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Two Unforgiving Men


Segment One


In a dream Oct.23,2007 I witnessed two men meet on a street divider and two shots rang out as one. They are both dead leaving many unanswered questions.

You can write a story about it is the impression I get. I am so terrified my heart is racing and strongly horrified. The Holy Bible reads in Ecclesiastes 8:8 There is no man that has power over the spirit to retain the spirit, neither has he power in the day of death; and there is no discharge in that war; neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it.

These two men find themselves unable to kill one another truly. They had thought death was the end but found that they simply popped out of their old bodies and were still fully aware. Two worlds were now before their eyes, mine and their new one.

Scrambling for the guns that they had used to disengage their old life from the new one they discovered that their hands went through anything from their old existence. The people that gathered only gazed at their old dead bodies and were totally unaware of their souls' presence.

Suddenly a bunch of people showed up from the new existence and started prodding them and calling their names. They were mean men and women and were also unseen by the present world.

Unable to get away from the new ones they were pushed and pulled, pinched and kicked, hit and scratched into submission. They were taken out of the past living and out into the country down into a dark shaft in the ground.

Deeper and deeper they were dragged into darkness, dampness and heat. Death was no longer a concern but this new existence was inescapable. The place of the wicked dead, they were told was a culmination of every evil thing and deed.

They would have all of eternity to experience every horror and to know every form of torture. No food, no drink, no family, no clothing, no light with no escape.

Regret encompassed their thoughts. If only filled their minds. Unknown future clamped down on their hearts like a secure vice. The realization that they were in hell and it could only get worse ripped them apart and held them in a depressed state.

They could only wish now to be mentally gone, to not remember the good times on earth and the teachings of Heaven. But the truth haunted them constantly and all hope was gone of ever seeing anything good again.

The torture continues. Time is no more. There is no schedule, no end to pain and suffering and the next unknown happening. No seeing anymore, groping around in the darkness, always trying to find their way out but only encountering strange creatures and insects that bite and chew on them and scream loudly.

Other souls there were experiencing the same ordeal and taunting voice reminded them of their future full of starvation, thirst, horrific odors and sounds. "This is your eternity" is yelled out and "this was your choice".

Accusations were many like. "You chose to not forgive your fellowman so you cannnot be forgiven. You chose to live by violence so you shall be violently treated. You chose to do your evil deeds in the dark so you shall have darkness forever. You chose to not share and help others so you will not be helped or have anything. You chose to hate so you will never be loved again. You did not answer kindly when others cried so your cries will go unanswered too. You deceived others and you have been deceived. You reap what you sowed forever.

Segment Two


Destitute forever in an unseen existence, sometimes so alone but never at peace; only loneliness so deep it was unutterable, a huge void.


The memories of family and friends and all loved ones makes it more unbearable as the possibilty of them coming to this place without them or each other, separated always and eternally is too much.

Pain wracked nerves and emotional wounding goes on and on and on. No music, no singing, no television or games. No agreement about anything. Total inharmonious circumstances with no let up, no breaks, no addiction relief. Gaping flesh wounds, flu symptoms, fevers, chills, boils, cancers, heart attacks, strokes with every conceivable and unconceivable evil with full awareness. No comfort, no pain medicine, no drugs to help you forget, itching deepest itching.

Wrong choices bring wrong outcomes. Snakes, spiders, scorpions,fleas,lice, ticks in abundance. Flying things, creeping things, crawling things. The expectation of cruelty and torture never leave them.

Over time the fading memories of anything good get further and further apart and only bring regrets and deep soul searching of remorse. Hatred overcomes them in each session of remembering. Self hatred for the ungodly choices, hatred for every person who led them to make ungodly decisions, hatred for all that was good because it is out of reach now and for always ,eternally.

Sexual desire is gone completely. No pleasant memories of any sexual encounter exists here. Tears flow incessantly. No numbness can even break the pain level. Excruciating body pain and emotional pain. Pain! Pain! Pain! Rejection! Rejection! Rejection!

