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He became the ink in her pen and she never stopped writing……

To the love of my life…




On an endless shadow of the past,

I began to behold the present.

I owe you no more than solitude.

These are the fruits of my forbearance for the future abiding by the rolling coast of destiny.

I stand by you with raising hope of togetherness.

???? ???? ⭐




Dreams so real and close,

I saw someone I loved so long ago.

Dreams so alive and close,

I met someone I waited for so long.

Dreams so old and close,

I felt someone I missed for so long.

Dreams so far away and wild,

I found someone I have dreamt about for so long.

Dreams so deep and intense, 

I held someone I looked for so long.

Dreams so soft and unfolding,

I kissed someone I admired for so long.

Dreams so beautiful and wooing,

I watched someone I remembered for so long.

Dreams so close and blurry,

I realised someone I wanted for so long.

???? ???? ⭐




Clock ticking by,

Eyelids fluttering rapidly and wrapped in your arms, Every glimpse of you, 

A fantasy.

Ever since I saw you my imagination ran with you

along the woods.

The swinging door to my heart pinned down here tonight in my wildest dream.

???? ???? ⭐




Weaving a pattern in my dreams, I saw you.

I never missed your sight from the window.

I see you sweep by high above the moon.

As the days passed by, I saw more of you.

A sheet of pure white spread all around

I recall the day so bright.

You lay under the sun shown through the gloom.

You seemed intense, hand-in-hand with the wind passing by falling to the ground.

You touched my face and traced a curve.

Long gone,

I wait for you every year.

The snow queen in silence until you fell apart.

???? ???? ⭐




"Will you ever come for me?"

"Will you come and sing along with me?"

"Will you kneel down and ask me for my hand?”

"Will you make my dreams come true?”

Love me like no one else in the world can.

Kiss me like no other with love.

Hold me like no other gently to never let go.

Hug me like no other holding me pouring your heart over.

???? ???? ⭐




All about being in love.

Love is cracked up to be its own essence of being fresh and exciting.

Love is to be with the one who means the world to you.

Thousand blues, ten odd miles of

a journey full of utmost happiness, endless joy and sleepless nights of grievance.

All it takes is a heartfelt hug.

The waves of troubles turn away with you beside me.

He adores me and spins my world around to make life happen.

There is magic in the air.

Beatles of love born along with friendship and time gradually creating an innovative panoramic sound within myself.

???? ???? ⭐




I fell in love without taking a step just like the pine leaves rustling all around me.

I was deeply in love with him.

He made me feel very special and thoughts spurred my mind rapidly.

There was that fragrance.

There was an essence of uniqueness.

There was sweetness in him.

I watched him and got lost in those eyes.

I felt the warmth.

The tainted perfume caught my attention.

I knew love was quietly taking its shape.

I forgot to live and I admired him.

Love was taking its shape.

I loved him like never before.

???? ???? ⭐




My mind was full of cob-webs high spirited but in vain.

It felt right at that hour.

Emptiness took its stand feeling brittle and subtle.

His gaze upon mine for a long time.

It made my heart leap.

I moved with my heart and soul in pace.

A roller coaster ride of soap opera.

The ride of love and the road to eternal happiness of intimacy.

Love by leaving the unanswered questions to be answered during the journey of your love for a lifetime.

???? ???? ⭐




The night of longing for warmth heaped up with the sand tracing our path.

I heard your words tender and plain.

I saw your face inches apart.

I read your mind.

You seemed reluctant and so I walked away.

I lay there right under the stars in the bitter memory of us.

The sky looked still and the clouds covering the bare sky nestled a top.

The night was blue and dark and I was alone.

???? ???? ⭐




Tonight, I lay on my pillow soaked with tears.

I do not know the reason for my fear.

"Is it about the day ahead or the past?"

I fear no more about the feeling to feel it completely.

“What do you fear for?"

"Is it about what you lost yesterday?"

"Is it about the hope that you wish will claim good luck?"

"Is it another day you fear the sunrise won’t bring you luck?

