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Sam took a deep breath and opened the door. She walked

over to the man in the chair and kneeled beside him. “Dylan? It’s me, it’s Sam.”
He gazed over at her and smiled slightly. “Sam…” he slurred.
She took his hand. “Yeah, I’m here. Do you like it here?”
“Pretty,” he said.
She looked out the window at the sunrise and smiled. “Yes, it is pretty here.”
“Sam stay?” he reached out and touched her hand.
“I have to talk to you. I have something sad to tell you. I don’t know if you’ll understand.”
“Sam stay?” he asked again.
“I’m here for a little while. Dylan, look at me,” she touched her older brother’s face.
Dylan slowly looked at his sister. “Ky come?”
“No, Dylan. I’m sorry. He can’t come. I have to tell you about Kyle, Mom, and Dad.”
“Mom come here?”
“Dylan,” she held his face in her hands. “Mom, Dad, and Kyle died. They’re in heaven right now.”
“Dad come?”
“I’m sorry. Theycan’tcome anymore. They died. Do you know what that means?”
“Yeah, honey, they’re angels now.”
“Sam sad?”
“Yes, I’m very sad. It’s OK to be sad. Do you understand that they can’t come anymore?”
“Kyle come?”
She wiped her tears and hugged her brother. “Now, you’re in a very safe place. I love you, Dylan, but I have to go away for a little while.”
“Stay,” he said.
“Oh, I forgot. I brought you something,” she said, as she pulled a small teddy bear out of her bag. “It’s for you.”
Kyle took the bear and hugged it tightly. “Sam bear.”
She smiled. “It’s for you to hug whenever you need me.”
“Need Sam,” he smiled.
“I know. I need you, too. Now, Dylan, you be brave for me. I’ll come back to visit you as soon as I can. I’ll always be here for you.”
“Mom come?”
“Not today,” she stood up and hugged him again. “I have to go. You take care of your bear, OK?”
“OK. Bye, Sam,” he said, as he hugged the bear and stared back out the window.

Sam walked out the door and over to the nurses’ station. “How has my brother been?”
She looked up and smiled. “No recent outbursts. He’s been very calm lately.”
“Keep an extra eye on him. I had to tell him about our parents and our brother’s death. I don’t know if he understood. If he needs me, call me on this number,” she handed her a piece of paper.
The nurse stood up and smiled. “He loves you.”
“I know. I’m just glad he doesn’t remember how he ended up that way,” she said, as she rubbed her scar on her forehead.
“He doesn’t. He may not have the capacity to think like he used to, but he does love, with all his heart.”
“Thank you. I appreciate it. Oh, also, I am the only next of kin that he has. Please, don’t give his information or whereabouts to anyone unless it’s me or Captain Ford.”
“Don’t worry. Your lawyer sent all the paperwork for your guardianship over this morning. I am sorry about your family.”
“Thank you. I’ll be back when I can,” Sam said, as she headed down the long corridor.

Sam stared at the front doors and closed her eyes. “Dylan, I know it wasn’t your fault. I hope you never remember,” she cried.


“Sam, I’m so proud of you,” Dylan said, as he opened the car door.

“Thanks. I really appreciate you coming home just because I got promoted,” she smiled, as she got in the passenger seat.
“Of course, I would. I love you so much. You’ll make one hell of a Detective. I know it.”
“I’m glad you came home. I enjoyed dinner,” she said, as she buckled her seat belt.
“I’m glad, too,” he said, as he started the car and pulled into the road. “Did I tell you … next week, I head to Dallas?” he grinned.
“You’re going to Texas?” she smiled.
“Yeah, it’s very cool. I get to train with the Cowboys. How cool is that?”
“Is it because of the cheerleaders?” she laughed.
“No, of course not. It’s a bonus, but it’s not the reason why,” he said.
“Dyl, slow down. The roads are still slippery,” she said.
“I’ve got in under control,” he said as the oncoming lights blinded him. He slammed on the breaks.
“No!” Sam screamed as the sound of crumbling metal echoed in her ears and the burning pain turned her inside out.

Sam rubbed her stomach lightly and took a deep breath. “No, I hope you never,everremember that day. I remember it enough for both of us,” she cried, as she headed out the doors.