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I want to express my gratitude to all the scientists of all times for their dream to understand the world we live in and their pursuit to explain it logically. Without their restless, undying efforts this book wouldn’t be possible. Furthermore, I would like to thank few great websites, that were invaluable tools in my endeavour such as, and

Finally, I hope, that more and more fellow humans will realise the importance of cultivating, educating and refining themselves, in order to assume responsibility, as cognitive beings. There are no excuses today to choose voluntarily ignorance, superstition and religious dogmas, instead of free and critical thinking, instead of reasoning. May the light be with you.

Elena Tsara


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The B.c. with small ‘c’ on the date indication means ‘Before the curse’ of the corresponding monotheistic religion, that wiped out the marvels of the human mind and plunged the world into the darkness. The dates after B.c. bare no prefix, as it is unnecessary.


The cover is designed by Simone Soerensen

Elena Tsara was born in Athens, Greece in 1974 and has travelled and lived in various cities in Europe, Africa, Asia and the U.S. She has completed her education in the Pedagogic University of Athens and since then she has focused primarily in the fields of history and philosophy. This is the first book of an upcoming trilogy.

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