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School is over, I see small article and small ping respective sit colonel car, just return classroom, right now classroom already empty nobody, only

The rest of hui Juan and I, at that time, because no one around, next to the welfare of the iron door also pulled down, the campus a quiet,

I can't wait for that... I closed the front and back doors,

Turn off the light, hui Juan pulled to the back door of that row, want to further do... . But she said no, and she

Say: "A gentleman, I will be your man sooner or later, don't be so impatient... Wait A minute, how to do if someone caught me...?"

"I think, is also rational, but little brother still can't help..."

She knew I couldn't help it, so she took my hand and touched it over her tits... I rubbed hers vigorously

Milk... She groaned uncontrollably. She said, "Stop rubbing!" She reached under me with her hands,

My little brother pulled out, she said: "I first help you hit a shot, let your little brother finished." Soon, I

And lost it... The soft. She said, "All right! Now, do you want to be more generous?" She took out her handkerchief and took my semen

Wipe... I never knew a girl that fierce had such a soft side. After wiping it off, she put the handkerchief away

There you go. Pull my dick back into the cage. He said: "A gentleman, it's time to gather." We both picked it up

School bags, holding hands with each other, walking to the classroom in Picture 3...

The members of the skating club early to figure 3 a classroom set, to figure 3 a classroom mouth, we let go of each other

Hand, I went in the front door. "I'm sorry I came late because I was busy. I'm really sorry."

At this point, look down, only a dozen, how are women ah!

At that time, Hui Juan also came in from the back door, sitting in the first row of the last seat. So I asked everybody, "Boys

Where did you go?" Sitting in the next he Yaru spoke: "President, there were a few boys to come, but you don't

That's why they left." In the side of Chen Xiangting, Cheng Jiayu, Wang Yuting will be three simultaneous

Say: "then how will you compensate us..." "All right! Later." I thought, "If I say this now,

Want to please what, swear necessary all want to please, that I how delimit of come, besides in the association, have long really very safe of

Girl, saw them you can frighten to death, I just don't spend this undeserved money, besides the money is to be particular about return.

Now I give out this form, everyone fill it out, fill it in and hand it in to me,

Then you can go... . Right! Don't fill it out! This one is for the discipline team!" .

I walked to the back, called Huijuan to meet with these four grade two tourism girls... .

At this point, "He Yaru said:". But I saw that expression, I knew that he was going to rip me off, "president

How are you going to make it up to the four of us..." "I've been thinking about it... well, I'll show you four

Shadow, ok?" All four of them cried out, "That's great! It's on the house!

", I hurriedly say: a little lower voice, wait a moment if a lot of people want me to please, then the movie is out of the question

All four of them, for an instant, pretended nothing had happened, fearing to lose the opportunity of ripping them off. I see

All four of them look so innocent! By the way, may I introduce you to my girlfriend, named

Zhang Huijuan... I lied again, but Huijuan would be angry if I didn't say so...

...). I told Hui Juan said: "our things don't talk about oh!" 'There! . Hui yun is good at

Personal relationships, in a short time, with all four of them as if they had known each other for years

Good friends... .

The other women members wrote and handed in their papers, then hurried out of the room as if in a hurry

Take the second school bus.. After ten minutes, the classroom left me and Hui Juan, and the four lively, outside

To the little girls, the four of them like the dance hall dancing and ice palace skating, because I am a master in this respect

So I became their idol.

"Four big beauty, don't write while chatting, just a few words, quickly write a write, write to play us a

Let's go to the movies. Look, it's getting dark." After a while, they all finished writing,

The six of us left the school.

On the bus, there were five of them in the last row, but there was one seat left, and I wanted to arrange flowers in the fifth

But all five little girls seemed to take a hint and said to me in unison,

A gentleman, sorry, have no seat, please go to sit in front!" I knew the five of them were messing with me, and I

Yeah, I've never been fucked by five girls, so I'm glad... .

I look back from time to time, Hui Juan seems to talk with them very come, as if everything does not talk ah, as if also point

Color oh.. . Hui Juan said at this time is with relish, may be just have Feel... .

In Taichung, six of us went to the theater, I found that today's movies are r-rated..

. I opened my mouth and said, "It's one of those movies again. .

But they said, "It doesn't matter! We four can take care of it!" Hui Juan said: "A gentleman is very

Oh, that... !"

"Wang Yuting said:" We five big girls, we are afraid of what you will do to us, do not want us to do to you

Kind, good!" "Good! Five women, courageous, I like this kind of girl best, that wait a minute

Which one wants to sit next to me at the movies?" "Cheng Jiayu said: A you wait and sit down

I'll sit next to you in the middle. What can you do to me?" "Huijuan said: be careful,

Don't be careless, his hands will not love to touch oh..." "Chen Xiangting told Cheng Jiayu: 'Come here

Planted piece, return afraid you disorderly touch!" "He Yaru said right! Don't you be touched by us five

Well, still afraid we will lose body!"

"Good...! Unexpectedly, you five are not afraid of me, I went to buy a ticket!" "Yuting said," Hurry up

To buy! This movie is about to start." "So I went and bought six last row tickets.

." .

"Ladies! I'm going to buy you six bottles of champagne to keep your courage up." "And Jaru said, No

To give yourself courage..." "I couldn't argue... I had to let them talk..." "Good

! Ladies, I've got champagne and gum, and we can go inside!" "

Jiayu said: Whoever is afraid of others, just go in! We don't know what will happen..."

