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Oceans2Earth Foundation - Oceans2Earth Volunteers Ltd

Oceans2Earth Foundation - Oceans2Earth Volunteers is a non-profit organisation that was founded in Melbourne, Australia for the purpose of providing resources and financial assistance to animal welfare and conservation projects both locally and around the world.

The O2E Founders are animal lovers and committed volunteers. They established the organisation having seen firsthand that volunteer recruitment agencies were not always aware if the projects they supported had the best interests of animals and environment in mind. Instead, unethical and harmful behaviour including elephant riding, unsustainable tree nursery projects and the consumption of scarce community resources by the presence of volunteers were often the result. Local wildlife communities and the animals’ environments were also clearly disadvantaged. For this reason, Oceans2Earth created its Oceans2Earth Ethical Standards and the Wildlife Code and measures all potential projects by these policies prior to partnering with them.

O2E’s objectives are to link animal and nature lovers from around the world with a network of ethical, sustainable and conscientious non-profit organisations in the developing and developed world. Individuals can contribute by signing petitions, writing to governments or donating to various animal welfare causes. Or for those wanting a more hands on experience, they can benefit from unique travel experiences while making a positive contribution to criteria assessed animal welfare and conservation projects. Unique experiences such as caring for rescued elephants, captive wildlife enrichment, indigenous community education, fundraising for orangutan habitat protection, human - elephant conflict research and mammal rehabilitation and release can be experienced by anyone making a commitment to spend some time, effort and money helping protect and care for some of our Earth’s precious resources.

Oceans2Earth recognise that individuals really can make a difference. However small the work effort is from one person, if you combine the actions of many people as a whole, the result can become quite significant. By bringing likeminded and ethically conscious animal lovers together, Oceans2Earth believe that there is no limit to what we can achieve.