The Chronicles of Enhanced Males Part 1: Living Enlarged


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Published: 8 years ago

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Book Description

Living Enlarged is the first book in The Chronicles of Enhanced Males trilogy. It's an urban erotic novel about Mark, a successful young manager. Change in penis size changed everything for him. Mark now has a great job, money and lots of sex. Life just gets better and better with each day. But Mark is unaware that his dark past is lurking near.

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Doc King

Doc King is a famous author and psychiatrist with 36 years of experience and over 2500 patients who’s been turning to him, most of them having the problem with confidence, anxiety and depression caused by their penis size and numerous sexual dysfunctions, such as problems with an erection, premature ejaculation, or inability to climax. Unlike most therapists who resort to the traditional approach, explaining their patients that they have no choice but to be themselves and be happy with what they’ve got, he decided to go one step further, exploring unconventional methods, such as various techniques of male enhancement. Doc King decided to approach a couple of his patients with the proposition that they could, apart from attending our sessions, try doing these penis enlargement exercises at home, in accordance with the clearly defined instructions, and we would record the progress together. At first, they were equally skeptical, both patients and doctor himself. But, as time passed, the results began to show, first in terms of enlargement and then, consequently, in terms of life changes. His patients became more self-confident, more self-aware, and significantly more extrovert, advancing both professionally and romantically. With the permission of his patients, he decided to publish these diaries in a series of books that may be a great help to all men facing the same problem as my patients. The result is the book series – The Chronicles of Enhanced Males.