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Back in his room, the DAG switched on his I pad and typed Heroes of Indian Army  for a google search.. He had a hunch that he would find some details about Dickey. After a few attempts he got to Dickey. He read the details about the most decorated officer of the Indian Army, Anti insurgency specialist, Advisor to UN on military training, global consultant on industrial sabotage, advisor to police department of a dozen states, advisor to home ministry on matters relating to  terrorist activity, civil unrest and intelligence. The brief note presented thumbnail sketches of   extraordinary roles played by him on matters related to Srilankan tamils, Maoist elements, organised crime and Industrial sabotage by competitive corporations.

DAG  thought about what he had just read. Then he typed Kadambari, lawyer Hyderabad. The computer was throwing  lot of information about exploits of kadambari in the courts of poona, Hyderabad and Delhi. He had a feeling that he was in a totally different world  and whatever he was reading was fiction and  not be real. such people don’t exist.

He was so much immersed in his reading that he lost track of time. So he was somewhat surprised when suddenly his intercom rang and he was told that a car has arrived to take him to the Army Club for dinner. He switched off the computer and looked at his watch.7.30 .He had a quick wash and changed clothes and was down at the reception. A driver in whites  was waiting for him. DAG  looked at the driver. A short , stocky Gurkha  in white uniform complete with white peak cap. The driver  introduced  himself and led the DAG to a white BMW Car. The driver opened the door and invited the guest to take his seat inside. The door closed softly and the car glided smoothly out of the hotel  towards Connaught circus. In fifteen minutes the car stopped in front of a two storied house with a big board showing ‘The Friends nest” and under that in small letters The Army club. The driver got out of the car , walked around to open the door for DAG to get out. He pointed his hand towards a stair case, and said, ”please go up that stairs to the first floor. Your table is all set and waiting for you. The madam will  join you in a moment.”

Coming from a Gurkha  in a valet’s outfit, the English was very refined and impressive. DAG shook his head and said ‘Thank you’. He turned and walked towards the staircase. He was fit enough to walk up the flight of stairs with out suffering any  discomfort and pushed his way inside through a glass door. The place was very pleasant with just the right amount of air conditioning The place was alive with very muted soft instrumental music playing  in the back ground. Ladies in colourful saris and gentlemen in formal clothes  were occupying the tables that were spread over a large area, providing necessary privacy as well walk around space for people. Kadambari walked towards him   dressed in a stunning   blue silk sari draped with grace. The colour of sari, string of pearls around the neck and lighting in the hall showed up her clear fair complexion. DGA COMPLIMENTED HER SAYING,’KADAMBARI, YOU LOOK VERY NICE.’ His Indian ethnicity showed up in that very modest compliment as if he was very guarded .Kadambari floored him with a dazzling smile , shook hands and invited him into an inner chamber reserved for very special meetings. She wanted to put him at ease, so kept a running commentary. ’this place is called army club because  it is used exclusively by army families for having a quiet dinner and meeting old friends. The kitchen is managed by retired  army officers wives and all attendants are ex army men. There are two floors. .There is a doctor for any consultation. An ex army doctor operates his dental clinic here. There is a small pathological lab, which is complete with Xray and other scanning machines. This is not open to public but meant for poor army men  and their families. There is no charge for any medical service. Food is homely and drinks are served in moderate measures on special occasion. The name “Friend’s nest” indicates that this place is owned by five friends. You have met two of us. This one is Dickey’s pet project. The five friends fund all expenses and there is no profit. There are five such places across the country. There is place for us to use whenever any of us visit Delhi. We all live in Hyderabad under one roof. This place is the smallest. At Poona we have much bigger set up which includes a big bakery. In Poona we have separate houses where our families live. But at Hyderabad, the house is meant for we five. All of us have taken sanyas from our families.’

DAG was very impressed. Dickey showed up and presented a card in which was typed the menu for the evening dinner. Kadambari read and approved after checking with her guest. Dickey went out  to the kitchen  holding the card  and instructed the chef  on how he wanted the food to be served. He returned  cheerfully to the chamber to join his guest. DAG  noticed that the change in his dress and mannerism were remarkable. Now Dickey was making out as a caring host, out to delight his guest with out  imposing himself in any way. They sat at the table nursing their drink and discussing world affairs, medical advancement, terrorism, social corruption  and erosion of probity in public life. The topics were very sensitive , but they handled it with dignity and consideration. Frequently they broke into a loud laugh  over some remark by Dickey and scolding by Kaddu. Dickey  conducted the entire show with remarkable alacrity and poise. and changed the subject to avoid argument or  controversy. Drink was put away and they soon tucked into a tasty meal served with old fashioned courtesy.

DAG thought it was the right time to present his problem. He coughed once and cleared his throat. The other two sat up to listen to what was coming.