"Good! Too good, really female hero, that good, we six people about law three chapters, bet, I don't know

Schoolgirl has this courage! ..." "The five women said," Say it, Mr. A!"


1. If I have the nerve to touch one of you later, not Including Huijuan, what do you want?

2. What do you want if I do something indecent later?

3. What would you do if I could not stop myself and behaved that way towards you?

"While five women, studying..." They sent Hui Juan to say:...

1. If you have the balls to touch one of us during a movie, we'll let you do it for free

Enough... . .

"Xiang Ting said," You dare not, if you dare, I will..." "I asked her, and

How about..." "Xiang Ting replied," Whatever you want, whatever you want."

They all said, "We are all the same as Xiangting. Let's see what you can do for us!"

2. If you dare to make indecent movement words: "we also follow do, also follow you do..."

3. You said you couldn't help it... Give the five of us to that... ! "Xiang Ting said, 'No

If the five of us can't help it... What are you going to do to us?

"Xiang Ting's tone is a bit ironic.

"Yuting said: A you don't have this courage!" "Yaru said: A gentleman, if you don't

Have to us how, so, wait to see the movie, that want to invite us to eat night!"

"Ok! If I do something indecent, what are you five going to do?" I'm straight chest

The chamber said, "Jia Yu said: do what you like, do it!"

"Well, that's great! The six of us will hook our fingers together and it's a deal..."

"So we six people went in, at this time, my little brother has a column of the sky.., they

I don't know five yet..."

The six of us went into the cinema... The title of the movie is "18-year-old girl is in bud." I see the title is small

Brother could not help, so a go in, I go to the toilet first, they five will go to find a seat first, to

Toilet, I will appease the little brother down, do not let the little brother has been kept in the direction of 12 points, then use ling water

Then little brother wash a wash, little brother will become 6 o 'clock end direction, toilet, walk on the aisle, take a look,

How few people are there this time! "Thought: Great!" "The five of them waved to me," and I walked to the end

One row of seats, the five of them are already seated, leaving only the middle seat for me to sit in

The film has begun..." Our seats were in the last row in the cinema. This is my story

Italian choice of seat), I sat down, then give them five champagne, then drink up... .

The film is starting to work... "Then I looked up stealthily, and saw that the people were gathered in front of me

Half, and those people, are some adults, my heart, secretly laughed... And then steal

I drew a few of them. Sitting on my right hand side are Huijuan, Yaru and Xiangting, and on my left hand side is Jiayu.

Yuting, at this point, I asked the five of them if they had finished their champagne..."

"All five said they had finished drinking, so I took out the gum from my pocket and invited them to eat..." "This

All five of them were embarrassed... (The reason: the hero and heroine are having sex...

And the voice made all five of them feel very happy and embarrassed) so I said:

"Well, ladies, throw in the towel! Throw in the towel and we won't see!" "Jiayu is sitting next to me

Say: who wants to admit defeat, look at, who is afraid of who!" "They seem so sure..."

At this point, my little brother by the unbearable, I will reach into the underwear, touched up...

Hui Juan saw this, coupled with the sound of moaning in the movie, also could not resist, so she put her little hand,

Into my underwear and rubbed it up and down... "But I kept my head down and kept looking at my electricity

"Jiayu and Yuting, who were on my left hand side, saw this first

Longing look, have been looking at The hands of Hui Juan touch my..."

"At this time, the right side of the Ya Ru and Xiang Ting also found, as if to be in bud..." "This

When I think the opportunity is mature, then counterplot, hand stretch to hui Juan's tits there, rub rub up.

"Hui Juan at this time already entered climax... Then forgot flank still have her person, and groan rise...

"Oh good! A gentleman, A little faster... A little harder..." "I thought to myself, 'I don't want the Lord

Strike! Let the four of them express themselves..."

"Hui Juan at this time my little brother pulled out from the underwear, I feel a chill. But little brother also

Is a column of... I groaned on purpose. "Huijuan hurry up, I'm coming out...

. ." "Jiayu could not stay in the city at this time, so her little hand took mine, in her big

Big tits, rub them hard..." "I also know: the opportunity is mature, then also malicious force of rub

Rub it. She also agree, let me have been vigorously rubbing..."

"I thought to myself: the other three can hardly stand it!" "When Yuting, Xiangting and Yaru saw this,

Plus see me that tall erect little brother, and the lens of the movie, also have to extend

Come here, I'm not refusing..."

"Right now, hui Juan pulls my hand, turn over her that short ground short skirt, and will her that small triangle

Pants, down to the knees... Take my hand and rub it up and down at the hole."

"Yuting did not hesitate to forget the shyness of a young girl, and took her half-bell bra,

He took it off and climbed over jiayu's thigh and squatted in front of my seat. With her

Round and big double milk, clip my little brother, sometimes vigorously, sometimes small force, this taste is I never

No, I also couldn't help saying: "Yuting slow down, or

No more to play..." "She quickly stopped this movement, instead of lying down, my little brother

It's all in there... Quick sips..."

"My other hand is touching Jiayu's tits, the other one is hovering in Huijuan's hole, I have no hand

! Ya Ru, Xiang Ting only in the side to watch and appreciate the share, they two love not to commit suicide, each other

Touch up, I saw this shape, I thought: they five all lost! Ha..."

