An Honest Man, Book One of The Donkey and the Wall trilogy


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An Honest Man begins the trilogy. From the humble roots of an 1864 immigrant from the Guang, his Shoshone wife and their little hardware store in Tahoe City, to a global humanitarian NGO empire in the present day. An Honest Man is the carefully woven tapestry of the struggles and love, triumphs and trials of the Livingsons. An Honest Man begins the thousand step journey in pursuit of a few simple questions: What if there were ancient lineages of highly conscious individuals emergent into the present day? What would their world be like? And more importantly, What would our world be like? Ultimately shedding light on that eternal question: What is reality?

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J. L. Lawson

All my books are intended for the general reading public however they are uniquely tailored to young adults the young at heart and in truth anyone with a naturally inquisitive mind Just A Curtain is an exciting gateway to both or either the Curious Voyages Saga all seven and or also to The Elf series which is currently only up to three novels The Donkey and the Wall was an odyssey for me to daily record the lives of those most remarkable individuals appearing as ordinary men and women to the average passersby The notion that lineages generation to generation parents to children of fully realized persons should be living among us was simply too enticing a story not to tell and I feel privileged to have taken advantage of the opportunity to be their storyteller NOTE The three books of that initial series are intended as a springboard for a reader s own decision to work on him or herself The balance between the presentation of objective knowledge with examples of the understanding of that knowledge and the resultant actions of the characters of these books will allow the careful reader to know in order to with efforts be and ultimately to do The Curious Voyages saga picks up where the trilogy leaves off to the moment and presents an allegory of man s inner worlds This series may challenge some and inspire others It is a departure into the realms of science fiction and as such may be taken as the parable for the journey of self-development it is intended to be PERSONALLY I am a father a grandfather and a Came-to-Writing-Professionally-Late-in-Life kinda guy After rewarding careers as a Land Planner Standards Engineer Technical Writer Graphic Designer and as an Educator High School and College Literature Composition I

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