‘You know that in Singapore we have a quiet and thriving set up. Our state has , like India, a multi ethnic population with long history of  deprivation and suffering. By due diligence and proper application we have created a positive ambient for every section of our populace to thrive and prosper. We have applied technology and welfare measures without upsetting labour. we have satisfactory infrastructure supported by committed labour and aided by benign legislation. There are poor people but there are no ugly slums or slouching people. we are proud of what we have created and are anxious that what we created should last and promote improvement ,prosperity and peace. Our prosperity and life style is attracting people from across the globe. These people want to use our system for their profit. We try to draw a line  there by enforcing proper immigration and visa policies to prevent exploitation.

In recent days medical field has become a problem area for us. We have ensured that our medical facilities are  of high standard by  use of trained people, excellent infra structure and applying technology. We have kept at bay quacks  and unscrupulous people from spoiling our country by keeping proper supervision, records and documentation. In recent days the entry of doctors from India has created new problems for us. These problems are related to un ethical practices and down right exploitation. It is a matter of regret that Indian doctors with powerful political backing in India are perverting the medical profession  in Singapore

You must have heard about  new social problems created by indiscriminate trafficking and harvesting of human organs. Singapore has become a hot place for organ transplant with many European and Chinese doctors establishing excellent facilities. They have so far complied with our  regulations and have contributed to improvement of medical care for our people. Singapore is very strict in this regard and hospitals and doctors have to generate lot of records and reports to keep track of work done. Doctors are required to furnish details of donor, compensation made,  post donation health care of donors,, expenses incurred by recipients,  towards hospital and surgeons etc. Such records are designed to prevent mal practices, exploitation of poor and ignorant people. This is where Indian doctors have been found to be at fault. They have found a way to work around all rules and regulations so carefully put in place by our government .They bypass controls, ignore generation of  reports  and  avoid responsibilities. They have made huge profits by not recording their earnings .They come to Singapore as tourists, engage medical facilities, perform surgeries and  vanish. All monitory transactions are done in INDIA. The donor is an Indian, recipient is local or expatriate  and doctor is an Indian  and no records are maintained by doctors. So when there is a post surgical complication of any sort, the doctor concerned escapes accountability and local facility gets into trouble. God knows what happens to the donor. In recent days, there have been more complaints  and many deaths have occurred. There are reports of faulty surgical procedures, use of infected parts, hasty rehabilitation routines and failure of reporting transplant failures. We want to stop this nonsense before it becomes a big disease. We want to bring in stricter laws and more supervision. We have set up  a study group to study regulations in different countries , identify shortcomings in our system and correct them.

During the forth coming Judicial conclave we wish to conduct brain storming sessions to discuss all aspects of organ transplant to decide additional regulations required

Now  I come to specific problems faced by us; a group of doctors from Indian city of Hyderabad. They are bringing in organs with out  following procedures. Doctors come and go as they please. They have totally ignored local laws, have made huge unreported profits .They have also tied up with local elements with great influence and  clout. Our medical facilities are being misused denying our government due revenue. We do not want to  put a ban on Indian doctors. But we want to bring erring doctors to book. This is where I need your help. We had written formally to your government. But due to enormous clout possessed by Indian medical practitioners, your government has not  responded properly  to our  government’s requests. During our study in India, we have found out  how weak are your systems, inspite of very good laws. Your medical council has no power. Doctors enjoy un limited immunity  from prosecution and huge facilities are being put up by corporate groups and profit making is the only criteria .There is a very ugly spectre of exploitation of innocent and poor. There is poor compensation to the donor, no medical  post donation care for them  and very unscrupulous organ harvesting practices. There are no records about success rate , records  about donors, compensation made and his plight after donation. The Indian doctors are protected by political bosses and criminal elements. One of my agents who asked  un pleasant questions to a doctor, got himself killed in the process.

I want your help in cleaning up this mess. You will be on your own , but we will compensate you for your troubles.

If you say no to my requests, then I will have to engage services from international agencies specialising in wrecking and demolitions to bring down some of your very well known  names in medical field.

For the judicial conference we are planning in Singapore, we have written to your government, Minister of health and public welfare, requesting them to depute a team of legal experts and medical administrators to make presentation about Indian experiences, for the conference. I would like to see your name also in the list of Indian delegates, so pull some strings and get your name in.

The discussions ended  with desert served, which was a huge scoop of delicious ice cream mixed with fruits.DAG thanked Kadambari profusely for an excellent dinner and patient hearing. He hoped that Dickey and Kaddu would remember what he had mentioned about Hyderabad based doctors .He expressed the hopethat with their active support, some concrete action to bring the erring doctors and their criminal activities to book .This would help, medical practice  regain its lost glory. Dickey and Kaddu did not give any word from their side. When DGA left, Dickey drove him back  in his car. As DGA got out , Dickey shook hands  and said that what the DGA  said was some thing the friends have been working on for quite some time. He assured that the Hyderabad end of all investigations would be handled by him with full cooperation from AP Police.

DGA BOWED AND SAID THANKS.  Back in his room,When he put his head to the pillow and closed his eyes he felt that the burden he had been carrying all these days, had suddenly become less.