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Top 10 Workout Tips

Getting the most from your workout time is essential; your time is precious right? So let’s make sure you squeeze the maximum from your workout with these top tips.


Use a Workout Log


If you aren’t logging your workouts, you’ve not got the data to progress.


Set Goals


To perform effectively you need to know why you’re working out when you don’t feel like it!


Stay Hydrated


Most of your body is made up of water, don’t get depleted during your workout otherwise you can’t perform at the top level.


Be well equipped


Have the best clothing and equipment you can afford, you’ll workout better and stay more comfortable.

Plan your Workout
If you meander around the equipment you’re wasting valuable time and you aren’t focused.

Don't be a workoutaholic


Going to the gym or working out all the time leads to staleness and injuries - don’t be a bore!!


Warm up correctly


A poor warm up will lead to poor gains and injuries, spend the time to get that blood pumping.


Stretch after exercise


Stretching can help the body to rid it’s self of the chemical build ups that cause muscle soreness. No one likes to walk like Frankenstein after our workouts!!


Give yourself a holiday


Every few months, give yourself a few days off. Your body will appreciate it and you will return with renewed vigour.


Keep it fresh


Mix up your workout sessions, join a class, try a new machine, change your strength days. Shock your body into new growth.


Get positive habits working for you