Hotter than an oven, burning flesh,stenchy, and smoky causing coughing and spasms. They know every form of pain, every form of suffering. This is not a nightmare. It is real and it is not going away.

Dehydration, utter weakness, sore throats from screaming. No mercy, no love, no grace, no pardon, just sentence upon sentence. Slander, accusations, lies, deceptions, teasing, taunting, no peace, no joy, no happiness. No answers to any questions. No books, no movies, no buildings, no light, no bed, no chair, no pillow, no grass, no trees, no sky, only a cave-like,thick,stenchy space filled with horrors.

Someone and someone else have no hope, no life, no sense of time anymore. Their misery far exceeds anything they had known on the earth. They feel exhausted, weak, sickly, unable to move. Who, what, when, where, when and how are useless words without any knowledge. News is not. Whatever is at any given moment is all there is. Time is not.

Their names do not matter anymore. Their accomplishments in their former lives mean nothing. Hell is real. That is all that matters now and forever. There is nothing else and no one else to blame it on. They know that they are getting what they chose and forever is forever after all.

Excuses don't hold any weight. Reasoning is no more. Rights, attitudes, opinions don't exist. Any thought of God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit result in their dropping to their knees and confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord. Every thought of God = knees and confession.

Can a man get used to these conditions knowing that death has already been experienced and this is the judgment? NO, there is no getting used to any thing for them.

There is no stopping any force of evil here. There is no end to the reaping, no cancelling the harvest of ungodliness here. They are doomed, damned, and desecrated. They feel everything and can't stop it. They cannot help themselves or each other.

Every chance to prove themselves worthy to escape the judgment and Hell is gone,long gone. Their short lives are ended and their forever deaths are just beginning even after six thousand years.


Segment Three

These two men's families move on as they say on earth, back into life and living. New people, new wives or girlfriends, new fathers for their children. All of their belongings would go to others or the garbage. No turning back time.

No becoming a new and better person counted worthy to escape hell and being so-o-o-o lost. All is lost even their soul as the Bible warned. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth it said would be the sounds and emotions of the place of the forever damned. Now they are experiencing it first hand from their own mouths and hearts. No tender touches just absolute degradation.

Why would anyone choose this place? There is no logical answer. How long is forever? No one knows as it has not been experienced yet nor ever will be. Unending song! They chose their own forever, forever.

Rumors abound but they are all lies, deceptions, false hopes, cruel misconceptions. Not even knowing anything for sure or for certain because the Bible is not available here is a torture to their souls.

The two unforgiving men can issue no warnings to those on the earth. No communication is possible with the outside world. Woe, woe and more woe is inevitable. These forever bodies will not cremate fully, will not decay fully and will never die fully.

There are no tools, no utensils, nothing to make anything or work with their hands or minds. Nothingness and still more nothingness except for the promised pain and misery.


Everyone here has fibromyalgia, or cancer growths, worms, arthritis, heart disease, strokes, aids, leprosy, disfigurements, and or mangled parts.


What in Hell did they want? The menu is horrifying. The scenery is blackness unending. Breathing in smoke always with not a drop to drink.

Why did they choose hell? There are definite rules and regulations and every conceivable judgment and sentence served. There are no 'rock stars' starring. There are no 'idols' being idolized. They are all in intense misery, intense strife. There is no mail, no messages, no phone calls, no birthdays, no holidays, no Christmas, No Easter, no anniversaries, no calendars, no clocks, and no pin points for marking anything on anything.

Who goes to Hell? Who belongs there? How do you choose that place? Unbelievers in Christ, disobedient to God, unforgivers, haters of their fellowman, sinners unrepentant, ignorers of God and His laws of doing right, and anyone who does not know the greatest Judge of all the earth,Jesus.

