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Episode 2: Two cups of Asp and Us


After their transformation, they all stand for a while and then they imagine what mischief they could do with their powers.

Brian first thought of destroying the university engineering department, using missiles and lasers, also by stamping and bashing it with his robotic arms, then when it became ashes he looks at it, then he jumps up in the air, and as he's landing turns into a ball of flames; he then lands on the ashes; he (in robot form then stands and starts dusting his hands.

At the same time, Jane thinks of turning completely into flames and then flying over to where Tamia was, and setting her and her two followers on fire; she then goes over to a pink convertible car, with license plate, Tamia #1, she turns round it then goes into the clouds then as she returns she sends down a rain of fire, blowing up the car.

Suzzy, thinks of using her dragons to destroy her mother's company, Nna Enterprise, a tall building, made of glass, the dragons go in breaking all the glass and destroying everything, then they get very large and squeeze the building till it crumbles to the ground, then using the dragons she will imprison her parents in a room. She then uses the dragons to chase all the lecturers away from school.

As the three stood there in shock smiling, a set of the army started gang beating the three. Brian then looks at Ted with his robotic head as he was held down by a lot of robots and one was jumping to smash him to the ground, Jane was held by a bunch of ogres, and one was coming with a club to pound her, Suzzy was being attacked by a set of flying beasts, one was flying over to drop a big rock on her head, Ted seeing all this then says:

Ted: Brian, guys, watch out!! Brian,Suzzy&Jane: oh!


They then snap out of their day dreams and Brian says:


Brian: watch this bro, it's a gamer's heaven in here.

Inside the robot, Brian then stretches and reached a pad with two joysticks, direction buttons, four top buttons and four buttons close to the right joystick, then he turns the right joystick, this made the robot turn a full 360, tossing all the robots that held it down, the robot in the air then lands on one of his comrades making it explode, Brian (in robot form) then starts standing, taking a position of which one knee was on the floor the other foot, were on the robotic toes, while the hands were on the ground. He then says:

Brian: Missing me is the biggest mistake you'll ever make. Ahhhhhhh!

He then runs towards two robots grabbing their heads and smashing them together then taking one of the no headed robots by the leg and using it he smashes it into another one running towards him, this made an explosion as the smokes settled there is a lot of lasers directed towards Brian, but as the smoke settled and the fireworks stopped Brian is seen covered in a blue shield, as the shield goes out, Brian starts returning his own lasers, turning 360 and floating as he did; this destroyed a lot of robots. After this, he then picks a part of a shattered robot, and inside the robot Brian slaps his face as though to check if he sleeps, the robot then hits its face in the same pattern but with the part of the shattered robot, Brian then opens his mouth in disbelief as more robots start running towards him, he slots his Discman in a space in the robot, then a set of speakers came out of the two shoulders of the robot playing, a rock song. This excited Brian who smiles and says to himself "robot wars, one of my favorite games". The music tend to help not only him, but Jane & Suzzy too. He starts displaying a lot of skills destroying the robots with ease.
Jane after the warning made her fire extra hot, this made the ogres let go, she then tosses a ball of flames at the clubs of the ogre, setting it on fire, she then lifts up the ground, then moves backwards, then spinning in flames, she flies towards the crowd of ogres, hitting each of them as she passed, she then puts her hands together and as she separates them a ball of blue flame is formed, she then flies over them, then she goes a little higher, then let the ball go, as it landed, it disintegrated the ogres, after which Asp sends more to attack her, she this time stays on the ground and starts doing some karate moves, as she holds an ogre, she sets it on fire, then pushes it away, she continued this until one tries to dive her from behind, she then does a back flip and uses her legs of fire to step on the ogre setting it ablaze immediately. she then turns 180 on it before it reaches the ground, and dives towards a second which was diving towards her and as they came in contact it went ablaze, she then passes through it like hot knife through butter. She then stays in midair for a while and looks at her enemies scattered on the ground. At this point the rock song had started playing from Brian's robot. Jane then wails in excitement as she starts destroying them according to the beat of the song. After a while she then flies upwards, clenches her fists together and descends at a rapid rate, that as she hit the ground there was a quake, but instead of the ground dividing a cylinder of fire the size of a wheel barrow tyre, comes out around her and burns everything that way coming in her direction.
Suzzy, seeing the flying creature after Ted's warning sends a dragon which breaks all the rocks before they came close to her, but leaving the creatures, as they came quite close, she raises her hands and 6 to 7 dragons come out, from her hands which now is fully tattooed to the nails with a lot of dragons, the dragons fly towards the creatures and goes round them twisting them till they disappeared. She then starts running towards Asp but is hit down by a set of huge dog-like beasts, on their four paws, they are as tall as Suzzy, who tries to shake off the pain of the knock, as she then started getting her vision, one of the beasts is seen mouth wide opening as though wanting to take off her head with one bite, she then brings her hand in front of her face, with her eyes closed; a dragon comes out and with a wider mouth, swallows the beast, she then does an acrobatic flip and stands up; she then smiles to herself, as the beasts circled her, she has a calm look on her face, then as they all start flying towards her at the same time, she rolls underneath one and a circle of dragons were in the middle where she once was, they then spin their way into a blue ball of light of which as the beasts entered they vanished immediately. She then turns and starts giggling, just as that happened Brian's rock music begun, Suzzy then does a hand twist and then two dragons were floating round her, making her fly, she then looks at the rest, smiles at Ted, and then she sees her next set of challenge, a set of those dog-like beasts this time with wings. They all have weapons and as they are coming towards her, she spins until she reached the ground, then she sends some dragons out again but, many of the beasts escaped the dragons, as they came very close, she then gets mad and screams;

