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  • The Dirty Little E-Book of Sex Quotes
  • Split
  • The Tryst
  • Something Different
  • Raveled by You (Erotic New Adult Romance) - #1 Enflamed Series
  • Summer Series
  • Secrets of Liberty Mountain
  • To Serve a Princess
  • Memoirs of a Bitch
  • Kept- I've Become His Dirty Little Secret
  • Rachel's Journey Into Spiritual Sex
  • Heavens Dancer

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Erotica eBooks Included:

  • Forbidden Fruit: Luscious and exciting story, and More forbidden fruit; or, Master Percy's progress in and beyond the do
  • Flower of Decay: Golden Body
  • Rachel's Journey Into Spiritual Sex
  • Something Different
  • Split
  • Paying Debts: Part 2
  • मजबूर
  • Summer Set
  • Summer Gone
  • Summer Schooled
  • Summer Series
  • My Sexual Autobiography - Vol. 06
  • My Sexual Autobiography - Vol. 05
  • Off The Rebound
  • Dark Pluto
  • Julia Sidor (born Julia Kabloutchko) former Treasury Analyst Mercer Int. Vancouver Canada
  • Eleonora Kabloutchko's Desire: A Vampire's Tale
  • A Long Strange Trip
  • The Romance of Lust: A Classic Victorian
  • Secrets of Liberty Mountain
  • My Sexual Autobiography - Vol. 04
  • Sinner at War
  • My Sexual Autobiography - Vol. 03
  • My Sexual Autobiography - Vol. 02
  • Slippery When Wet
  • My Sexual Autobiography - Vol. 1
  • Not Anywhere
  • Unsuspecting Secrets - Bound In Blood Trilogy Book 1
  • If I Can't Have You (Mind Games Series Book 1)
  • Bought by the Billionaire - Box Set One
  • Not There
  • American Sinner
  • Playing With Bhabhi
  • Women on Top:  An Erotica Anthology
  • First Time With Sarita Bhabhi
  • Not Here
  • Transgender Erotica: A Hot Romance of Forbidden Love
  • Heavens Dancer
  • First Book Of The Merciful Nun
  • Bedroom Antics
  • Claiming a Queen
  • Taming a Warrioress
  • Free Wine & Sex
  • A Week of Unbridled Passion
  • The Date We Didn´t Have
  • A Lady's Submission
  • Mercy - Episode 10 - The Unexpected
  • Game Play
  • Alejandra
  • Vampire Zoo
  • The Chronicles of Enhanced Males Part 1: Living Enlarged
  • Annie's Story Laid Bare
  • Erotic Seduction
  • Mercy - Episode 9 - Playing with Fire
  • Gold, A Summer Story
  • Mysterieau of San Francisco
  • Mercy - Episode 8 - Changing Course
  • A Journey Through the Shades of Love
  • Rachel Reveals All
  • Mercy - Episode 7 - Exam Rm 7
  • Blood Bar
  • Mercy - Episode 6 - Eye Candy
  • Mercy - Episode 5 - Scarier Things
  • Sea Girl
  • Mercy: Episode 4 - Pagers and Pastries
  • Mercy: Episode 3 - Closet Space
  • Eternal Sinner
  • The Man With Virgin Eyes
  • Mercy: Episode 2 - The Future
  • Vampire Witch Zombie
  • The Vixens
  • Sexnovella's Teenage Love
  • Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down
  • Deep Down in the Pupils of Infinite Time
  • Coming Home Logan's Wish Vol One
  • Engaged to Deception
  • Observing Reality Through Desire
  • Primal Chase
  • Betrayal: Abby's Guilt (Book 1 of the Betrayal Series)
  • Irresistible
  • Savor Her
  • More Tales from the Closet
  • While I Make Love to You
  • The Hell Breed
  • Cheater: Guilty Wife
  • Somewhere Only We Know
  • Tales from the Closet
  • The Devil's Bible
  • Kept- I've Become His Dirty Little Secret
  • Porn Star
  • Memoirs of a Bitch
  • Raveled by You (Erotic New Adult Romance) - #1 Enflamed Series
  • BF Chronicles
  • Love vs. Lust
  • Soul Ties #1- Bonded
  • Simone
  • Private Emotions - Appointments (Ethan's Perspective)
  • Erotic Love Letters from Australia
  • Memories of Fanny Hill
  • Paula's Place, Part 1: Seduction
  • Mine for Tonight (Book 1) Billionaire's Obsession
  • Beef up My What?
  • Pink Butterfly
  • The Mating (Wild Cats Part One): Erotic Romance Series
  • Love Lust, Book Two of Dream Lust Series
  • Time of Our Life
  • DreamLust
  • First Taste of Bacardi
  • The Gypsy King
  • Morinda's Desire: A Vampire Story
  • Cleaver-1
  • To Serve a Princess
  • Hauss Vegas
  • Your Life or Mine
  • The Tryst
  • What You Don't Know
  • The Dirty Little E-Book of Sex Quotes
  • 7 Tips to Creating a Sizzling Sensual Massage Experience

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