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Recipes For Joy In Life

Robert S. Swiatek

formerly The Joy Of Life Cookbook

formerly The Read My Lips Cookbook

Copyright October 2011, Robert S. Swiatek.

All Rights Reserved.

First Edition

If you use material found in this book without permission from the author or publisher, we will put you in a pizza oven and cook you. We won’t burn down your village, but we will shut down your food supply. Information of a general nature requires no action. When in doubt, contact the author.

Mentioning him and the book is greatly appreciated.

ISBN: 0-9817843-8-0

available only as an ebook


to James, Julia, my mom, and all the others who inspired my cooking also by Robert S. Swiatek

The Read My Lips Cookbook:

A Culinary Journey Of Memorable Meals


Don’t Bet On It – a novel

Tick Tock, Don’t Stop:

A Manual For Workaholics

for seeing eye dogs only

This Page Intentionally Left Blank

– Just Like The Paychecks Of The Workers

I Don’t Want To Be A Pirate – Writer, maybe

wake up – it’s time for your sleeping pill

Take Back The Earth – The Dumb,

Greedy Incompetents Have Trashed It

Press 1 For Pig Latin

This War Won’t Cost Much –

I’m Already Against The Next One

here's your free gift – send $10 for shipping

Mirror, Mirror, On My Car

The Joy Of Life Cookbook

unpublished in September 2011

Save The Animals And Children

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