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Silver's Bane by Ashli & Trisha Edwards - HTML preview

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One: Welcome to Aboit, Maine

Two: Dead Girl in a Coffee Shop

Three: The Librarian Drinks Blood

Four: The Beta’s Prerogative

Five: Date with the Enemy

Six: The Dog and the Demon

Seven: Becoming Star-Crossed

Eight: Howling at the Moon

Nine: Living with the Dead

Ten: Beta at Aboit High

Eleven: Hall of Mirrors

Twelve: Burnt Pages

Thirteen: Blood Heals all Wounds

Fourteen: Secret’s Out

Fifteen: Beta’s Betrayal

Sixteen: Execution Order

Seventeen: Trials of Love

Eighteen: The Fort Miles Phantom

Nineteen: Night-life in the City

Twenty: Tragedy Under the Sun

Twenty-One: Silver’s Bane

Twenty-Two: Dead and Buried

Twenty-Three: Blood-Addicts Anonymous

Twenty-Four: Battle for Immortal Lives

Twenty-Five: R.I.P.