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Bhala thha kitna apna bachpan

bhala thha kitna

भला था कितना अपना बचपन

भला था कितना


















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Prasad Family Publications




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Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad








  1. Editorial- Dr Rohitesh Prasad
  2. Preface
  3. Foreword- Sat Narayan
  4. Introduction
  5. Shadows of Childhood
  6. Shades of Youth
  7. Attainment of Adulthood
  8. The Life I Enjoyed
  9. Conclusions
  10. Acknowledgements


“This world

that was our home

for a brief spell

never brought us anything

but pain and grief;

its a shame that not one of our problems

was ever solved.

We depart

with a thousand regrets

in our hearts.”

Omar Khayyám


Image Dr Rohitesh Prasad

In the words of Jack Ma “If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure.” This resonates on the journey undertaken by Dr Ram L Prasad. From humble beginnings and rural farming background, the tireless journey of self-development and endless community work undertaken are those fetes that not only show brilliant effort but give hope to us in understanding words such as perseverance, tenacity, dedication and devotion.

This publication by my father Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad so appropriately titled Shadows of Childhood is one of the worthy presentations from his portfolio of written works that I have come across. A proud privilege for me to edit this manuscript because the responsibility gave me tremendous opportunity to dig deep into my own childhood memories and reflect.

Truly enough his small steps of childhood enabled him to take a giant leap not only backed with a good upbringing, however also with strong parental and family influences, his own tenacity and his continuous efforts to be attentive to all around him and then to give us a great living. As one of his proud children I have been fortunate to learn a lot from his firm footsteps and paternal guidance and never looked back from the time he motivated and inspired me to make a few giant leaps.

A heartfelt gratitude to my great grandparents and grandparents for raising my father so well that he in turn was able to make our own childhood memorable with fun, adventure and strong learnings indeed. I am also mindful that to develop this Shadows of Childhood, he must have utilized indepth memory triggers, the right mindset and timeliness by revisiting his village and interacting with various family members. This reading surely brought back my own set of memories of the days spent in the village and with family. We played outside and inside without any care for video games until a lot later in life. My parents called me directly by my name and not via digital messaging and if I did not want to eat what my mother cooked so meticulously and lovingly for me I had no choice than to enjoy my food when my father sat on the floor to share the meal with me.

As nervous as I was to edit this manuscript, my experience of going down memory lane is one of the reasons why I will treasure this exercise. This reaffirmed my admiration of his language and descriptive writing ability that resonates him as a highly respected educator, curriculum developer and an exceptional motivator and trainer of people in the business world.

A book for parents and people of all ages to read that allows your memories to dig deep into your own childhood to renew those fond memories and reflect. Having read Shadows of Childhood I am reassured that my biggest role model is still my father because he became my best friend and despite his few early life struggles he finally found his real place and destination to live and let live. This book offers everyone a vivid door to their own past and construct their future.

I am humbled and privileged to be asked to contribute to this publication not only as a son and as a friend and life student of Dr Ram L Prasad who will always remain an educationalist and community supporter in various forms.