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50 Easy And Quick Dinners For One by Samuel Walz - HTML preview

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Smoky bacon pot noodle for one 5

Super steak with bearnaise 6

Flat chicken with tomatoes, olives and capers 7

Summer risotto for one 8

Fish with peas and lettuce 9

Anytime eggs 10

Microwave macaroni and cheese in a mug 11

5-Minute vegetarian burrito bowl 12

Salmon rarebit 13

Tomato and basil omelette 14

Pasta for one 15

Leek and sage risotto with bacon 16

Prawn and coconut laksa 17

One person chicken Margherita 18

Braised chicken and red potatoes in tarragon broth 19

Mushroom and Navy-bean stew 20

Trout with garden salad 21

Lemony tuna pita pockets 22

Chilli cheese omelette 23

Vegetarian club sandwich 24

Rocket, carrot and ham salad 25

Croque madame with spinach salad 26

Smoked salmon layer 27

Scrambled omelette toast topper 28

Perfect jacket potatoes 29

Mexican turkey salad bowl 30

Mussels in red pesto 31

Thai-style chicken and sweet potato 32

Salami and courgette flatbread 33

Smart crab linguine 34

One-pot chicken pilaf 35

Chicken soba noodles 36

Steak, chips and pepper sauce 37

Shepherd's pie potatoes 38

Oven baked swai 39

Black bean breakfast bowl 40

Egg curry 41

Baby spinach omelet 42

Skillet salmon with tomato quinoa 43

Stir-fried chicken with corn and millet 44

Shrimp Scampi For One 45

Healthy Pita Pizza with Goat Cheese 46

Chanterelle Omelet with Fines Herbes 47

1-minute coffee cake in a mug 48

Single-serving microwave brownie 49

Chicken bruschetta pasta salad 50

Mediterranean grilled cheese sandwich 51

Sweet potato breakfast skillet for one 52

Zucchini noodles with garlic and oil 53

Mexican stuffed sweet potato 54