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Suzzy: STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

As she said this a set of blue light glows around her, then as the beasts are about to make contact, they starts dying and disappearing, after the last one did a set of blue dragons are seen like a hurricane around Suzzy, and she is in the middle. After which they all stat entering her hands back.

After defeating their opponents they then start running towards Kumodo and Kisha, Asp seeing this gets Kumodo in a swift way that Kisha who was about to hit him didn't even get to hit anyone, he then says:

Asp: somehow, you and your annoying little bunch got the powers of Hol and Fod Kisha, I don't know how it chose you, but to top the humiliation, they destroyed one of my best troops, well I guess till we meet again Kisha
Kisha: Asp, you know you and Kumodo's days are numbered.
Asp: don't push your luck sweetie, there is more than one way to free a lord. Jane: shouldn't that be to skin a cat.
Kumodo: The prophecy would be completed and there is nothing you lot can do about it. Brian: correct me if I'm wrong but you just got disgraced I think we are pretty confident. Asp: fool, the powers are working on reflex, so don't press your luck, I want you to be ready enough for the powers to let you all control it. Till then, I'll be testing you once in a while. Brian: Dude, we'll be waiting, prepared to get you extinct.
Asp: this is a little something to let you know what you are going against.

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After saying this Asp says an incantation as slaps his hands together making the whole army disappear and making the four come back to their human forms. They all stood in shock, as Ted runs over screaming

Ted: Guys that was freaking awesome. I can't believe this, how, where, what was that? Brian: Frankly, I don't understand, let's ask weirdo.
Kisha: my name is Kisha
Brian: whatever? So can you please explain how I'm a robot, Jane is on fire, and Suzzy is a dragon summoner. I tought the powers were ancient.
Kisha: It seems the powers were modified according to your recent desires. Brian your powers are modified to suite your controls of it, Suzzy your powers are adjusted to your feelings and Jane, probably to what you think about yourself.
Ted: what happened to me, how come I have no super powers but I feel different. Kisha: your powers haven't been uncoded yet, we all know it's of great importance but we don't know what it is
Suzzy: so we are meant to save the world from this Asp fella? That's a little crazy, Weirdo, so what do we do now?
Kisha: my name is...., oh don't bother; we'll have to stay alert, because now we are the defenders of mankind.
Jane: but they can't harm humans now, right?
Kisha: they can, and you can too in your transformed state; I guess I'll have to stay with you now, we are a team and breaking up will increase Asps chances of defeating us and freeing OergoornX.
Ted: what?
Kisha: the evil form that made Asp immortal.
Jane: so it has the powers to make a human immortal, bring to life an army of Ogres, beasts and robots, but he can't free himself?
Kisha: precisely, so do you have a place for me to stay.
Suzzy: Sure weirdo, my mum has this old flat in our estate which was meant for a friend, but since the friend is abroad, we use the place for a hang out joint. It's fully furnished, you can stay there.
Kisha: thank you, I'll have to contact P.D headquarters.

