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CHAPTER 1: The Goddess

Verse 1:

The Goddess washed away her immortality in the pool of the waterfall. She did this because she loved a Mortal. When the Gods saw her do this they told her, “Drink from the pool and your immortality will be restored.”

She refused. When the Gods questioned her decision she told them, “My love is immortal.”

Verse 2:

The Goddess went to the Mortal and they were happy. He took her back to the village of his people and they were accepted. She had healing abilities. Her touch had the power to heal.

She healed the people whenever they had need. Eventually the people grew curious about her abilities. The Goddess told them her story, but she would not tell them where to find the pool of immortality. She told the people, “It will bring you no joy.”

Many of the people grew angry and they banished the Mortal and Goddess from the land.

Verse 3:

The Goddess took the Mortal back across the great desert to the forest in its center. In the center of the forest was the pool of immortality.
Later the Goddess gave birth to a son. The birth of the child left his mother wounded. She knew she did not have long to live.
The Mortal knew the only thing that could save her was water from the pool of immortality. He went with great haste to the pool with the hope of bringing water to his love.
But the Gods had summoned a great serpent to guard the pool so that no mortal could take what the Goddess had refused.
When the Mortal came to the pool he fought the great serpent with all of his strength, but he could not get to the water. The battle with the serpent left him injured.
He returned to his Goddess. She lay on a cot nursing the baby. The Mortal began to sob. When the Goddess saw his tears she asked, “¿My love, why do you cry?”
He said, “My love is dying.”
She held his head to her chest and he heard her heart beat. She told him, “Your love will never die.”
The Mortal opened his eyes when her heart stopped beating.

Final Verse:

The Mortal took the child into the desert because he didn’t have any way to feed him. A journey to his old village across the perilous ocean of sand was the only hope for his son.

The Father and the infant traveled into the darkness of the desert with the stars to guide them and the moon to light their path. The night was cold and the Mortals’ broken heart grew weaker. The only thing that kept his heart beating was the will to keep his child safe. He gathered rocks and constructed a dome shaped shelter around the infant. The rocks were still warm from the sun and would keep the baby warm through the cold desert night.

The Father lay his head next to the infant and said, “May love be with you and protect you always my child.”
The Mortal died from his injuries and a broken heart that night. The moon was full as it shone down on the infant.