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There is a gathering in the highest heaven of the highest order. No one is invited. Even Gabriel the great messenger has to descent for a while. For now, only the Godhead will gather. Never has there been such a meeting, not before all ages or even, yes, even through all eternity. For what is to unfold is the ultimatum of God’s intent. It is almost as if this is a time when God will conclude the purpose of His own existence.

Finally, it is decided: not only will God have a counterpart, but man will also learn from this. For as the olive tree matures, so shall man learn from this time on earth. Indeed, man will be enriched with life on earth and be united with us for all eternity. So it is concluded ... this is not good, it is not good that man should be alone. As God descends to earth, Gabriel joins Him. “Lord,” Gabriel speaks, “surely in the innermost part of my being is a sense of destiny glowing with purpose and intent.

Lord, it is as if this which you are about to perform is not only part of my existence and why I am created, but this is for sure – every created being will learn from this.” As God and Gabriel arrive at where Adam is resting, Gabriel notices God pause for a single moment.

“What Lord, what’s wrong?” God does not say a word, He just moves toward Adam slowly. He continues to stare at Adam. “Look,” says God,

“indeed he is one ... behold, now he will be two, and surely, they will become one again, for by my hand they have been created.” With great care, God softly removes one rib from Adam. While He holds the rib in his left hand, God reaches deep down inside Himself with his right hand. Never has He reached so deep. In the one hand a rib, and in the other a force of light pulsating with untold glory and splendor. God carefully takes hold of the rib with both hands and speaks: “So be it. It is done! But far from finished.” “Finished, Lord?” Gabriel queries. “Is there actually an end to this?” “No, Gabriel, the olive tree, when finished, will release its seed.”

“Truly I say unto you, there will be many.”

“Many Lord? How is this possible?” Gabriel is not quite sure what God means by this. God sits down with Gabriel. “Look, Gabriel. Undoubtedly a tree springs forth from one seed. After becoming a seedling, it grows into a young tree. Only when the time is ripe unto harvest will it release its seeds. Even though they are many, yet look, they remain one.”

“One, Lord?” Gabriel asks. “Yes one,” God replies.

Finally, God looks directly into the eyes of Gabriel. “Look, Gabriel, the first seed will bear no fruit, therefore, this seed will have no other purpose other than to be cursed and cast aside to be burned, but My Seed Gabriel, My Seed will live into eternity and look, this tree will bear much fruit. For remember, a tree is known by its fruit.” Gabriel is not entirely sure what

God means by the two seeds. Knowing God exceptionally well, he does not question God again. Only time will tell the mystery of the olive tree.


It is the next day. Whilst Adam lies half asleep with his eyes closed, he senses something lying next to him. With eyes still closed, he moves his hand across this creature. First, he feels a soft, fragile and feminine hand. His heart starts to beat faster and faster. Finally, he feels a nose, a mouth and then suddenly jumps to his feet in pure ecstasy and declares:

“Behold, we are two, and I shall call you Eve, for you will be the mother of our kind and look, we will be one.” Without Adam knowing, God stands afar watching intently to see what will

happen next. Adam gently helps Eve to her feet. The very first impulse is to utter these few but profound words: “I love you, Eve.” At this saying, God bursts into tears and withdraws to a place, a hidden place.

Adam embraces Eve as they start strolling through the garden. Adam then runs a few steps ahead, falls on his back on soft tender green grass, holds out his arms, and with a smile suggests that Eve lies with him. Eve falls into the arms of Adam, and with this, behold they become one!

Some of the angels standing by realizing for the first time part of God's intent. Even they are kept away from the fullness of this mystery. Only God will know, only God will know what it is like to be alone, and

then become two, only to become one again. As the angels shake their heads in lack of understanding, God suddenly appears on the scene and speaks: “Look, they have become one.

Learn from this, learn and be wise. For now, even now you will know in part, but the fullness of this great mystery will unfold with the life of the olive tree.” With this God leaves the scene in a state of absolute majesty, followed by a trail of burning coals of glory, and dark clouds of splendor. All conceivable creation bows before the King of Majesty. For now, He will return to the Throne of

Righteousness, to rule and to reign in the heavenly places.

God speaks with thunder, “Michael!” Within the blink of an eye, the angel of the north makes his appearance. “Look, Michael, I love you, but so do I love my whole creation.