To know Jesus in an intimate and loving way is to obey Him and follow after Him in loving Father God Jehovah and His Holy Spirit.


Rejected by God and given over to destruction never to be rebuilt, never to know anything positive. Held captive, enslaved by torturers, no thoughts of breaking free to do the right things.


Totally lost in blackness and blindness, their senses offended by evil sounds,smells and tastes of sulphur, always awake, forever insomnia envelops them.

Truth reigns here. Every lie is proven to be just that, lies. No one is this place can unjustify their being put here. Their knowledge of the present time is truth and the possibility of blaming someone else for anything is gone.

Part 2 Segment One


Understanding their plight is too clear and inescapable. All hope is lost. The future only promises more of the same unthinkable horrors.

Echoes of past sermons about loving God and loving your fellowman fill this abyss. Love your neighbor as yourself resounds clearly, It is too late for them. They will not ever know love for themselves or their neighbors or God. Hatred abounds!

To know truth and yet be unable to embrace it is a wickedness that grieves their souls. To finally see the light in such an unseen place adds more grief and sorrow.

To feel such rejection, utter and complete is unbearable. To know that death will not, cannot take you out again and it is not an escape or remedy after fearing death in your former life is such a wound to their souls.

Nothingness would seem a good thing except that it is followed by extreme, horrific actions in hell. Temptations do not exist in this location. There are no choices to be made, no decisions to even consider. It is all so final, so etched in stone, so undoable.

All thoughts are a dead end. Who could have imagined any of these not happenings? Life had been so free for them. Everyday had been so alive with choices. No going back No returning. No time travel, only certain judgment.

The one glimpse of Heaven will be at the judgment seat of Christ. Seeing Him in all of His glory and riches and honor will be the last look at real life.
That time will cause even a deeper and darker emotion for eternity. To hear Jesus Christ say 'depart from Me, I never knew you' will scream in their spirits and remain with them eternally. To be thrust out of His sight by the angels that adore Him will cover these men with shame maximized by the truth that love, true love is refusing the entrance into Heaven, the place of bliss.

The lake of fire that burns forever now waits for them to be judged, sentenced and thrown in with death, hell and the grave. False prophets, teachers, evangelists, preachers and hypocrites will all have the same fate. No exemptions. No playing favorites by the Lord or angels. It is so over, so done, so finished, so unalterable.

No one ever gets comfortable. Pain increases steadily with no fainting, no comas, no opting out. The spider webs of confusion are gone. Clarity is too good and finds no way out, Words are useless and nonfunctional. They have no more authority, no more say or vote in anything. They cannot prevent their family nor friends from coming to this hell hole. Every chance at making a difference in anyone's destination is gone for all eternity.

Starkness of mind is so not a good thing when you want to forget or lose consciousness or feel numb. How long is forever and eternity? How intense can it get ?


Segment 2

Some people have visited Hell with Jesus and were allowed to return to tell the world to repent and be baptized in Jesus. Still there are those that refuse to believe and receive Christ Jesus. Others believe and receive but give up because they are not willing to forgive their fellowman for atrocities done them. Jesus said that we must forgive to be forgiven. There is no unforgiveness allowed in Heaven among us.

God help us to forgive and let God take care of every little or huge matter. Vengeance is His and He will repay each and every evil. Nothing or no one can escape His judgments.

They had thought that dead was like totally extinct, not another thought, word ,nor deed ,nor feeling. Death was supposed to be the sleep beyond sleep into nothingness, no eternity, no awareness of anything or anyone anymore with no memories,no dreams, and no nightmares. How wrong they both are. How very,very wrong. Hell is the negative side and Heaven the positive.

Daily or is it nightly or is it both there are new arrivals in this evil pit. Always the same questions and tauntings. Always and never do exist here and changes are not to be expected or can be. What is forever?

No hopes,dreams expectations of good are present or ever will be. The fire is always hot, the strange creatures are always present in person, not imagined. These men are terrified to move or speak for fear of being attacked unmercifully.

