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Introduction To Weight Loss Revelations



We tried to lose weight for many years unsuccessfully. We can’t even count how many diets we tried, and all of them failed for one reason or another.

That’s not to say we didn’t lose weight. There were a few programs that actually helped us to shed a few pounds, but because of how complicated and restricted the programs were, we always fell off the weight loss wagon, and gained all of my weight back – plus some.

I’m sure you’ve been there, trying your hardest to lose weight and willing to do just about anything to reach your goals only to struggle to either lose the weight or come all that way, only to struggle to keep it off.


The majority of diet plans make it hard on us, because unless we have the self-discipline to closely follow and monitor a specific routine, we will ultimately lose our way, out of frustration, confusion or simply being overwhelmed.

And if we had the discipline needed, we wouldn’t be overweight in the first place!


Throughout the years, we have tried most of the popular weight loss programs on the market, including:


The Atkins Diet – I got tired of meat very quickly.

The low fat diet – I actually gained weight with this one!

The low calorie diet – I was always hungry, and tired.

The cabbage soup diet – I got bored quickly.

The negative calorie diet – Very difficult to follow and maintain.

The grapefruit diet – Impossible to stay on track!

Weight Watchers – Frustrating counting points!

Jenny Craig – Too costly, and complicated.

Slim Fast – I was always hungry and tired.

NutriSystem – While I lost some weight, it was expensive to maintain.


There were countless other programs that we suffered through, desperately hoping that one would work. Just one… One magic system.

But nothing gave me a long term system that we could stick to, and we was close to giving up, resolving to the idea that we would always be overweight and that there was little we could do about it.


Sure, some of these programs would point us in the right direction, but we always ended up so confused with counting calories, or worrying about the “right” foods to eat that we would get so overwhelmed that the EASY thing to do was just give up. And we did. Many, manycalorie_count.jpg times.

But we were wrong in the way that we were approaching our weight loss goal and in many cases, we were making things harder than they really had to be.


We CAN make changes that WILL produce results, and we CAN follow a system that WILL be easy to stick to, and best of all, we can still lose weight despite our lifestyles, or how busy our daily lives are.

What would you say if I told you that you could start losing weight without restricting yourself to bland foods that you absolutely dislike, or without having to spend more than 20 minutes a day working out and being active?

It’s true! By simplifying our weight loss plan down to the basic elements of what really works in terms of losing and maintaining a healthy weight, we can eliminate any chance of sabotaging ourselves or ending up confused and frustrated.

After all, the main reason why we give up on diets or weight loss systems is because they are usually so incredibly time consuming that we can’t possibly find time in our daily lives to fit it all in.


Or worse, the diet plans or foods that we are allowed to eat are so limiting and restricted, that we eventually give up, go on a binge caving into the cravings.

We love food. We love the taste, the texture and the many different kinds available. We should be able to enjoy our meals without worrying that we will make a mistake, or that we will destroy our chances of keeping the weight off, once we achieve our goals.

In all honesty, we do NOT have to worry about all of that.

Just by making small changes to our daily lives, our routines and the way that we eat (as well as how much we eat), we can start losing weight without having to sweat the small stuff.

If we want a treat, we have it on our “Cheat Day”. If we are craving ice cream or chocolate, we reward ourselves once a week.


A healthy and reasonable weight loss plan involves moderation, not restriction, because we all know that if we’re restricted in any way, we ARE going to fail.


We need the freedom to make mistakes without feeling guilty, to learn as we go, and ultimately, to learn how to live healthier, happier lives by being conscious about the decisions we make and understanding how to make better ones.


The primary goals of this plan are to:


Increase your metabolism.

Help you lose weight without being hungry.

Teach you how to eat for the rest of your life.


We need to boost up your metabolism so you will lose weight faster, even while eating plenty of food.


We need to keep you happy and motivated so you can stay on track, even during “rough patches” (and there will be a few along the way) and most importantly, we need to understand how to keep the weight off so we don’t ever return to this place in our lives again.

So say goodbye to diet plans.. From today forward, we are making a long-term commitment to living a healthier life without restrictions or limits!