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Paradise UnveiledUnveiled

(Commercially unpublished & unedited)
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D.B. Magee
Copyright © 2005 All rights reserved

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00030.jpg00031.jpg00032.jpgThis book is dedicated:


To my son Brian for his support while I wrote it.

To the Foundation Church of the New Birth for maintaining and presenting the automatic writings of James E. Padgett (1914) which was my inspiration for this story.

To all the people of the world who promote goodness and goodwill to mankind.


To all the children, their parents and other’s suffering with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.


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Permissions granted:


The PDF version of “Paradise Unveiled” may be electronically copied and freely distributed.


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Chapter Three
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Chapter Nine
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Chapter Eleven
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Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen Chapter Eighteen Chapter Nineteen Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty-One Epilogue
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My name is Lisa and I’m one of the original F.G. guardians, a secret society developed to protect and maintain the precious invention of David Finch for the future benefit and betterment of mankind.

This is a story of the awarding of “the gift” to David Finch from the spirit organization known as the “Spirits for Mankind” (SfM). The story introduces and follows David as he is given “the gift” and his subsequent inspiration to use it to create Mankind’s greatest resource, which will someday hopefully, lead to world peace. This story is fundamental to the understanding of the origin and creation of this great resource, and David’s personal relationships and the connection between these people and the original four FGG members.

With the permission of David Finch himself (in spirit), I have written this book based on his memoirs, found by us the original FGG members, in his journal that was hidden away long ago.


For more information on our mission and the origin of the “Secret Society of the FGG”, please watch for the future literary works entitled, “Secret Society of the FGG – The Beginning”.

To follow the work and adventures of the FGG and its members and followers, please visit our website which is listed at and read the continuing unpublished works entitled, “Chronicles of the F.G.G.”.

To recognize members and followers of the “Secret Society of the FGG” keep an eye out for this symbol: