The Longer Walk to Economic Freedom


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The people in power, who make decisions for fifty-four million South Africans, are not South African.They are a treasonous, band of kleptocrats, who have divorced themselves from the communist inspired National Democratic Revolution, from the ANC Government’s National Development Plan 2030 and from the ideals, morality and national hopes of Nelson Mandela.They serve instead that most evil of the Seven Deadly Sins – Greed.This band of kleptocrats is assisted by Chinese Colonialists, Russian Oligarchs and Indian Gangsters. Their collective ambition is to bankrupt South Africa for their own selfish gain. South Africa, as a proud sovereign state, has withered under kleptocratic greed. This is surely a Grand Act of Treason against the country? .

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BG Britton

Bryan Britton retired as Financial Executive in 2005 and turned to writing to express his concerns over the decline in morality in post Mandela South Africa. If not checked South Africa will slide into the morass of Failed States that typifies post-colonial Africa. He has published ten books all with the decline of the South African sovereign state as a backdrop. Together they represent an historical chronology of Nelson Mandela’s Cinderella democracy reduced to a state captured by kleptocrats and thugs within twenty-three years. By December 31, 2017, Bryan Britton’s works had been downloaded 7,326 times from the site

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