You are my servant and you, even you, have no knowledge of mercy. Therefore, you will guard mankind, and report to me daily. Never, Michael, never will you leave them alone.

For behold, I will never leave nor forsake them. Look, Satan is lurking like a lion, seeking whom he may devour. As you know, Michael, Lucifer was only but a reflection of my brightness, for every precious stone was his adornment. He himself professed that He would exalt himself above

the stars, and above the highest heaven, but you should know, Michael, without any command, the fist of righteousness struck him down and he fell to the abyss ... even as lightning. Remember Michael, you are to protect them at all times. But look, when they stand at the tree, the tree I forbid them to eat off, you shall stand aside, to see if they heed my words.

Even if your sword is ready to strike, yes Michael, keep your temper, for surely there will be a dragon, a dragon with seven heads. On this beast, you will unleash your fury. For now, your instructions are plain. Take precious care of my creation.” CHAPTER FIVE

It is the next day. Rays of soft light peek through the leaves of the tree where Adam and Eve lie asleep. They are awakened by a sudden sound of joy, for above them is a nest, a sparrow's nest. This time Eve speaks, “Look, Adam, they have a home, now we also have a place called home. God certainly has given us all this space to roam and to rule. But what is the purpose of this?” Adam, remembering the vision of the olive tree, takes Eve to an olive tree seedling. “Look, Eve. What do you see?” “I see a plant,” Eve replies. “No, Eve, I gave this tree a name. It is called an olive tree, and this is the key to unlock the mystery of time.”

Eve just smiles, Adam responds: “and when time comes it will release its seeds, only then Eve, will we understand in part.”

It is in the cool of the day. So, for the first time, Adam and Eve take a separate course in the garden. Adam senses within him, in the deepness of his spirit, God calling his name. Obedient to this call, he moves to the center of the garden. “Yes Lord,” Adam speaks, “here I am.” In a sudden moment of excellence, the Maker walks towards Adam. “Come, Adam, now it is just you and me.”

With this, the creator and the creation unite their hands as they make their way through the garden.

“So, Adam, tell me more of Eve.” “Lord, this is good.

I cannot quite explain it yet. But ... it, it is almost as if she completes me.” “Yes Adam, tell me more, I want to know,” God, with expectation written on His face, inquisitively prompts Adam. Adam responds, “Lord ... I love her. For indeed she is fair and of perfect beauty, Lord, and even now I long for her.” So for the first time, God realizes, indeed I have given Adam a counterpart, and he loves her. This is good. But does he love Eve more than me? This cannot be good.

On the other side of the garden, Eve is busy looking at everything God created. She says to herself: surely God is almighty. For in the spectrum of every conceivable color under the sun, He has carefully painted on the canvas of Earth. As she continues walking, she notices a peculiar tree planted on the far side of the garden.

Intrigued, she slowly moves towards the tree. Indeed, this tree is like no other in the entire garden. Suddenly a sly but subtle voice speaks out: “Eve.” “Yes Adam,” she replies, but Adam is not nearby. Once again she hears the same tone of voice calling her name:

“Eve.” So finally she makes her discovery. In the tree is what appears to be a serpent. Eve, in an utter state of innocence, answers the call of this creature. “Yes,” she responds. The serpent starts its song of deception. “Did God indeed give you instructions that you shall not eat from this tree? For I tell you, this tree is to make one wise, for even, yes, God Himself knows that the day you eat of this tree you will be like Him, knowing both Good and Evil.” Eve, with the desire to know, reaches out for one of the fruits.

No one sees, but for a moment, the serpent sneers with a wicked smile. As Eve is about to eat from the tree, she hears something behind her.

A shout echoes through the garden, “No Eve! God Himself gave me clear instruction as to not eat from this tree. Eve, this tree will not be for food.” “Adam, God himself knows, should one partake of this forbidden fruit one can become wise, even likened unto God.” So it starts: the thirst and lust for knowledge find root in Adam's heart.

“Speak on, Eve.” “Well, Adam, God is great, but He Himself wants all the honor for himself. I am not willing to accept this, Adam, for, look, this creature that God has created told me the truth. And I believe him...” and with this, she takes a bite into the fruit.

In like manner, Adam joins her in wicked matrimony and falls short of the intent of God.