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negative can enter into this beach. Connect yourself with

these angels and ask them to protect you from the dark

forces that plague you.”

These exercises between grandmother and granddaughter

were the only thing Elizabeth had to hang on to. She would

continually practice this exercise until the beach would

show up within seconds of her closing her eyes.

At nine years old she began noticing beings of white at

the corner of her eye that would surround her. She would

hear whispers of comfort only to turn around and see no

one there. Elizabeth could feel their presence and knew that

she was being watched constantly. They just seemed barely

out of her reach. Yet she knew they were always around her.

Elizabeth’s childhood bordered on insanity, mixing the

physical and the spiritual with equal measures. Dark forces

would try to create havoc followed by beings of light to give

her the much-needed shelter she craved.

As time went by, she noticed that she could also read

minds, which was a problem when she was in a crowded

place like a school or an airport. It took her years to develop the ability to block it out and use it only when it served her.

She learned to use the gifts given to her advantage. No

one could bullshit Elizabeth; her laser-beam focus could


Blood Royal

penetrate the deepest of souls. She would feel the truth of

the spirit before she heard the falsehoods of others.

At eighteen years old, she enrolled in school in Sydney

where she would stay and try to forget her early childhood

nightmares in Queensland. Remembering the light and

trying to forget the darkness, she moved on with her life.

Upon graduation with a business degree, she received a job

in human resources for a major airline company.

She climbed the corporate ladder rapidly and became

quite a successful woman. It had been years since her last

nightmare, and peace had finally entered into her life. She

made 100,000 dollars a year, lived in a duplex, and drove a

Mercedes. The only thing missing was a family.

In 2000, she met a man named James Daniels and

married him a year later. Six months into the marriage,

she regretted it. Half her problem was that she could read

his mind for both good and bad. He didn’t have privacy of

thought, and she would use that against him to the point

where he spent all his time defending himself.

It didn’t take him long to get sick of that, and he started

to verbally strike back at her. Never physically but his

words would cut deep. After three years of back and forths

between them, they filed for divorce.

A year of loneliness followed in which she deemed that

what she was really missing from her life was a child. She

could move on without a man but not without a child.


Evan Ansot

Elizabeth Dudley longed to be a mother and she would

find a way.

After months of investigation, prayer, and soul searching

she decided that the best way for her to have a child was in

vitro fertilization (IVF).

IVF is a process which involves removing eggs from

a woman’s ovaries and letting sperm fertilize them in a

laboratory. The fertilized egg is cultured and then implanted

into the woman’s uterus with the intention of making the

woman pregnant.

Elizabeth convinced James to provide the sperm. She

told him that he would have no legal rights or obligations

toward the child; it would be her responsibility and

hers alone.

She hired a legal firm to provide the paperwork, and he

signed the waver.

While the eggs were in the lab, an angel by the name of

Thomas paid a visit. The sperm which was James’s had been

replaced with a different sperm because of an agreement a

long time ago. Unbeknown to Thomas, Baphomet had been

watching from a distance.

Soon into her pregnancy at the first ultrasound,

she found out that she was getting two children for the

price of one. The only problem was that these twins were

monoamniotic, which meant that the two would be sharing

the same sac. This type of twins is far more dangerous to


Blood Royal

deliver due to the chance of each getting tangled around

each other’s umbilical cords.

Seventeen weeks into her pregnancy, while driving

home from work, she was struck from behind by a vehicle

at a high rate of speed. The driver of the vehicle had blacked out momentarily, and for that, he had paid for this lack of

temporary consciousness with his life.

Elizabeth had been taken to the hospital and luckily had

only suffered from minor injuries. This time, the enemy’s

plan had failed them.

Twenty-eight weeks into the pregnancy, Elizabeth

was pulling up to her driveway. Shutting off her alarm

system, she entered her house. Three steps inside she felt

two large hands on her shoulders grip her from behind.

Elizabeth tried to resist, but the strength of the intruder

was overwhelming. It seemed superhuman. He threw her

to the ground; she hit her head and became unconscious.

The intruder then proceeded to repeatedly kick her in

the stomach.

An hour later after she had regained consciousness, she

called the police. After they arrived, Elizabeth was curled

up on the sofa of her couch, waiting for the ambulance

when she went into premature labor. Sixteen hours later,

after several complications, she gave birth to Jessica and

Joan, both two pounds two ounces.

Despite the intentions of the dark side, the twins had

been born. But the goat-headed demon known to all as


Evan Ansot

Baphomet was not through yet. These miraculously born

twins were not out of the woods by a long shot.