But then, I was so happy that I forgot yuting was sucking my penis. I couldn't bear the pleasure, so I shot

. Instantly, little brother soft into a... "Yuting screamed, but not enough for the people in front to hear

To, just call me back from the pleasure, also shocked is looking at the beautiful rain, Hui Juan. They even

I'm taking turns to see what's wrong with my penis. They didn't know what to do. "Me

Say: I agency, can't move!"

They seem to be very disappointed, especially Hui Juan... . But I still can't...

Right now, they sort out clothes in succession, Hui Juan put on her small underwear, Yuting bra,

Jia Yu will button the coat, Ya Ru and Xiang Ting two people from the bag out of the toilet paper, took off the inside

Pants, will they out of the sexual fluid wipe clean, I see them two of that place, and not a lot of

Hair, they both seemed to notice me, they were more coquely, turned their hair in their place, and used theirs

Little hand, turn over the labia minora to me, make like in the movie, very dirty movement, show me, seems to want to

To seduce my little brother again, but I don't think it's possible... .

Jiayu handed me some toilet paper. . I know her mind, I am about to wipe, Yuting said to me

Would you like to wipe your penis? I say: "you can wipe, this prepuce wants to open wipe oh

! Otherwise, will rot oh, that you can wipe clean a little oh!" "Yuting replied," I will."

At this time, Hui Juan, Ya Ru, Xiang Ting three people are hurriedly watching the plot of the movie, and discuss, I

Look up, ah! "Lasting drugs and aphrodisiacs." I thought: I'm done, I guessed right: they three fruit

However want to go to the pharmacy to buy, after a while, they five people agree, the movie will not see, Ya Ru and said: "I

We five people have lost the bet, and we also promised to the body, but xiangting and I did not

Yeah, so what we decided is that you have to go to the hotel with the five of us...

I'll buy the men's necessities (condoms, aphrodisiacs, and endurance pills) and we'll have sex...

Say that finish: "I do not agree also not line!" I thought to myself, "One to five this time!"

When the six of us left the cinema, Xiang Ting went to lvchuan West Street to buy the medicine

Really admire her, a little girl, and wearing XX middle school uniform, to buy that kind of thing, but not

You feel shy. That's... Perhaps she wants to do that and doesn't care! '

The six of us walked to a hotel on Park Road. They waited outside. I'll go in and book a rest room

Between, walked to the counter ask: "young lady, I want to book a room, rest with.." "The waitress

First, ok, room 301..." Suddenly I realized it was her in the morning. Her name is Lin Mengni!

I looked at her for a long time, I just found her, very embarrassed, I hurriedly call hui Juan that group of people come in


"Hui Juan see small ni said: small ni, how can you be here!" "Small ni then quickly pull hui Juan

To the side of the registry: Hui Juan how will you come here... You know this is a bad place to be

Stay.. Go away!" Huijuan replied: I came here to do that with Mr. A...

And ask in reply, Xiao Ni, are you doing that kind of deal here!" "Xiao Ni was speechless, just silent

Admit it!" "That small ni we come here today is to come to that ah, quick choose a better room

To do that to the six of us!" "Xiao Ni seemed very surprised, Mr. A can one time to so many

The girl.. I can't believe it. I'll take a room with electric beds for all six of you, and that's three

01 that room has, then you hurry up to enjoy it! Here, here's the key. If you need anything

Yes, ring for me again..." "Hui Juan said: thank you too much, Xiao Ni! Right! We

What you did today, don't talk about it at school..." "I won't," she replied

Nonsense, hurry up! Room 301!"

The six of us took an elevator and arrived at the third floor, "Xiang Ting called," 301 is here, quick

One o 'clock, she seems impatient..." The six of us entered room 301 one after another, by the way

The door is locked!

But hui Juan said: "our matter, was small ni know, I am afraid she will talk nonsense!" "At this time!

Mr. A was also alert, hesitated for A moment, then said: I have A good idea, "we let Xiao Ni to guide

We make love, she's here doing that stuff, she's supposed to know better, otherwise, what am I supposed to do

What about one to five? ..." After they five people listened to, feel quite reasonable, on the one hand can teach

The way we make love. On the one hand, it would prevent her from telling.

Say that finish: they call Hui Juan call down, small ni send a bottle of wine up... . "Buckle...

Huijuan, open the door! Here comes the wine. Open the door, please!" By this time, the six of us had taken off our uniforms

Dropped, the body is already naked, it is a nudist camp ah! Look at everybody's... ,

Don't feel shy anymore.. .

"Hui Juan ran to open the door, her four people and I on the bed each other pull, play not yiyue."

"Hui Juan opened the door, hurriedly put small ni to pull in..., after coming in, see a bed

The silk does not hang us, not surprised ah! It can be seen from this that Xiao Ni's experience is much more sophisticated! "

Hui Juan said: Small ni I want to ask you to insert a foot.. I wonder if you would like to... Because I

It's our first time, and we're going to have to deal with the five of us at a time. . Xiao ni

Did not answer, it is only all the time gaze at us on the bed. Hui Juan hurriedly say again, small ni let you

Do the first shot, or let us open our eyes!"

