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[[||]] from the inside flap …

Mark and Susan’s marriage is on the rocks. Their east Charlotte home is entering foreclosure. The kitchen walls are being wallpapered with unpaid bills.

When Mark unexpectedly finds some record-setting gold nuggets, an erotically charged, suspense-laced, thought-filled gambit begins, twisting through the Carolina Beach tourist season.

Success slips through Mark’s hands like grains of sand. Gold fever takes its toll in the sultry, scorching, Atlantic Coast heat. Who – or what – was chasing him? … and why?

Susan, a Cherokee Native American, has had it; she can’t continue in this sordid sexual saga, bereft of true love.

Subsequent chances for discovery are blown until David arrives from Raleigh to pick up a part at a salvage yard in Wilmington. A second odyssey soon begins in which no one can be trusted. Suspicion reigns. The scheming and deception soon reach a fatal nadir.

A young Haitian lady, an aspiring novelist, takes notes and gives up her heart, mind and body along the sensual way. An easy future awaits. All is going swimmingly; the surf is calm. Then a tragic rogue wave strikes yet again. Why?

The Filipina TV reporter knows more. Will she go to the cops? Will she cut a deal? Will she turn a blind eye? Will she look for the primal source? Will she throw the hungry dog a bodacious bone? But most importantly, will she survive the golden curse in this erotic steam-pot of madness?



a summer story



a novel by Mike Bozart








Edition: 9th inning (July 2018)

© 2013 Mike Bozart, all rights reserved