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Insane Muscle Gain

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The Top 20 Ways To screW Up In The GyM

Learn How To Sidestep These Suicide Training Errors While Trying To Build Muscle...

by Vince DelMonte, Author of No-Nonsense Muscle Building found at

About The Author

have a rock-hard, muscular and

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Vince DelMonte

ripped physique while still be-

Nonsense Muscle Building, the

ing fit and functional.

Internet’s number one rated

If you have never heard of me

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After meeting my muscle-build-

time found at www.VinceDel-

treat! Growing up as an awk-

ing “saviour,” I went on to gain- (as ranked

ward, skinny, endurance ath-

ing 41 lbs of rock-hard muscle

by It is the

lete, I earned the nick-name

in six months, which lead to my

only program that you can find

Skinny Vinny and believed I

transformation being featured

that is endorsed by the Inter-

had no muscle friendly genes

all over the Internet as well as

net’s most reputable sources.

whatsoever. You can consider

the International fitness maga-

me a regular guy, with horrible

zine, Maximum Fitness.

Each day, I receive dozens of

bodybuilding genetics and a

For five years I ran a personal

unsolicited success stories and

super charged metabolism.

training department, in Ham-

spectacular before and after

pictures from real-life users of

After a tragic event in his life, I

ilton Ontario, of 15 full time

the program, many that you

retired from long distance run-

trainers and became the most

can read and view for yourself

ning and entered the world of

sought out trainer in my area.

on my website.

natural bodybuilding (although

I entered the world of fitness

I never saw myself as a body-

modeling a few years ago and

I trust that my personal trans-

builder per se). I just wanted

in my 3rd show ever, became

formation story, my reputation,

to look good for the ladies (I

a national fitness model cham-

the expert endorsements and

was 22 and single at the time),

pion. Currently I write for Men’s my client success stories are and be “that guy” who turned

Fitness Magazine and I am on

enough to reassure this program

heads on the streets, at the

the Advisory Team for Maximum

is not another trend or scam

beach and in the gym.

Fitness Magazine.

and is the top rated muscle

building on the Internet for a

I wanted to be “that guy” who

Do a Google search on my name


people starred at while he

and you’ll see that I am a real

trained and “that guy” who

person, my website is not a

I see no reason why you can not

people approached and said,

scam and that I can and want

build the body of your dreams

“What should I do to look like

to help you achieve your lean-

unless you are not truly com-

you?” I wanted to prove that

est and most muscular physique

mitted to your goals and not

any regular guy with horrible


willing to put in the effort.

genetics, no matter what your

My personal success story and

age, could build muscle and

thousands of client success sto-

© Vince Delmonte 2008-2009.


All rights reserved.