"In nai Hui Juan's request, xiao Ni finally agreed" Hui Juan locked the door, the war will be open

The beginning of... .

She went to the bed and undressed herself. She put on her shirt and I found that she did not wear it

Clothes, all six of us were taken aback! The six of us sat on the bed and watched the whole time

Xiao ni. She took a key from her trouser pocket, and now she was empty, she squatted down

Open the bedside cabinet, take out a lot of tools from that cabinet oh!

All six of us were petrified! Among the tools, there was something that looked like my penis, and Nicky she was

She kept taking her tools, about a dozen of them... But in the meantime, Xiang Ting brought me the pills

To eat! Oh, I eat six at a time! Xiao Ni just finished the tools now! I picked up the phone:

The receiver is clamped on the neck, while saying "counter? I am small ni, I have something now, please call

Ah Chi will take my place, yes, thank you. "She took off her trousers, the only thing she had on. At this point, I

The six were more surprised that she didn't wear underwear... . Oh, that is so slutty!

See in my eyes: "Xiao Ni's arm ministry good good round, is the standard will be born" son type ", with the morning

I see the ground as white, originally, she cried in the morning, may also be false, it is too will act!

She turned over, I shureng, her place, actually a hair also did not ah! I watched it dark this morning

Hair is what: "A gentleman asked: small ni you there is not hair! I see in the morning!"

I this words say: hui Juan and its her four people more doubt! Hui Juan asked: "A gentleman, how do you know

There's hair on Donnie!" "I told them all that had taken place in the morning,

They just suddenly realized! At this time, Xiao Ni said to us: she took a knife like shearing

Say: I shaved off... .

Xiang Ting took the knife in Xiao Ni's hand and took a look. Is it really so good? Xiao ni and

Say: "you want to shave? I can shave for you!" "Xiang Ting replied: Good!" "At this point,

Yuting, beautiful rain, Ya Ru, Hui Juan also hurried to say: we also want to shave! "Xiao Ni said: ok!" but

We're gonna take a shower first, and in the bathroom, I'm gonna shave you five!

Seven of us together into the bathroom, began our yuanyang bath, this bath is so big oh! At this point, I feel

My little brother's place, has been hot up... I told all six of them, "I'm burning up here

As if the medicine had taken effect! Xiao Ni said: that's very good, so wait a while we can cool


This bathroom is so big! The bathtub, by the way, is as big as three warm ones.

Yuting and Xiaoni will be bathtub water to install, xiaoni will add some bath milk at this time, make the whole

A bathtub is bubble bath, looks like it is back to the "Yang Guifei" bath, a lot of beauty in the side

Wait on me.. And everyone is as beautiful as Li Zhi, Maggie Cheung and Joey Wang, and everyone

The "wave" is like a "balloon", very good round, very sharp, very warped, feel how to have pleasure


At this point, Xiao Ni called out: "Dear Sister, we can come down to take A bath.

One point, you quick one point go down, I let my small ni serve for your little brother! I'll make you feel good

Dead..." After listening to Xiao Ni's words, my little brother more swagger, I can't wait

Jump into the bathroom... Huijuan, Jiayu, Yaru, Xiangting, Yuting and the five beauties jumped out of the bathtub.

Lying next to me with their own will. Huijuan and Yaru are lying opposite me, Yuting and Jiayu are lying

My right, Xiang Ting is lying on the left side, as for Xiao Ni is sitting on the bathtub with her back to me, is

Get ready for what we're going to use... I look at Nicky's ass, and I'm telling you: it looks so white

Good, good elastic I, I will conveniently touch, she called up: "A you are eating my tofu, I

Wait and let your little brother eat more than his pocket..." "Good! I don't touch.. that you

I can't lose my dick..." "She doesn't take any notice of me! She's so smart


I changed my strategy and turned to Jiayu. Jiayu has big tits! I squeezed it, and she

Yeah, I heard her scream, and my little brother... , more out of the water, Yuting see

She grabbed her breast hastily, took my little brother with one hand, and her own with the other,

And then I put my penis in her cleavage, and I rubbed it up and down, and it was like a movie

On the action... .

To be honest, the feeling of my little brother being clamped, is really cool and speechless, it feels like the first

The feeling of the first kiss, I want to eat the lover's mouth... !

"Now Xiao Ni tools are ready, they also sit in the bathtub, see Yuting like this, ok, Yuting

Stop using the clip. Wait a little brother come out we don't play!" "Yuting moved and stopped,

Small ni then say: who want to shave pubic hair, come here me "" Ya ru went up, sit on the bathtub

"" Xiao Ni picked up the shaving knife and said: now you will believe me, later you will believe me

It, good. Yaru sit still! Xiao Ni that skilled technology, two or three times, put a few of Ya Ru

A hair, all shaved off... After shaving, jia Yu followed by Xiang Ting

, Yuting, Huijuan, after they finished shaving, we dried each other's bodies.. , xiao ni

Gave us a bottle of perfume to wipe the place... "Hm! I sweet! A gentleman's place wipe of most

Many! The most delicious..." "The seven of us went back to the electric bed in that room..."

Seven people went back to bed, xiao Ni turned on the switch of the electric bed, and the six people in our bed floated up and down,

It's like when you're having sex and you're swinging up and down and in... , Xiao Ni will also prepare tools

All right. He called Yaru, Huijuan, Xiangting, Yuting and Jiayu down and went aside as if they had something to say

And whispered there for a while, but they didn't let me know... But I thought: No

Relationship, anyway, wait a minute or let me cool ah... !

