go-jolly facades many in this category manifest to clients. The ones who are lucky enough to eventually leave or escape prostitution find that they have long-term or lifelong emotional, physical, and memory scars (PTSD). Finding an escape from prostitution or just walking away from it is often difficult due to financial and shelter concerns. Furthermore, those who are coerced into prostitution fear for their lives and well-being, the pimps or traffickers will use extreme or deadly force if necessary against any worker who tries to defy them or escape.

Although there are many caring organizations including governmental and NGOs, there aren't enough of them. There are simply too many victims in the sex trade. Most victims need shelter, food, water, safety and security, emotional support and counselling, healthcare, recovery, and a game-plan for living a normal life. Decent shelters are of paramount importance, they’re places that house desperate victims, almost all of which are girls or women.

Prostitution recovery centers spotlight recovery on trauma and calamity. Note that even if a prostitute is never physically or verbally abused, if she or he is in the profession out of sheer desperation or coercion, virtually every single sexual encounter is a form of rape, the degree of which depends on the particular prostitute-client relationship and other variables. It's kind of like being raped every single day by clients who don't care. Some clients are unscrupulous, criminal types, may have a naturally violent inclination, have perverted attractions, or may have a deeply ingrained hatred for women. Others may be non-violent and manifest no visible signs of anger or hatred. Those who seek underage girls or boys are pedophiles. Many prostitutes encounter strong societal stigma, substance abuse, and chain smoking habits. The truth is many law enforcement agencies throughout the world consider the life of a dead or murdered prostitute to be less worthy than that of law-abiding citizens. Most people would never marry a current or former prostitute. To add insult to injury, prostitutes are commonly blamed for their own predicament.

BELOW ARE ORGANIZATIONS THAT HELP TACKLE SEX TRAFFICKING, AND CHILD PROSTITUTION (NOTE: If you or someone you know is in need of help and the authorities in your respective jurisdiction cannot or are unwilling to help, contact one of the following organizations or other relevant organization, even if you live thousands of miles away. As a general rule, if you send them an urgent request for a referral and/or advice they will almost certainly respond):

  •  ECPAT: A worldwide network of organizations working together for the eradication of child prostitution, child pornography, and the trafficking of children for sexual objectives. ECPAT works to establish teamwork among local organizations and the wider-scale child rights community to design a worldwide social movement for safeguarding children from sexual exploitation.

The International Board is elected by the International Assembly and the International Secretariat. Currently, there are 90 affiliated groups in 82 countries, consisting of large NGOs and small grassroots organizations.

  •  Breaking Free: Devoted to diversification and the empowerment of women. Their workers come from a multitude of backgrounds and areas of expertise, many of which are survivors. It is a good model survivor-directed program striving to end prostitution and sex trafficking by offering life-changing opportunities empowering survivors to prosper and live lives free of sexual exploitation and of violence.

This is done by creating and offering ground-breaking programs including long-term or permanent housing, workforce advancement, educational support groups, community outreach initiatives, prevention and intervention approaches, inventive diversion programs for both victims and perpetrators, public policy actions, all specifically designed to help survivors of sex trafficking and to terminate the demand.

  •  Coalition against Trafficking in Women (CATW): The international community's first organization to combat and end human trafficking, internationally in our lifetime. Furthermore, this NGO focuses on ending the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children worldwide.
  •  Prostitution Research and Education (PRE): A non-profit organization that conducts research on prostitution, pornography and trafficking and offers education and consultation to researchers, survivors, the public and policymakers. The main focus of PRE is to end prostitution. In addition, supporting and speaking out in favour of alternatives to trafficking and prostitution, including mental and physical healthcare for women in prostitution.
  •  PRAJWALA: Co-Founded by Dr. Sunitha Krishnan. Stationed in Hyderabad, India. PRAJWALA rescues women in brothels and then offers them education, mental health care, and employment programs. Sadly, in India, many children who grow up with their brothel parents end up doing the same kind of work. This organization combats this terrible predicament.
  •  Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia (COSA): Established by photojournalist Mickey Choothsea and social worker Anna Choothsea. COSA works to help trafficked women and children within the hill tribes of Thailand, who are stateless or are not protected by the laws of the country, by providing education, intervention and support. In addition, COSA provides healthcare, social services, and housing in the Baan Yuu Suk Shelter.
  •  Urban Light: Established by Alezandra Russel, in Thailand, helps aid young men to break free of the clutches of child prostitution and child exploitation. Provides food, shelter, healthcare, and support services. Furthermore, Urban Light helps these young male victims to recover and rebuild their lives.
  • The Women’s Support Project (UK BASED): Works to increase awareness of the gravity of and effects of violence against women and children, and works for the improvement of services for people affected by violence, through a feminist-based analysis. The main focus of attention is on the following:
  • Raising awareness of the harm caused by commercial sexual exploitation and highlighting male demand as a root cause.
  • Multi-agency and in-house training service.
  • Public education
  • Multi-agency and partnership working at local and national level.
  • Fundraising ( About Us).

Most religions have rules and regulations pertaining to sexual conduct (lawful versus unlawful) it’s rare to find a religion that directly supports prostitution. Much of the literature stipulates lawful versus unlawful intercourse and other sexual activities. Some religions go further, banning sexual activity of any kind before marriage, even a handshake or a long gaze. Under this code of conduct prostitution of any sort is absolutely forbidden.

Most religions promote lawful sex (between a husband and a wife), and amongst those who believe in a supernatural deity, that it’s a divine gift from GOD. Furthermore fidelity for both partners is a golden rule. Sex between a husband and a wife can be for pleasure, love and emotional bonding, or procreation.



  •  "And among His {GOD's} signs is this, that HE created for you mates from among yourselves that you may dwell in tranquility with them and HE has put love and mercy between your hearts: verily in that are signs for those who reflect." (Noble Quran 30:21; reprinted from the Stony Brook Minaret Online Edition via Sex in Islam: Sex & Marriage in Islam).
  •  "Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that will make for greater purity, and GOD is well acquainted with all they do. And say to the believing woman that they should lower their gaze, and guard their modesty." (Noble Quran 24: 30-31 via ibid).
  •  "Do not go near to adultery. Surely it is a shameful deed and evil, opening roads {to other evils}." (Noble Quran 17:32 via ibid)
  •  ALLAH's (GOD's) Messenger (PBUH) said: "In the sexual act of each of you {in marriage} there is a sadaqa." (a good deed, an act of charity). The Companions replied: "O Messenger of ALLAH! When one of us fulfils his {or her} sexual desire, will he {or she} be given a reward for that {from GOD}?" And he said, "Do you not think that were he {or she} to act upon it unlawfully {premarital, extramarital, prostitution, or any other form of sinful intercourse}, he {or she} would be sinning? Likewise, if he {or she} acts upon it lawfully he {or she} will be rewarded." (Muslim via ibid)
  •  The following is a question by a Muslim to the Fatwa {Islamic Opinion} Department Research Committee chaired by Sheikh 'Abd al-Wahhab al-Turayri: "I need to clear up the doubts of the Muslim youth. Many of them are asking me if it really is unlawful to have sex with someone {out of wedlock} if they agreed {consensual sex}. Please give me some advice on what to tell them. "

The following is the answer to the question: "ALLAH forbids any relationship between a man and woman outside the marital relationship. We are, in fact, ordered in the {Noble} Quran to lower our gaze from the opposite sex, so how can we manage to go further and have such an intimate relationship as a love or a sexual relationship ...” ( Sub-Index for Sexuality: Set Out of Wedlock)


  •  “Do not degrade your daughter by making her a prostitute.” (Leviticus 19:29; By Andrew Lansdown; A Biblical Perspective on Prostitution).
  •  “If a priest’s daughter defiles herself by becoming a prostitute, she disgraces her father; she must be burned in the fire.” (Leviticus 21:9 via ibid).
  •  “You must not bring the earnings of a female prostitute or of a male prostitute into the house of the LORD your GOD to pay any vow, because the LORD your GOD detests them both.” (Deuteronomy 23:18 via ibid).
  •  "For the lips of an immoral woman drip honey, and her mouth is smoother than oil; But in the end she is bitter as wormwood, Sharp as a two-edged sword. Her feet go down to death, her steps lay hold of hell." (Proverbs 5:3-5 NKJV; What Does the Bible Say About Prostitution? Will GOD Forgive a Prostitute?).


  •  "O Son of Kunti the pleasures that are born out of sensory contacts are sources of pain. They certainly are transient, having a beginning and an end. The intelligent man is wise enough not to indulge in them. (Bhagavad gita 5:22 via Hinduism and Prostitution by Jayaram V.).
  •  Hinduism prohibits prostitution. "According to Hinduism sex is not un-divine, but lust is definitely. Hinduism approves of sexual unions between married couples ... Hindu law forbids men to indulge in sex with unmarried women and maidens against their wish ... Sexual union between a householder and a prostitute is against religious injunctions {adharma} and therefore strictly prohibited. A prostitute is a fallen woman ..." (By Jayaram V.; Hinduism and Prostitution).


  •  "Sikhism says that they {prostitutes} are mothers of evil minded people, but if they meditate upon LORD they would be saved." ( Sikhism on Prostitute).

Prostitution appears to be here for the long haul. Presently, there appears to be no effective policy in ending or severely curtailing child prostitution, sex trafficking, violent pimping, and the plethora of problems related to these social ills. Even non-violent, consensual prostitution can bring about a multitude of problems.



EARLY PROSTITUTION: Prostitution: New World Encyclopaedia A History of Prostitution: How Old Is The Sex Trade? Sex in the Service of Aphrodite: Did Prostitution Really Exist in the Temples of Antiquity? Prostitution in Classical Athens (Article) cientathens.htm Prostitutes and Hetaerae in Ancient Greece Ancient Greek Temples of Sex on-in-ancient-greece Classical Enthusiast: Prostitution in Ancient Greece The Houses of Pleasure in Ancient Pompeii Aftermath News Wordpress: Roman Prostitutes Were Forced to Kill their Babies and Bury Them Sex, Society and the Medieval Women by N.M. Heckel Sex in the Middle Ages: When Prostitution Wasn't a Crime: The Fascinating History of Sex Work in America Sex shops in Colonial America tion Civil War Stories: Archive for the ‘prostitution’ Category - Early Chinese Prostitution.htm Prostitution in the Early Chinese Community


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MADAMS’ |PIMPS | GANGS| RECRUITING PROSTITUTES: Heidi Fleiss: Wikipedia the Free Encyclopaedia Heidi Fleiss will see her infamous Black Book go up for auction Heidi Fleiss: 'I Was Too Lazy in Bed to be a Prostitute' America's Most Notorious Pimps and Madams Pimp subculture filled with money, manipulation, violence Prostitution & Gangs: Law Officer Pimps hit social networks to recruit underage sex workers Chicago Tribune: Convicted pimp sentenced to life in prison


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CRIMINALS KILLING PROSTITUTES: Prostitute who survived attack by the Italian 'beast' who murdered a sex worker and left her naked body crucified reveals how the sadist tied her up and tortured her ‘Prostitute' found naked, raped, and burned before being left for dead on the side of the road Jack the Ripper Murder Victims: Whitechapel Jim Fisher True Crime: Men Who Kill Prostitutes New Monsters of Florence: After Prostitute Found ‘Crucified’, Memories of Notorious Serial Killer are Stirring in Historic City Why Men Murder Prostitutes: Health 24 Serial killers find prostitutes easy prey: Column Illegality, Cops and Johns: Why American Prostitutes Are 400 Times More Likely to Die on The Job


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AVERT ANIMAL BROTHELS: Bestiality Brothels are 'Spreading through Germany' Zoophiles protest against German bestiality ban At Last! Denmark Bans Bestiality Village Captures Orangutans and Used them as Prostitutes Orangutan Prostitution appalling, but Thankfully Not “Common” Pony's New Life: BOS Foundation


HELPFUL ORGANIZATIONS: ECPAT: Official Site Child Prostitution: Humanium: Together for Children's Rights Trafficking/Prostitution/Sexual Exploitation (NOTE: This Particular Page on this Site Has Multiple Listings of Helpful Organizations) The Fight for Freedom: 7 Organizations Combating Human Trafficking Coalition against Trafficking in Women Ending Sex Trafficking: Canadian Prostitution Recovery: Helping Prostitutes Out of the Sex Trade and Into Recovery,1 72 Women's Support Project - Prostitution


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