"Is it something about the way the world wants you to be?"

"Is it something about the cause and the reason to fear?”

???? ???? ⭐




I miss you more than you know.

I cannot wait to see you in my dream today.

Wherever I go,

I see you everywhere.

I remember the times we walked by the waters breathing the same air.

I often wondered about it.

I know it is love.

The magic of love.

I will always love you.

???? ???? ⭐




It is you I loved so dearly.

I never wanted to let go of you.

There was not a day that passed by when you weren't on my mind.

How I wished to hold you in my arms.

A reason to spare me off and flaunt with the joy of choosing my soul.

The one eternal soul free from the boundaries of the rest of the world remaining unfulfilled.

Time passed by with the magic of love felt every day.

Love can thrive and thrust anyone at ordinary times sitting by the aisle of the window.

Thoughts that cross miles and distance apart, 

I am in love with you and wish you were here with me.

???? ???? ⭐




The night seemed cold and empty without you in the shades of dark night.

I lay with thoughts that troubled me.

I was with dreams that came with me and with the hope that traveled with me.

You walked away with no note.

I walked by to find you but in vain.

Love that meant the world for both of us.

A life that meant the world for both of us.

It meant nothing to you after years of being together.

You walked away with no regret.

I walked by to find you but in vain.

I saw your smile that flashed memories.

I saw your grief that flashed memories.

I saw your anger that flashed memories.

You walked away with no concern.

I walked by to find you in vain.

???? ???? ⭐




I do not know why I loved you.

I love you no more.

You hurt me so much more than you know.

Now, I hate you.

All you want is to talk.

All you ever cared for is peace.

Memories tear me apart.

"Don’t you have a heart that feels like it has to?"

You judged me all along.

You were with me.

You let the world know that we shared a bond.

You left me for your happiness.

All I ever hear from you is that you bear me.

???? ???? ⭐




I have a beautiful memory of the day we met.

I held you with the tenderness of my love.

I kissed you gently.

I had the deepest desire in my soul.

I heard you whisper softly.

The words that meant perfect for us.

The pebbles on the shore were brighter.

Dewdrops were hidden in the air filled with love.

I cherish the magical feeling.

There is nothing more precious than being loved.

I will love you forever until my last breath.

???? ???? ⭐




I miss those days when you were with me.

I miss those moments when I could feel you.

I miss those hours when we spent time together.

I miss those candlelight dinners when I admired the twinkle in your eyes.

I miss those mornings when I saw you disheveled and yet handsome.

I miss those nights when I could feel the quiver of your breath.

I miss those empty dreams when you broke promises.

I wake up in the middle of the night hoping to make it all real.

I hope to hear you whisper in my ears again.

I hope to feel your breath and see you smile.

I hope to make you mine and never let go.

I hope to never miss you more than I have missed you until now.

I hope to see you every day with no less iota of warmth.

???? ???? ⭐




My life seemed ordinary before I met you.

My life seemed empty.

My life was out of reach taunted by a silhouette.

My heart was a faded night without any sunshine.

Everything changed after you walked into my life.

I could hear the echo of my own voice.

I danced to the ringing bells in my heart.

I saw the sun rise above the horizon.

I heard the faintest sounds of tingling bells at night.

I felt like a cloud clear and wrapped in a blanket of love and warmth.

???? ???? ⭐




Love happens unexpectedly.

Love happens for a reason.

Love happens quietly.

Love happens forever.

Love happens perfectly.

Love happens for a moment.

Love happens accidentally.

Love happens for a lifetime.

Love happens immeasurably.

Love happens for an unfulfilled dream.

Love happens just the way it should.

Love happens just the way it has to.

Love happens just the way it could.

Love happens just the way it may.

Love happens just the way it would.

Love happens to make the world go around.

The pleasure of being in love makes it worthy.

???? ???? ⭐




This is a promise of love with the star twinklers.

I promised the warmth.

I promised the sunshine.

The promise of love still rings in my heart.

I asked for your soul to love mine from the sunset.

