Life as a Ghost


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A young man who does not believe in anything, dies in a freak accident and returns as a certain type of ghost. From that point on, he lives through the lives of other people, learns a lot about them, and ultimately learns a lot about himself; which leads him to tentatively formulate an idea of the “purpose” of life. Download this FREE e-Book today!

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Frank Siegrist

Born in Berne, Switzerland, in 1969, raised in Canberra, Australia, till age 7. From then on I grew up in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, even though my mother-tongue is Swiss-German, not French. This turned me into a 3-language polyglot (German, English, French) at a young age, which was both a big chance as well as causing a bit of an identity crisis. As a student, I worked part-time as a night-watchman for a while, giving me first-hand experience of the mind-numbing boredom inherent to this line of work (which I hadn't anticipated when I took on the job). This inspired me in creating one of the characters of my book "Life as a Ghost". Later on I did some teaching in a Swiss private school, which inspired me in creating another character of the same book. I am currently working as a translator as well as giving tutoring classes to children and adolescents having some difficulties in school (in math, physics, chemistry and of course languages). I find writing creatively more fun than translating, though, and I will definitely start a sequel to "Life as a Ghost" if I feel that my readers' echo is positive enough to warrant the effort! Please note you can buy a paperback copy of "Life as a Ghost" on Amazon.

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