Baphomet assigned two demons to watch over Elizabeth

and the twins. He knew that Jesus had plans for the twins,

and he would thwart the plans of the man from Galilee in

any way he could.

Lucifer expected results, and Baphomet would deliver

for him.


December 21, 2005

Haifa, Israel

On July 21, 1986, Sarah Rabin, through an extremely

difficult delivery, gave birth to Anna. Because of several

complications, Sarah would never be able to have another

child. Those assembled for the birth were her parents, a

doctor, a nurse, a goat-headed demon who watched from afar,

and the entire heavenly host. Angels with flaming swords

were there to keep any negative influence away. Baphomet

knew this, so he and his minions kept their distance.

The Archangel Michael sounded the trumpet for all to

notice that the blood of the Christ had returned to Israel.

The long-awaited return was in its initial stages after such

a long wait. It was the fulfillment of an agreement made a

long time ago between God and the patriarch of the Israeli

nation, Abraham. That out of his seed, the whole world

would be blessed.


Evan Ansot

It was the event of the ages in heaven, but here on earth

no one took notice of it except for a small write up in the

local newspaper that declared Sarah Rabin gave birth to a

girl named Anna at 6:20 a.m.

Sarah never forgot about that night with Eddie. He had

left an impression on her that would last a lifetime. It was

almost like he was predestined to meet her and give her this

child. She had taken one picture of him during that fateful

evening and had kept it hidden in her hope chest. Each

night before she slept, she would pull it out and stare at his laughing smile and bright green eyes. There was a twinkle

in them that captivated her. Eddie was one of a kind, and

she knew she would never find another like him although

she never bothered to check his whereabouts. Their child

would remain a secret from Eddie. As it should be.

When she prayed, she thanked God and Eddie for giving

her Anna. In many ways she felt like the mother Hannah

giving birth to the prophet Samuel. God had given her this

gift; therefore, she would give her back to him.

Anna was a wonderful child with unique gifts. It seemed

to Sarah that God himself had reached down and gave her

this beautiful gift of a child. There was something destined

about her, yet Sarah couldn’t put her finger on it. It was

just a very strong feeling of knowing that something great

was about to become for her daughter. She just intrinsically

knew it.


Blood Royal

From as far back as Sarah could remember, Anna

wanted to pray, giving thanks to the one who gave her

life. Conversing with spirits on a daily basis, she was often

caught talking to herself. She had names for her make-

believe friends, Deborah, Hannah, and Ruth.

Anna was eight years old when Sarah overheard a

particular conversation Anna was having with her friends.

“Who are you talking to, honey?” asked Sarah.

“Just the angels, Mama,” answered Anna.

“What are they saying, sweetheart?”

“They’re telling me about my family,” said Anna.

Sarah’s ears perked up at that remark. As far as she

knew, the only family Anna had were herself and her two

grandparents, Moshe and Naomi. She wondered what

family she possibly could be talking about. And conversing

with angels wasn’t something normal children did, but then

again, Anna was anything but normal, and Sarah knew

that. She wasn’t sure she was ready to press on further with

Anna for fear of what might be said, but curiosity got the

best of her.

“Honey, what family?” pried Sarah.

“Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Judah.”

Sarah almost fainted. She had been brought up a good

Jewish girl and was bringing her daughter up the same way.

Her grandparents had immigrated to Israel from Poland

after surviving the atrocities of World War II and had built

for Sarah’s father, Moshe, a better world than the one they


Evan Ansot

had lived in. Her mother Naomi’s parents had been killed at

Auschwitz. This family had paid the price for being Jewish

and now her daughter was talking of Jesus. What is this all about? Sarah thought.

As if reading her mother’s mind, Anna continued,

“Mama, don’t worry, Jesus was a Jew.”

Sarah’s heart skipped a beat. How does my daughter know

about Jesus? He has never been taught in this household. At least not by me or anyone else I could think of. “Anna, who is Mary, Joseph, and Judah?”

“Jesus’s family and my family.”

That was enough for Sarah. She went to the kitchen and

poured herself a glass of wine then proceeded to drink half

of it in one gulp. Every Jew knew the story of Jesus, but

all believed that he was a single man; even the Christians

believed that much. A preacher from Galilee not some

family man as her daughter was speaking of. What is Anna

talking about? Mary, Joseph, and Judah?

“And Philip is my father, I see him at night in my

dreams, and you still love him.”

With that remark Sarah finished the rest of the glass.