Just as she is about to bring out something from her bag pack, one of the students comes to them, he is wearing a blue shirt and a blue 3 quarter jeans, he has scrapped all the hair off his head. He then says:

Boy: guys, I've been looking for you; the tour guide says it's almost time. Hey, who's the sweetie?
Brian: Deji, beat it before I get to you.
Deji: you guys are the greatest, you go to check for snakes and trees, and you guys find the finest thing I've ever seen.

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Jane: I'm sure she's flattered, now if you don't mind, we have a little family discussion of which .....
Suzzy: your presence is a nuisance.
Deji: I'm gone, but better be careful Jane, she might be the new hotty in school. Kisha: believe me I'm not here for that; but thanks for the complement all the same, would you kindly leave.
Deji: just the sound of your voice ....
All: LEAVE!!!!
Deji: I'm going, I'm going, cheese Louise, and you guys are so uptight.

Deji then leaves the bunch behind, singing African queen in an annoying manner. They all shake their heads and stays in a circle still discussing about everything.

Asp is seen walking into a chamber furious as hell, Kumodo, is close but keeping a distance, Asp gets to a table and hits it, this made the table turn into ashes. Kumodo then walks closer to him and brings out a list by twisting his hands horizontally; he then says

Kumodo: We have a great list of bounty hunters that could end this for us.
Asp: the master would be displeased to know that I was there and somehow, just somehow unexplainable, helped them get the powers. And to top it up, it's a bunch of rock and roll loving kids.
Kumodo: we could use this time to think up a bounty hunter. I know one who would be very useful.
Asp: who?
Kumodo: Anaconda, the human snake. The one who found a way to become human. Asp: at the expense of becoming a snake. Were would we find him?
Kumodo: it could take days.
Asp: find him, and if he fails, find the quay twins, find all the bounty hunters, and also contact our friends from deprian solar system
Kumodo: The soul collectors?
Asp: yes, if they want the key to mortality they would have to help in getting rid of these problems.
Kumodo: and the dark lord, what do we tell him?
Asp: Let that be my problem, yours is getting as much help as we can.

Kumodo leaves Asp who continues complaining.

Elsewhere, Brian, Kisha and the rest seem to have gotten to the place suzzy talked about. Kisha is holding a communicator, and is talking to someone, while the rest keep describing how cool each persons powers was.

Kisha: father, you wouldn't believe this, I found the powers.
Mr. Lun: great news Kiki, I'm so proud of you, so when will you be returning with the powers? Kisha: that's the problem, the powers have chosen the humans and believe me, they are the biggest set of university kids you'll ever meet.
Suzzy: who the hell is weirdo talking to?
Brian: beats me I'm just glad I got this cool powers. It's sad that the only thing we got new from the trip that people can see is weirdo.
Kisha: (ignoring them) so father I have to train them and help them into fulfilling their destiny. So I might just be here for a very long time.
Mr. Lun: and I hope you are one of the four.
Kisha: the essence.
Mr. Lun: now you have a way of making me unable to tell you otherwise. Congratulations. P.D is proud of one of their finest squard members.
Kisha: thank you father, please do me a favor
Mr. Lun: sure
Kisha: let me do this for us all
Mr. Lun: and you also, be patient with them, they'll be ready when the time is right. Kisha: thank you dad, I'll be in touch.

