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The Dominate Online Poker E-Book

How to win at online poker

00001.jpg© 2008 | Joris Dekkers |

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A Word from the Author……………………………………………………………………………………………5


A legitimate introduction: The Online Poker World………………………………………………..6


Chapter 1: Differences between live and online poker play. The key components needed in order to dominate online poker………………………………………………………………7

Chapter 2: Online Poker Strategy …………………………………………………………………………….10
2.1 Poker Books and Poker Articles
2.2 Tips for Beginners
2.3 Cash Game Tips
2.4 Sit and Go Tips
2.5 Multi Table Tournament Tips

Chapter 3: The Best Online Poker Rooms…………………………………………………………………25

Chapter 4: The Best Online Poker Tools ………………………………………………………………….30
4.1 Poker Stalking Tools
4.2 Poker Calculators
4.3 Poker Tracking Software
4.4 Tournament Poker Software
4.5 Poker Bots

Chapter 5: Poker Bankroll, Bonus and Money Management …………………………………….50
5.1 Poker Bankroll and Money Management Tips
5.2 The Best Poker Bonuses

Chapter 6: The Future of Online Poker shines bright………………………………………………54


A Word from the Author


Dear future online poker dominator,

The information on my website probably has upset your image of online poker. There ’s so much to online poker most players don’t have clue about, which means that as soon as you have read all there is to know about online poker in this e-book you will have created a gap in skill that is unbridgeable for the ignorant internet poker rookies. It’s definitely true that 80% of the online poker players are overall loosing money. Their losses go directly into the pockets of the 20% winning online poker players. After you’ve read this e-book you know everything these 20% winning players know and you’ll even know stuff only 1 or 2% of the online poker community is aware of.

My name is Joris Dekkers and I have been playing online poker for over 3 years now. I ’ve dominated both cash games and tournaments, although I’m a better tournament player overall. It has always struck me how easy it is to make money at online poker. There are just so many fishes throwing away their money and it’s always the same people who end in the top listings of tournaments and the same players who are sitting with the most cash at the ring tables.
A part of me told me that it was pure (a lack of) skills that formed the gap between good and bad players. But if that would be true, there would be no difference between live and online poker. And I knew that couldn’t be true. I mean, a digital world is always different from the real world. A digital world gives you lot’s of more opportunities that are just not there at a live poker table.

This e-book is the result partly from my own playing experience but mostly from my online poker research I started a year ago. I wanted to know exactly why the same players win and the same players lose, over and over again. I wanted to know what assets and advantages sharks had over the fishes.
For that I went into the underground of Google and I spoke with real online poker experts. What I found was amazing. I came back with tons of articles, highly unknown sophisticated tools and thrilling strategies.
All this, and more is now packed up together revealed in the Dominate Online Poker EBook and at the website

I honestly think anyone deserves to have entrance to the good stuff that sharks have been hiding for us for over 5 years.
I want to thank you for obtaining your copy and I wish you all the best with reading this wonderful material. Underline what’s important to you. Skip what’s not. Quick links in the e-book will redirect you immediately to the website you want to visit after you’ve read about a tool, e-book or something else.
If there is anything you would like to comment on or ask a question about, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at

Warm regards,


Joris Dekkers | Author of this e-book and owner of, and
A legitimate introduction: The Online Poker World

The strength of the internet as a gaming medium and the growth in the popularity of poker as a leisure pursuit in international markets have collectively delivered strong growth in both the number of people playing the game online and the total amount of revenue captured by the operators.

**It is estimated that in 2006 there were approximately three million online poker players worldwide and GBGC estimates that approximately $3.1 billion of global gross gaming yield was generated from online poker in 2006.
**The online poker revenue figure could theoretically increase by a factor of seven by 2010 if online poker trends continue, with an expected $6.7 billion in potential worldwide revenue for that year.
**The number of real money online poker players is increasing by as much as 100,000 each month.

I don ’t need to show you any more numbers or come up with any more big words to prove the fact that online poker is big business. It is of course big business for the companies providing the game, but it is also big business for players who dominate the online poker scene. I mean, come on, a hundred thousands NEW poker players join the online poker community EVERY SINGLE MONTH (probably meaning about 90-95% new fishes). They deposit and play with real money while still learning the game and adapting to the environment. Meanwhile, the experienced dominating online poker players enjoy the 24/7 party it becomes for them, raking in pot after pot, finishing in the money tournament after tournament…

Now, there is one thing you MUST realize before you go into detailed reading in this e-book. We have to agree on the fact that skill and experience are important factors when you separate the rooks from the pro’s. This is true for both live games and online games.