"When all six of them finished speaking, they all jumped into bed, and there was a smile on every face."

"I say...! Hurry up...!" "At this point, six people on the face of a very

The appearance of the whore, it is like a group of whore girls.. Every eye was staring at my little brother

"I felt a little scared, but my little brother stood there like a telephone pole. .

I lie quietly in the bed center, just silently looking at six beauty, have why action, I a word also

No, I'm not saying anything, and I'm dealing with six at a time, so I'm not moving, am I

The body is just swinging up and down with the electric bed, I now only wait for the arrangement of small ni, because small ni is very

Experience of... .

Small ni spoke: "A gentleman, wait for A time to make love, you do according to the way I said oh.." I

And he said, "Ok..." Small ni then showed her that ferocious face said: "Sisters, according to me just

Just do it the way you say..." Never put off till tomorrow what you can. Six people more rush forward, simply like extremely overlord hard

Upper bow... .

Jaru lay next to me, and she took one of my hands and touched her big tits, and I died

With a pinch, she cried out. "It hurts." , seeing this, I then gently in her

Circle your teats.. And she began to groan imperceptibly... . I know she's having a good time

. .

This I feel someone is touching my little brother, I took aim with the eye, is jiayu, small ni they two in

Pull my little brother up and down there, and try to reach down a little bit to touch mine

Testicular.. . Really, that place is touched by the taste of beauty, the most cool.. .

My hand continued to touch Jaru's breast. Yaru seems to have entered the climax, see her expression

I knead faster, and Yaru's breathing became more and more rapid, but not enough to let her love

The fluid came out of the hole, but it almost made her forget she was there.

Hui Juan now behind the ru, climbed to my side. I took my other hand and stroked her baby

Hole, her small hole feels soft, and touch the outside of the hole, there is a prickling feeling, touch

It's like a man's beard has just been shaved. It's rustling, and I use my middle finger every now and then

And your index finger, with a good jab, put your middle finger into her little hole, turn it up and down, spread it left and right,

And give her clitoris a powerful tug. She felt good, too, and slowly got excited.

. .

I feel like my penis is being played with all the time, and the two of them sometimes pull the skin off my glans

Here, sometimes it's pulled up, as if I were masturbating myself, sometimes fast, sometimes slow,

But not for me to shoot at, which might be the feeling she feels when she knows her little brother is going to shoot or not

, oh. That's cool! , Xiao Ni also deeply know, if shot out, we six people do not have to enjoy

So they played with my penis very carefully... .

At this point, I glance at the eye, see Xiang Ting, Yuting two people still look dumbfounded, I see here

Situation: I shouted: what are you two still looking at, come over here. ! So much for that. The two men

Have crossed the Yaru came to my side, I said: "you that a beautiful woman's tits to let me

Suction.." "The two of them are fighting each other, fighting each other..." "But I only have one

Mouth ah.. But I found hui Juan and Ya Ru have entered the climax of the realm, I will come up with a brainwave

One move, then with playing my little brother xiaoni and Jiayu said: you quickly bring a fake little brother

, help me to hui Juan and Ya Ru two people cool, they can not nai my request, small ni help jia Yu wear

The little brother, and then they also wear good, my hand will be separated from the Ya Ru and Hui Juan, they immediately pick up

Go down, because hui Juan and ya Ru are narrowed eyes, I dare so boldly called small ni and beautiful rain

To touch them both... . Then I was relieved.. .

Xiangting, Jiayu in the side to look at all silly.. They found it so incredible...

Xiao Ni is continuing just now I touch hui Juan's small acupoint action, but Hui Juan seems to have no awareness to have been replaced

He was moaning all the time. Through Xiao Ni's rich sexual experience. Slowly the hand toward hui Juan's upper part

Place to move, until touch hui Juan tits just stop, but the little hand of small ni, hui Juan in the big milk

Son rub to rub, once vigorously, once small force, Hui Juan has also been in the state of climax, and

Have no awareness of the change of xiaoni, at this time, experienced Xiaoni, find out that hui Juan's acupoint has been soaked

The time has come, then pulled up that it wear in the hip of the little brother, will it be inserted into the hole hui Juan

Acupoint, along with the bed up and down floating, one into one out, is so regular, Hui Juan at this time and called

Louder.. How happy she was!

Jia Yu is in hard to rub the teats of Ya Ru, ya ru is also like Hui Juan, in the oblivious

Situation, at this time, "Xiao Ni told Jia Yu: you can tie in the waist of the little brother to insert Ya Ru

The cave..." Jia Yu took a look at Xiang Ting's small hole, and as expected, she was also wet and made the sheets

Wet, (this can be seen: Xiangting's small hole is the flow of how much love liquid! The rain is falling

The little brother on the waist, regardless of personal danger, will ya Ru's small hole to support, the little brother to push in,

Also all of A sudden to insert in the end, Ya Ru is also squinting eyes, think is A gentleman to insert him ah! so

His eyes did not open, but jiayu inserted him, still moaning... ! "

But small ni hurriedly call jia Yu small force a bit, wait a moment will break ya Ru's hymen, ten million

Don't stick your penis in the end! ." Jiayu quickly stepped in and asked Xiao Ni, "Yes

What can't ya Ru's hymen to poke broken.." "Xiao Ni replied: the hymen is to give A Gentleman

The little brother inserted broken use of ah, so A gentleman will have A sense of achievement!" "I see! That I

Small force a little insert, I won't give Xiang Ting open bud!"

I found that Xiang Ting and Yu Ting, squatting beside me, had been watching Xiao Ni and Jia Yu giving hui Juan,

Xiangting plug.. ! But did not find that I have been looking at their peach blossom hole, I found: Xiang Ting peach blossom

The hole was narrow and a little longer than Yuting's, and from time to time the white one came out

The liquid, like Yuting's, did not seem to notice that their own holes were soaked

, only is squatting over there, two people are looking at the movement of beautiful rain and small ni all the time, go up... .

I stared at their small hole, a drop of liquid love from their small hole left down

The sheets were all wet and they didn't even know it. At this point, I couldn't hold it any longer.

My hand stretched up, I pulled a hand, Yuting, Xiangting teats have been pulled by me.. I

He got up and took them both by their nipples, saying, "Look, it's our turn

Hands just let go of their nipples. "" They both said at the same time: A, you are dying, pull us both

Nipples, you are not sexual abnormal condition.." "I said, 'Wait a minute, you guys don't talk about me

Is sexual perversion, say that finish, then pull xiang Ting, Yu Ting's little hand say: we go to the carpet to make love,

You two can't get down there..."

The bed at this time of small ni and jia Yu or has been to Hui Juan, Ya Ru plug.. Where they were inserted

In an orgasmic state. I still didn't realize I had taken Yuting and Xiangting to the carpet for sex

"Xiangting," I said, "hurry up and lie down. My little brother can't wait any longer."

Xiangting lay down on the carpet and let me control her. At this point, I picked up my little brother

Brother, aim at Xiangting's small hole, hit a hole in one, reach the bottom pocket, score, Xiangting screams.

I quickly pulled out the club to see what was going on in the hole

Yuting, who was watching, was horrified by this, so I opened xiangting's bottom

Look at the hole... After a blood, from the hole of Xiangting, out of a pile of thick blood, then I

Secretly sneering, Xiang Ting is a virgin, the first gun has been opened by me... "I quickly told Xiang Ting: This

It doesn't matter, it's virgin blood, it won't hurt in a minute... ." "Xiang Ting replied:" It's true

? She got up to see if anything was wrong with the bottom bag. After reading it, she was relieved,

And said: This is my first time, I am a virgin ah!" "I said, 'The first time is great

Not be happy, hurry up wipe virgin blood with handkerchief, good stay do to remember!" "Xiang Ting listened to me

Then she got up and went to the place where she put her uniform. Xiang Ting picked up the skirt from her pocket,

Took out a handkerchief, will be wiped clean virgin blood.. He put the handkerchief back in his pocket and walked towards me


"Xiang Ting said again," I have a dull pain in my cave... I don't think I can have sex again

Yuting do it, I don't think I can do it..." "I said, 'No, the first time

Like this. I think not in a little while. So, after I unbud Yuting, I'll play billiards with you.

So, Xiangting, you should pay attention to it. How I unbud Yutene... Say that finish: call yu

Ting is coming...

"At this time, I got up to see the bed on the small ni and jiayu are still with the electric bed up and down, false

The little brother in a plug in hui yun and Ya ru small point, ya ru and Hui yun or shen drunk in the climax

In the state of..." "I threw my vision at Yuting, who was lying on the carpet, and said," Let's do it!"

"The idea came to me... to make it quick so my little brother could get through all this

Six of them are blossoming... All of them defeated, and now there are only. Yu Ting, Xiao Ni, Jia Yu, Hui Juan

Jaru has not yet blossomed. I want to go faster, but I can't shoot!" "I will follow

Yuting said: By the way, where did you put your handkerchief... Yuting showed it to me, so I asked Xiang Ting

Yuting took her handkerchief and placed it between her legs as I aimed for the opening. Going for a hole in one... .

"Yuting hurriedly said: Mr. A, be gentle, I'm afraid of pain..." "My little one," I replied

Brother will be a little less, (but my heart is not like this, I only promised Yuting verbally

Just...) . , not very hard, then your acupoint will not hurt.. ."

I say that finish, meat stick by a into a out, sometimes fast sometimes slow.. But not to the little brother

Brother shot out.. . I touched Yuting's tits with one hand and supported her on the carpet with the other

Position, I see Yuting has reached a state of oblivion. His stick is still hers in the hole

In and out. I felt that the time had come, so I made a strong thrust. "Yuting immediately felt pain

Chu called out: "It hurts so much..." He pushed me away. .

I thought to myself: Great, YUting has been blossomed by me too... . "Yuting sat up quickly

. Look at her pussy, what's wrong..." I said, "Yuting, you are no longer a place

Female, your small hole has been opened by me, and so on will be good.." That's it. From Yuting's

Small hole, out of the blood with a little love fluid, from less to more.. "Yuting picked up the handkerchief and took it from

Wipe the virgin blood from the hole. . "I said: Yuting, the acupoint is not

There is a painful feeling! That's normal. It'll be all right in a minute. Oh, yeah! Yuting, you and Xiangting first

Have a rest on the side. Let's have sex again later! All right?" "All right," they said

! I can't do it now anyway.. So, Mr. A, you should unbud the four beauties in the bed first

! We are also watching!" "I thought, 'That's what I want. Why is it all the same

? I went to bed... .

