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Supportive Leadership

Supportive Leadership

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Published: 3 years ago

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Leadership in the 21st Century needs a paradigm change!<br /> Organizations will only distinguish themselves - from others on the market - by high level of self-responsibility, (mental) fitness and a faster learning, innovating and realizing capacity. Therefore leadership reaches a new dimension once it ceases to lay down rules, to be restrictive and controlling, but instead starts to offer initiatives and support according to the respective situation, to offer scope of action and encourage environment visions. Constant learning from (project) tasks will become everybody’s goal - as well as - learning from errors.


Günther H. Schust

Professor Günther H. Schust, Munich, is Lecturer in Leadership, Personnel, Project and Innovation Management at the Universities of Applied Sciences in St. Gallen (Swiss), Zurich-Winterthur (Swiss), Kempten, Hamburg and Munich (Germany). He is Co-Partner of IHH International Head Hunters Management- und Personalberatungsges. mbH, Munich and advises leading companies of various sizes in their search, selection and further development of executives and experts – worldwide. Moreover, he is a member of the scientific advisory council of SCOPAR Scientifc Consulting Partners, Munich Together with his colleagues he is realising the “Leadership Certifi cate for Executives”, by which sustainable innovation, problem-solving and personal competences are to be imparted. Further publications on: “Human Performance Management – how to induce employees to create added value”, published as part of the series “Die Lernende Organisation” (= “The Learning Organization”) by the scientific and technical publisher Rosenberger, Germany. Further information at:

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