Broken, battered, bruised and bidding for a death that dies truly. Begging for mercy, pardon and grace. Oh how their hearts yearn for the earth, the fullness of the earth, the air, the trees, food and water. Why, oh Why could they not forget the wonderful way it was?

Shock wave after shock wave hits them. Just when they settle it in their minds that they are here forever the shock of stinging pain would reset their thoughts in panic mode. Then an adrenalin rush with escape, get out slamming into their hearts.

Who is responsible for not letting them know of their fate? Shouldn't they have been terrified to come here so much so that the necessary steps would have been taken? Who sucked them into believing that there was no such place?

God was fair and tried to warn them didn't He? Jesus spoke of it and gave His life to open the way to Heaven. The choice was clear.


Segment 3


Last year, last month, last week,last night, yesterday does not compute. It is all one long unending night, one super long unending age, eras upon eras, eternity.

Progress is not present. Goals are never met let alone set. There is no change in government, no votes to be cast. Whatever was, was and has no comparison to now. Nothing new, nothing scheduled, not another appointed appointment.

It was appointed unto man once to die and after this the judgment according to the written word. That sermon was preached globally but who believed it? Maybe one sixth of the population received this truth in the twenty first century.

Hell must mean all negative things forever. It also has to mean separation from God eternally. Not that God has not been there. He was there to create it and He was there again two thousand years ago after the people of the earth crucified Him. It was a brief encounter with Satan when Jesus took the keys of Hades and Hell. Jesus is a lion not a pussycat.

No one gets in here without Jesus' keys. None get out without Jesus' keys. Satan is defeated and will have his time to be tortured for a thousand years, let lose for a time and then thrown into the Lake of fire with death and hell.

Hell was originally created for Satan and one third of the angels of Heaven that fell with him. But as people chose to follow the devil and not Jesus, hell had to be enlarged. Choose you this day whom you will serve. You cannot serve God and mamon. You will hate one and love the other, the Bible reads.

Choose life or death. One need not even describe Heaven in comparison to Hell. Anyone here would gladly trade places. To be a travel agent for Hell you would think that you would have to be a super collossal sales person. But no, you just have to hide the facts and depict it as a temporary joy ride in which you never get caught by the authorities.

Hell's description is avoided and made out to be a fairy tale, a distorted or at least exaggerated fable. Lawbreakers see it as a paradise for thwarting other criminals as if it were a free for all. Deception is a name for a place like this. Not April Fool's day but all fool's eternity.

What compares to the experiences known and unknown here? God only created this one hole with many legs never wanting to enlarge it. He gave His Son Jesus the Christ to prevent people from coming here. If only mankind could grasp that kind of love and forgiveness.

There is no looking forward to any good event in the place of the wicked dead. No colours exist that you can see. Rainbows are definitely a thing of the way, far past. A cool breeze would be greatly appreciated. The air flow is stagnant, sewerish and causes regurgitation as in morning sickness unlimited, unending.

Exercise is null and void as these men are afraid to move in case of stirring up something cruel next to them. Piercing, blood curdling screams come now and then unannounced , untimed. The actual cause is untold. One can only guess or imagine the reason. Questions, questions, unanswered mind boggling questions.

Fear has torment according to the word of God. Fear, terror, horrification, adrenalin rush after rush, then heart attacks. A band about the chest that tightens unmercifully until the ripping pain encompasses their back and front. Excruciating ebb and flow of pain.

King's blood was the price paid. Not just any king would do. It was the spotless, pure blood of the King of kings and Lord of lords. His blood was the ransom. With His broken body it sealed a New Covenant for the whole entire world if only they would believe.

No wonder His word says 'You are not your own, You are bought with a price, the blood of Jesus.' No higher price can be paid. No higher ransom is available. All that could be done was done at Calvary, Golgotha, the place of the skull.

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