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Written by Jason Squires

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Your Online Personal Trainer - www.SquiresFitness.com




“How To Lose Weight The

Correct Way”

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This Free Ebook is in 3 parts.

Part 1 – Our main guide - „How To Lose Weight The Correct Way‟

(page 5)

Part 2 – A guide on exercise motivation – „7 Tips To Increase Your Exercise Motivation‟

(page 10)

Part 3 – A bonus article – „How To Get Your Ideal Body – written by Jason Squires‟

(page 17)



“How To Lose Weight The Correct Way”

This guide on effective weight loss is going to be short and to the point.

It‟s a practical guide which requires you to TAKE ACTION. You are never going to achieve your weight loss goal if you don‟t do anything. So when you go through this guide, ACT ON THE ADVICE!

This guide is going to explain how our Expert Personal Trainers instruct a client to lose weight.

No fluff.

At Squires Fitness, we work with a team of highly experienced Certified Personal Trainers who have had innumerable clients wanting to lose their love handles, get rid of their belly fat, tone up and get in better shape.

We also work with Certified Diet & Nutrition Advisors who advise our clients on what they should and shouldn‟t eat in order to lose weight quicker – and no, our clients don‟t go hungry!

Some consider us to be an online personal training programme. We prefer to think of ourselves as knights in shining armour 

Anyway, without further ado, let‟s explore how you CAN lose weight and KEEP IT OFF.



Losing Weight The Correct Way

The following excerpt is taken from our Foundations Guide: (which all our clients receive)

…Why Conventional Diets Never Work

You've probably heard of this before - someone goes on a diet, loses a bit of weight, but then two weeks after they have ended the diet they are actually heavier than they were before! Not good.

Why is this? Well, conventional diets are for the short term. They do not take into account how your body actually works or how it responds to a lack of food. A diet is simply a method of starving your body of the food it requires until you are at your ideal weight.

With a diet, you are instructed to eat a restricted a mount of calories until you are at your target weight. When you have achieved this, you are 'allowed' to start eating 'normally' again. Then what happens? Two weeks later, voila, you've put the weight back on and are back to square one. Once again you are looking for the next 'fad' which will promise to help you ' lose weight quick ly, safely and naturally'.

What you must ask yourself when presented with any of these 'fad' diets is if you can eat like that forever? Could you live the rest of your life without eating bread? Or drinking milk? Or cutting out something else you're advised not to eat? Doubtful.

I think it would be a conservative estimate that the diet industry is worth hundreds of millions of pounds annually for businesses, and is still growing. On the same token, there are also crystal clear facts that obesity is on the rise.

Hmm, I would have thought that with the exploding diet industry promising to help you lose weight and get in shape, obesity levels would at least drop slightly? Apparently not!

Diets don't work, case closed.


The good news is that there is a way to lose weight (if that's your goal) and keep it off - by making sustainable changes to your eating habits.

One problem though… For most people, change is scary, change is different, change is out of our comfort zone.

Thankfully, the people who have made the necessary changes and have experienced long term health benefits look back and think " why the hell did I not do this before! "

The scary bit is just the thought of changing your habits and changing what you eat on a regular basis. Once you start implementing the changes, and start seeing results, these results become reassuring. This, in turn, motivates you to keep going and to keep it up.

Once these new eating habits have been formed (this takes roughly 27 days), this is how you are now. This is the new you.

Diets are bad.

Making the correct changes to your everyday eating habits is good.



I hope that now makes you feel differently about the latest „ only eat cabbage soup‟ craze. They just don‟t work.

What does work?

A simple formula is all that is needed to explain weight loss: Calories Burned > Calories Consumed = Weight Loss So if you burn more calories (through exercise) than you consume each day (through the food you eat), your body will begin to use its fat reserves for energy. This is what we want!

That‟s the simplest way to explain it.

BUT! Please don‟t stop eating completely, and start exercising around the clock because your body won‟t react nicely to that either. A hypoglycaemic crash isn‟t nice. This is basically when your blood glucose levels are so low that it feels like your body is shutting down! Definitely not good!

