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THE INCIDENT is a Special Agent Samantha Jameson serial thriller. Sam is a badass, and she's by far my favorite character to write. She first appeared in my acclaimed novel, Devolution. People say it's “Right up there with James Patterson, David Baldacci, Nelson DeMille and Frederic Forsyth.” It's available on Amazon for $5.69. If you haven't yet read it, just join the mailing list, and I'll send you the Kindle or ePub version of Devolution, for FREE.

I’ve chosen to write The Incident as a series of eight episodes, which are available separately ($1.99 each) or in bundles. Naturally, buying the bundles is cheaper. You save about 40%.

Save 40% on The Incident Season 1, which is Episodes 1 through 4, right here. 

Like Devolution, the Incident has some adult situations and some edgy themes. If necessary, feel free to close your eyes, and I'll nudge you when they're over.