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Fifteen years ago, an old battleship, named the Godiva was retired by the Solon Impyre's Galactic Navy. It was purchased in a private auction by a noted scientist, Dr. Orli Noblessar. It went missing, along with the doctor and his daughter, soon after.

Since then, every space salvage outfit in the galaxy has been looking for that ship. There have been a several sightings of the vessel over the years, but only one has been considered reliable. A coporately owned frieghter ship was destroyed in a remote solar system by a ghost ship that matched the decription of the Godiva.

Now, the search may be at an end.

John Hiro, along with his crew, might have just located the Godiva after searching for her for years. They believe that there is technology hidden on that ship that could either save or ruin the Impyre.

But, there's a problem. Hiro's former best freind and business partner has just been released from prison, and he has plans of vegeance after what he claimed was a false conviction.

Also furthering the difficulties with recovering the Godvia is the fact that a galactic civil was has just ended and the entire infrastructure of the Impyre is crumbling. Fuel is such a rare commodity that interstellr space travel has been suspended.

Can Hiro and his team bring back the Godiva in time to save the galaxy from total economic ruin, or will an unknown dark force rise up and replace the benevolent Solon Impyre with the evil Scoryn Hegemony?