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How to Earn FreeDollar

Using E-Gold

By : Dwina ASN


This e-book remains the sole property of You

may not sell it, or reprint any part of it without prior written consent

from the author.

You may, however, freely distribute this e-book in any manner as

long as you make no changes to it. I suggest give this as bonus

gift to attract more visitor to your site.

Copyright © 2007

How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


Chapter 1


Hello, thank you for downloading this E-Book.

Different than other E-Book out there, I won’t give you long and technical book to

read. I’ll make this short, and simple. Straight to the point, and I make this easy to

understand. So you can get started in minutes.

Just follow my instruction exactly step by step and you can earn free dollar using EGold too.

Remember , this is not gambling, SCAM, or anything like that. I won’t ask you a

single penny !



This e-book remains the sole property of You

may not sell it, or reprint any part of it without prior written consent

from the author.

You may, however, freely distribute this e-book in any manner as

long as you make no changes to it. I suggest give this as bonus

gift to attract more visitor to your site.

Copyright © 2007


How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


Chapter 2

What is E-Gold?

E-gold is the world's premier digital payment system which is fully backed by

real gold si nce 1996

The world wide web needs world wide money !. E-Gold was created in response to

this need. E-Gold is a digital gold currency operated by Gold & Silver Reserve Inc.

under E-Gold Ltd., and is a system which allows the instant transfer of gold

ownership between users.

E-Gold benefits all users of money.

E-Gold is integrated into an account based payment system that empowers people to

use gold as money. Specifically, the E-Gold payment system enables people to Spend

specified weights of gold to other E-Gold accounts.

The target market for E-Gold is simply people who use money. How do you

presently use money? Chances are any of these activities would benefit from the

increased soundness, security, efficiency, and lower cost of E-Gold. Here are some

examples of how E-Gold is presently used:


Business-to-business payments

Point of service sales

Person-to-person payments


Bill payments

Charitable donations

Monetary base of the AUG* economy

* AUG is an abbreviation for the currency unit "grams of gold".

E-gold vs. Credit Card?

E-Gold fees are much LOWER than credit card fees for merchants. You can save up

to 40% paying by E-Gold. Transactions in E-Gold processed immediately online with

100% acceptance unlike credit cards which can be declined without any reason or you

will have to wait for approval.

E-Gold gives you 100% anonymity when you buy. You don't have to reveal your

personal information to merchants like you do buying by a credit card.

E-Gold is not subject to fraud. Knowing your E-Gold ID will not help someone else to

get your money without the secret passphrase, which only you know. On the opposite,

anybody knowing your credit card # can steal your money paying for whatever. Each

year 10% of credit card owners shopping online become victims of credit card fraud!

Credit cards are good for ATMs and real-life shops, not the internet!

Copyright © 2007




How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


Chapter 3

How To Get Your First E-Gold Account

It costs nothing to open an E-Gold account. There is no credit check. There is no

minimum balance requirement. There is no concept of a "merchant account" in that,

all E-Gold accounts may Spend or receive E-Gold.

No barriers to entry, it’s as easy as getting your YahooMail account and it’s FREE..!

In short, you are minutes away from opening your first E-Gold account. I’ll show you

how. Click here

You’ll see E-Gold page like below:

Click “Create An Account”. On the left hand side

Read the user agreement and click “I Agree”. Then fill up all required information in

the New E-Gold Account Creation Form

Copyright © 2007




How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


Fill up all required information in the New E-Gold Account Creation Form. Important

details include :

" Account Name" (name displayed when someone is spending or receiving funds to

this account);

" User Name" (name that differentiates one account user from another);

" Point of Contact" (used by E-Gold to contact the account holder in case of

blocked accounts, so these should be valid and accurate information);

" Passphrase" (equivalent of a password, must contain both letters and numbers,

minimum of 6 characters)

" Turing Number Entry" (a sequence of numbers shown randomly, this is not the

assigned E-Gold account number).

Once you have correctly filled up the form, click "Open". A new page will appear

Account Created

Your new e-gold Account Number has been sent to:

Copyright © 2007



How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


If the registration is successful, the E-Gold account number will be sent to the email

address mentioned in the form (so make sure this is a valid email address).

Access your inbox to check the E-Gold account number. Save a copy of the email so

you won't forget your E-Gold account number.

Login to E-Gold's site by correctly filling in the "Account Number", "Passphrase" and

"Turing Number". To prevent keyloggers, trojans, and viruses from having access to

your account, always use the SRK feature beside the "Passphrase" field

You’ll see this in your member page

Congratulations, you can now use your E-Gold account!

Copyright © 2007


How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


Chapter 4

How do I buy E-Gold? How do I sell E-Gold?