???? ???? ⭐




You left my heart entangled with memories.

You let my soul grieve.

The clock hour ticked by,

It never did after a while.

I didn't care ever for that.

My life was like a fairy-tale that was never-ending.

The irony of destiny hit me in the face.

The happy and the sad moments stood before me.

Our love was promising while it lasted.

???? ???? ⭐




The first time I saw you on the bridge, I fell in love with you.

I knew you did too.

My heart found you when I looked for love.

Your eyes mesmerize me quite a bit.

You have blue eyes.

They are deep and have secrets.

I love the curls hanging down.

You are graceful.

Your soul is so pure and innocent.

I let my heart get to you.

I fell in love.

???? ???? ⭐




Pour today and wipe away my tears.

Rain on the soft sand.

Rain on the tinned roof.

Rain on the soft earth.

Rain on the fragrant flowers.

Rain on my skin with the last dewdrops.

Rain on my feet on the night when the wetland left.

Rain on the barren field.

Rain on the sea waves crashing the tide.

I lost myself while the rain poured.

The beauty touched by the rain glistening everywhere.

Pour when no one knows your name.

Do not let the sunshine fall upon in the shadowy woods amidst the dark clouds and the thunder lightning.

???? ???? ⭐




You blew fiercely while I gazed outside my foggy window caressing my face.

You lay lifeless crumbling into ruins with the strings of melancholy in the cold night.

You took away the dreams from my shelf beyond the shadows of the trees and fields.

The lights were dimmer on the empty streets, magical and twisted.

They swirl around swaying joyously.

You possess as cold as a frozen iron.

Come along and blow merrily.

We heard no voice ever.

We fell asleep with a glimmer of smile and warm in our beds.

???? ???? ⭐




I am waiting for you.

My heart will always wait for you until my last breath.

You are in my every moment.

You are in every breath I take.

It might sound fairy-tale like,

but I am madly in love.

I wish to be cuddled in your arms.

Lonely nights will be long 

when I am not in your arms.

The wet soaked pillow laughs mockingly.

I see you in the shine of the bedside lamp.

In the middle of the night,

I wake up to find your lips curve.

Across the sea, I dream of you every night.

???? ???? ⭐




I am with you.

My footprints trail along with your footsteps.

You know not when I'm with you,

You know not when I'm walking with you,

You know not when I'm listening to you,

You know not when I'm crying with you,

You know not when I'm counting the darkness with you.

Eyes that read your mind,

Eyes that know your heart,

Eyes that hear your words,

Eyes that see your destiny,

I am your angel.

???? ???? ⭐




Girl, I met in the rain.

Waiting for my friend to come, I saw her.

She looked like a damsel in white.

Water droplets dripping off her hair,

She twirled around just in time

I saw her eyes, shallow and hidden.

She looked at the deep blue sky and smiled again as if the rain took away her pain.

My eyes wanted to see her.

My eyes searched for her and I found her nowhere.

I am still trying to find her every night when I lay on my pillow.

I know I am in love with her in my dream every day.

???? ???? ⭐




When you looked at me, I found magic in your eyes.

When I met you, Everything felt right at that moment.

When I kissed you, Everything felt clear at that moment.

When I hugged you, Everything felt perfect at that moment.

When I held you, Everything seemed great at that moment.

When I heard you, Everything seemed impressive at that moment.

When I touched you, Everything seemed calm at that moment.

When I saw you, Everything looked charming at that moment.

When I teased you, Everything looked playful at that moment.

When I danced with you, Everything felt like love and before I knew, I was deeply in love with you.

???? ???? ⭐




Love and wind sail on the same boat.

Wipe away your tears.

Bad days are the passing clouds.

Love is like the wind.

It blows like an angel.

A fresh breeze is like the joyful moment.

Some days, the wind hits hard.

We cannot see the wind.

We cannot see love.

Love and wind are with us.

Wind gushes during the winter nights.

During Summers, the wind blows like a hot pump.

Love leaves tears of joy and happiness.

???? ???? ⭐

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