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Why do Asians really get straight A's? Why do Asians really become doctors and lawyers? Why do Asians really play the piano? Many people believe that the reason has to do with the pressure to perform and the pressure to conform, however, it goes much deeper than that—much, much deeper! This didactic novel reveals the truths about Asian culture, which will shock you to the marrow of your bones—and open a hidden world of long-guarded secrets. ABOUT THE AUTHOR


Anson Chi, born and raised in New York City, is an author, politician, —model, activist environmental, social, political and retired— engineer. He currently lives in a myriad of places, including Los Angeles and San Diego.
Yellow on the Outside, Shame on the Inside: Asian Culture Revealed
Anson Chi

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I don't usually like to write an introduction —any introduction, including a note to the reader—since we all want to get to the nitty-gritty, but suffices to say, this note is important or else I wouldn't have written it.

This didactic novel is based on Asian culture, specifically East Asian culture which includes Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, etc. This novel is not based on the Asian culture of Russia, Tajikistan, or even Iraq—which are all countries in the continent of Asia. I must state this distinction of clarification so that there's no confusion in regards to the ethnicities and racial heritages mentioned in this novel.

Moreover, the philosophy of this novel targets Asians in general, notspecific. When I say Asians overachieve to get straight A's, for instance, I'm not saying every Asian specificallyI'm saying Asians ingeneral. I must state this distinction of clarification so that there's no “but there's the exception of...” since there are always exceptions to every rule.

Furthermore, the information in this book is not intended to offend; it is intended to change. Please finish reading this book before formulating any prejudices, in order to acquire the full grasp of my message.

All in all, this novel is based somewhat on my life but mostly on the lives of others: the experiences, the austere upbringing of the characters, the opinions, the philosophies, the principles, the tenets and the events—some of them true, even the characters, though I have disguised all their names. Of course, not everything is true because this is a novel after all, thus, you can't sue me; not that you would anyway.

So without further ado, please enjoy the journey from the gospels of a former Asian.