However, instead of only acknowledging this similarity between live and online poker, it is far more valuable to seek the differences between what is important in becoming an expert in live poker and becoming a shark in online poker. If we know these differences we can namely deduct the key components you need to bring on stage to dominate online poker.

Let us then analyze this for now.


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Chapter 1: Key differences between online and live poker Searching for the most valuable components and assets that are needed to make the transfer from live to online poker play and to eventually dominate the online poker scene

00006.jpgScreenshot from an Online Poker Table 00007.jpgPicture of a Live Poker Table

What qualities do you need to possess to be a pro at a live poker table? *Watching and playing your own hole cards and being able to know hand strength *Calculating your own odds, outs, winning chances etc.
*Watch for tells, reading other players, learning opponent characters and playing styles
*Watching for betting patterns
*Being able to make plays (e.g. bluffing), creating and changing images/gears *Immunize yourself from what you see and hear at the poker table and being able to focus and concentrate 100% on the poker game
*Keep yourself steady, keep your emotions and nerves under control, don’t expose habits

Which of these live poker qualities do you also need at online poker (underlined): *Watching and playing your own hole cards and being able to know hand strength *Calculating your own odds, outs, winning chances etc.
*Watch for tells, reading other players, learning characters
*Watching for betting patterns
*Being able to make plays (e.g. bluffing), creating and changing images/gears *Immunize yourself from what you see and hear at the poker table and being able to focus and concentrate 100% on the poker game
*Keep yourself steady, keep your emotions and nerves under control, don’t expose habits

Yes it is 100% true. You don ’t need to memorize hand strength, calculate mathematical figures, watch for tells and betting patterns at online poker. I know, you are probably overwhelmed by this. You have probably never thought that at online poker you have to do much less yourself to be good at it. You (probably) and most of the online poker players (certainly) approach online poker the same way as live poker, and this is the biggest mistake online poker beginners and fishes make. You have to understand that online poker is a complete different world than live poker, a world where some components rise in value whilst others reduce in value. Let me explain this now more thoroughly.

Poker is a game of (limited) knowledge . Unless you play with the same guys all the time, in live poker you have limited knowledge about your opponents, about what’s going to happen and about what happened before. This is because you mostly don’t know the players you are up against, or you can’t remember much about them, you don’t know their playing styles, their betting patterns etc. Your brains have to learn things about your opponents. Meanwhile you have to calculate everything yourself. And you have to be able to play your own game.

This also goes for online poker, that is, for 80% of the players who play online poker. They play online poker no different from live poker. And thus, they have the same knowledge limitations.

This is because the knowledge gathered by a human being is mostly not all too accurate. The human brain can only store a certain maximum amount of knowledge. It cannot memorize EVERYTHING in complete detail. It also cannot calculate odds, outs etc. with 100% certainty and accuracy. Oh, and by the way, the accuracy and tenability of all gathered data becomes less trustworthy as emotions come along the process once a while (in other words, sometimes tilt overshadows logical and analytical play).
This is why online poker players, who play online poker the same way as live poker, play literally in the dark. And this is why people who play in the dark are called ignorant fish, dumb ass rooks in plain American English. I’m sorry to be so rude, but truth must come in plain and simple words.

What assets do sharks possess, how are they able to dominate online poker? Okay, now let’s move to how the sharks, the online poker professionals, approach the online poker game.
All they do is keep their emotions and nerves tight, look at their hole cards and focus themselves 100% on the game. At a 6 handed table they also might make plays, change gears and swift images. But that’s it. Now your question must be: what about the rest? What about calculating the odds, watching for betting patterns, getting to learn the other players and playing styles?

Well, the answer on that question is simple: online poker sharks
play with Poker Tools. They use poker tools to calculate innumerable percentages (odds, outs, winning chances etc.), to show hand strength and to receive playing advice. They use tools to call up hundreds of statistics on any individual poker player they play against (even if they have never played against them before). They use tools to identify all tables in the poker room lobby and indicate the strength/weakness of each table so they can pre select tables before playing at all. And they use poker tools to track their own play to find leaks and make improvements in their own game play.

Remember what I said about poker being a game of (limited) knowledge. Well, online poker sharks certainly don’t have limited knowledge. They have two to three hundred percent MORE KNOWLEDGE than their opponents. They certainly DON’T play in the dark. To them, the whole game becomes clear and that’s why they beat it structurally.