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Hanging up, she turns to a bunch of excited questioning faces, most of them are smiling, but she is sure she isn't interested in whatever they are about to tell her. Kisha takes a sit and a deep breath; she sits up and says.

Kisha: well I guess the fate of humanity lies on the amateur hands of you four and I. Ted: four? I have no powers.
Kisha: you do, it's not known yet.
Brian: well if we are going to be heroes we should pick a name to sooth us. Jane: lets be the indestructible four.
Kisha: too childish.
Suzzy: the outstanding
Brian: too englishy
Ted: well, Kisha, let's hear what you think.

Kisha starts pointing to each one giving them names which they didn't like, from Brian, to Jane to Suzzy

Kisha: CHILDISH (Brian)
EXTRA SPOILT (Suzzy)....

They all then shout at the point she's meant to name herself.


All: WEIRDO!!!!!!


She nods her head, while Brian sits thinking, the rest were laughing. Then Brian tells them to be quiet by shushing them. They then listen to him.

Brian: C.R.E.W, that's cool, She has a point, that's the beginning of our middle names; Me Chibuike, Jane .....
Jane: don't even say it.
Brian: Okay, R, then Suzzy, Ezinne, and Kisha, Weirdo.
Kisha: that isn't my middle name.
Brian: I know but it completes C.R.E.W, then for Ted, Infinite, like he wants, that's makes us C.R.E.W infinite.
Suzzy: I like that
Jane: As long as my name is not fully mentioned, I like it.
Ted: I love it.
Kisha: I don't ...
Brian: well majority carries the vote; so C.R.E.W it is.

After saying this, the three starts celebrating, while Kisha walks away to the window, squinting her eyes to see something afar, She then turns and says to the rest;


Kisha: we have company.

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They all stand and look out the window but saw nothing. They all look at each other, and Brian twists his hand signifying that she was crazy again. Kisha then looks at them and fumes away in anger, she then says:

Kisha: let's test run our powers. The troops will still have 3 hours till they get here Ted: so Asp sent an army after us?
Kisha: that's Asp for you, you'll all need to understand the controls of your powers. Brian: great, so I'll just watch you all train, while I play this p.s 2, because it's the same controls in there
Kisha: no, I need you all to understand the powers, because if we ever loose the world is doomed.
Jane: same old routine.
Suzzy: Where do we start, I can't wait to transform again.
Kisha: thank goodness this place is close to the beach and not much destruction can happen, we'll train in front.
Ted: cool!

In an open space they are all seen standing close to the beach, a man is dead drunk on the floor looking at them but they are not aware; Kisha first transformed, and started displaying her ability to disappear, and to forge weapons with smoke which she seems to create. The drunk man seemed to be able to see this, and he first looks at the bottle in his hands and shakes his head; Kisha shows a lot of martial art skills and the rest clapped and hailed her 'weirdo', she then stands and signifies that Jane should try; Jane then sets her hands legs and face ablaze, she then starts flying around, and screaming, at this point the drunkard rubs his eyes to be double sure. Jane then flies in circles leaving a trail of fire behind. She then suspends in the air for a while, takes a deep breath and descends in great speed hitting the ground and the same thing happens as before, a ring of fire comes out from the spot she lands, but before it reached the rest, she stretches her hands and stops it, then she smiles and says to the rest.

Jane: it's simple, all you have to do is think up what the move will be like, and do it. Suzzy: so this is mastering our powers? Well let me have a go.
Brian: I'll race you.

They both transform, and this time, the drunk man drops the bottle stands up, dusts the sand off his body, and starts running away screaming; They all now notice him, and starts laughing, even Kisha couldn't stop her desire to laugh, then after the happy moment, Suzzy summons the two dragons that she did earlier to help her float, while Brian brings out boosters from underneath his robots legs, and they both start flying forward very fast, but Brian was faster and gave Suzzy a long gap, Suzzy then stops and brings out a dragon which carried her and started heading towards Brian, who is 5 mins away from her with tremendous speed, they both see Kisha, Brian on a screen inside the robot and Suzzy on a holographic image that seemed to appear from her palms.

