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“A Touch of Greatness”
John Erik Ege



“A Touch of Greatness” edition 7, October 11th 2008
Copyright 2005
All Rights Reserved.

Licensing for this is pending and can only be considered fan fiction at this time. The author agrees to share this edition for the sake of editing purposes with the understanding that Paramount, the official owners of Star Trek related products, may revoke the sharing privilege. Comments and corrections can be directed to the author for story refinement.

Author contact info:

John Erik Ege
214 907 4070

This story is dedicated to Deforest Kelley, for his portrayal of Doctor Leonard H McCoy, Mark Lenard, for his portrayal of Sarek, James Doohan, for Montgomery Scott, and Gene Roddenberry, for bringing us all together.

For this sixth edition I would like to thank Mike Eden for their assistance in editing, comments, and dialogue of all things Trek. And when my literary agent finally gets Simon and Schuster to talk, he’s going to get a big THANKS right here.

with love,
john erik

“A Touch of Greatness” is book one inseries. Editing versions of book two, “Another Piece of the Action,” book three, “Both Hands Full,” and book four, “Necessary Evil” may be attained by contacting author.