My hand in jia Yu's anus on a touch, Jia Yu woke up from the pleasure, but lying under to

Jia Yu inserted ya Ru seems not aware of.. .

I call jia Yu can stop, said that I give Ya Ru blossom, at this time, Ya Ru is still in pleasure

State. I quickly put the little brother to pick up, also follow the bed up and down, to a in a out

. . "I told Jiayu: I will open the bud for you later, ok? By the way, you go to get Yaru first

Give me your handkerchief..." "Jiayu took Yaru's handkerchief and I took it

, spread out the handkerchief, pad in yaru between the thighs, then instantly erect little brother, will be a little brother

To the bottom..."

Ya ru instantaneous from the climax, called up, eyes have not opened, they will be no matter what I

Pushed away... Ya Ru reaction, at this time, Xiang Ting, Jia Yu, Yuting in the side to see the good thorn

Shock! Yaru said: "Lord A, my acupoint hurts so much! I seem to have split..." "Xiang

Ting and Yuting laughed and said: not split, if split ah! It was your hymen that was A

Jun's little brother is broken, after a while will heal!" At this point, I called out

Yaru: Hurry up, the blood is coming out of your little hole. Hurry up and wipe it with your handkerchief. Ok

To remember!

Speaking of which, Yaru quickly picked up her handkerchief and wiped her virgin blood clean. . And wipe the ratio

Xiangting and Yuting were clean, so we knew how much Yaru loved her first time!

I said to Ya Ru: "If the acupoint still hurts, it will go away after a while! Xiang Ting and Yu Ting

I've already opened both of them! They're taking a break now, so you're taking a break. Hold on

, I first to jia Yu, Hui Juan, Ni three people after bud, and then to give your small acupoint cool ah! I say: ya

Ru, good or not?" "Yaru replied:" Ok! I am also very painful in the acupoint! That

Why don't you bud jia Yu first... The three of us are watching! .."

Meanwhile, Jiayu also lay on the electric bed, waiting for my little brother to open her bud, I also can't wait

! But I look next to the small ni and Hui Juan, small ni or has been inserted hui Juan small hole, small ni look

I said: "A jun hurry up, I am dying... A jun hurry up to jia Yu open A bud..

." Now I act!

I pulled up my little brother into the small hole of jiayu, and floated up and down with the bed, following the law,

One in, one out... Until Jiayu slowly into orgasm, I saw the time

Mature, a little brother, the whole little brother inserted into jiayu's hole, straight to Jiayu's heart flower, I

I have smoked several times, why jiayu has not responded ah! Aren't you a virgin? I was full of strength

Make a final push! Little brother vigorously inserted jiayu's small hole, "poof squeak..."

"Jiayu cried: It hurts so much!" I knew the rain was broken, so I pulled my little brother away from the hole

I asked Yaru to take jiayu's handkerchief and wipe it

After a while, a pile of virgin blood with mixed love liquid flowed from the hole. Jiayu quickly picked up her hand

Pat rubbed up the blood to keep it from running away. .

I said to Jiayu: "Ok, the cave has been opened by me, so you can have a rest and so on

After I open hui Juan and small ni, we plug again!" "Jiayu replied," Ok, then you

A bit faster to hui Juan, small ni two people open bud! Four of us cheer for you in the side oh..."

Drag my that strong and strong little brother, even break through 4 close, now only leave hui Juan and small ni 2 people did not open

Bud... .

I said: "Xiao Ni will you tie in the waist false little brother to take out! Real little brother came

I want to hui Juan open bud, we can change hands." "Say that finish: small ni hurriedly pulled up false

Little brother left Hui Juan in the small hole.."

I quickly held up the lance, rapid action, will be a little brother inserted into the small hole hui Juan

In, as if deep fear hui Juan woke up from the climax. .

The little brother was regularly inserted. Hui Juan shen drunk in the climax, at this time, I malicious heart, a

Plug, push your dick to the bottom... "Hui Juan suddenly from the climax, huarong pale woke up,

Hurriedly call very painful very painful oh! Her little hand hastily pulled my little brother from her hole

She pushed me away and sat up to see if her own hole was cracked..."

Huijuan that nervous look, I looked at her face, I smiled, at this time, she.. Seems shy.

Say: "my hymen is broken.." "I replied," Yes! Just a minute

It'll be all right!" "Hui Juan called to say, and pointed to us six people see," blood from the point in the flow out of the

What to do..." Huijuan seems very nervous..

I quickly called Ya Ru hui Juan handkerchief to come over.. . Receive handkerchief, then hui Juan

Jump, take her handkerchief, will shed blood to wipe clean... .

I call and say: "hui yun you set aside to blood... most, now isn't very small holes

Pain ah.. !" "Hui Juan answer: my this inside have... Swollen painful feeling, but also from

In the hole, the heat keeps coming out... It really hurts!" I replied, "Then you and him

She's all the same... Have this feeling.. But it'll be all right in a minute. Don't worry!

"Hui Juan said: that I rest assured, now only left small ni has not done just

A jun you quickly with the most sexual experience of Small ni do it... I made it six of us. It was a blast

The world... !"