The coming and presence of poker tools (online poker software programs) brings a whole new dimension into online poker. It’s like having the perfect poker player standing right beside you, giving you 100% winning advice. Because their exist poker tools, new key components and assets arrive in online poker. Being skilled at online poker therefore means – apart from the transferred skills from live poker (which were respectively: watching and playing your own hole cards, being able to make plays (e.g. bluffing), creating and changing images/gears, being able to focus and concentrate 100% on the poker game and keep yourself steady, keep your emotions and nerves under control):

*Being able to play with poker tools: overseeing and extracting given knowledge and then applying knowledge by instant acting.
*Being able to play multiple tables at once to increase winning rate *Forthcoming out of the other two: being able to make tens of decisions with lightning speed (you have less time at online poker)
*Being able to play 100% disciplined: keep playing the sharks game, even when the cards don’t come well for a couple of hours
*Bankroll and money management. This is maybe the most important factor in online poker. You can’t smell the money, it transformed into digital chips and numbers. This has serious consequences on multiple levels.

More on all this of course later in the e-book.

My goal in this chapter is to make you conscious of the differences between live and online poker play, and more importantly, what consequences this must have for your approach to online poker. The potential, the possibilities are interminable. All you must do is adapt, adapt, adapt. Therefore you need to read strategies and most important of all, start playing with tools in the poker room you like. Theory combined with experience is always the key to learning.

The following chapters provide you with all the tips, strategies, tools, e-books, and other information you need to know to become an online poker shark, a dominating online poker player.

Chapter 2: Online Poker Strategy
2.1 Poker Books and Poker Articles

Poker Books now has a great promotion running for all dominate online poker players: 9 free poker books. All you do is sign up with one of our preferred poker rooms, collect some points and the books are yours!

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Poker Articles
Find tons of free poker articles, that go into detail on all sorts of different online poker subjects here:


2.2 Tips for Poker Beginners

This e-book is not written for absolute beginners. I hope you do know at least a bit about the game and the world in which it is played. If this is not the case, then read the following poker books for free first ( you know the download page: )

- Poker for Dummies (first)
- Intelligent Guide to Texas Holdem Poker (second)
- Internet Texas Holdem (third)

When you enter the world of online poker you must have organised yourself first. And a decent organisation means having a safe and secure method of payment that allows you to transfer (deposit and withdraw) money from your local bank to your internet bank (find two options below) and from there to the poker room cashiers. Neteller and Moneybookers are the most safe online banks. Creating an account is free. Moneybookers has the lowest fee, Neteller the biggest name.

Neteller Moneybookers


00008.jpg00009.jpgBy the way, if you email us your email address to we are able to give you 10 dollar free in your Neteller account by referring you. We will send you an email an in that email you should click a link to open your account.

These online banks operate in the same way as your own local bank but differ from those in that they only govern online money transfers. Neteller and Moneybookers are worldwide companies that have millions of clients. You can understand that it is also in their utter interest that money is safe with them and payments are secure.
Upon till now there has never been a problem with Moneybookers or Neteller come up in the news.

At we have tighten our bands with professional online poker player Roy Rounder. He has started a poker coaching program that suits especially beginners. Take his coaching program free for 1 year if you click on the banner below!


A nice way to start playing online poker is to play in freerolls. I would not recommend playing on play money tables as you won’t find serious poker there. This is also slightly the case in freerolls, but as there is money paid though and you can use freerolls thus as a quick start to a free bankroll. Find the freeroll schedule (updated every minute) at

Another way to begin with a free poker bankroll (without having the need to play with your own money and thus playing without any risk) is to get the best free poker bonuses (read chapter 5 of this e-book).

The best Poker Room for beginners, especially for European players, is Everest Poker.
Download the software for free, play in freerolls and get up to 100 dollar free without depositing your own money!

00011.jpg2.3 Cash Game Tips



The cash game tips in this section are primarily meant to improve your online cash game play. For general poker cash game tips and strategies read the free poker books.

2.3.1 No Limit, Limit or Pot Limit? No Limit!

Maybe you are a limit player, or maybe you play both limit and no-limit. The Dominate Online Poker E-Book and Website have been primarily designed for no-limit holdem (although limit and pot-limit players surely can profit from the great promotions and from the tools here as well). Now, you might ask, why should I play no-limit most of the time instead of limit? Well, first of all no-limit, they say is the Cadillac of Poker, but that’s just a saying.

The genuine reason to play no-limit holdem is that in no-limit a fish (bad player) must pay a significant larger amount of money for their mistakes than when they play limit holdem. THATS the reason! If you have read Sklansky’s ‘theory of poker’ you have, of course, come across his fundamental theorem of poker which is stated, in short, as following:

‘ Every time a player will play differently than he would play if his opponents hole cards lay open then he makes a mistake and loses; on the contrary, every time a player plays the same way as he would play if his opponents hole cards lay open, he would make no mistake and he’d gain.’