She thought to herself, Anna’s father’s name is Eddie, not Philip, why would she say that? Who is this Philip that Anna says occupies her dreams at night?

Once again, Anna read Sarah’s mind, “Mama, his name

is Eddie, but his real name is Philip.”


Blood Royal

Sarah poured herself another glass. She had never told

Anna the name of Eddie. How did she find out about the name of her father? I have never given little Anna any information about the sailor from the United States. Sarah’s plan was to always keep that a secret from her daughter. Well, it seems

that the secret is out. “Who is Philip?” she asked.

“Mama, I see him in my dreams. I can feel him, smell

him, and touch him.”

Sarah envied that Anna had that ability; she longed to

touch Eddie. She went to her hope chest and pulled out her

lone picture of Eddie and showed it to Anna and asked the

question, “Is this the man in your dreams?”

“Yes, mama,” answered Anna. “And your dreams too.”

“Oh, don’t be foolish, Anna,” shot back her mother. This

daughter of mine definitely knows too much about my inner

thoughts. How much does Anna know? How is she finding out

all these things? This whole conversation is insane.

“It’s true, Mama, you still love him, and Jesus loves him

too. But the bad people hate him. They want to kill him.”

“They do? Who are the bad people?” pried Sarah.

“The man with the goat head. I see him too, and he’s

scary,” said Anna.

Sarah reached for the phone and called her father. She

told Moshe and Naomi about the conversation between

mother and daughter. Then the four of them went to their

local spiritual teacher, the rabbi Benjamin Yahuda where

the conversation was replayed again for his benefit.


Evan Ansot

The rabbi knew that Anna had always been a special

child but nothing like this. He had always been an opened-

minded man of God, and he would pay close attention to

this special child. He kneeled down and asked her, “Child,

tell me about these angels of yours.”

“Which one,” asked Anna?

The rabbi looked to Sarah and her parents and

proclaimed, “I believe it’s time for me to spend some time

with this special child of yours and give her the attention

she deserves.” He then looked at the child again and said,

“Tell me everything, honey.”

“Nothing to tell, Rabbi. The man who took the holy

family out of Israel brought it back,” said Anna. She then

asked, “Can I go play now?”

For years it was just Sarah, her parents, her child Anna, and

the rabbi. Mother would get used to the divine revelations

and knowledge from her daughter. Rabbi Benjamin

was always a phone call away, and he would answer the

phone often.

Mother focused on daughter and nothing else. No man

would enter her life for fear of him distracting her from her

Anna. She was sure if she had a different child, it may have

been a different story, but Anna was special, and Sarah felt

her sole role in life was the upbringing of her lone daughter.

She knew deep down this was a special mission. She knew


Blood Royal

she had been chosen for something special. What it was?

She knew not, but deep within her bones, she knew there

was something special going on in the Rabin household in

Haifa, Israel. History was about to be changed, and she had

no idea what it was.

She tried to keep Anna’s many gifts from others, but it

was no use. Some people were just too keen on the spirit

for anything like that to escape them. Looks were often

exchanged when Anna would make remarks at the mall

about certain events and people. “Mama, that man over

there wants you to be his wife.”

“Don’t be silly, child,” Sarah responded.

“It’s true, and his name is Yitzak, and he is a professor,”

said Anna.

Sarah would just look at her daughter and wonder where

all this information was coming from. In time, revelations

would become so common that they became the norm in

their lives. Almost on a daily basis, Anna would be spouting

off about something or someone that defied explanation.

Her grades in school were off the charts, especially in

the subjects of mathematics and science. But where she

really excelled was in religious studies, which seemed to

come natural to her, which was noted and shared to the

rabbi. Her understanding of the spirit was far beyond

anything he had ever witnessed. She listed to Benjamin the

hierarchy of the heavenly host. She listed the patriarchs of

Israel and how they applied to modern Israel. “Isaac and


Evan Ansot

Ishmael have always been at war ever since Sarah forced

Abraham to have Ishmael leave into the desert. They will

have to unite in order to have world peace. Until then, there

will always be conflict.”

She knew things before they happened. Several times

she would just make an off-the-wall prediction, which

would always come true.

On the night of September 10, 2001, fifteen-year-old

Anna told her mother, “You need to tell Grandpa and

Rabbi Benjamin to watch television tomorrow. The world

is about to change.”

Sarah looked at Anna, knowing by now to trust her

prophecies and asked, “What do you mean, honey, world is

about to change?”

“Momma, the angels only told me what I told you. They

didn’t tell me any more information than that.”

