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Introduction: Why Do You Need This Book? 1

Keto Diet Basics 2

What is the Ketogenic Diet? 2

Foods to Eat 2

Foods to Avoid 2

Benefits of Keto Diet - Is it for Everyone? 2

Pressure cooker (for ex. Instant Pot) 4

What is Instant Pot? 4

How to Use it? 4

Benefits of Using Instant Pot/ Pressure Cooker 5

Breakfast Recipes 7

Coconut Porridge 8

Bacon & Egg Cups 10

Veggie Muffins 12

Scallion Omelet 14

Mushroom Omelet 16

Ingredients: 16

Chiles Quiche 18

Spinach Quiche 20

Bacon & Kale Casserole 22

Sweet Potato Casserole 24

Veggie Casserole 26

Starter & Snack Recipes 29

Scotch Eggs 30

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus 32

Top 80 Keto Pressure Cooker recipes

Buffalo Chicken Dip 34

Boiled Peanuts 36

Roasted Pecans 38

Soup Recipes 41

Onion Soup 42

Pumpkin Soup 44

Broccoli Soup 46

Carrot Soup 48

Cauliflower Soup 50

Bacon & Veggie Soup 52

Cheeseburger Soup 54

Chicken Soup 56

Creamy Chicken Soup 58

Meatballs Soup 60

Meat Recipes 63

Shredded Chuck Roast 64

Braised Chuck Roast 66

Beef Short Ribs 68

Beef Curry 70

Beef with Mushroom Sauce 72

Beef with Broccoli 74

Beef with Bell Peppers 76

Ground Beef Curry 78

Meatballs in Gravy 80

Herbed Meatloaf 82

BBQ Pork Ribs 84

Pork Chops 86


Ellen Branson

Leg of Lamb 88

Lamb Shanks 90

Lamb Curry 92

Seafood Recipes 95

Steamed Salmon 96

Feta Salmon 98

Cod with Tomatoes 100

Fish Curry 102

Shrimp Curry 104

Creamy Shrimp 106

Creamy Lobster 108

Lemony Mussels 110

Mussels in Tomato Gravy 112

Buttered Crab Legs 114

Vegetarian Recipes 117

Beet Salad 118

Creamy Cauliflower Rice 120

Cheesy Zucchini Noodles 122

Buttered Asparagus 124

Buttered Brussels Sprout 126

Garlicky Broccoli 128

Feta Green Beans 130

Cheesy Cauliflower 132

Creamy Mushrooms 134

Spinach with Cottage Cheese 136

Spiced Kale 138

Zucchini with Tomatoes 140

Top 80 Keto Pressure Cooker recipes

Mixed Greens Curry 142

Eggplant Curry 144

Mixed Veggies 146

Poultry Recipes 149

Roasted Cornish Hens 150

Roasted Chicken 152

Stuffed Chicken Breast 154

BBQ Chicken Thighs 156

Chicken Legs 158

Butter Chicken 160

Chicken Curry 162

Cheesy Chicken 164

Roasted Duck 166

Roasted Quails 168

Dessert Recipes 171

Yogurt Custard 172

Chocolate Mousse 174

Crème Brûlée 176

Lemon Cheesecake 178

Chocolate Cakes 180

Conclusion 183


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