We can calculate something called a BMR, which is your Basal Metabolic Rate. This is a calculation to suggest how many calories you need per day to maintain your current weight. We shouldn‟t be eating anything fewer than this calculation.

For healthy weight loss, and to stop our bodies putting the weight back on again in a few weeks (as with yo yo dieting) you should eat the correct amount of calories as per your BMR calculation and perform effective fat burning exercises.

So, it is relatively simple to lose weight, but why do people seem to



struggle? Well, we‟ve found there are several reasons:

 They don‟t know what foods they should / shouldn‟t eat.

 Their motivation disappears when they don‟t see results as quickly as expected.

 They don‟t know what exercises to do to speed up fat loss.

 Emotional eating, food cravings…

The list could go easily go on for 5 or more bullet points.

So how can you overcome all the common obstacles and

guarantee success?

1. Get an exercise programme that is tailored for fat loss – follow this religiously.

Results will not show overnight, so do yourself a favour and DON’T

STEP ON THE SCALES every morning and expect there to be an immediate decline. Throw your scales away if you need to. If you must keep track of your progress – only step on the scales once every three weeks, and keep a diary of your progress.

2. Stop eating all the junk. You know what you should and shouldn‟t be eating. So get rid of everything that is refined, has added sugar, or added fat. No more chips, crisps, chocolates, pizzas, ice cream, etc. When you slowly phase out all the rubbish food, you stop craving it ( it‟s all to do with your blood sugar levels).

But you don‟t have to starve yourself. If you eat plenty of complex carbohydrates, you definitely won‟t go hungry. Complex carbohydrates release energy slowly throughout the day, so you keep hunger at bay for longer.

What are complex carbohydrates?

 Brown rice



 Potatoes

 Wholemeal breads

 Brown bread

 Pitta bread

 Bagels

 Wholegrain cereals

 High fibre breakfast cereals

 Porridge oats

 All bran

 Wheetabix

 Shredded wheat

 Ryvita crispbread

 Muesli

 Oatcakes

 Beans

*Did we forget to mention that Squires Fitness offers BOTH a tailored workout programme that will be perfectly designed for efficient weight loss and a diet assessment from a Certified Diet & Nutrition Advisor? So you will know exactly what you should eat for each meal? Did we not mention that? OK, well now you know 

3. Stay consistent. Again, results won‟t show overnight. Rome wasn‟t built in a day and getting your ideal body may take a little longer than expected. BUT YOU WILL GET THERE.

Persevere. With the correct diet and exercise programme you can lose up to half a stone (7lbs) a month, safely, AND keep it off. So it may only take a few months to get the body you want.

*Did we also forget to mention that Squires Fitness offers an EXCLUSIVE motivational guidebook and audio CD for all our clients? And that you can get the first three tracks off of the audio CD for FREE at

http://squiresfitness.com/motivate-me-now/. Did we not? Thought it was worth a mention 

And there we have it, a „nuts and bolts‟ guide on... How To Lose Weight

The Correct Way.

Now, we can go on to the second part of this guide - „7 Tips To Increase

Your Motivation To Exercise‟.





“7 Tips To Increase Your Exercise


This guide on exercise motivation is going to be short and to the point.

It‟s a practical guide which requires you to TAKE ACTION. You‟re never going to increase your motivation if you don‟t do anything. So when you go through the 7 tips, actually put them to use!

This guide is going to show you 7 ways to you can increase your motivation to exercise.

No fluff.

At Squires Fitness, we work with clients every day who struggle with finding the motivation to start their exercise programme or to stay consistent with their current programme.

Thankfully, we provide the guidance and advice to ensure they start motivated, stay motivated, and ultimately follow through with their goals and get in shape.

To go from this...

...to this...



... doesn‟t happen when you‟re sat on your backside in front of the television!

So what can you do in order to give yourself a kick up the backside and fire up your motivation?

...without further ado, lets jump straight in with the 7 tips!

1. Define and write down your „Power Statement‟

Goal setting is important, we all know that, but not everyone does it. As an alternative, think of the reason why you want to get in shape? Is it to build your confidence? Attract the opposite sex? Or just to improve your health? Go back to basics.

