At we believe that access to reading material is a basic human right. Everyone should have access to the knowledge, wisdom, and enjoyment that books have to offer without censorship, without restrictions, and without limitation, regardless of their income, race or religion. Operating worldwide for more than 20 years, was Amazon before eBooks were popular.

Globally, the youth literacy rate has increased from 81 percent to 92 percent over the past two decades but many countries still censor heavily what can be read by its citizens. In other countries, reading is considered a luxury given the high cost of books. At we recognize all the obstacles that readers face and are committed to helping readers around the world get secure, stable access to the materials they want and need.

Our approach is to create an innovative suite of services and workshops that will help both new writers find an audience and established writers expand their audience globally. The more extensive our platform becomes, the more authors we can partner with, and the more free reading material we can share openly with readers worldwide.

As traditional publishing continues to shrink, is increasingly important. We provide new writers with opportunities and readers with the best that these writers have to offer.

Our goal is simple: we want to grow and attract more authors, so you, our readers around the world, can enjoy more fantastic free books. But with success comes increased costs of editing, hosting, and technology upgrades. Combined with increasing competition for the online advertising dollars we use to pay our bills, and you can understand how it’s a growing challenge for us to keep expanding our free book services.

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Your financial support makes it possible for us to reach our goal and expand our free library worldwide. Whether providing textbooks to low-income learners or just making great ideas accessible to more people and to continue to grow literacy around the world one book at a time.

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