Unlike other popular Internet payment systems, you can't buy E-Gold from (or sell egold to) E-Gold Ltd in exchange for any national currency (USD, EUR, GBP, etc).

The E-Gold system is designed to be absolutely free of any financial risk. There can

be no debt or contingent liabilities associated with E-Gold. For this reason, E-Gold

Ltd. does not possess any national currency of any nation and has no bank accounts.

Thus, E-Gold Ltd. is not able to offer currency exchange services. Instead, a growing

number of independent exchange services around the world support exchange

between national currencies and E-Gold, accepting various remittance methods,

including credit cards, bank wires, checks, money orders, and other online payment

systems. You can find a list of some of these exchange services here :

Chapter 5

Annual fee and Spend fee

Although to open E-gold account is free and no obligation at all, there is a small fee

charged to your account, Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you ☺. The fee is smaller as

compared to credit card or conventional bank fee. The fees are :

1. Annual Fee

You’ll be charged 1% per year or 0.083% per month based on your E-Gold balance.

2. Spend Fee

Spend Fees are the E-Gold system equivalent of transaction fees. They are deducted

from Recipient account upon receipt of Spend.

More detail on E-Gold fee :

Copyright © 2007


How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


Chapter 6

Important Tips For Your E-gold Account

When using E-Gold there might be some problem occur. Many didn’t know about

this. But don’t worry, I have a few tips to overcome it :

1. Blocked Account

There are many reason your account will get blocked. One of them, if your transaction

get too active or had reach $ 3000 limit. Should this happen, E-gold will block your

account and ask you to send your personal information to their office via mail.

Make sure your personal information match with one you provide to E-Gold. That’s

why I ask you to give valid and accurate personal information when you register. This

is a standard procedure, nothing to worried about.

2. Account Security Tips

In the past, many people have lost their funds, through hacking, phishing, and through

spywares. The following points will definitely help you prevent E-Gold account being

wiped off by hackers and internet fraudsters.

1. Never use your E-gold password on any other sites.

2. Use the SRK feature while entering your passphrase. This is the little blue

circular link next to the passphrase entry box. Click on it and a small keypad

will popup in which you can use your mouse to punch in your passphrase.

This can prevent Trojan virus's from gathering info on your passphrase.

3. Never download any software from suspicious looking sites. It is possible

that it may be a Trojan virus waiting to infect your computer.

4. Please do not try to access your E-Gold account from public browsing

centers and cyber café’s. There is a potential risk of accessing your account

through the details you enter from cyber café’s.

5. Never reply any email that asks for your personal info to verify; even if it

looks like, as if it is from E-Gold. Such spams might threat you that your

account will be suspended if you don’t reply those mails. But, be sure that,

E-Gold will never email you and ask you to log into your account with the

provided link. If you get an E-Gold link via email, please don’t open it or go

to the site that is provided. Those kind of “phishing” sites might record your

account details and completely vanish the funds.

6. Experts always advise to change your passphrase every couple of weeks.

This prevents hackers from gaining too much info with regards to your

passphrase. While framing your passphrase, make sure that you use a wide

variety of combinations such as lower case, upper case, special characters,

numbers and symbols. Never use easy-to-remember type of combinations

like your name, your address, your vehicle number, your phone number etc.

7. Always make sure that your computer is protected by latest version of Anti-Virus program and good firewall. Choose AV programs which are capable

of prevents your computer from latest known Virus and Trojan.

8. Apart from Trojan and Virus, there are other type of programs called

“Spywares” and “Keystroke loggers”. They are equally capable of gathering

info from the sites that you visit regularly and through the keys that you


Copyright © 2007


How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


9. Some of the Anti-Virus packages are incapable of detecting these kinds of

spies. For preventing your computer against these kind of things, you need a

program that specifically scans your system for tens-of-thousands of existing

spyware programs along with new ones appearing daily.

10. Make a regular visit to E-Gold’s Security recommendations page to ensure

that you hold your account in a safe and secure manner

Chapter 7

How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold

Method 1 : E-Gold Referral Program

This technique is the easiest way to earn money. All you need to do is promote your

E-Gold referral link :

but replace XXXXXX with your E-Gold account numbers. Use this link to refer

people to the E-Gold website. Those who follow your link and subsequently create an

E-Gold account will become your Progeny. Thereafter, you will gain commission and

make a little money every time one of your progeny spend or receive payment in EGold.

You will receive an automatically generated e-mail for every new Progeny you bring

in, so keep your Account Info accurate and up to date. Account Info also keeps a

running tally of how many Progeny you've accumulated to date.

To get the full rules about E-Gold referral program go here.

You’ll gain 10% from every fee charged to your progeny. Every time they spend or

receive payment in E-Gold, you will gain commission. What is this mean? FREE

money for the rest of your life !

Copyright © 2007


How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


How to earn free dollar using E-Gold referral program ?.

I have useful tips for you :

1. Promote to your friends through email or Friendster. For example, if

you have 100 friends, you need to e-mail them. Tell them about E-Gold and how

they can benefit from it. And ask them to open free E-Gold account., don’t forget

to add your referral link in email message.

2. Join internet marketing forums or any forums related. The big name

are : Moneymaker Group, Warrior Forum, and Talkgold. Register and follow the

discussion in it. Insert your link on your signature column , invite anyone to open

free egold account. There goes something like this : Get Your Free E-Gold

Account Now, or Worldwide Web Need World Wide Money etc

You can teach anyone how to earn free dollar in the forum. Ask them to

open a new E-gold account through your link, then tell them how they can earn

free dollar using E-Gold referral program. I’m sure that there will be a lot people

PM-ing and contacts you

3. Use autoresponder. Get your Yahoo mail account first (it’s free) .

Login, click Mail Option and switch to Away / Vacation Mode. In the message

box type techniques to earn dollar easily by promoting E-Gold and don’t forget to

insert your E-Gold link there. Then, similar with 2nd tips, but to get your

information they only need to send blank email to your yahoo mail. And they will

get your message automatically.

Just imagine, what if 1000 people sending email to your autoresponder

everyday and only 10% open E-Gold account through your link ?. You’ll get 100

Progeny each day!

So your mission is to build large number of Progeny. The larger your Progeny, the

more money you will earn. This is not a hard task, since you are only invite them to

open a free account, not to buy anything.

Everybody in this planet loves free stuff. So if you offer a free information, who will

refuse ?, is he came from planet Namec? ☺

Method 2 : Internet MLM

This technique can earn dollars to your E-Gold too. What you need to do is join

internet MLM and pay with E-Gold, I suggest at least joining 3 internet MLM


Find one with small registration fee, so that you can start right away. Pay with

commission you earn from method 1. And you don’t have to spend extra money. Here

a few tips :

1. Go here :

This is internet MLM I personally join. I recommend you join this program.

since it only cost $1 and you only need to refer 4 people to earn $1000 commission.

Copyright © 2007


How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


In addition you'll get special bonus from me if you register through this link.

Just send your easy2earn link to , so I can verify and send

you the bonus

2. Find other MLM program at then click

Referral, MLM,& Network Marketing thread. Choose any program you would like to

join. Ask anything there, and someone will help you. Afterward, start posting to

promote your MLM link. You can find more forums to promote your MLM link, do

some search in Google. Just type “internet marketing forum”

3. Promote your MLM link by sending email to your friends.

4. Insert your link in a free E-book. Then offer this E-book in any forum.

5. If you obtained down line, keep contact with them for sharing or help each

other in case of promotion.

If you have a big downline empire. Probably you should do nothing anymore.

Because it will work itself.

Method 3 : HYIP ( High Yield Investment Program)

Although HYIP can give you high profit in short amount of time, it has high risk too.

Beware before you join any HYIP, since there are a lot of scam out there.

Here a few tips for you:

1. In order not to become scam’s victim, learn HYIP program at big forums

and ask the senior member about that program. DO NOT participate HYIP

program that already run for over three months.

2. There’s a rule that you must follow : “Never Invest Money You Can't

Afford To Lose”

3. "Do Not Put All Eggs In One Basket" means never invest big amount of

money in only one HYIP. It’s better to invest small amount, but into several HYIP


Technique 4 : Selling Information With E-Gold

Did you know? Every single idea or information can be sold in the internet. For

example if you’re an expert and fond of playing piano, you can write an E-Book about

quick secret way of playing piano. An E-Book like this is in great demand in the


It’s all only need easy step. Write your E-Book on MS-Word (or other text editor),

then convert it into PDF file. There’s a lot of free software to create PDF file in the

internet. Open and type “Word to PDF”, it’s easy to found.

Copyright © 2007


How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


Buy an inexpensive domain, then use free file-hosting like, and

point your domain here. Then write a simple sales letter and put your E-Book’s price

there. Use E-Gold for payment. Later, if somebody pay into your E-Gold, ask them to

send you an email contains their batch number. Then logging in to your E-Gold

account and check their batch number. If it’s OK, email them the download link of

your E-Book.

You can receive payment via E-Gold from anyone by ask them clicking , where XXXXX can be replaced by your E-Gold account

number. To learn about payment system via E-Gold, go here.

Chapter 8

The Secret Revealed :

I’ve told you various technique about how to earn money using E-Gold. However, I

will tell you the true secret how you can earn money through E-Gold quickly, in a

large amount, and no single charge in just a few step. It’s all can be done within


Follow exactly step by step below:

1. Step 1

Get your E-Gold account free. Go here

2. Step 2

Open Microsoft Word or other text editor and create a simple E-Book about how to

earn money using E-Gold. Write it briefly, no need to be lengthily. And make sure

you ask the reader to open E-Gold account as your Progeny. Inside the E-Book, you

may advice them to get participated in HYIP, Internet MLM, etc. You can also

promote your own programs. In briefly, your E-Book must promote these:

a. Create E-Gold account free. Put your link so they register as your Progeny.

b. Advice them to participate in your chosen Internet MLM. Put your MLM link

in this E-Book.

c. Advice them to participate in your chosen HYIP. Put your HYIP link in this E-Book.

d. Advice them to buy your affiliate product in this E-Book.

3. Step 3

When done, convert your E-Book into PDF file. You can download the converter for

free here, or you can search it on Google.

4. Step 4

Upload your PDF file to or .You can

also use other free hosting service like Get the link for

downloading your PDF file, so everybody can download your E-Book.

5. Step 5

Yahoo auto responder - use Yahoo email. After logging in, click “Mail Option” then

go to Away Message / Vacation Mode. Put the download link in vacation message.

Copyright © 2007


How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


Email example:

Thank You

To download your FREE E-Book, please click below :


6. Step 6

Enter internet marketing forums / groups like MMG, Talk Gold, Warrior Forum, etc

that related and offer to download your free E-Book. Tell them that they only need to

send blank email to your Yahoo email. They will receive your notification email

(vacation message) automatically, and take them to download PDF file you’ve created

for free. By this way, you’ve succeeded to obtain their email address and also to

promote E-Gold and your own programs through your free E-Book.

7. Step 7

Ask them to distribute this E-Book to everyone. Everyone loves free stuff, and I’m

sure that a lot of people will download your E-Book. With more people download

your E-Book, you’ll receive more earnings.

All step above can be done in just one hour. And five or ten minutes later, there will

be someone become your Progeny

Chapter 9

Earnings Estimation Using This Secret Technique

So, how can you earn USD$1250/month? Let me give an illustration:

I enter a big internet forum like The traffic inside

MoneyMakerGroup based on traffic estimation at is 124,092 page-views

per day. In other word, 124,092 people have visited MoneyMakerGroup in one day.

This traffic is very good because it’s true that all of them seek chance of making

money in internet. So, if you offers free E-Book on MMG, let’s suppose 10% will

download your free E-Book per day, means average of 12,400 people have

downloaded your E-Book. Because of no obligation and free as well, there will be

more people encouraged trying to download your E-Book every day.

From 12,400 people that download your E-Book, let’s say again only 5% of them will

create E-Gold account and become your Progeny. Here we assumes 620 people will

become your Progeny every day. They will become your Progeny forever, and your

Progeny will keep increasing. For every spend or receipt of their E-Gold, you will

receive commission for the rest of your life.

Copyright © 2007


How To Earn Free Dollar Using E-Gold


Let’s say for 620 new Progeny per day, it means you’ll obtain 18,600 Progeny per

month. From 18,600, we assumes 50% of them use their E-Gold to buy some stuff,

participating in HYIP / Internet MLM, receive money from others, etc. Take example

their transaction value is USD$5 each, it means your 9,300 Progeny have spent

USD$46,500 totally in a month.

E-Gold charges 5% fee for every spend. Based from estimation above, E-Gold

receive USD$2,325 fee for a month from your 9,300 Progeny. And 10% of that are

yours. So, you ought to receive USD$232.50 commission for that month. This

suppose every Progeny only spend USD$5 per month.

If you offers your E-Book in other five big forums like TalkGold, WarriorForums,

etc, you’ll earn USD$1250 per month doing nothing!.

This is just minimum estimation, how if every Progeny transacts more than USD$5

per month and you offers free E-Book to more than five forums?

Calculate it yourself. ☺

Just remember, you don’t need to promote or doing anything. Only one easy message

offering your free E-Book!. This is not include other revenue from Internet MLM,

HYIP, etc yet, that you’ve promoted inside your free E-Book. Give it a try!

You can find tips and more info at member page :

it’s still under construction now, as soon as it ready, I’ll inform you through e-mail.

So be sure to check your mail for latest update and other info.

Thank You

Comments, criticisms, and advices are welcome.

Send mail to :

Copyright © 2007


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