Once you‟ve got your „reason why‟, start thinking of the end result and the benefits this will bring. What will happen when you become more confident? What will happen when you become more attractive to the opposite sex? What will happen when you are now in the best shape of your life? Just doing a little day dreaming should start to get you excited.

Once you have done this, grab a pen and paper, write down the following sentence and fill in the blanks. This is now your power statement.

I am motivated and energised to exercise because I want to “insert reason why” as I will then “insert what will happen when this is achieved”.

2. Read your Power Statement daily

Continuing on from point one, read your power statement daily. Once you have written it down (if you haven‟t done it yet, do it now!) put it next to your bed where you will see it each morning and each evening.



Each morning and each evening read your power statement to yourself over and over several times. Say it out loud as well as in your head. Bring the statement to life, feel the enthusiasm for wanting the end goal. Feel the energy you have behind your reason why. You will soon find yourself getting fired up.

This may feel a little silly at first but give it a try over a few days, it DOES

work and it WILL increase your desire to get started on achieving your ideal body.

3. Get organised

You have your power statement in mind, are starting to buzz with enthusiasm and are really keen to start an exercise programme. But you are not a member of a gym…

If you intend on exercising at a gym, join one. If you wish to swim several times a week to get in shape, get a membership at your local swimming baths. If you intend to run outdoors, get yourself some running gear –

trainers, shorts and t-shirt.

If you haven‟t got these basic things in place, regardless of how motivated and revved up you are for getting in shape, you have an extra barrier to exercising that needs to be dealt with.

Maybe an obvious one, but for some clients, the obvious needs to be pointed out.

4. Have a plan

So you want to lose weight, or build muscle, or tone up? Fantastic, that‟s great news! So what are you going to do now? Where do you start? What



do you do? Should you go to the gym? What should you do when you get there?

Fail to plan, plan to fail. Ever heard that before? Good, because this also applies to getting in shape. If you don‟t have a plan, you‟ll aimlessly do a bunch of random exercises that aren‟t geared towards your goal and you won‟t get the results you expect.

You will then become discouraged, and soon stop exercising. Not good.

You need two plans. One for your exercise routine and one for your diet.

Exercise and diet are two peas in a pod, to get your ideal body as quickly as possible, you need both peas. You need the pod.

Get a plan for your diet, and get a plan for your exercise routine. You then have all you need to succeed. This reassurance alone will give you more confidence and enthusiasm to follow through.

*As we mentioned previously, we provide BOTH a tailored workout programme from a Personal Trainer and a Diet Assessment from a Certified Diet & Nutrition Advisor – http://www.squiresfitness.com/eat-


5. Stop procrastinating

I‟ll do it later... I‟ll do it tomorrow... I‟ll do it next week...

Sound familiar? It probably does, because I‟m guessing this is a big hurdle you‟re trying to overcome in your quest for increasing your motivation to exercise.

To combat this, try this little technique –

Your routine may state that you should be exercising Monday, Wednesday



and Friday (for example). Now, if Monday is your next workout session, just bluntly say to yourself – “on Monday I‟m going to the gym”. Be strong in your resolve. Make the decision that on Monday, you ARE going to the gym. There‟s no „maybe‟ – You are firmly telling yourself that on Monday you are going to the gym.

Now you are committed to going to the gym on Monday.

What usually happens now is that as Monday gets closer, you will magically find reasons and excuses why you can‟t go. Maybe you have to finish a report at work, or rush to the shops to pick up some milk?

Before you even begin to justify to yourself why you can‟t make it to the gym, tell that little voice in your head to SHUT THE HELL UP! You‟ve already committed to going, the report can wait, and you can get some milk after your workout.

Don‟t listen to any excuses that you may start to tell yourself. Excuses are for losers, and you my friend are going to get in the best shape of your life. So that‟s Mondays workout done, now do the process all over again for Wednesdays workout.

6. Get support

Talk to people about your exercise routine. Share your goal with friends and family. Tell them why it‟s important to you that you achieve it.

In 99% of occasions, you will receive words of encouragement in reply.

This little boost may be all you need to help you stay on track. But make sure you only talk to positive, supportive people about your exercise programme. Discussing it with a negative person can have the opposite effect.


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