This thesis is the ground rule for all poker games as it touches the fundamental borderline between good players and bad players: a player who is good at reading another player (and his cards) will make less mistakes than a player who is bad at reading another player (and his cards).
Now suppose a bad player, who makes a lot of mistakes, plays the game of limit holdem: he would surely lose in the long run, but because there is a betting limit in this game, he won’t have to pay as much for his mistakes as he would have to in no-limit holdem, where there is no limit (hence the name) in betting. If you have trips and your bad opponent has top pair (thinking he is winning), in, for instance, 1/2 limit you can only bet 2 (pre-flop and on the flop) or 4(post-flop) and raise and re-raise by 2 and 4(pre-flop and on the flop) or 4 (post-flop). In no-limit you could (re)raise the fish all-in with your maximum buy-in of 200 dollars…

The First 3d Online Poker Room | Join it Now


2.3.2 Playing multi-table poker and playing with bonuses


** When you move to a new poker room, play 1 table at the time. Be sure you get adapted to the environment before you play multiple tables.

** I advise you to play for a few sign up bonuses at different poker rooms first before you start playing permanently at one poker room. A tiny warning though, there’s something dangerous about these bonuses. Playing with a bonus gives you the feeling you only play to clear the bonus. Try to avoid that thought. Not because it makes you think you should play extremely efficient (that is of course a good thought) but you can lose your joy for the game due to this thought. Many people clear a bonus as fast as they can, playing multitable poker and constantly looking how many raked hands they have left to play. This kind of mental state will not only bring you less joy but it will also worsen your game. If you play multiple tables/clearing bonuses then you will play primarily a card game (playing extremely tight), while you are not able to play the peoples game (which you should be doing) meaning you don’t watch your opponents. Even with the help of poker tools things can get tough: watching hundreds of stats at multiple tables simultaneously is not realistic. This is why I advise you to play WITH bonuses at all times, but never to play FOR the bonuses. A bonus should be percepted as an extra (you actually should just play and then get the bonus credited into your account unconsciously) and never play more tables than you can for it. Remember, MOST of your money comes from the bad players, not from the bonuses! So keep an eye on them, and not on how many raked hands you have left to play.

** Although playing multi table poker in order to clear bonuses is more efficient when you do this at shorthanded games (for there are more hands player per hour, thus receiving more money per hour) it is better to play at ring games for 2 reasons:
a. poker gets more complicated when you play shorthanded games (there is more bluffing, you are being watched more, there are more steals and it go’s a lot faster) b. in ring games tight play is a bit standard while there are some loose fish all the time (tight play is also better for bonus clearing)

** When you clear bonuses, try to pick tables with large average pots, especially because most bonuses in poker rooms are cleared even when you are not involved in the pot. Also, when you catch a monster it’s like your birthday with all these maniacs at your table!

This becomes increasingly easy when you take a subscription of Poker Edge and Lobby Edge together. You can then let their computer database do the table selection for you! (read more about this in the Poker Tools Chapter)
Click here to get Lobby and Poker Edge

**I have just put some arguments against playing multiple table, but there is one big argument in favour of playing multiple tables (besides clearing bonuses more efficiently) and that is: it keeps you DISCIPLINED. It can, for example, be very boring to play at only 1 table, especially if you get a bad run of cards. Sometimes you just have to fold 40 hands in a row, and even if you are a good player, you will get bored. So play multiple tables in order to avoid boredom.

2.3.3 The importance of position in poker

** Always (try to) sit to the right of a tight player and to the left of the aggressive player. Sitting to the right of the tight player means that if you raise he will likely move out of the pot (this kind of knowledge is extremely valuable as your chance to pick up the pot is then bigger). Also it will help you to steal more blinds. Sitting to the left of the aggressor is even more important. First of all, it keeps you tight and disciplined.
But second, and more important, is that you can trap him when you have a real monster. You can then re raise him pre flop (or even slow play by calling, which you shouldn’t do too often – more on that later) and/or raise him on the flop. Having position on an aggressive player is priceless.

** Always maintain your discipline which is, first and foremost, playing a POSITIONAL game. Even if you get like 40 rags in a row, still fold KQ utg. If you play a positional game (which is playing looser on the button and in late position than in early and middle position) then you will win far more in the long run for you have the luxury of information before you make your own decision (making the last move in a round of betting gives you an informational edge).

** Stealing the button: even with a mediocre hand like 9J you should steal the button if you got the chance. Position is more valuable than cards. This sort of aggression will irritate players: they likely will think you are a loose maniac and your good hands will be called off more easily this way.

** You will want to play suited connectors and low and middle pocket pairs with lot ’s of opponents as these are mostly drawing hands and you will get pot odds when there is a big pot with many people calling. High cards and big pairs must be played against only 1-3 opponents (prefera

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