"Hui Juan, Xiang Ting, Ya Ru, Jia Yu, Yu Ting" five people watching. How do I get killed by a girl

Fuck. Sniggering... .

I said: "little girl.. come.. I want to plug you..." Say that finish.. Xiao ni will

My little brother pulled up.. The deer is still unknown...

The great war is about to begin...

I fell headlong into Xiao Ni's big breast.. Suck it up... Seriously... Nicky's tits

It's pretty big.. And a little red. I didn't know she was in that line of work. I thought she was

Be a good boy.. There are some little girls in our school... It looks so pure, so pure. But you can

Have noticed STH. Their eyes... There are a lot of dark circles under your eyes. Guess what.

They went there last night to do some part-time work! . But the little girl is also... Alas!

I jammed. Big plug... Keep plugging in... With one hand he grasped Xiao Ni's big breast. About 36

Around... You can't hold them all... My mouth was still sucking nicky's big

Milk.. Xiao Ni's hands. Around my waist... Rhythmically follow the ups and downs of the electric bed..

Xiao Ni also gradually into the good situation.. .

The five of them looked on dumbfounded... I can't believe Nicky did that

Type... Ah...

Xiao Ni said to me: Let's do 18 moves.. I'll teach you...

I listened to Nicky... Act as...

Inverted lotus.. Old man pushing cart.. The carp turned over.. Lead the snake into the hole.. Flying over the canyon..

Nine shallow and one deep.. We are the world.. Dragon chanting tiger roaring.. Twist and turn...

They were petrified by the five. And I'm a little overwhelmed...

The two are having sex.. She'll be up later... After a while he's... But it seems the leap over the canyon.

More exciting...

Flying over the canyon, that was brilliant... Nicky's on. I'm in. And cross the other side...

I'm a little overwhelmed... Because it's my mouth sucking on the pussy... and

Nicky's sucking on my dick...

I think it's a good move.. You can see Her little hole at a glance...

I forced my way out of Her little hole... Found the little girl's hole.. Inside the labia majora.. Have a clitoris

. In the process of sucking... Biting her clitoris from time to time... Every bite... Xiao ni

Just a groan... I found that... This is also the place that can make a young woman happy...

However, the little girl does not show weakness.. Pulled my little brother up...

At this time.. I realized there were so many hands... Playing with my penis... Thought this must be again

It was a girl's idea... And their playful voices... From time to time to my ears...

But I don't care... Let them go.. How they like it. How to do... Anyway, I

They haven't shot yet. Just quietly looking at Xiao Ni's hole.. The mouth is open. Waiting for

Rain from the sky...

They laugh from time to time.. All into my ears... They also asked Xiao Ni some questions about male reproduction

Organ problems... And showed her their virgin handkerchiefs... And from time to time stroked...

. And Small ni also give them answer in succession.. Until the little girl stopped the action.. I just woke up from an orgasm

Come over.. Found a little girl.. He's helping me with a robbery... I thought.. It's time FOR me to get out...

So relax your mind.. In a short time.. I just shot it out...

Small ni son then explain to them know... Say this thing... Can make us pregnant. But eat it.

It can also make us younger. More beautiful... A: wow! They heard it... Make a rush for

Almost tore my penis off... You scared me...

Now look at the table.. It's after ten o 'clock.. I propose that... We should go home.. We have class tomorrow..

The six of them discussed it... Decided to go home... But Xiao Ni said, "Ha! Mr. A...

After all The Times you've done it today... Do you still have the strength to go home... ?"

I thought to myself... Really.. I want to go to sleep right now... "I am," he replied. "I do

Go to bed at once.. But all five of you are going back... Otherwise.. The family will know."

All five of them nodded, too. And wear clothes... Went home...

The young woman said again: "A, you sleep here tonight. I see you are tired. This room will let you sleep.

..." "All right, ladies," I replied. "I'll sleep here tonight."

The five of them got dressed to go... Xiao Ni said: "sisters... come and say hello to little brother

Let's go... And your virgin handkerchiefs, I think they should be given to Lord A as A souvenir."

They nodded too.. "Then one after another went to the bed... Handed me to do souvenirs..

Kiss my dick... Say I'll see you later..."

I got up and saw them off. "Let's have sex again tomorrow... okay?" Five of them

All laughed! . Also say: "of course... so cool thing.. difficult to want you to enjoy alone."

After watching them go... I went back to the side room with Nicky...

After closing... She locked the door at once... Immediately dragged me to bed to do...

However... We've had another night of partying... Thought: I have no spirit again tomorrow. And with black wheels

The... However... Xiao Ni's tongue is the best... The same goes for making love

The best... Oh. That's cool!

I spent the night alone... Against the little girl this master. All kinds of weird things... But this

Weird moves for me... Jane is so happy. Through my unremitting efforts. The two men fought in a daze

Dark, sun and moon without light... Finally let the little girl kneel... I can't help it, too

Temptation.. And it came out... In the end neither of us had the strength to do it anymore. The two embraced each other and fell asleep.

The pale moon shone through the window. I and small niner embrace of good tight good tight. The two of them look like they're fresh out of the oven

Treat the same.. A hot sausage. Still standing. Right between the little girl's thighs. Constitute the

This screen. Under the moon fairies can not help but see drool. Heh... .

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