Sarah was feeling more and more that she wasn’t the

only mother to this child. It seemed she was getting plenty

of help from the heavenly host.

The next day, the family with their rabbi was gathered

around the television watching the twin towers of the

World Trade Center fall when Anna declared, “The snake

has just bitten the eagle in its two wings so that it can’t fly anymore, but the eagle will land near the snake and grab

it with its talons and with its beak cut off the snake’s head

and kill it.”


Blood Royal

The adults could only look at each other with their

jaws dropped.

The rabbi slowly walked over to Anna and said, “Child,

what do you mean about the eagle and snake?”

“Rabbi, I don’t know, I’m only repeating what the Angels

tell me,” replied Anna.

Not quite four years after that event, on March 21, 2005,

eighteen-year-old Anna had a vision at night.

While Anna lay sleeping, a bright light entered and

filled up her bedroom.


She stirred, opened her eyes, and saw an awe-inspiring

angel at the foot of her bed. This was the largest and

brightest angel she had ever seen. “Yes?”

“Anna, I am Michael, protector of Israel, you have

been chosen to mother a special child of our Lord. You

will have a daughter and her name shall be Miriam. And

all the world shall be blessed through her. Because of an

agreement made a long time ago.”

Anna rose up from her bed, kneeled down, and gave

thanks and then spoke, “As the Lord wishes. Peace be unto

you, Michael.”

“And also to you, sweet Anna.”


Evan Ansot

With that last parting statement, the Archangel Michael

vanished. Anna crawled back into bed and slept soundly

the next eight hours.

The next morning during breakfast, Anna broke the news

to her mother, Sarah.

“But you’ve slept with no man!” shouted Sarah.

“I know, Mama, but it doesn’t matter. Michael said I am

to have a child, and it is to be named Miriam.”

“It’s impossible, Anna! A woman cannot have a child

without having sex with a man! Who is this Michael you

speak of? The one from the scriptures who talked to Daniel

and the prophets?” Sarah was beyond petrified of the

thought of her sweet child giving birth. She begun to shake

all over; the glass she was holding dropped and shattered

upon hitting the floor.

“Mama, nothing is impossible with God, you have to

believe me,” cried Anna.

Sarah went to her phone and called her parents along

with Rabbi Benjamin and told them all to come over


The rabbi was in a consultation with someone; therefore,

he was delayed an hour before arriving. Sarah refused to

speak about the events of the morning to her parents until

Rabbi Benjamin arrived, so they all waited together having


Blood Royal

tea and the occasional small talk of the weather and other

current events.

Once Rabbi Benjamin arrived, they all sat with

astonishment at what Anna told them of the prior evening’s


Sarah was in complete denial over her daughter’s vision.

Generally, she believed her daughter, but not this time. This

is where she had to draw the line. “Anna, you’ve been with

no man. I can’t believe you can have a child without being

with a man. It’s impossible!”

Tears began down Anna’s cheeks at her mother’s

unbelief. I have never lied to Mother in my life, why won’t she believe me? she thought.

Naomi, Anna’s grandmother, was in complete shock.

Speechless, she could only sip from her tea and try to

understand, but the answers weren’t there for her.

Anna’s grandfather could only stare at the wall.

Rabbi Benjamin, being well versed in scripture, knew

exactly who Michael was. The prophet Daniel calls him the

great prince who stands up for the children of Israel. He’s

also called a prince of the first rank. Joshua calls him the

captain of the host of the Lord. The rabbi knew that if this

child received a visit from him, then she had the privilege

of an angel of the highest rank. An Archangel.

He also knew that Christians credit him with defeating

Satan in the end-times.


Evan Ansot

The rabbi had to be very careful with his next question to

her. “Child, tell me of this Michael. What did he look like?”

“Rabbi, he is here now,” answered Anna. “I can see him,

he’s next to you.”

The rabbi and the others looked around, and immediately

a brilliant flash of light appeared before their eyes and

spoke, “This sweet child is incapable of deceit. What she

has spoken is the truth. Believe her and support her, for

she is chosen amongst the many.” Then the brilliant flash of

light was gone.

All with the exception of Anna were in complete shock.

They had just witnessed a miracle, a brilliant flash of light

appearing, speaking, and then disappearing. For a couple

minutes afterward, no one said a word. They all sat there

with their mouths open, staring off into space into some

unknown void of their minds.

The fifty-six-year-old rabbi, in all his experiences, had

never heard of anything such as this. He slowly arose from

his chair and said, “I believe it is time for us all to pray for Anna an