Kisha: this is not a toy, I said we have company, we'll need to stick together. Brian: wow, so we can do this, we can communicate without any devices. I love this powers.


Just then, Suzzy sees the army Kisha was talking about, but they are 30 minutes away, she then stops but Brian keeps going, she then appears on Brian's screen.


Suzzy: Weirdo is right, I just saw them. Brian: well, until I see them, I will not....


He then sees the army and takes a very dangerous turn almost crashing into the ground. He then

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flies back to the rest, who were waiting.

Brian: I just saw them, 55 minutes away.
Suzzy: weirdo tell us how you knew.
Kisha: it's the gift of fore sight, we all have it. But it could come in anyway, day dreams, nightmares, premonitions EST.
Ted: you guys are dope, I just wish I knew my purpose.

They all walk to him petting him and telling him, he'll be greater than them even combined. He smiles and looks forward then says.


Ted: they are here.

They all turn and see nothing, then, they all hear the sound of arrows being released into the air, they all transform and Suzzy summons two dragons which fly chasing each others tail, forming a circle over five of them, then all the arrows start bouncing away from the middle of the dragons and not harming anyone. immediately the arrows bounced away, the dragons disappeared, and Brian stands up, he starts running towards the evil troop, as he did, a bunch of robots started advancing towards him; he then starts bashing and smashing them like before, but this time he was hit two or three times, meanwhile the other three seemed to find this set quite difficult. Jane seemed to miss a lot of fire balls she threw and Kisha seemed to be getting overcome by a lot of the ogres, Suzzy also sent dragons which missed their targets this time. They all came back together and decided to understand what was wrong.

Brian: Weirdo, what’s wrong with us?
Kisha: I don't know
Jane: I thought you knew everything.
Suzzy: she ain't God you know, let's give her a break. We better use this time to think of what to do.
Ted: I think it's because you are all nervous. I don't know where the feeling came from, but I think you'll all do better if Brian uses music to relax you all.

Meanwhile, they were engaged in serious battle; They all agree to listen to Ted, then Brian puts one of his rock and roll songs; the next thing they all start feeling relaxed and then, their targets got better.

Brian then decides to play with the robots, jumping in the air and then using each of them as foot stone, he walked his way to the end of the robot army, while some tried to grab him in mid air, he catches them and flings them away; after that he then stays on the floor and inside the robot he is seen smiling; he then squarts and starts generating a navy blue light, as they all start jumping to land on him, he then stands, and the light goes around, and each robot it touched became very slow, Brian then starts destroying them one at a time. Meanwhile Kisha seemed to be having a ball, she formed swords and spears stabbing and slashing beasts, She then moves back as many beasts ran to conner her at a wall, when they got very close she turned into smoke, and a set of spears were left in her position and as each beast came closer it was stabbed and it disappeared. She then turns back to her form over the dead beasts which were evaporating by turning into dust; Jane was doing her acrobatic fight when she started being over powered, she then claps her hands and immediately there was an explosion and all the beast shattered she then flies into the air, she then starts spinning forming a pyramid of fire, opened in the top, she then suspends over it for a while, looks at her targets then she flies through the middle and the pyramid starts following her from inside, the top first, and then as she starts spinning, the falling pyramid of fire looked like a hail of fire, with fire balls the size of volks wagons falling to the earth, when she reached very close, the balls start moving like missiles following each beast until it destroys at least two. She then stops as the last beast is killed. At the same time Suzzy seemed to be having fun, she just stood at a place and when the beasts came very close, she'll scream "STAY AWAY" and do the hurricane move. She continued this until the beasts started staying away; then she puts her hands together as though to show off her manicured nails, and two half tattoo of a dragon is made to be one, and then the dragon came forth, a mighty one, and it starts chasing the beasts eating and burning them all. When they were through with them, they hear a voice from behind.

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Man: Very entertaining.......

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