A Conspiracy in Science in Progress Overview


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Book Description

Do you want to know a secret about science and how science cheats? What you know as science is what those in science want you to know about what to believe as they feed you what they think you should know. If you want to know how science fools everybody and controls information about what you should believe then read this small article. What have you to lose but maybe a minute or two and by not reading the brief article you will forever not know what you missed and passed you by. On the other hand when reading the short article you will get so much wiser about how those in science conspire to defraud the public by feeding misinformation and you know that is precisely what takes place everyday. In a few pages you can read how a few well-aimed questions unmask the factual credibility of science and you will see why you should feel alarmed. Not going there can lose you so much and leave you behind still being mislead but moreover uninformed about what you now can know.

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Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte

Please note that my name and last name are pronounced in Afrikaans, and is pronounced this way. Peet one would pronounce “here” which is the closest English to the pronouncing of the “ee”. The “Sch” in Schutte is pronounced exactly as school is where both are pronounced Skutte or “skool”. Pronouncing my name in Afrikaans to me show the utmost courtesy. I am most proud of being an Afrikaner.

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