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The Gatekeeper's Sons by Eva Pohler - HTML preview

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Eva Pohler


Published by Green Press


Copyright 2012 Eva Pohler


This ebook is fiction. The characters are imaginary persons.


Chapter One: The Drowning

Chapter Two: Thanatos

Chapter Three: Sleep

Chapter Four: A Warning

Chapter Five: Figments and the Underworld

Chapter Six: Distractions

Chapter Seven: Visitors

Chapter Eight: A Deal with the Gatekeeper

Chapter Nine: Back Home

Chapter Ten: Setting Up

Chapter Eleven: Invitations

Chapter Twelve: Mortal Sensations

Chapter Thirteen: News

Chapter Fourteen: Therese’s Prayers

Chapter Fifteen: Another Tragedy

Chapter Sixteen: Doubts and Confliction

Chapter Seventeen: The Wildhorse Saloon

Chapter Eighteen: Hunting with Alecto

Chapter Nineteen: Questions and Answers

Chapter Twenty: Hunting with Tizzie

Chapter Twenty-One: The Furies

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Wildhorse Saloon Revisited

Chapter Twenty-Three: Meg’s Falcon

Chapter Twenty-Four: Thwarted Attack

Chapter Twenty-Five: Hermes, the Messenger

Chapter Twenty-Six: Tortured Than

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Persistent Pete

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Back to the Dead

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Than’s Apology

Chapter Thirty: Hope

Chapter Thirty-One: A Lot to Sort Out

Chapter Thirty-Two: Tagalong

Chapter Thirty-Three: Artemis’s Gifts

Chapter Thirty-Four: Battle Rising

Chapter Thirty-Five: The Holts

Chapter Thirty-Six: Ambush

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Poseidon

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Mount Olympus

Chapter Thirty-Nine: More Gifts

Chapter Forty: The Last Supper

Chapter Forty-One: The Battlefield

Chapter Forty-Two: The Battle

Chapter Forty-Three: The Court Decides

Chapter Forty-Four: Sleep Returns

First Chapter of The Gatekeeper's Challenge

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