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Chapter 31-A Wedding in the Tyrol.


Back on the sub base at Halffa, Reeas is looking at me with love. I gently stroke her shoulder. Zelda3 said, ‘Dan and Reeas, we are grateful, you have helped restore the balance on Halffa, and the other planets in the group. Please take a break and report back in two weeks for a mission.’

‘OK,’I said, I am now used to the ‘Mission’ part of things. Usually, they are a little more than a mission; they are usually a full-blown crisis. I don’t even ask, this time, what sort of job it is going to be. I can feel Zelda3 is waiting for me to ask, but I just act nonchalant.

She smiled.

‘Where shall we go, Reeas? I said.’

‘Let’s get married.’


‘Yes, why not?’


Zelda3 said, ‘Congratulations.’ Deria said she wanted to be a bridesmaid.

I said ‘let’s go to Austria, its perfect.’

‘Yes, Dan, it is.’

Now, you students say, how can we go somewhere like Earth when we are in a different Universe. I say, we are trainee Guardians and have access. Really, it is through dreams, imagination, and memory, and Reeas and I have amassed a lot of each. One thing I know is there is going to be a lot of dancing going on. I just thought about the classic Austrian dance by men who get kicked up the backside, Imagine Cloft and another Tourgen doing that, ha. (To cut out all the mundane stuff, I have not included all the usual things that the Guardians might consider wrong to put on these recordings.) I will just say the wedding was beautiful and nothing was spared as everything was free, yes, laid on by the Guardians, and of course we can also dream of the same place, and so, be there. We danced in the air all around the mountains to heavy metal music’.

I am beginning to feel very confident in my role as a Guardian.

My consciousness has improved beyond measure, also my understanding of life on a multi-universe footing. The next mission is now starting to come through from base.

Reeas said, ‘time to get back to work, Dan.’